Lia Cafe Brazil (former Sobe Cafe space) Now Open in Mt. Pleasant

3103 Mt. Pleasant St, NW

Thanks to @lisaeileenlewis for tweeting us the news on Saturday:

“Lia Cafe opened today in #mtpdc @ 3103 Mt. Pleasant St. NW! Brazilian food/drinks/treats.”

Lia Cafe’s website says:

“The idea behind Lia Café Brazil was to bring a taste of Brazilian culture to the Washington, D.C. metro area. Nestled in the heart of Mount Pleasant’s bustling collection of shops and restaurants, Lia Café Brazil is a wonderful place to relax, and enjoy the company of friends while partaking of robust Brazilian coffee and delicious Brazilian foods.

Need a quick break from the hectic pace of your busy life? Then come inside and immerse yourself in the calming ambience of a traditional Brazilian loja (the Portuguese word for “emporium”), a place where customers are regarded as guests, and shopkeepers are regarded as hosts. Or, if you prefer to be in the open air while catching your breath, we also have outdoor seating for your pleasure.”

Check out their menu here.

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  • As a Brazilian living 2 blocks away, I can’t express how happy I am with this.

  • I have been talking about opening a place just like this in Mt. P for a few years now, and never made it happen. So happy someone is doing this!

  • As a Mt. P resident, it always comes as quite a shock when I see that something new has opened on Mt. P Street. Which means this is only the second time I’ve been shocked since I moved to Mt. P 3.5 years ago. Now if only a few more places of questionable value would close down and open up some space for other new venues…

    • WIth all the development taking place in the city, it’s surprising that Mt Pleasant hasn’t seen much change.

    • Last exit, flying fish, beau Thai, each peach, eastern confederate, now lia Cafe. We’re getting there.

    • I’m so sick of hearing people complain about the retail on Mount Pleasant Street. There are so many other neighborhoods in DC that would kill for the thriving, diverse retail mix that Mt. P street has. Those businesses of “questionable value” wouldn’t be there if they didn’t have customers. Just because some stores don’t appeal to your particular needs doesn’t mean they’re not of value to someone else.

    • I lived in Mt. P from 2006-08 and it still looks the same as it did in 2006. Not much development, and the NIMBYs galore up there that keep dastardly things like live music and patios out of the area. I was glad to move – too quiet for my tastes.

  • I am eager to see what folks think of this place. I only live a few blocks away and am hopeful it will be great! The menu looks great….

  • As someone with an allergy, I LOVE that they included all the ingredients on their menu. I look forward to knowing what I can eat/avoid ahead of time. Thanks! 🙂

  • Anyone know the hours?

    • I stopped by today (Saturday), and they said they haven’t set official hours yet. Soon they will have an official opening, but until then it sounds like the hours may be a bit fluid. Today they expected to close at 6PM.

  • I wish they also served fresh fruit juices and smoothies like the typical suco bars in Rio. That would make this place complete, I think.

  • And, maybe, frozen Acai??

  • we went on sunday to check it out and were pretty impressed. simple but good sandwiches and fair prices. i think the standout part of the menu is the little Brazilian pastries like cheese bread, pastels, and something that was like an empanada (unfortunately i can’t remember the name!) those were absolutely delicious and unique to Mt.P. the owner said the menu will be expanded and that this weekend was just a soft opening, too. service was very friendly also. i love seeing new small businesses in Mt. P, and i certainly hope this one sticks around a while!

  • Damn! No feijoada! I was hoping they’d have it on the menu or at least make it once a week as a special like they do in Rio. Oh bem

  • No Acai or sucos ? I would think those would sell very well.

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