Former M&S Grill space at 13th and F St, NW to become a Mastro’s Steakhouse

13th and F Street, NW

Back in June M&S Grill closed “For a Remodel” at the corner of the 13th and F St, NW near the National Press Building. Washington Business Journal reports on the replacement:

“We now have the answer to what will fill the shuttered M&S Grill restaurant space at the corner of 13th and F streets NW: Mastro’s, an upscale steakhouse and seafood restaurant new to the Washington region.”

Mastro’s website says:

“Mastro’s collection of sophisticated, classic Steakhouses and Ocean Club Seafood locations are recognized for their combination of world-class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, and live entertainment in an elegant yet energetic atmosphere. A truly unparalleled dining experience…”

Ed. Note the description does not continue it ends with a …

You can see their Chicago menu here.

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  • Why do so many restaurants say “closed for remodeling” and then ultimately they end up just closed, and sold? What is the purpose behind the “remodeling” charade? Just curious.

    • lovefifteen

      I’m not sure, but the weird thing was that M&S Grill had closed previously for another remodeling, but it actually did get remodeled. I was surprised they were closing for a second remodel so soon. That being said, it was a terrible place with lousy service and bad food. Glad to see it finally gone.

  • “Elegant yet energetic” = you can go deaf here but you have to wear pants.

  • justinbc

    Sweet, this is significantly closer to my office than the other 12 steakhouses nearby. When I want to go help kill myself faster, the last thing I want to do is have to walk further to do it.

  • A truly innovative menu. There has been a gaping hole in the DC dining scene for “Chef’s Cut” steaks – Mastro’s has not just one, but TWO options. We can all rest easier. I’m sure Little Serow and Rose’s Luxury will see a marked drop-off in their numbers once this place is up and running.

  • Great! Replace a steak place with a steak and seafood place! Wait – there’s Oceanaire on the next block! Wait – what’s going on with all the steak places?

    • justinbc

      95-96% of Americans eat meat, so there’s that.

    • lovefifteen

      I don’t understand why they’re putting another high-end restaurant here either. I work on this block, and there are a lot of high-end restaurants, steakhouses and seafood places in this area. They must have done some research and know what they’re doing, but it seems like a low-end restaurant could do really well here.

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