Ground Finally Broken at former Babe’s Billiards space and future Tenley View Mixed Use Apartments

You can see more info and renderings here.

Yesterday @douglasdevdc tweeted:

“We broke ground on @TenleyViewDDC in @Tenleytown_DC! More details on what will be premier mixed-use property in #DC!”

From Tenley View’s website:

“New construction of 46,830 sf. of new residential space for sixty rental apartments on five new levels.

Renovation and restoration of existing ground and first floor structure to create approximately 13,985 sf. of retail space

Zero parking

Bicycle parking and car sharing available as alternate forms of transportation.”

4600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW at Brandywine

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  • So the same thing as every other available piece of land in this city…

  • maxwell smart

    Although it’s nothing special in terms of being any different from the myriad of other developments going up around town, it’s nice to see something going here that hopefully would put some new life into Tenleytown which sometimes feels like it’s in competition with Van Ness for the Fugly NW award.

    • Agreed. The new building is as generically dull as they come, but at least its not hideously fugly like the former Babe’s building. As far as the rest of Tenleytown goes, I gather there are plans to make the commercial corridor on Wisconsin, and the area around the Metro in particular, a nicer space. Not sure what they can do about the ugly radio towers though.

  • The fact that the city let Jemal Douglas out of providing parking for the future residents of his building by promising “he would prohibit his tenants from having cars and parking on the street and keep an eye on them”was ridiculous.

    This guy is DC’s biggest developer -felon and who owes 300-400K of back taxes to DC every year. He lets his properties get to auction before paying the taxes last minute. He has been doing it for decades, and this is the guy dc entrusts with the first big “no parking” experiment.

    He will bungle it so badly, no one else will be able to get out of it, which is a great thing….its just free money subsidy to rich developers anyway

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