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  • If they’re out writing tickets then I really don’t see the problem with this. I’d rather they park illegally than drive around the block for 30 minutes looking for a legal space. If they’re running errands then it’s wrong.

    • +1… the irony here is thick and syrupy… but practically speaking, if they are out ticketing and doing an enforcment job then who cares?

  • Post their license plate next time!

  • justinbc

    I see this constantly, but if I recall they are exempt from those signs.

  • Someone might want to look into DPW’s policy on this. I know that many mobile speed cameras are in illegal parking spots, most likely so they don’t take legal spots from drivers. Granted, that is MPD and not DPW, but DPW might have a similar policy.

  • If they are ticketing, I don’t care. The parking enforcement patrol double park on my really narrow street and make it really difficult for cars to pass, even though there are a few illegal spots they could use for a short time.

  • I don’t have a problem with this if, as jcm pointed out, they’re writing tickets and not running errands. They’re not blocking traffic, nor are they taking up neighborhood spots or parking in front of a hydrant or wheelchair ramp. Seems like an OK bending of the rules here.

  • It’s better than double-parking and blocking traffic flow, like dey do.

  • I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  • In Golden Triangle and other such hard-to-park dense city areas, parking enforcement operates on foot or on segways. Good on them.

    But, let’s be realistic. I’m not going to have DC neglect ticketing someone because there’s no legal parking space on the block for the 5-10 minutes they’ll be out of the car. Let them do their (thankless but absolutely necessary) job.

    I used to get a ton of tickets, and have had my vehicle towed a number of times–twice all the way to impound. I’m not a self-absorbed knucklehead anymore. I no longer flaunt parking laws and (voila!) no longer get tickets.

    Now the traffic cameras are another matter entirely…

  • They have a job to do. Their supervisor in the news clip feigning surprise is a joke. Parking enforcement enforcement is most needed in areas where parking is at a premium. The idea that a parking enforcement officer is going search for a legal parking spot and then walk several blocks to issue a single ticket that only takes 30 seconds to write is silly.

    Remember, parking enforcement officers are public servants. Citizens tend to see them as sadistic and worth less regard than animal control or sanitation. But they are fulfilling a useful role in the city.

    • houseintherear

      Yes, and most of them are hard working, nice people. There’s a woman who does the parking enforcement along the 1900+ blocks of 1st Street NW, and she is like a machine. I once rolled down my window to thank her for ticketing a car that had parking across the entrance to our street, and she replied, “I thought you were going to yell at me. That’s what most people do.” Must be a tough gig.

  • Wouldn’t you rather they park there than take up a legal spot which you could park in?

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