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  • The iPhone in hand– love that bit of detail.

  • Aniekan Udofia is an excellent local artist, who’s also a very nice guy.


  • justinbc

    Very cool, I need to hire him out for the side of my place!

  • Nothing says “welcome to our blighted, empty-lot checkered neighborhood” like a mural.

  • Overall I liked it, but I don’t get the big pencil in the top/middle.

    • I think it’s supposed to be the Washington Monument, without being the monument. The same way the bags are the flag, without actually being a flag.

    • The pencil is a recurring motif in Aniekan’s work. He had a whole art show around the idea of replacing weaponry in images with pencils (I presume the metaphor relates to the artist’s pencil being mightier than the sword, or any weapon).

      As a side note, I totally need to buy an Aniekan painting. The longer I procrastinate, the higher the prices get!

  • Looks like the subject of a movie: Capitol Hill Chihuahua!

  • Looks fine to me but I am getting a little tired of the same cartoony graffitti style all over town.

  • I drive past that quite a bit and I’m still trying to figure out why someone put a white, affluent, yuppie materialist on a wall that became exposed in the course of driving all the poor black people out of the neighborhood. Satire? Bait for boutique strip mall developers? Am I overthinking? At any rate, while I do like the art, she does not look like a likeable person.

    • I take it as satire. Curious as to who actually paid for the mural though.

    • I thought it was a light skinned black woman (I walk past it twice a day and if you look at her features closely they’re more AA).

      • justinbc

        I thought so too while biking past it (except for the overtly blonde hair).

      • She actually looks more than a little like an AA friend of mine, but even the Real Housewives of Atlanta can’t get hair that long and blonde. Kind of a Michael Jackson nose, which I guess reveals nothing. 😉

    • It was cute and funny 20 years ago in “Legally Blonde” but how it relates or is attractive now – Chihuahua in bag, rich blonde girl shopping with pink phone – dated motif.

      • justinbc

        This was still very much the norm last week while in Hollywood. Almost every young woman I saw driving a car had a little lap Chihuahua (or Pomeranian) hanging out the window.

      • Have you ever been to this neighborhood in DC called Georgetown? This sort of person is not hard to find there.

  • I was lucky enough to watch him draw and paint a piece which I bought after the show. He is very talented.

  • This reminds me of a similar piece under the bridge by Garfield park (in the skate park). I wonder if he did that too?

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