From the Forum – Sun tunnels or sun tubes in row house? Free Air Tub, and Tenant Rights in Regard to Neighbor Construction

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Sun tunnels or sun tubes in row house?

“Has anyone installed sun tunnels or sun tubes to give more light on the first floor of a row house? If so, are there any companies you can recommend, and give an estimate of cost?”

Air tub – Free:

“I have this cool tub Bain ultra essencia 6838 that I want to give to one of your readers for free. The person has to be someone who appreciates contemporary renovation and is planning to do some work for their own place. This air tub retails for 7500, but I bought it for a little under that price. It had a little defect and leaked after the first use (pictured). I received a replacement tub and have been enjoying it ever since. My brief investigation indicates that there is a hole near one of the connections, and it could possibly be fixed easily by the right handyman and material. If one of your readers are looking to renovate a bathroom for their house and is interested in an air tub it could be theirs. I am not selling the tub and this is equivalent as putting it on the sidewalk for someone to take away, and whoever ends up taking it assumes all responsibility for fixing the leak problem before attempting to use it to prevent water damage to their house. I am so sad to let it go since it is an amazing, expensive tub, but I just don’t have the place to store it for my next bathroom renovation and or for potential next house, so instead of crowding my garage space I would like to see it grace someone else’s bathroom.

The air motor comes separate and I am planning in keeping it as a spare part for my existing tub, but if you offer me an attractive amount, I might just accept your offer for the motor (brand new) and the remote control assembly (brand new), as it could help me with the extra cost the leaked tub created. Attached are pictures to show you the possibilities with this tub.

Fully connected, it has air massage feature 10% – 100% intensity, Chromatherapy LED lights, heated headrest, and more.”

Tenant Rights in Regard to Neighbor Construction:

“I rent the basement of a Capitol Hill rowhouse, and I often work from home. I signed my lease in August 2013, which will run through Sept 30, 2014. In the fall, I learned my next door neighbors are planning to do a complete renovation and adding on 2,000 sq ft in the rear. They will not be able to live there, so they are moving out when construction starts in May or June.

I share a wall with this house, and to this point I can hear anything that happens just outside my doors, and sometimes I hear their toddler running across the house. Clearly, I’m worried about how bad the noise will get when this starts. I’m sure that will not be the only issue, but that’s my main concern at the moment.

Do I have any rights regarding terminating my lease if it gets bad enough? How much inconvenience and noise pollution should I expect to put up with? All of it through the end of my lease?

Further info that could potentially influence things: The house on the other side will go on the market any day now, and it has not been renovated in decades, if ever. Neighbors are speculating that it will also undergo renovation, but there aren’t known plans for this now.”

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  • I just like all the possible imaginings of what an “air tub” would be.

  • I’m very happy with the solar tubes I had installed in both bathrooms upstairs. Its nice to have natural light in otherwise closed in spaces and even gives enough of a glow to find your way around at night. We used the brand available from Home Depot in the narrower diameter. We added electric bulbs inside the tubes, which work well at night, but are a bit redundant with vanity lamps. The collector dome and mirror tube do an excellent job transmitting light, it is brightest when it is in direct sun, although it does reasonably well on cloudy days, and even when it is in shadow (neighbors roof is higher and casts a morning shadow). The refractor piece isn’t the most attractive piece but fine in a bathroom.
    We didn’t use them extended to a first floor, so I can only guess about that. It would require finding dead space in walls of closets to run them through upper floors and minimizing angles to reach appropriate spaces in your ceiling. If the structure lines up and the installation costs aren’t prohibitive, I’d recommend them. Maybe not worth the expense if you aren’t otherwise cutting up your walls, and ceilings as part of a bigger renovation.

  • Not sure how noise coming from next door has anything to do with your lease obligations to your landlord. The landlord has no control over the people making the noise, and the neighbors have the right to renovate, so long as they follow proper permitting and noise ordinances.

  • I considered sun tunnels at some point for a garage installation over my workbenches, but my contractor put me off it saying that they often omit a very glaring light so i went with standard skylights. I have thought about installing one over the staircase in my rowhouse, but recessed and behind a stained glass skylight to diffuse the light. I think I might do that since that area would be difficult to serve with a regular skylight as there is an attic bedroom just above.

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