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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Crushed my erg (rowing) test.
    Rave: Back on the water.
    Rant: Cold-ass day to be sitting on river before the sun comes up.

  • Rave: After months of skipping the exercise to hang out with the (now ex-)SO, I went on a run yesterday and am going to yogalates at yoga district today after work! Yay endorphins!
    Rant/Rave: A best friend of mine has been recently very wrapped up in her boyfriend and I haven’t hung out solo with her in months (our norm used to be once a week). But we’re making time for each other tonight with dinner & drinks!
    Question 1: Anybody know if El Rey has any vegan options? It doesn’t look like it from their menu and they say “substitutions politely declined” but will they really say no if I ask to hold the cheese/meat?
    Question 2: Since I’ve been struggling with committing to exercise when other things get in the way anybody have any reviews for joining the November Project as a failed very-beginner runner who needs tons of help finding motivation?

    • epric002

      my husband is doing the weds morn november project and loves it. it’s not terribly appealing to me as an introvert, but he is highly extroverted and a morning person, so it works well for him.

    • I didn’t know about the November Project, but am also looking for some group fitness motivation. But their blog entries are incomprehensible and not at all helpful in figuring out what they do. Is it a group run? Stair workouts? Some combo?

      • I think its a combo (they recently posted about doing hill work outs on Mondays), but I agree in being confused. They say to just show up, but I feel like showing up on a day where they are running a 5 mile hill workout is not going to put me in a place where I’ll want to come back.

        • I hear you. I’ve tried a couple of group runs (like with a running store) and they’ve all been kind of competitive and not good when you’re just starting out or if you’re a slower runner.
          Can anyone recommend an informal running group suited to someone who runs 10 minute miles on a good day, 3-6 mile range? Preferably in NW.

    • I also suffer from motivation issues, so when I was first starting running I actually paid to join a training program for a particular race (I thought having a goal would also help my motivation – it did!). I did a program through Potomac Running in Cleveland Park, and it was really great. Lots of beginner runners so it was always possible to find someone running at my pace, the coaches were really encouraging and made a point of running with everyone (especially the slower runners!), understood everyone had different goals and most of us were not trying to break speed records, etc. They have regular programs for runners at different levels and several of their stores in the area, might be worth checking out if you think putting a few bucks down will help with motivation.

  • Rave-Early voting at Emery Rec Center on GA ave on saturday. I was the ONLY person there. In and out in 5 minutes and thats with a toddler in tow. Go Tommy Wells (I know its a long shot and I debated voting more defensively but just decided to go with my first choice even if it won’t matter in the end)
    Double Rave-Holy Cow that Emery Playground is the best one I have been to into in the City! Im blown away by the playground renovations the City is doing-and the ability to be in walking distance to Park View, Raymond, Petworth Rec, 11th/Monroe and Upshur. But its totally worth the drive up GA ave for Emery. Lots of stuff for Toddlers.

    • gotryit

      +1 for early voting.

      I did that too at Takoma Rec center (unplanned – just happened to be there). I was undecided until I walked in, but also went for Tommy Wells. Sure, he probably won’t win, but I refuse to vote for Bowser or Gray. I actually laughed at a Vincent Orange supporter giving out material.

  • Rave: first sonogram of our baby today, so excited/nervous/anxious. We found out so early and the nerves of something going wrong are difficult for me to avoid plus very anxious to get through the first trimester so we can share the news with all of our family and friends.

    Rave: apart from constantly wanting to stuff my face the pregnancy has gone very smoothly so far. No morning sickness and no overwhelming mood swings yet.

    Rant: too excited to have any today!

  • Rave: Love this chilly spring; hope it promises a mild, lovely summer.

    Rant: Glue on residential parking sticker rots. Sticker falls off easily and regularly. Will tickets ensue? Can’t they build a better glue?

    • It’s a $50 ticket if it’s not stuck to your windshield (i.e. even if it’s lying on your dash). I’d break out the scotch tape.

    • Wow, I have to soak those things with WD40 and use a razor blade to get them off. I’d break out the Windex and give the spot a good cleaning before using tape to put it back. It sounds like there’s something greasy or otherwise dirty on your windshield.

      • I wonder if you’re talking about different stickers – the registration/parking sticker has some serious adhesive (use rubbing alcohol to get the sticky off when you replace your sticker) but the inspection sticker (the one on the passenger side) always falls off about 6 months after it’s put on.

      • houseintherear

        The glue changed in late 2012. I asked at the DMV last time I was there. It basically went from one extreme to the other.

        • Really? I just put a new sticker on in January and I haven’t had any problems. Well, not with the glue. Originally they sent me a “No RPP” sticker, but they were actually really responsive in getting me a correct replacement. I was impressed.

          • houseintherear

            If they changed it again, that would be great… you’ll be able to tell as it gets warm whether it’s the new crappy glue.

          • I got a new sticker in late August/early September 2013 and it didn’t start coming off until a month or so ago, so it may not have degraded yet if you just got it in January.
            I’m using packing tape to hold mine on and it seems to be working so far.

          • Sticker started coming off after a few months. Reminder to self to take some tape out next time I drive the car.

          • I (original poster) put the sticker on in 10/2013; just started to fall off now. The sticker I refer to is the white-with-blue-border parking permit sticker, not the passanger side sticker. Never had a problem before, so this gloo sitch-oo-ation surprised me. I applied packing tape this morning. We’ll see if it holds. All bets are off in the swamp of Aug.

    • Several years ago, when I had my windshield replaced, the re-glued registration sticker was starting to come un-glued… but I was able to Scotch-tape it back in place until the renewal time came around and I got a new sticker.
      Like Jeslett, I’m wondering if there’s something on your windshield that’s preventing the sticker from adhering properly.

  • Rave: who would have thought that an almost empty bag of dog food would work better at catching field mice than mouse traps. Seriously! Wow.

    Rant: Thinking about bailing out and selling everything and going somewhere a lot more calm than here, with a beach.

    Rant: Spent hours talking to a gorgeous woman at a bar, she gave me her number, I didn’t even ask, but she lives in Cali, I don’t do long distance well at all. Was much better than someone picking my brain about how they can “break into an IT job” all night long.

    Rant: Tired of shopping culture here. Friends always feel the need to spend money on cheap BS and overpriced food while I’d rather check out museums or parks. So easy to go broke here chasing fashion and luxury that’s only a fleeting reward.

    • I’d say Kafka and Russian Lit is probably more uplifting! Hang in there, its almost intern season. (J/K, just enjoyed your dating posts last year!)

      • Sweet! I love interns, They prefer Dave & Busters and ice cream over an expensive dinner at Houstons and jewelry! 😛

  • Rant: People who take their dogs on the turf field at Raymond Rec.

    Lots of us in the community had to do battle with DPR and DGS and the city council to get the funding to get a turf field as part of the renovation. Time and energy were invested, and we got a great product.

    Signs clearly say that dogs are allowed in the center (there’s a grassy section, and rocks around the edges) but not on the playing field. When I point out to someone that no dogs are on the turf, the only response I’d like to hear is “oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I’ll fix it.”

    The responses I get instead are:
    “Oh really? Do you think its bad for the turf?”
    “You don’t work here.”
    “We all paid for this field.”
    “I don’t have anywhere else to take my dog.”

    Listen. I have a dog. There would be no more convenient place to take my dog than this field. I don’t. Because dogs don’t belong on an turf field. Period. Don’t make me the bad guy for telling you what should be obvious to any rational adult. Don’t be a selfish prick. Don’t ignore me after I ask you nicely to please get your dog off the field.

    • Well to be fair, you aren’t someone in a position of authority to tell other people what do. You sound just as entitled as the offenders when you say you only want to hear someone apologize and fix it just because you said so…

      • lol you must be one of those people with a dog on the turf. : ) A person has no right to state their opinion to you and expect you to live up to it, but a person does have every right to point out a clearly posted law in which you are breaking, especially if they are not also breaking it.

        In your line of thinking, I have no right to yell at the ass who almost runs me over in the cross walk because he chooses to ignore the “NO TURN ON RED” sign.

        First world country people, know your laws and obey them. If you don’t like them then work to change them but don’t decide that you will only follow what you want to, because I might choose to do the same, and poop on your door mat.

        • Nope. I don’t even know where the field in question is located. Never set foot there in my life.
          I don’t think you’re wrong. I just think you sound as entitled as the people using it as a dog park. Unless you’re wearing a police uniform you really can’t expect people to just apologize to you and move on when you tell them not to do something.

          • Grown-ups understand that the police can’t be everywhere telling everybody what to do; nor should the police have to; nor would anybody like it if they did. So grown-ups have to follow the rules if they know them, and have to act like grown-ups if someone tells them about rules that they don’t know. If you’re not on board with that, then indeed you are a selfish prick. I don’t want smug satisfaction from telling people what to do, I just want people to try to do the right thing.

          • “entitled”… “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      • I really, really hate asking people to leash their dogs, pick up their dog’s waste, etc, but since my dog, self and neighbors deserve not to be chased by untethered dogs or step in canine feces, I continue to speak up.

        • You’re right about the dogs, but you’re wrong to expect that you can speak up and not be spoken back to. That’s sometimes the price of speaking up. Isn’t that obvious?

          • It doesn’t seem particularly crazy to have a baseline expectation that people should “act like grown-ups if someone tells them about rules that they don’t know.”
            I don’t think Anonymous 10:46 am is the same person as the OP (“Canine Snitch”), so I imagine he/she continues to speak up… but knows that he/she is sometimes going to get pushback.
            I think what the “Canine Snitch” OP is lamenting is the pushback/defensiveness/assumption of “I can do what I damn well please.”
            It reminds me of the time several years ago when I went to a (free) sitar concert at the University of Maryland and a student sitting a couple of feet away from me was typing on her laptop. I tried to ignore it, but it was really loud and distracting. So after a while I said, “Excuse me, but could you stop typing? It’s really distracting.” AND SHE KEPT ON TYPING. If an adult had made a request like that of me when I was an undergrad, not only would I have complied immediately, I would have been mortified and wanting to sink into the floor.

      • you’re right. i’m not in a position of authority. i’m polite about letting someone know what the rules are of the recreation center that they may not be aware of. i should restate – i don’t require any sort of apology. just corrective action. it’d be just as easy for me to call the DPR park rangers or ask the nice policeman sitting nearby to give them a ticket. but i don’t.

        I (like most people) enjoy using the rec center. my neighbors and i all invested a lot of time and effort into getting something nice for the community. if you want to use the term “entitlement” to refer to being law abiding, respecting our public facilities, and valuing precious tax dollars spent…agree to disagree.

      • Well, to be fair to “canine snitch,” why do you need to be in a position of authority to get people to obey the rules? That’s not “entitled,” whatever that means. Shame or a desire to comply with the rules (that are there for a reason!) should work on these folks- people shouldn’t need a uniformed officer or gov employee to tell them what to do. If the “snitch” is right about the rules, than he should be able to politely ask others to comply with them. Otherwise, you’re going to have a tragedy of the commons problem on your hands where no one speaks and conditions go down hill.

      • As members of our community, we are ALL in a position to speak up when somebody is doing something that harms the rest of us. I continually see people bringing their dogs into our neighborhood playground when there’s a dog park 2 blocks away. I will never understand these people, but you bet I speak up and I speak up strongly when somebody is doing something that is a danger to my child’s health. So if you don’t want to be part of a community, then go live somewhere in the country and keep cats or something.

    • Huh. A couple of weeks ago when someone posted about people playing dice on the Metro platform, the general consensus was ‘mind your own business.’ Some consistency would be nice.

      • A few idiots playing dice doesn’t materially affect your usage of the Metro or cause any sort of permanent damage to shared infrastructure. The reason dogs are banned from the turf is because urine/shit will ruin the turf and is an environmental/health hazard for athletes using the field. Furthermore, there’s no easy or cheap way to replace pieces of ruined turf.
        So yeah, keep your dog off the turf. And many dog owners probably don’t know about the rule, so I think it’s OK if the OP nicely tells them about it.

      • I don’t think you read all those comments correctly if you think there was a general consensus.

  • jim_ed

    Not a Rave/Rant, but a Question: Anyone got an opinion on the work done by WSD on flipping houses? I know they’ve done a ton of work in/around Petworth, but they recently snatched up a home very near by, and I’m curious of the quality of their work, and will they pull permits, abide by noise restrictions, etc?

  • epric002

    rave: so glad we bought our house where/when we did. checked out a nearby open house on sunday- oy.
    rant: TOO COLD
    rave: amazing anniversary dinner at 1789. that place knows customer service and classic, quality food.
    rave: great weekend with out of town friends despite the not fantastic weather.

    • Where are you at? A house went on the market near us at $1.3 million in Bloomingdale! Holy smokes. I wanted to check it out yesterday but lost track of time.

      • epric002

        the area b/n petworth and columbia heights that is apparently nameless 🙂 saw the open house on spring b/n 13th & 14th. liked the layout of the basement, but they *really* did not pay attention to details, especially with painting- really sloppy. and the tiered backyard, while great for maximizing space, has you parking on the top ledge w/o a rail/wall!

  • Rant: Randomly punched off my bike Saturday evening near the Shaw Metro.
    Rave: Got up, chased the kids, caught one of them, flagged down 3rd district DCPD. (Props to the bicycle officer whose name I didn’t get.) I spoke to the prosecutor this morning: the kid (about 15 years old) spent the rest of the weekend in jail and will be prosecuted for assault.
    Rave: Thanks to the resident who witnessed the assault and stuck around to talk to the police.

    • Thank you for following up!! I hope those kids think twice before they victimize someone else. As someone who lives near there and probably wouldn’t have been fast or brave enough to do what you did, thank you so much.

    • I’ve always wondered how you can stop this cycle. Obviously there are parents of these kids who could care less, which is why these kids are the way they are. This kid is 15, soon, if not already, he will be a parent with kids he could care less about, and they will be punching somebody off a bike, and so on and so on and so on. How do they as a person, or we as society break that cycle? Giving free hand outs does not seem to be working, when it should be used as a hand up to improve oneself, it does not seem to be working as a general rule.

      • gotryit

        I think you’ve been watching too much fox news. Just because some people take advantage of the system doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for a lot of other people. It’s just more dramatic to hear about a violent criminal on government assistance. You won’t hear about the person who grew up to get a middle class job because of a childhood on government assistance, but they’re there.

        Also, ease up on the assumptions.

        • “Ease up on the assumptions.” I know you were being ironic with that one when you said the OP must be watching too much Fox News. BTW, anyone who shouts, “Fox News! Fox News!” automatically discredits her/himself. Get a new line, please. Or better yet, have an argument, not a worn out and silly attack.

          • gotryit

            OK, sorry. “Fox Opinion! Fox Opinion!”
            Because really, they’re champs at trotting out the trope about “Giving free hand outs does not seem to be working, when it should be used as a hand up to improve oneself, it does not seem to be working as a general rule.”
            So, I’m sorry if you came up with the ridiculous opinion separate from fox news. Maybe you really are creative enough to come up with it on your own.

      • This morning the officer told me that the kid’s dad showed up while he was being booked into jail and he was really pissed at his kid.

      • Free hand outs. Hmm. You mean stuff like mortgage deductions and freeways, right? Many seem to think that ‘free handouts’ work just fine — for them. And actually, stuff like Medicaid and public education and food supports DO work quite well — particularly when those services and supports are actually adequate. Perhaps we define ‘work’ somewhat differently.

        • I really hate it when people try to equate mortgage deductions with three generations of families living in public housing and then complaining about their “right” to stay there forever even if the City wants to redevelop it into mixed income housing. If you want more rights to determine where you live, then work to get out of public housing.

          • It’s worth noting that the value of the mortgage interest deduction — which overwhelmingly accrues to the wealthy — is about $100 billion per year, compared to the $40 billion or so per year we spend on affordable housing programs.

          • But guess what, anonymous at 12:33? Guess who pays the most taxes by far? The wealthy! I can’t remember the stats, but the top 10 percent are paying the overwhelming majority of taxes in this country and filling the government coffers. The three generations of public housing tenants? Uh, not so much. I agree with previous poster that comparing the two is pretty much ridiculous.

          • Your assertion about “three generations of families” as if there were a ton of these is a total red herring. Nationally, 51% of Public Housing tenants are on the program 5 years or less; 70% are on for 10 years or less. You also have no idea if the youth involved in this rant live in public housing. But, feel free to just make broad assumptions.

          • Guess who has the most income by far? Wouldn’t it make sense that if the top 10% make 35% of the income, they would pay 35% of the taxes?

            If you are so hurt that a family who makes $25,000/year is paying less than you in taxes, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

    • Nice Work!!!

    • epric002

      i’m sorry you were assaulted, but glad that you were able to catch (one of) the jerks who did it.

    • Sucks you got assaulted but woo that the kid was caught and the community was there to support you. Do you mind detailing the facts that lead up to the assault and how it went down?

      • I was biking west on R between 9th and 10th street at about 7 or 7:30 p.m. I saw three teenagers standing just to the right side of the bike lane in front of that old firehouse spaced about 10 feet apart. It looked like they were waiting to cross the road. The first one didn’t do anything. The second one stepped toward me and punched me in the chest. I was a little dazed/shocked/confused but didn’t fall, but I didn’t have any time to move before coming up on the third one. He also stepped into the bike lane and punched me in the chest, knocking me off my bike and into the street. I got up, chased them, flagged down a bike cop who radioed it in, and was eventually able to catch the third guy as he tried to hide under a car in a lot near the metro entrance. I grabbed him by the sweatshirt and officers were there within seconds to arrest him. He told the officers he thought it was his friend and that he was playing. The officer asked him how many white 30 year old guys he was friends with.

    • Thank you for following up on this! One can hope that at least one kid learned a lesson. Sorry you had to experience it.

    • Good for you! I’m sorry that this happened to you – but glad that you, the police, and a member of the community were able to address this in a way that will have meaningful consequences for your assailant.

    • Unfortunately, race baiting is just such an easy scapegoat to air out one’s frustration as it’s such an obvious marker of socially-constructed difference. Unfortunately, there are no winners. It’s lose-lose for everyone involved. It’s best to just take one on the chin, so to speak, and carry on. There are no arguments to be won here.

      • Oops – this was meant for the thread started below by GretchenWieners.

        • But your comment was equally appropriate in this thread. Except that I’d argue that some people, at least some of the time actually benefit from race baiting — at least some of the hate mongers out there seem to garner more than decent salaries for the stuff that they spew.

  • Rant: I got yelled at by someone on the bus today. I’m pretty sure he was not completely well, mentally, but it still stung. He said I elbowed him (I don’t think I did, but, I apologized immediately) and then he started personally attacking me, saying I was a racist, saying mean things about “little white girls”, etc. I moved away from him and to the back of the bus and then just tried not to cry. Six years here you’d think I’d have a tougher skin by now…

    Rave: Eh. That kind of bummed me out for the day. If the weather was nicer I wouldn’t have even had to be on the bus. I’ll probably go to the new TJ’s to get something for lunch, so I guess my rave is that is now possible.

    • That sucks. For what it’s worth, everyone else on the bus could probably tell which one of you was being unreasonable.

    • This happened to me a few weeks ago. Don’t let it ruin your day! Honestly, what more was there that you could have done? You apologized after elbowing him and removed yourself from the situation instead of making things worse. If he was mentally unstable than it certainly wasn’t a personal attack. And if he wasn’t then just be glad he is the exception to how people treat others and not the rule!

    • Sorry to hear that. I’ve been in your shoes before – I like to think of myself as generally a good and non-racist person, and having people lash out at you (even if they’re not really angry at you, they’re angry at other people or other situations) can really shake your sense of being. Racial politics in this city are always difficult and carry so many emotions. Just remember it’s not about you, and that this is why you do good where you can.

    • You aren’t alone. I’ve had people shout some pretty horrible things to me on the street in the 12 years I’ve lived here. It’s by no means acceptable and you shouldn’t just shrug it off (though starting something isn’t a good idea either), but it really has nothing to do with you personally. They either have serious anger issues or other mental issues and are just taking it out on the first person who has the misfortune of coming into contact with them. It really is a shame there isn’t better mental health care available in this city.

      • I would recommend shrugging it off. What’s your other option…to engage said crazy person? No thank you.

        • No, I don’t mean engage with them. I mean I don’t mentally shrug it off and pretend it isn’t a big deal. It is a big deal even if it isn’t personal. No one should have to worry about being verbally or physically assaulted when just walking down the street or getting on the bus. I don’t take it personally, but I do think it’s a larger problem than just some random crazy person (especially since so many of us have had similar experiences) and we shouldn’t accept it as status quo.

    • colheights67

      Sorry that happened to you. It sucks. When crazy guys yell at me and call me a racist white girl living in their neighborhood (which doesn’t happen often, luckily, but has occurred more than a couple of times over my 20+ years living in Columbia Heights), I just keep repeating to myself that whatever drug they’re on has really scrambled their brains, which is too bad for them. Hope the TJ’s lunch is yummy.

    • It’s ok. I get yelled at daily by the homeless guy in Farragut Sq. He always asks me to buy him lunch and when I don’t, he tells me (and I paraphrase without the explitives) that he hopes my lunch makes me fat and that I crap my pants. At first I was a little scared. Now I look forward to his insults! It is a little different when you are in close quarters like a bus, and you can’t just walk away. Stay near a door!

    • Got screamed at in the shaw Giant parking lot by an older cab driver. He had honked at me while going in the lot (the gate wouldnt open and i had to call the attendant over. He just honked at me till it worked. Maybe he thinks the honking helped the computer malfunction?) He ended up parking next to me and I said ‘hey the gate wouldnt open, no need to honk like that.’ and he screams ‘F*** YOU!” I was honestly so shocked! I said ‘no need for that language sir.’ and he says ‘You F***ING WHITE PEOPLE think you run everything!” Ugh, tried to shrug it off, but like the OP, definitely put a damper in my day. I am 100% sympathetic to the nuanced and sensitive racial politics in this city, especially in regards to gentrification, but in my opinion you dont talk to anyone that way. I took a pic of his cab number, but didnt follow up, because he wasnt on duty and didnt do anything per se as a cab driver, just a disgruntled citizen.

      • I’ve had similar incidents with cab drivers. They are very angry people.

      • Sorry, you had to deal with that. I’d report it to the Cab Commission anyway. Given the terrible opinion most people have of cabbies in this city, I have to imagine they’d be interested in talking to this guy and telling him to act right.

    • Unfortunately, race baiting is just such an easy scapegoat to air out one’s frustration as it’s such an obvious marker of socially-constructed difference. Unfortunately, there are no winners. It’s lose-lose for everyone involved. It’s best to just take one on the chin, so to speak, and carry on. There are no arguments to be won here.

    • You can’t rationalize with crazy. Attempting to do so is pointless. Just know you’re the one in the right, ignore them and move along.

  • Rave: I actually got a bit of burn on the tip of my nose while sitting outside in the park on Saturday.
    Rant: The cold this morning
    Rave: Well rested after the weekend and looking forward to a productive week.

  • dcgator

    Rant: Florida boy, and I can’t handle this damn weather.

    Rave: my Gators are still alive in the tourney.

    Rant: I really need to finish my taxes, but Twitter is just so much more appealing by the time I get to lounge on the couch and open my laptop.

    Rave: Recently getting hip to this site. I’m loving PoPville so far.

  • Rant: Still in a winter state of mind. I’m still wearing my winter clothes and craving hearty soups and stews for dinner. It feels weird to want to stay inside under a warm blanket while it’s still light outside in the evenings. I can’t believe that two days ago I was sitting outside on a patio drinking beer in the sun wearing a T shirt. Did that really happen? Was it really 70 degrees on Saturday? Because today I walked to work wearing my winter coat, hat, scarf, and boots. My out of town friends keep asking me about the cherry blossom status and I feel like it will weeks before they bloom. Then I realized that it’s almost April! This is supposed to be prime cherry blossom time!
    Rave: It’s sunny. And I made some kick-ass meatballs for dinner last night.

    • Haha @ “did that really happen”?

      Supposedly this chill isn’t impacting the cherry blossoms at all, which is crazy. Still projected for April 8-12.

      (If you don’t already, this page is kind of addicting in the spring. I check it every day to see which new stages have been observed: http://www.nps.gov/cherry/cherry-blossom-bloom.htm)

      • Thanks for that website! Good to know that things have progressed to the “visible florets” stage. So spring, and peak bloom, can’t be too far behind!

  • Question about taxes: We split the year between DC/Va, but Turbo Tax seems to want to charge us full tax years for both states. Has anyone had this issue? Know of a workaround? I don’t want to owe money!!!

    • That doesn’t sound right, but my only experience was splitting the year between DC/MD. In my case, TurboTax did the calculations right. I would check with TurboTax help, there’s a decent chance you missed checking a box or something.

    • I normally used HR Block online software. Last year I had to go in because they don’t have an option for the partial year DC resident in their system. My recollection is that they didn’t make it a whole year for both states – but prorated it based on how much time I spent in each state.

    • Can’t help you out with Turbo Tax, but you should file both states as a “part-year” resident. And it should have you split your income depending on the time you spent/earned in each state.

    • You have to manually divide your income, etc. based upon the time in each state.

    • I did Turbo Tax when I moved from VA to DC and it worked. Somewhere it asked me when I moved to DC and questions about how much of my income I earned in DC vs. VA. I just did 2 months income in VA and hte rest in DC (I think I had to do this myself because TT doesn’t know if you got a massive raise in the middle of the year and earned way more in DC or if some of your investmeents only paid out when you were living in one state vs. another).

  • Rave: Getting ready to travel, trying to put a bunch of things to bed for work and personal life, feeling the crunch but husband turned to me this morning and said, out of the blue: I appreciate you. Made my morning.
    Rant: That morning needed to be made – pulled something in my leg, left my wallet and computer at home, found out a department I work with frequently is getting re-organized and I’m not sure how that affects me.
    Rant: Something going on with my mom’s health that we’re trying to suss out. Some cognitive issues, physical balance issues and overall decline in motor skills. I’m not ready for this, but I have to do what I can to get ready.

  • Rave: Little Serow exceeded expectations! So there to the naysayer i used to date who said it wasn’t worth it.
    Rave 2: My out of town Greek friends who stood in line for Little Serow and also enjoyed Kapnos (so glad that didn’t disappoint them). Of course it was also just fun to spend time with them.

  • Rant: Soooo tired the past few days. Dont think i have been sleeping great. I think i need a new bed.
    Rave: Ray Lamontagne is really relaxing me after i just had a meeting with my bosses boss giving a short presentation.

  • Rant: aparment a mess, feels like there’s no time to deal with it, and where do i start?! ugh, is giving me anxiety when i approach my apartment at night.
    Rave: great, busy weekend with my boyfriend. Spent time outside, saw some friends I hadnt seen in a while.
    Rant: The weather. Just stop already, its not funny, its not even fun to complain or joke about it. Its depressing and makes me want to pack up and move back to California.
    Rave: Cherry Blossoms coming! Its the most touristy thing I do in DC, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE going down to the tidal basin to see the flowers. Theres is something so amazing about the fleeting beauty of them!

  • Rave: Condo is getting listed this week, and the man and I have gotten started on the house hunt. Saw a couple of places with good potential this weekend and could be making an offer one one already.
    Rant: I kind of fell in love with one of the houses we saw even though it’s totally impractical. It’s a big old house on a good sized lot, but would probably need updates to the electrical/plumbing, in addition to checking for structural issues (the floors are uneven in some spots). Plus cosmetic changes. And it’s at the top of our budget. I know I’m nuts for continuing to think about it, but part of me would rather put in the time/money now on something that we could stay in for the long haul than buy something we’d grow out of in 5 years. Anyone in PoPville done a substantial renovation? Thoughts on whether it was worth it?

    • gotryit

      That’s exactly what I did. I was able to demo everything (near complete gut) and get the first two floors back in about 6 months so that we could move in. I’ll probably be doing projects (basement, attic, porches, yard) for the rest of my life.
      It can be extremely stressful and a lot of hard work, but can also be very rewarding. This was not my first renovation, so I knew (somewhat) what I was getting into.

    • We bought a house “renovated” in 2009 and still had to do a substantial renovation (that is to say, the con artists who originally did it just covered up the entire existing unsound structure with new walls and called it a day).
      If I could do it over again, I’d buy a house that is already in gut condition because at least then you’re paying for a house in gut condition- it probably would have saved me money in the end. Even with renovated homes, you just never know what is under the walls until you look.
      As to whether it was worth it- yes definitely. The renovation lasted four months and we were without a kitchen and down to one bathroom (from 3) for what seemed like an eternity, but you make it work. It felt like we were living in an episode of hoarders- dust covering everything, boxes of stuff everywhere. There were definitely days I wanted to scream because I couldn’t stand living in the mess another day and it seemed like it would never end. But it did end, and we love the results! Now we have a custom, structurally sound house.
      Disclaimer: you need pretty deep pockets for something like this. We spent almost all the money we made on our last house, but we really didn’t have a choice after major structural issues were discovered. Initial estimates are almost never accurate, but ours went over 3.5X what we were originally quoted. We might be an extreme example, but when dealing with major renovation projects you have to expect the unexpected.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Popville. This site is such a great way for me to take a mental breather at work. I really enjoy the Friday QoDs, and last week’s was great–really interesting to see how folks in Popville are handling dating, met their SOs, etc.

  • Random question: has anyone ever used security film for windows rather than the metal bars? You can buy the stuff on amazon and supposedly it prevents breaking the glass or at least makes it a lot harder. I’m pretty skeptical about how well it works, but I’d love to keep our new kitchen windows bar-free if possible.

    • i haven’t used it – but several years ago, someone tried to break into my car that had an aftermarket tint (ie: film) on the window. It holds the window together pretty well instead of having it shatter with one impact. The guy who fixed it commented that whoever punched through it probably had a pretty bad day if it was their hand. If someone wanted to get through a window with film on it, they’d definitely have to spend a fair amount more time to get through (though they may not realize it until they actually break it).

    • You mean blast film? Having worked in a war zone, I can attest that it’s great for preventing shattering when bombs/explosions go off that would normally shatter the glass (the glass still breaks but is essentially held in place by the film, kinda like a windshield cracks before it shatters. I’ve never thought about it being used for break-ins; I don’t know how easy it would be, with the appropriate sharp object, to cut through the film.

    • I know people who have purchased shatter-proof glass instead of bars. I don’t know if it’s the same thing or not. And no one has tried to break into their windows in 30 years, so have no idea if it actually works.

      • Yeah that’s kind of the catch 22! You don’t really want to find out if it works or not…
        I was thinking of applying it to a small test piece of glass and seeing what happens if I try to break it.

  • Rant: RIP GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus.

  • Rant: Spring’s sort-of arrival has already started the bad behavior in my neighborhood. Some dude just peeing in the alley, not even trying to hide it.
    Rant: I have little veggies starting to grow, but will they survive the cold and/or snow???
    Rave: Plum trees are blooming! Forsythia is getting there!

  • Rave: 20% off everything at American Plant Nursery this weekend – I got mulch for my front yard and sugar snap peas & sweet peas for planting in the back. Also asparagus roots – something new to try growing in my garden.
    Second rave: Think I figured out why I’ve been gaining, not losing weight (change in meds – not sure why I didn’t make this connection sooner)
    Rant: The cold weather this time of year is depressing

  • Rant: To you girl bus waiter/rider. 16th and Crescent. A few times a week… I see you saunter out our building and step in front of everyone else waiting for the S line buses…this AM you attempted in front of a gentleman in a wheelchair…you then stand in front of the bus, refusing to move to back like the rest of us sorry jackasses. I dont know whats up with you…but we are going to discuss this soon in a kind and non-conforntational way.

    • Hopefully she’s oblivious instead of ridiculously self involved. Thanks on behalf of all public transit riders for saying something. Who steps in front of a person in a wheel chair?!?!

      • This happened to me once. There was a considerable group, maybe 10 to 15 of us, waiting to board the bus. We all step back for a man in a wheelchair, except one oblivious young woman with headphones on who steps right in front the man and onto the bus. The bus driver was so horrified at the woman’s behavior that after the man in the wheelchair boarded the bus he told the rest of us to get on through the back door, essentially giving us all who waited a free ride. Unfortunately, this moment was eclipsed by a woman who came running up to bus after we all had gotten on through the back door, realized what was going on, and started yelling at and arguing with the driver over why she had to pay the fare too. Then other people on the bus started yelling at her to sit down so that the bus could get moving. Gotta love the X2.

        • Wow – that is so rude! Although we don’t line up at my bus stop per se (16th and Park), those who have been waiting longer generally get on the bus first.

    • It looks like I may have already spoken to you via this blog, nevermind.

      • Sorry that was an addendum to my orginal post… this lady and I are still going to speak…this AM was my last straw. I am not the bus police, I know.

    • This is one of my favorite posts ever. I also ride the S buses and 95 percent of the people have good bus riding etiquette, but the 5 percent really rub me the wrong way and make it harder for everyone else. Good for you to say something to her!

  • Rave: I nailed my lunch time workout! Even though I had to tie my hair back with a resistance band because I forgot an elastic.
    Rave: birthday!
    Rave: I had a really good weekend, some lazy, some out, some being a real adult and prepping really well for the week ahead.
    Rant: this weather stinks, but it’s not bringing me down too much today.
    Rave: dinner with my sister tonight…if she can get her kiddos to bed.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: My parents are in their 70s, and age is starting to show (especially on my Mom… no fair for us women). She is taking it hard and can’t seem to let a conversation go by without mentioning her wrinkles, etc. When we were on vacation last week, my Dad and I were hanging out on a patio listening to music and napping. That pop song “Just the Way You Are” came on, and he muttered something to himself. I asked what he’d said, and he repeated, “I said I’d sing this to her every day, if I could sing worth a damn.” I can’t stop thinking about that moment, it was so amazing to me… especially coming from an old fashioned man without much emotion. <3

  • Small rant but I need a P-OPinion….Last week riding bus next to tourist mom and son. Mom is reading the free weekly newspaper. They get up as they approach their stop and son says (pointing to paper on seat), “You forgot this.” Mom replies that she is just going to leave it. I offer to throw it out for them, but before I realize it add “It is considered rude to leave your trash on the bus.” Mom says ‘oh I didn’t know’. I throw out the paper. is this 100% Rant: sanctimonious me or mixed 75% Rant and 25% Rave: Lesson for son (and mom) not to litter on the bus here?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Maybe she was leaving it for someone else to read. Now she knows not to leave stuff on the bus.

      • I have to admit that I appreciate people leaving the Metro Expresses on the bus, I don’t go anywhere near a distribution point but enjoy being able to catch up on my bus ride. But in general, people should realize that most public facilities are pack in/pack out.

    • Unfortunately I suspect most litter on D.C. buses and Metrorail trains comes from D.C. residents who ought to know better, but it sounds the OP was being polite and the whole thing went over well.
      I don’t understand the rationalization of leaving behind a free weekly paper “for someone else to read.” Not sure if I’m pickier than most Metrorail/Metrobus riders, but personally, I don’t like handling one of those when I don’t know where it’s been — I’d rather have my own fresh copy.

    • Are we voting? I’m voting for sanctimonious, but I’m worried you’ll correct me if I offend you.

  • justinbc

    Rant: UNC, sigh. I didn’t expect us to win that game yesterday anyway, but we sure as hell should have. Not only did they choke, but they got outcoached in the end. Oh well, on to next year’s recruiting!

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