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  • Sweet. I hope they further investigate the cause of the numerous jagged red lines in Microsoft Word prior to printing their menus.

    • Nothing in that sign that would trigger the red lines – everything is spelled correctly!
      Might see a few green lines, but in this case I’m willing to give a pass to people who learned English well into adulthood and who run a cheap and entertaining spot for lunch or breakfast in a neighborhood that needs more of its kind.

  • I lived in the apartment above Harry and Emmy’s dinette maybe 10 years ago. Fantastic couple. They work long hours, know their customers (and their customers’ families) by name, and offer great prices on standard lunch diner food. They are parents to some wonderfully successful children. I really can’t say enough positive things about them. Please give them a try once they open back up again. Tell them their 2005 tenant Dan sent you. Ask them if their apartment is for rent. If it is, RENT IT.

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