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  • i was just at TJ in foggy bottom and the cashier told me that the foggy bottom store is the 3rd busiest on the east coast and that the u street one is 2000 sq feet bigger.

    • ” the u street one is 2000 sq feet bigger.”

    • Hmm, who are the first two? One of the two, I bet, is the Union Square location in Manhattan – that place has a line just to get in the store – like it’s a club or something.

      • Having been a regular shopper at the Union Sq. location, I have to guess that it does 2x the business of the Foggy Bottom branch. Same with the location in Brooklyn. You literally had to shop from line, which went down every single aisle.

      • 72nd street location in Manhattan is pretty busy too, line to check out always wraps around the store. Seems busier to me than the Foggy Bottom location.

  • It’s not really a hipster mural. That’s been the design in all of their marketing materials for years.

  • I walked by it recently and it looks a lot bigger than the Foggy Bottom store. Very excited!

  • I’m excited about the Trader Joe’s, but what is up with the PoP obsession? Is there any other business that has a weekly update on SIGNS?!

    Good grief.

  • Was also at the Foggy Bottom store today — and can not wait until this one opens in the neighborhood — Service with a smile, and when you ask where something is located you get a real person to take you to the exact spot where the item you want is located, not like the grunt and “I don’t know and/or care attitude” of our local Giant.

    • The Shaw Giant is one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve had in recent grocery memory.

      Someone nearly ran me over with her cart. 15 minutes later, she actually ran into me with her cart and had the gall to imply it was my fault. Employees weren’t particularly helpful either.

      I left and went to Whole Foods, and it was SO much more pleasant.

  • Anyone know if this TJ’s will have more parking than its Foggy Bottom location?

  • Can’t wait for Trader Joe’s to open. But . . . not since M Cafe’s original blue awning has there been a more unfortunate clash between retail signage and a building’s design aesthetic.

  • This is going to be a super busy store. Looking forward to having TJs in the neighborhood.

  • * * NIT-PICK ALERT * *
    “U St Corridor” seems unnecessarily clunky when “U Street” would’ve been sufficient (if not preferable).
    * * END NIT-PICK * *

  • When??? When???

  • I am so looking forward to this being two blocks away, but absolutely dreading the crowds and the lines. I’ll have to reserve 1PM on a weekday to do my shopping here.

    • That’s when I do my shopping at the Foggy Bottom location (during lunch) and it’s glorrrious 🙂

  • as if traffic on u and 14th wasn’t bad enough

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