Bittersweet News – Adam Express Staying Open in Mt. Pleasant


“Dear PoPville,

I’m writing with an important update on Adam Express. Their buyer backed out after all the paperwork had been signed to sell the property. Because they have no buyer, they will no longer be closing on 3/29. They are open indefinitely until they can figure out what to do. They wanted this information disseminated as soon as possible because news of their closing has inundated them with more business than they can actually handle.”

Ed. Note: This is bittersweet news as I stopped by last week to take some photos and say good bye to the Baes – they seemed so happy to be retiring. While they will be deeply missed, I hope they find a new buyer soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bae


sign before the deal fell through

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  • I went and got my bibimbap fix last week, when I told Mrs. Bae I’d try to make it back once more before they closed she replied to try to come twice! I’m glad for our sake they are able to stay open for a while longer. The are really sweet and the food is delicious.

  • Aw, so conflicted because im glad theyre still hear but I hope they can move forward with closing the business soon now that theyre ready.

  • Too bad they lost their buyer, but all the extra business they’re getting in their final days should give them a nice big retirement bonus!

    • This whole thing is probably just viral marketing — they never had any intention of closing!

      (I’m obviously kidding, and thrilled that their final weeks are going to be among their most successful. What a great way to go out.)


  • I can only imagine how disappointing this must be for both of them, especially when they were so close to retirement. They’ve worked hard for many years and deserve to retire. I’ll be going back but I hope a buyer steps forward soon (and follows through)!

  • If the buyer backed out *after* the paperwork is signed, it’s still legally binding, no?

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