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  • This is down the street from me and I’ve never noticed what appears to be a two-tone paint job (although maybe its a shadow). Interested to see how the gut reno of the yellow apartment building next door turns out.

  • Possibly the original glass, but looks a bit too wavy; like they went for the 18th century look glass rather than the 19th / early 20th which would probably be more correct.

    BTW: If you ever need restoration glass, I heartily recommend Bendheim. The glass they sell is still hand-blown/made the old way in Germany, and they will cut a pane to size for you, and ship it. I used them when a transom cracked during the earthquake a few years ago. It’s quite expensive compared to modern plate glass, but the result is worth it aesthetically. They will even do template cuts for a price.

  • You caught them mid-paint job. I’ve seen a crew finishing it off throughout the week this week. Same colors just getting touched up.

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