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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Awesome show at U St Music Hall last night. Great time!
    Rant: SNOW? Giv e me sunshine!

  • Rave: I decided that it should be casual Tuesday, so I’m totally dressed inappropriately for my mid-week meetings. I just don’t care!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Insomnia back. Not enough sleep makes me mean and stupid which is a bad combo.
    Rave: Cheese

  • Masa14 Brunch Buffett on Sunday was stellar. Great friends, insanely satisfying food, drinks never were empty, and our waitress Cat was ON POINT. We never actually ordered because she just kept surprising us with different items all over the menu. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    • Stopped in there with 2 buddies for one drink and a bite on Sunday morning. I’ll have to go back with the intention of the unlimited drinks/food. Fun spot!

  • Rant: People who talk about how things used to be so much better. About how people were nicer and everyone was civilized and we all got along so well and if we could only go back to how things were and get all of the nastiness of vitriol out of public discourse.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yeah the good old days were great if you were a rich, white man. I may like the fashions of yesteryear but I’ll take modern medicine and advances in equality over pretty clothes any day.

    • Keep __ that chicken!

    • For all of our “advances”, it’s interesting that birth rates are precipitously falling, esp in Europe and among European-descended Americans. A measure of our progress appears to be the coming fulfillment of our extinction.

      • Sometimes I think that we are living out the movie “Idiocracy’!

      • Haven’t you ever considered that earth might be a much nicer place without people?

      • The human race is in no immediate danger of “extinction.” Birth rates in developed countries are falling, but the main reason that’s a problem is that it’s difficult for a smaller population of young/middle-aged people to support a disproportionately large population of elderly people.

        • And it’s easier for the less developed, “non-Western” less progressive world to support their elderly?

          • Less developed countries tend to struggle with different population-related issues: lowering the birth rate to reduce strain on resources, decreasing rates of infant and maternal mortality, increasing life expectancy, etc.

      • saf

        And what’s wrong with that? Nothing. People who want and can properly raise kids can have them. Those of us who don’t or can’t no longer have to have them.

        Works for me.

      • Good thing we’re an immigrant country who more than make up for the falling birth rate among “native” whites.
        Falling birth rate in Japan? Not so good. In America? It doesn’t matter and we are one of the strongest net immigration countries in the world.

        • “It doesn’t matter”?? It does pose a bit of a problem for the Social Security Trust Fund.

          • The issues with the SS Trust Fund are totally overblown by “free market” forces who want to raid the fund and privatize it for personal profit. It will be fine.
            If push ever comes to shove, we’ll just allow more immigrants if we ever get in a demographic bind similar to Japan. But seriously, that’s not going to happen. We have one of the healthiest birth rate in the first world and have poorer people with high birth rates from the 3rd world clamoring to come here.

    • We have made strides, but considering the “debate” over contraception these days, we really haven’t come that far. It amazes/horrifies me that women are the only ones who use prescription birth control, and are far and away more affected by pregnancy/child rearing, yet many don’t see this as a sex equality issue. I am sick of people saying that those who want their employer to cover birth control are promiscuous, as if women force men to have sex with them. I am NOT making any constitutional law claims, but in my gut, it is preposterous that one person’s claims over religion, which disproportionately affects women, can trump a women’s right to take a drug medically prescribed. Insane.

      • “but considering the “debate” over contraception these days, we really haven’t come that far.”
        Sorry, but this is ludicrous. Although there is far to go, we are barley a generation from birth control for married people being illegal in some states and the idea of a single woman having sex at all being utterly scandalous. Heck, we’re not that far from women (among others) not being able to vote.
        Let us leave the hysterical overstatements to the right wing and focus instead on continuing to bend the arc of history in the proper direction.

        • OP here: I don’t think this is a hysterical statement. We are fifty years from BC pills being available, and we are still having discussions over whether it should be required to be part of a health care plan, and thus affordable for the general population. While we may not cringe at women having sex, we still have a culture where girls who sleep around are slutty and guys who sleep around are just being guys. Look, I am not saying we haven’t made progress, but considering this is 2014, it is shocking to me we are still having this debate.

          And even if contraception isn’t prescribed for cramps, etc, but actually prescribed to prevent pregnancy, it should be covered. Do you know what happens to your body during pregnancy? It completely changes, perhaps more so than many “diseases,” and you should completely change your lifestyle to allow for a healthy baby. To say that is does not result in major changes to your physiological system like any other disease, is crazy. And the changes often aren’t just temporary, but can change your body permanently.

          In addition, why is sex an optional thing that women “selfishly” should have birth control for? That’s just completely insane. Sex is natural, and birth control to prevent pregnancy should come with that package, if a women so chooses to take it.

          • You’ll get no arguments from me on most of these points. But to pretend that getting to a place where the federal government is actually setting standards for insurance coverage at all — much less mandating inclusion of medications as politically, religiously and socially freighted as birth control, is not a massive, positive societal shift — is to reveal a certain generational narcissism. The health care/birth control debate has been transformed in the last 50 years. That the new order has not yet been fully established — that a handful of well-financed cranks are still fighting to turn the clock back — does not negate the fact that (in this arena) we are not only winning, we have changed the game. It’s interesting to note how completely the whole Sandra Fluke brouhaha blew up in the Republicans’ faces last election.
            Again, this is not to say that we’ve “won.” But, on issue after social issue, The progress since World War II has been overwhelming and overwhelmingly positive. We should keep up the good fight, but we can leave the whining to the other side. And, of course, remember Roger Baldwin’s (founder of the ACLU) wise words: “no fight for civil liberties ever stays won.”

      • I disagree.

        Unless prescribed for a disease, contraception is not “healthcare” and the government has no “compelling interest” and in this case, the government should not require anyone to subvert their principles.

        • Yes, you are very likely in a small minority. Its curious you feel the need to make medicinal choices for other people.

          It certainly is healthcare, and you saying it isn’t, certainly doesn’t make it so.

          • People can make their own choices – the issue here isn’t legality, it’s for what private citizens should be required to pay.

          • People can make their own choices. The issue here isn’t legality; it’s for what the government requires private citizens to pay.

          • @Probably a Minority Voice Here, But..
            So you think we live in a society where people only have to pay for the things the morally agree with? Who do I send the refund request to for what my taxes contributed to the Iraq War, Guantanamo Bay, the NSA,, the TSA, all new highway construction in the last 20 years, the congressional/senate staffs of members I don’t agree with, Tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate bailouts, no bid contracts to Haliburton, subsidies to corn farmers, subsidies to the oil industry, the F-35, school vouchers used at religious schools…. the list could go on and on and on

          • houseintherear

            Classism at its finest.

          • In response to: People can make their own choices. The issue here isn’t legality; it’s for what the government requires private citizens to pay.

            This is the essence of insurance. Private citizens pay for things they would never use or might not agree with. My private insurance covers Viagra, prostate exams, etc….I’m never going to use those, but I am forced to pay insurance for them. I may also pay for items I don’t agree “morally” with. Some people don’t agree with IVF, but you don’t hear much about private citizens having to pay into insurance for IVF. You ONLY hear about private citizens being forced to pay for contraception and abortion. That is what pisses me off.

          • It’s true that you “don’t hear much about private citizens having to pay into insurance for IVF”, but for many (like myself), this is an issue, too.

        • houseintherear

          Grow some ovaries and then we can “debate.”

          • I get you feel strongly, but really not constructive to the question at hand.

          • houseintherear

            Ha, yes it is. Men cannot dictate about or understand the needs or wants of a woman, and it’s complete and utter bullshizz that it’s still happening in 2014.
            People seem to think that they can “educate” young women on how to be responsible by restricting their access to birth control, then not allowing them to terminate a pregnancy when they get pregnant after not having birth control, then not giving them any monetary assistance after forcing them to go through with their pregnancy… guess what, folks, IT’S NOT WORKING.

          • Plus 1 to your comment below.

          • This is such an unproductive attitude. Following this logic, nobody can make any informed decisions or recommendations about anything that would affect anyone who is not exactly them. No straight judges could hear cases about gay rights, no doctor under 60 years old could be a gerontologist, middle class Americans could not provide assistance and advice to developing countries. One of the fantastic things about humans is that we are capable of empathy and understanding, even about issues that don’t affect us directly.

        • So, do you consider a man’s access to ED drugs not “healthcare”? And, if so, do you recognize the fundamental disparity that exists when men have access to medication, surgery, etc that allow them to have sex while women are being denied the same universal access?

          • For a male whose function has dimished due to advanced age, no. For a younger male whose function is dimished due to a medical issue, then perhaps.

          • This guy is a classic libertari-tard troll. He must have gotten lost on his way to Reddit.

        • Free birth control leads to lower birth rates especially in lower income areas, which leads to less children being raised with the public assistance and less crime… thereby less overall cost to the public overall. I just love the “well I don’t want to pay for it” argument.

          Not even to get started on the 10384 reasons birth control should be available to everyone.

        • I am very fortunate that my employer pays 100% of my healthcare premiums, but it is my understanding that by far most employees are required to pay at least some (I believe typical is 50%) of the premium cost withheld from the pay packet pre-tax. Thus it is somewhat disingenuous to say the mandate requires employers to provide coverage that is subverting their moral beliefs as it is really not so much the insurance they are providing as much as a sponsored group in which to buy at a discounted rate since group rates are less than those for individuals. Also, that portion which is paid for by the employer is done so as compensation for work provided by the employee on behalf of the employer thus that premium paid by the employer, as part of the compensation packet, is the property of the employee. Would you countenance restricting how an employee might use the monetary portion of her salary? If the employer were a private charity offering health insurance gratis, then a different standard would apply. But as a for-profit business, the position of Hobby Lobby et al is insupportable.

          • Plus there are stupid workarounds. My Catholic employer does not provide insurance that includes coverage of birth control (even if prescribed for some other purpose). But the insurance company offers some supplement thing (at no cost) that covers it. I can’t believe that this cost isn’t passed along to the employer (and employees), but it apparently makes the Catholic church feel like they aren’t condoning birth control while complying with ACA and while also not having employees irate and missing work every 9 months.

          • And I should also mention that this is even more ridiculous, b/c before ACA they did in fact cover birth control like any other prescription on most of the insurance options they offered.

        • saf

          Contraception is absolutely health care.

        • If it “subverts principles” for a company to provide a health plan that covers certain contraceptives without a co-pay then the principles were subverted in the first place, when the company offered health plans that covered certain contraceptives with a co-pay, which is exactly what these companies who now claim a religious problem were doing before the health reform law. In other words, the only difference here is the co-pay, and I would absolutely adore it if someone who thinks Hobby Lobby has a case could point me to the theological principle which states that providing health coverage with access to certain contraceptives with a co-pay is morally permissible, but without a co-pay it becomes morally wrong. They can’t, because there is no such principle. This is about health reform, pure and simple. They hate the law, and they will do anything no matter how illogical or hypocritical to try and undermine it.

        • easy…..then disallow cialis, viagra and penis pumps!!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        And the anti birth control people don’t seem to care/understand that hormonal birth control can be prescribed for things other than preventing pregnancy like preventing ovarian cysts which can be quite painful and have complications that require expensive surgery.

        • houseintherear

          And for sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that, WHAT WHAT. Can I get an Amen, sisters.

          • YES! YES! TESTIFY!

            Sex is natural and in no way should I or any other woman be shamed for engaging in it. Stop the slut shaming, the monogamous shaming, the whatever shaming. It’s worn out and ridiculous.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Exactly! And it’s no one’s business except the woman and her doctor whether she is using birth control for preventing pregnancy or preventing ovarian cysts from growing or just b/c she wants it. Birth control FTW!

          • …and then there are the ones you don’t take home to meet the family.

          • houseintherear

            Jesus, you’d think that men on PoPville would be more evolved. Shame on you.

        • For a medical conditions like cysts and other illness, then yes, these drugs should be covered.

          • epric002

            what if i want BC for both? should my insurance cover only 50% of the BC then? the fact that you think that both you and employers should get to determine how an individual uses the health insurance that individual pays for through their employer is baffling (whether health insurance should be tied to employment is an entirely separate issue, but it is, so here we are). the use of healthcare is the concern of the patient and the patient’s doctor. are you ok with a business run by jehovah’s witnesses refusing to cover blood transfusions? what about a company run by a religious group that opposes vaccination? vaccinations don’t treat a medical condition, they prevent one.

          • Ooh, how about my IUD?? It corrects a serious condition that used to lay me up for 2 days every month. HOWEVER, it also keeps me from getting pregnant. So maybe some kind of formula? I report each and every time I have sex, so that I may calculate how much I have to reimburse my insurance for the non-health-improvement-use of my IUD?

          • Emmaleigh504

            So I’m supposed to tell my employer all about my health and illnesses just so they will allow my insurance (that is partially paid by me and part of my compensation for work) to cover medicine? No thank you!

          • And then, how do you prevent women from running off and have sex without the intention of getting pregnant anyway? Chastity belt?

          • Doctors understand better than anybody that unintended pregnancy is TERRIBLE for one’s health. Birth control is among the most cost-effective preventive treatments in existence. You could as easily argue that statins enable hedonism by lowering the consequences associated with poor eating and little. But why would you, because we all agree that’s insane.

  • Rave: Meet-up group I kicked off for the neighborhood is going great — I’ve met lots of great people with common interests, couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Plus it gets me out to check out all those restaurants/sites I never would have gotten around to.
    Rant: Winter in March.

  • gotryit

    Rave: New phone! Now for something fun to do with my old phone…
    Rant / Rave: I sold my soul to google.

    • What kind of phone did you get?

      • gotryit

        Google Nexus 5

        • I got it 2 months ago. Love it. Lot cheaper than an iPhone and don’t miss my iPhone (4s) whatsoever. One of the best purchases I’ve made in the last couple years.

          • gotryit

            I’ve always been an android person, but my old phone (T-Mobile MyTouch / HTC Glacier) is about 3 years old – and was starting to get stupid. Maybe I’ll walk around with it as a burner phone in case of robbery.

        • I also have a Nexus 5 – I bought it to replace my Nexus S which was lost in the woods. And I like this (Nexus 5) much better than the S.

  • ok forget the Wharf!! – have you guys heard about the SW Ecodistrict? Decking over a portion of 395? Solar canopies covering L’Enfant Plaza train station. Improvements to the CSX tracks. An extension of the National Mall down 10th St. WOW. Combine all of these (Wharf/Ecodistrict) with the DC United Stadium and Buzzard Point’s potential. I think SW is the n’hood of the future. Now to find some money to invest!

  • Rave: Trying to pick up a new hobby and bought some beginner knitting supplies this weekend. Very excited when I look at patterns and all the different things I hopefully can do one day – and I guess I’ll embrace being the weird guy who knits.

    Rant: Not so excited after my first forays last night. Everything was either too tight or too loose. Trying again tonight – but it shouldn’t be this hard to make a simple dish cloth!

    • Emmaleigh504

      During/after WW1 injured soldiers were taught to knit & do needle point while they were in recovery. Just think of yourself as a tough soldier 😉 I think it’s pretty cool you are trying out a new hobby. I tried to pick up knitting when I was a kid, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. Good luck to you!

      • Now I’m going to feel super butch curled up on my couch tonight with my knitting! My dad would be so proud 😉

    • You are not alone, I think Looped yarn store in has a male knit night, or group. Get on Ravelry (google it) community of over two million knitters. Fiber Space in Alexandria has a thursday knit night. Last time I was in, one of the guys had his sock pattern published.

      • Thanks! The employees at Looped were super helpful when I went in on Saturday – I’m looking forward to going back when I’m a little bit more practiced to pick up stuff for my first “real” project.

    • New knitters are almost always too tight- I was and stayed that way. You’ll get into your own groove, the first piece is the hardest!

      • I’m trying my best to keep a little loose. When I started on Saturday after a lazy afternoon at Vinoteca, I was stitching a lot looser. Looks like wine is the solution!

    • Not so weird — I think that everybody who attends a Waldorf school is taught to knit. The first few dishcloths are usually experimental — until you kind of get your own habits and pace in place. I found circular needles to be easier than straights, and beanie hats to be a very rewarding type of early project. Have you considered taking a beginning class to get the basics down? I found it very helpful with my first knitting efforts/struggles.

      • One of my friends who teaches all of her friends to knit swears by starting with socks, for the very reason that they’re hard. You tackle touch things before you really know enough to be afraid and you don’t get as bored as you do knitting a long straight scarf. They aren’t the most well-fitting socks, of course, but I wear the pair I made like slippers and years and years later they’re still going strong!


      Practice! Knitting doesn’t require any special talent, but it’s a skill and if you want to learn you have to practice, like with anything else.
      The tight stitches should get better as you get more experience. Just make sure you’re not working on the tips of the needles.
      Take classes (see Looped or Fibre Space, online classes at craftsy.com), and after you master knit/purl/cast on/bind off, try picking some patterns that are slightly over your head.
      Hats are also a good first project – they’re small and you learn important stuff like working in the round and increasing/decreasing.
      Also, second the suggestion to join Ravelry (www.ravelry.com) – there are actually over 4 million members now. There’s a huge pattern database with lots of free patterns, a yarn database, lots of groups including local groups, etc.

      I’m in a knitting group that meets at the Columbia Heights Panera on Saturday afternoons (2-3ish to whenever). Currently, it’s all women, but not on purpose – men are welcome, too.

      Anyway, good luck!

      • Thank you all for the great input!

        I’m working on these dishcloths to get the knit and purl stitches down, and then I have a beanie and a scarf saved on Ravelry I’m planning on tackling. I also have several pregnant friends so I’ve saved some baby blanket patterns to tackle as bigger, more intense projects.

        I looked into classes at Looped, but the only one on Saturdays is at 9 AM…and I’m usually not so functional then. Thankfully YouTube has been a huge help – there are so many tutorials out there!

  • Rant: If you are running for Mayor and sitting in the single digits with a week to go until the primary, why not endorse someone who has a real chance to win – whoever that person might be? It’s clear this is a 2, maybe 3 person race (okay, let’s say 4 for the Wells fans). What are the candidates with no shot at winning hoping to accomplish? Are they going to run as independents when (not if) they lose in the primary? Probably not. Seems to me that if you run against an incumbent, it’s because you think he or she should not get another term. If it’s clear that you won’t be the alternative chosen by the electorate, you should get behind someone who has a better chance to be that alternative.

    On a similar note, I just saw this morning a commercial in which a DC police detective, speaking on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, argued that Gray should not be reelected. But they didn’t come out and support anyone else. All they said was vote against Gray. Wouldn’t this campaign be more effective if they lent their support to a specific candidate?

    • That’s a practical point of view, but not one that everyone takes. It kind of goes against the philosophy of democracy and free elections too, and there are still people who believe strongly in that stuff….
      The candidates who have no shot are either establishing a track record or just adding different voices and perspectives to the discussion. Many will have long careers in public service even if they never become mayor, so keeping themselves seen and heard is valuable even if they don’t win. And it would be bizarre for the to endorse someone else while they’re still in the race; and as I just alluded to, they’re not dropping out.
      As for the FoP guy, maybe they can’t agree on any candidate apart from “not Gray”. I’ve met quite a few DC residents who feel that way too.

    • The Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Tommy Wells. So did the Fire Department Union. (just google it to find the news storys about it).

    • This election seems like an ideal one for runoff voting. It would solve the “anyone but Grey” vote splitting problem.

    • Hot rumor I’m hearing is that Jack Evans cut a deal with Gray to stay in the race to siphon white votes away from Wells. After the last piece of mail form Jack — where he put a photo of himself looking like a stage 3 colon cancer patient on the front — I’m inclined to agree. No one who wants to win would put a picture like that on his campaign literature.

      • gotryit

        Oh come on. Gray would never pay a candidate to stay in the race just to siphon off votes from his opponent… oh yeah, that’s his MO. Maybe he can get Sulaimon Brown to step in the race for a bit again.

  • Rave: GE Garages pop-up yesterday was lots of fun – I learned a little about electronics, did some soldering, made a weather clock. Watching 3D printing in progress was pretty amazing. It’s here (1122 Connecticut Ave NW) until April 9th.
    Rant: I knew I should’ve waited a few days to plant peas. I could see weather forecast.
    Related rave: Pea seeds are inexpensive – I can get more if these don’t sprout.

    • If they haven’t sprouted yet they should be o.k. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway!

      • I soaked them before planting which could make them more vulnerable to freezing. The good news is that if they’re going to sprout I should know pretty quickly.

    • I thought it was great too! But I can’t get my weather clock to work on my wifi (with password)/need the code they used yesterday to copy/paste and upload to the Arduino. I was going to email them today and see if they can share. Is yours working?

      • I hadn’t tried to set it up yet – it’s sitting near my dining room window where I can see the weather forecast is for snow : )
        I’ll try now and see how it works.

        • Keep me posted! I sent an email a little while ago and I’m hoping they respond. Otherwise, I’ve made a very interesting paper weight!

          • I’m having difficulty getting a weather underground api account, waiting on their help desk to respond : (
            If I can’t get the weather clock to work, I might try to use the microprocessor to make something else. I have no idea what I’m doing, but that won’t stop me from trying.

      • I’ve found the WiFi takes some tinkering to get it connect to the local network, and even after you get that, the firmware needs upgrading in order to get out and talk to weather underground. Still troubleshooting.

        • Sigh. I’m not technically advanced enough to tinker-I had hoped I would have walked out with a working clock to tell me if I need a wool coat or a tank top. :/

          • I reached technology overload with the Arduino software and trying to get it to work with my wireless. Time to take a long walk with my dog and clear my head!

          • M, can you take the weather clock back to the Garage and see if one of the tech folks there can advise you on how to set it up at home?

          • I think I’m going to have to! I’ve been trying to get the source code to work with my wifi info, but it doesn’t seem to want to do anything. I had a brief glimmer of hope when the thing moved as if it was calibrating, but it hasn’t done anything since then. Not sure what’s going on.

            On the plus side, I can bring my friend to the garage so she can get her 3D printed cellphone case. It was quite the talk of the office today!

          • A good reason to go back and make things! Good luck, and please post when you get it working. Did you make two phone cases – one a honeycomb with bee? if so we sat next to each other : )

          • Haha, you caught me! I was wondering who this stranger was-the mystery has been solved! Thanks! I’m hoping by typing in random letters and numbers the thing will just magically start. Or else I’ll turn the dial to whatever the weather is and pretend it works. 🙂

  • So many cavities. I brush 2 – 3x a day, floss daily and rinse with Listerine…what is happening!?!

    • Maybe you brush too hard and have scrubbed all the enamel off your teeth?

    • Same here. My parents didn’t let me do flouride as a kid (they were super crunchy) and now my teeth are paying the price.

    • Bad genes, sorry. Some of us don’t do squat and don’t get cavaties. Then there are people like you that are the opposite. My mom’s side of the family is a perfect illustration of that.

      BTW, listerine won’t do really anything for your teeth, especially if you’re flossing and brushing. It is more a gum thing.

      • My dad’s side of the family has great teeth genes, and my mom’s side got the bad ones. I always thought I had the good genes until I hit my mid-20s and suddenly was getting cavities right and left.

        • OP here — this! no cavities as a kid, and all of a sudden: cavity city. I don’t drink soda or eat a lot of sugar, blah.

          • Yeah, me either! I’m getting gingivitis all of a sudden too. Don’t blame yourself for it– I think these problems are largely out of our control.

          • Could be your dentist? Did you change dentists lately? some are more “happy to drill” than others. I went to one dentist once and “had thirteen cavities”. Got a second opinion – “none”.

          • houseintherear

            Dentist told me years ago to only brush once a day in the morning… no cavities since. If I feel stinky, I do a quick rinse with Crest brand mouthwash (Listerine is too abrasive, dentist says)

    • My husband had this problem. The dentist told him it was from drinking soda. He stopped and the last two appointments have been cavity free (first ever for him, maybe)

    • Ask your dentist for RX toothpaste! I had a new cavity (or three) EVERY time I went to the dentist. Some people’s teeth are just really susceptible to it. I’ve been using rx toothpaste for about a year now and not a single cavity. It’s a miracle. I can’t recommend it enough.

      • One less pleasant aspect of it is that you’re not supposed to rinse after you brush. I only halfway follow this advice. But, it’s just something to mention.

        • You’re not supposed to rinse your mouth after brushing regardless of the toothpaste because it rinses away the fluoride before it has a chance to work. At least that’s what my dentists have always told me.

    • Mouthwash with alcohol causes cavities. Alcohol is, after all, sugar.

    • Try oil pulling!

  • Rave: A dear friend is in town for work and stayed over last night. I love, love, love having house guests. I think it is because my parents never liked entertaining or having our friends stay over, as an adult, I adore being able to have sleepovers whenever I want
    Rant: We live in a one bedroom apartment, so it makes having house guests a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, we have a large, comfy couch.
    Rave: I get to hang out with my favorite 8 month old for a few hours this evening.
    Rant: SNOW. So over winter.
    Rave: It can’t last forever. I see garden planting and margaritas on the patio in my future.

    • If you love having house guests, you might want to host couch surfers. I’ve had close to 200 people stay with me from nearly 40 countries in the last 4 years. And I live in a one-bedroom apartment.

      • And everyone was on the up-and-up? I’d think with 200 couch surfers, you would have gotten at least a few weirdos.

        • Just one (just weird and socially inept, fine safety wise). A lot of that 200 were couples or pairs of friends, so the number of traveling “parties” (one couple=one party, solo traveler=one party) is around150 I think.

        • I’d be paranoid of getting bedbugs.
          That said, I do love to host house guests and frequently go out of my way to invite out-of-town guests to crash of my place. Unfortunately, most of my friends are not as welcoming. :-/

        • I tried a couple short-term AirBnB guests and found the experience awkward. The guests were nice people but it was weird having strangers in the house and there just wasn’t enough time to get to know them (I was worried about bedbugs too). Most of the requests I got were for long term rentals, though, which is something I might consider someday.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Worked my butt off to get stuff together for a job application, a job I feel I was very qualified for, only to get a Dear John a week later. They probably hired internally, and as I’ve benefited from that practice I can’t condemn it, but I’m bummed that I didn’t even get an interview. I wish there was some job application code language that would indicates they’re doing the posting just to be legal in the “job search.”
    Revel: Another amazing meal at Rose’s Luxury last night. Such a laid back and fun atmosphere, it almost makes me want to be a waitress there.
    Revel: Beach house booked for a week in May at OBX with brother’s family. Especially with today’s weather, looking forward to the beach, biking, and family game time and meals.

    • How’ve you been feeling, Squid? I know you said last week that you weren’t feeling so hot.

      • GiantSquid

        Feeling better on the whole, not as bone tired/exhausted, although I vacillate between sudden bouts of nausea (usually in the car) and feeling ravenously hungry. Will be picking up a pregnancy test at the grocery store tonight, but it’s still an incredible long shot. And if I’m pregnant, no more tasty cocktails at Rose’s : (

        • Vacillating between nausea and ravenous hunger is a top symptom of Egyptian Flu. Add in exhaustion… 😀

        • Vacillation between nausea and being ravenous was my early pregnancy symptom, that and being exhausted…17 weeks yesterday:) Though agreed on cocktails. I did have a bit of bubbly with brunch over the weekend though.

          • GiantSquid

            That means, if I do the math, I’d be approximately four weeks along. Isn’t that a bit early to be having symptoms?

          • GiantSquid

            Actually, scratch that. Two weeks. That’s gotta be WAY too early for symptoms. Right?

          • I was having similar symptoms at 2 weeks! It’s not too early.

          • Well, maybe. You might be a full month further than you think, because it’s not uncommon to have a sort-of period after conception.
            How’re your boobs? Sore? That was my first symptom.

  • Rant: my company, a global health organization, just sent an email announcing that they are going to put some savings in one area towards new coffee and soda service, ie free coffee and soda fountains. I like free coffee and coffee isn’t bad for you, but FREE SODA at a global health organization??? Sure, no one is making employees drink it, but it just further reinforces how retrograde this company is and the fact that out of 900 people only 4 of us have public health degrees and actually understand the difference between public health and the health of the public. Yes, let’s continue to promote ourselves as the expert worldwide as we further erode that idea at home.

    • 4/900 and you just raised your hand with a rant about your employer? Risky move. I hope you’re not in the strategy department.

    • That does seem odd (unless the soda machine offers only diet soda options… and maybe even then).

      • From what I’ve read the diet sodas may be just as bad for you. They’re just replacing sugar with chemicals.

        • It’s not just replacing sugar with chemicals. The sweet taste tells your body it is about to get an influx of sugar but, being artificial sweetener, the sugars never come. This causes an increase in appetite and causes all sorts of problems for blood sugar regulation.

        • I recognize that diet sodas aren’t exactly good for you, but it seems like the current public-health thinking is that regular soda (because of all the empty calories) is worse.
          I keep seeing news items about, say, municipal plans to add a tax on non-diet soda, or schools taking all non-diet soda out of their vending machines. So it wouldn’t surprise me if a business that decided to offer free soda for its employees would do so with diet soda only.

          • Nope, diet soda is terrible for you. I’ll let my kids drink a small amount (4-6 ounces) of regular soda, but diet anything is absolutely forbidden. It sparks a nasty metabolic cycle that can be difficult to break.

          • In a few years diet soda is going to be the Snackwells of the 20teens. Yes, people still see the zero calories and think it’s better. It’s hard to convince people otherwise, but as other are pointing out here, it might actually be worse. We already know it’s bad. Your body thinks it’s getting sugar, but it’s actually not getting anything that’s going to be metabolized in a way that will tell the body its sweetness cravings are satiated. So, most people end up adding more sugar to their diets elsewhere to get that sugar satiation. You get all the chemicals AND the sugar AND whatever else is in that sugary thing you ate to get the sugar.

    • Are they forcing people there to drink soda?

      • No, which I clearly stated. But, we already have soda in the vending machines and at every catered lunch, reception, cake thing, town hall, etc. there is free soda. To me, it’s wasteful to give it away and it’s completely out of line with our mission.

    • This sounds unhealthy, but was it as simple as wanting to offer an option for the non-coffee drinkers so they wouldn’t feel excluded from the perk? I’d love it if I could get a bottled water perk — but the environmental impact of all those unnecessary plastic bottles would be a concern.

      • That might be the case. We do have hot and cold filtered water in every kitchen in the building, which is great. I really really appreciate it.

      • But in that case, why not offer tea?

        • Mormons? There are lots of people who don’t do caffeine. There’s probably a relatively small number of people who don’t drink either coffee or soda or both. I’m just guessing wildly here though, since I don’t drink either one.

          • I think Mormons can drink herbal tea.

          • I think there should be tea and I actually just assume there will be and it’s lumped in with “coffee.” We have those K cup things now, but you have to pay for them. Some of them are tea or hot chocolate K cups and I would think they would at least carry the tea over. They’ve told us we’re getting a free “coffee delivery system” and that it’s not K cups. I don’t know what that means, but there’s probably room for tea in that.

  • Rave: I just got offered this awesome contract in my field (I have a masters, but have been unable to find a related job since graduating). They’re paying me fantastically.
    Rant: I have no reason to believe I’m in over my head, but the rate they’re paying me makes me think my contact either oversold me and I’m terrified about fucking it up.

    • Roll with it. In a few months you’ll be saying, “yeah, I guess I am THAT good.” In a few more months you’ll start noticing people who aren’t as good as you making even MORE money — and you’ll move from terrified to resentful. That’s the American way! 🙂

    • Fake it ’til you make it! Congrats!

  • Rant: my friend said she’s voting for Bowser because she’s the only one with a shot at beating Gray. It’s that attitude which is exactly why no one else has a shot.
    Rave: she’s the only friend I know voting for Bowser. Several others are voting for Wells
    Rant: That small sample does not reflect the general electorate.

    • What about voting for Gray in the hopes that Cantania will beat him? I doubt Cantania could beat Bowser, but there is a good chance against Gray – especially if Gray gets indicted. The ideal of course would be where we each have a vote both for a candidate and against one.

      • I told her that’s why she should vote for Wells instead. If all the anti-gray votes are divided, Gray wins the primary. Like you said, there is a chance he could lose to Cantania, especially if more problems pop up for Gray.

        So voting for someone you respect in the primary and having a good shot at beating an incumbent you don’t like in November. Win-win.

    • So, all of the mayoral polls are still done my landline, right? i have a feeling Wells supporters are being under-surveyed.

      • The article I was reading about the latest Washington Post poll said that the sample included both landlines and cell phones.
        I will say I’ve gotten a LOT of calls on my landline for polls (none Washington Post-administered, as far as I know) in advance of the primary.
        In retrospect I’m a little worried that I might have ended some calls early that might have turned out to be polls but weren’t clear about it upfront — I’m happy to give my opinion to political pollsters, but have no patience for telemarketers.

        • Do they only call people with 202 numbers? How many people with only cell phones brought their number with them from wherever they moved here from?

  • Since I don’t get sick days/paid time off at work I basically have had to choose between staying home sick this/last week or not being able to pay rent next week. I’m tired of having two Masters degrees and barely making above minimum wage. I’m never going to pay off my debts. I’m never going to be able to buy a house. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Hang in there, I’m in the same boat. I try not to focus on my money issues but rather on the positive good stuff I have in my life. Hopefully things will turn around for us all.

  • Rave, New windows being installed even though its snowing! Thanks Old Town Windows and Doors.
    Rant, custom wood windows (to meet Historic Preservation Board approval) are mighty expensive.
    Rave, lead paint and leaky windows will be banished from the nursery before the baby arrives.

  • neither rant nor rave but a question –

    what is a good resource to learn about all of the candidates and compare their views? as a DC (relatively) newbie, I just get spammed with a lot of mailings about why I shouldn’t vote for a candidate, which doesn’t particularly help me make a well-informed decision.

    • gotryit

      Try http://www.popville.com, although some commentors are opinionated a-holes with nothing useful to say… oh, oops.
      What is important to you from elected officials?

    • wamu . org / vote has information on the candidates based on their responses to a survey. I went there just to find out what was on the ballot and who was running for each office. Try as I might, I could not find that information on the DC Board of Elections website, which was incredibly frustrating.

    • The League of Women Voters put out an excellent and comprehensive election guide for all of the upcoming races.
      You can look at the printed guide online or enter your address to get more specific info (e.g. ANC, Ward-specific positions).

    • I’m not sure if my comment is missing b/c it’s waiting moderation on a link or because I was “posting too quickly”….
      But check out the League of Women Voters website, they have an excellent voters guide that also includes information about other races (ANC, Ward, etc.).

  • houseintherear

    Dumb Rant: I am so disappointed and saddened by how How I Met Your Mother is going to end. What a stupid final season.

  • Rave: The Pat Metheny concert last Friday. I’m still blissed out from it. And ventured out a little further and got Ben Williams’s cd as well. My music needs have been well met — at least for the moment.
    Rave — sort of: The snow is pretty. I hate cold weather, but we’ve had so much of it that I’m kind of almost resigned to being cold forever. So, if I’m going to be cold anyway, it might as well look pretty outside.

    • I was thinking the same thing earlier today. I’m tired of winter, but I have to admit the snow falling is pretty!

    • Besides, at least it’s in the 30s and 40s now. I never thought the day would come when that feels “warm” to me.

  • Rant: IVF #2 didn’t work….having a really rough time putting on my happy face at work today.

    • hang in there lady. i’m feeling down today too so it’s my goal to try and cheer everyone else up. the sad clown and all that. things are going to turn out great for you and your family!

    • Sorry to hear this. Is there a place where you can go (empty conference room) and be unhappy for awhile?

    • So sorry.,. Sending hugs.

  • Rave: Upcoming date with the guy that’s gotten under my skin (in a good way). Well two dates – yoga and a more traditional dinner date.
    Rave: Also a first date with someone else – if he’s not committing then I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket.
    Rant: Snow
    Rave: This has to be the last of it, right? It looks like it’s supposed to warm up this weekend. I’ll take rain over snow any day.
    Rave: Giving up sugar for lent is already having a positive outcome on my waistline. Despite the beers I’ve been drinking!

  • Query: The At-Large race, I like both Settles and Bennet-Flemming, can anyone offer astrong opinion/well-reasoned argument why one is better than the other?

    • I went to college with Bennett-Fleming and have known him since Freshman year. There are very few people I know who I can say “I knew them when” and not shiver at the thought of what they were like back then LOL. He’s one of them!

      Nate is an upstanding guy, a hard worker, and currently DC’s Shadow Rep–which is a position that I believe is unpaid, has no voting power, and is otherwise viewed as pretty insignificant…but he’s used the opportunity to showcase how active and invested he is in his community and DC overall.

      I think Nate is innovative and exceptional. There are a lot of other things he could be doing…and doing elsewhere. But I think his commitment to come back to his hometown and make a significant contribution, as best he can, is admirable and worthy of your vote.

  • RANT: My girlfriend’s next door neighbor (adjoining apartments) got bedbugs and now my GF is literally having panic attacks over the phone.
    RAVE: Fortunately, no sign of the bugs in her place. I told her all the preventative things to do – seal up holes in wall/baseboard, tape over electrical outlets, put unused clothes and linens in plastic bags, and get a mattress bag to seal her mattress. She also has the exterminator coming over tomorrow to do an inspection and put down poison (same guy who is doing her neighbor’s extermination).
    RANT: It appears that Virginia landlord-tenant laws require tenants to manage and pay for extermination, even in multi-unit apartment buildings. That’s actually a terrible policy, as it makes it very difficult to organize tenants and ensure that the problem is being taken care of. She has no idea if other people in her building have bed bugs, as the landlord has no plans to notify anyone.

  • My only sibling is an addict who doesn’t want to change. She suffered terrible injuries after being hit by a drunk driver 19 years ago, and has started taking pain pills. When she can’t get them, she drinks alcohol. Or mouthwash. Is terribly angry, combative, belligerent, a danger to herself and others, but there’s nothing that can be done to institutionalize her. Am growing hopeless over this, and convinced that I’ll see her in an early grave. Today is just particularly hard. It’s like the woman I love is gone, and replaced by some monsterous version of herself.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. Have you considered talking to a clergy person or therapist about it? That is a lot to bear alone. You can only do so much for someone who is intent on destroying him/herself. You can beat yourself up about it, but it won’t help. It might help to talk to someone, and see if there is something proactive you could do to support her AND what to do to help yourself deal with it all. Have faith.

    • Did she suffer a head injury in the crash? If so you might explore treatment with specialists in that field.

    • There is still hope, but unfortunately before change must come rock bottom. I had a member of my family who was suffering from a lifetime of alcoholism topped by a newer pain pill addiction, the latter of which was brought on by a particularly bad surgery. It took a close call with overdose before he sought any change. He’s now an avid AA member and clean as a whistle. To family members, everyday already seems like rock bottom, but it often takes a stint in the hospital for the addict to decide for themselves that they want to change. All you can do until that point is refuse to be an enabler, provide resources for seeking help at every turn, and wait. Just don’t lose hope yet.

      • And I second the recommendation above to get some support for yourself. I had no idea what a heavy burden I was carrying around until I got some cognitive behavioral talk therapy for myself to help deal with my family member’s addiction, and spent every session just plowing through boxes of tissues. It helped a lot.

    • This is a tough situation for you and your sister. Are there other options to be explored re pain management? Is she currently getting medical care? If you haven’t already done so, talking with a therapist could be helpful for you.

    • Have you thought of attending an AlAnon meeting? Specifically for family or friends of addicts. Pretty incredible community and support. I highly recommend it. You will be amazed by the commonalities among participants and the kindness and support. 1030am meetings on sat morning in georgetown are really good. Google al anon for more.

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