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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • mtpgal

    Rave: Two hour delay, woo hoo!

    • Rant: Contractors still have to get in their hours. No delay for me ๐Ÿ™

    • Aw, I’m with you MtP Gal. I might be old, but still young enough to get a little excitement out of a snowday, or one-quarter of a snowday. Mostly I’m pleased that I could let my kid sleep in. She’s a bear on Monday mornings. An adorable pint-sized bear, true, but pretty grouchy still. I do like to see her get her rest.

    • epric002

      i agree- enjoyed sleeping in a bit and think that the 2hr delay was prudent. it was pretty slippery until about 9 or so.

    • I too was happy about the two-hour delay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: I was warm and cozy during my commute thanks to new tights. They came just in time in the mail!
    Rant/rave: I have a ton of social engagements in the upcoming two weeks. It is great to see people and celebrate the holidays, but I’m feeling a bit of holiday season burnout already.
    Rant: Too much bourbon on Saturday night. I’m still in recovering.

  • Rave: Two hour delay!
    Rant: Effectively a one hour delay because I had a 9:30 meeting I had to be here for.
    Rave: I still got a little more sleep.
    Rave: Not only a Caps win, but a four goal showing against Lundqvist, even one on a penalty shot!
    Rave: Hot mulled cider.
    Rave: the new place is coming together quickly!
    Rant: I still have a ways to go, and I know UPS is going to “try” to deliver window coverings again, but fail in doing so. They didn’t even leave a post it the first time.

    • justinbc

      Be glad your UPS guy doesn’t just throw your package over your fence, regardless of what’s inside or what’s on the other side of your fence. We’ve learned to move all our potted plants away from it after having several crashed into by flying packages.

      • My fence is actually metal bars, so the other side is quite visible. I would love it if they could just slide the packages through, under, or gently over, but I assume they would just launch them like they do for you. Our buzzer system isn’t set up yet, which is just making this more annoying.

  • Rant: Kids charging their cell phones on house steps after school… Somebody’s gonna get hurt if they’re not careful. I walked out to find a kid sitting on my front steps just the other day charging his phone like he was at his own house.

    Rant: No snow day… boo hoo… Well I needed the money anyway.

    Rant: people I know asking me to go to their Church. I don’t mind so much going once in a while in general, but when I tell them that I’m a Buddhist, they act like they can convert me to Christianity. I’m very secure in my personal beliefs. It would be better if I could just be their friend without getting religion involved. Because I went to their church a few times, they’re trying to make me a member and I pretty much refuse to do communion every time, so I kind of stick out.

    Rave: New job is kind of cool, I just wish they didn’t have all these fires for me to put out on day 1.

    • gotryit

      wow, that’s bold. Is this an outlet on the front of your house? You can pretty easily put a cover on there with a little lock on it.

      • I have a ground fault plug on mine and they’re also on a switch that I can turn off. That generally doesn’t stop them from trying though, and they do it on neighbor’s houses as well.

        • gotryit

          That’s why I was thinking a visual lock… they wouldn’t even try. But then, they’d probably break the outlet just to get it open. Nevermind. That sucks.

  • rave: i had a great weekend decorating our tree, watching christmas movies, and relaxing in general.

    rant: i’ve been fighting a cold/cough since friday. luckily i don’t feel that bad, but am working from home today out of respect of my coworkers, no one wants to hear this.

  • Rave: Found my new favorite movie theater out in Courthouse. I remember when that one was old and gross, but now there are red leather recliners!!! Electric too – you just push a button and can lay all the way back. It is worth the drive/metro ride for such a great movie experience.
    Rave: Went to dinner at the new Iron Gate this weekend. Nice to see it back to its former glory.

  • Rant: Selfies

    Rave: Elfies

  • Potential Rave/Rant depending on the answer: Does anyone know when Right Proper is officially opening?

  • justinbc

    Rave: Advance screening of the new Hobbit movie tonight.
    Rave: FSU BCS title bound, got my front row ticket!
    Rant: Giving up the one touchdown to Duke in the last 2 minutes, I wanted them to get shut out so badly.
    Rant: I feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds just trying to decide where I’ll be eating for a week in LA.

    • tonyr

      There’s this place http://drjsvibrantcafe.com – we ate there when we went to the FYF Fest earlier this year. They promise – no sugar, dairy, wheat, yeast, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and chemicals. Chemical free food – amazing. I went to see “Detroit” at Wooly Mammoth a while back and they had a sign that informed the audience that there would be “chemical-free water vapor” used during the performance. Who said that America is dumbing down?

      • The joke is on them. That water has high levels of dihydrogen monoxide in it. I recommend a diet that cuts that out completely.

  • Advice, please! I want to get my brother some kind of cured meat product for Christmas (it’s all he ever wants)— saucisson, preferably, or something else that can go a few days at room temp. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’d like to avoid defaulting on my mortgage, so Three Little Pigs is likely out. Online is fine.

  • RANT: I hate it when people say “I’m from (insert any cold weather city here) and this is nothing. I am used to much worse than this.” The news stattions always find a way to interview these people when they are doing a story on a DC winter storm.

    • pablo .raw

      Yep, I heard that this morning: “I’m from Chicago….”

    • As someone from the Midwest, I can say yes, the Midwest is more prepared for snowy weather and the drivers are generally more acclimated to those weather conditions. However, it’s tough out here when you have drivers who don’t know how to handle snow AND cities that don’t have the resources to prepare for and excuse proper snow and ice management. So it’s not like the conditions are the same in all places.

    • Sorry this drives you nuts. However, the panic that sets in here every.single.winter is mindle boggling.

      Oh, and I’m from New England. I REALLY know about bad weather ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Great for you. Now are you willing to pay more taxes in order for our fair city to be just as prepared as New England, Upstate NY, the UP, [insert snowbound georgraphic hell-hole] for the occasional snow or ice storm? If not, please STFU.

      • Yeah, I’m from northern Ohio. Most of us have evolved treads on the bottoms of our feet, so we are immune to a half-inch of solid ice on our front steps.
        Or maybe that was a codeine-induced dream I had after I dropped my northern ass down six icy steps last winter…

    • i would love them to interview someone from Egypt, or Florida or Nicaragua about driving in a DC wintery mix.
      we’re a crazy cosmopolitan area, and lots of people here don’t have much experience driving in bad weather.

      also, locals here have a long tradition of having far too few grocery stores available, thus the raiding of perishables at the supermarket.

      thankfully our access to stores has gotten way better.

    • +10,000
      I hate these people. No one cares about the snowy wasteland from which you came. Hence why you left that place and came to DC.
      And yeah, if it snowed for 6 months of the year here in DC, we’d be able to handle it much better too. But we live in a very temperate area and it doesn’t make sense for us to plow 100’s of millions of taxpayer dollars into upgraded snow removal infrastructure to be used only once or twice per year (if that). The ROI just doesn’t make fiscal sense. In addition to drivers not owning snow tires, different road building techniques to better handle snow, etc etc etc.

      • gotryit

        It’s not the plowing / salting that I have a problem with – DC did a great job yesterday / today. It’s the people driving who can’t handle it. So how about stop whining about not being able to drive on wet (not even icy) roads, or at least put down your blackberry OR coffee.
        I drove on the roads this morning around 7:30am, and it wasn’t a big deal. DC government did great. But the amount of moaning and whining is just stupid. No need for more money, infrastructure, or snow tires. Just calm down.
        Oh, and thanks for not naming this storm after the end of the world.

      • In the name of civility and class, could we please stop with the “STFU”? This and a post above use this awful acronym, and I find it rude, crude, and mean. I thought PoP was going for a more civilized tone here. Respect people online as you do in real life (or as you hopefully do in real life).

      • Honestly, I don’t think DC’s snow removal infrastructure is the problem. It’s that we have so many people commuting in from the suburbs, where transit infrastructure has not kept pace with population growth. Most VA and MD residents need to drive for at least part of their commute, and even on a good day a couple accidents can seriously screw up traffic. Throw in slippery conditions and you have a potential disaster on your hands. I was stuck on 395 for 8 hours during the traffic fiasco in early 2011. When traffic’s gridlocked bumper to bumper it’s impossible to get snow plows, tow trucks, and other emergency vehicles down there.

    • It’s all relative — people from any place that gets more snow always seem to scoff at how cities that get less snow handle it.
      When I was in college in Atlanta, a friend from the D.C. area would always remark on how much better prepared D.C. was than Atlanta when it came to snow.

      • I went to college in Atlanta, too. Originally from Milwaukee. D.C. does fare much, much better than Atlanta in terms of preparedness. Where did you go to school?

    • I’m from Connecticut and sometimes I internally wax poetic about my abilities to drive in the snow. But these days, I prefer to keep my blood pressure down, my mind at ease, and my snark meter in check, so I leave the car parked whenever the weather is bad.

      Now if I could somehow lower my overwhelming RAGE over people who drive around having only cleaned their front and back windshields.

  • Rant: Trouble with my parents. I’ve had to create some distance my mother (for my own mental and emotional wellbeing), and neither she nor my dad seem to understand my situation. Dad is sympathetic to a point, but ultimately, he has to live with my mother and will support her rather than me.
    Rave: I will never have children and subject them to needy, smothering control.

    • You want to share the issue to subject it to the “PoP (Mostly) Anonymous Commentariat Test of Validity”, especially to those of us who are parents?

  • Rave: Made it over to All Souls for their first night open, met Dave, one of the owners, drank lots and tipped well. A nice place — felt immediately comfortable — and a good guy.

    • Sweet. I keep walking past there trying to determine if it’s open/when it will open. Now I can stop looking and start drinking.

    • was it crowded? I felt bad that their first night had sort of crappy weather and i felt like a lot of people were staying in. I want them to do well! (and i need to find a place to go to instead of boundary stone, since their jerkface owner is against minimum wage).

      • he’s not against the minimum wage.

        • And that “jerkface owner” is creating jobs and income for other people, who choose to work there. Are you providing people with income?

          • Ahh, false binaries.
            Regardless of the merits of the arguments for/against the Boundary Stone owner’s stance, it’s pretty reductive to say that unless you’re a restaurant proprietor/store owner/etc., you have no right to have an opinion on how restaurant proprietors/store owners/etc. run their businesses.
            It’s up there with “If you don’t like [aspect of D.C.], move to Reston.”

          • yes, i’m providing people with employment and salaries (all living wages). and i’ve spent years working in FSE’s working for less than a living wage so understand it’s a complicated issue. i still disagree with jerkface owner’s stance on this one.

      • It was pretty empty when we were there, I trust that it filled up a little later on.

        • tonyr

          I’ll stop by tomorrow on my way to see the Hives @ 9:30. It’s good to have somewhere to break the long journey from N ST to V ST.

  • Rave: Bus driver who let me on the bus even though it was already packed. Next one didn’t come for 15 mins.
    Rave: 2 hour delay even if I was still doing work at least I was laying in my bed while doing so.

  • epric002

    rave: snow!
    rant: ice.
    rave: more snow tomorrow???
    really?!: house on quincy NW listed on saturday with open house on sunday. walk over on sunday and it’s already under contract. was priced reasonably, so i’m really curious what it will sell for.

    • by priced reasonably do you mean way underpriced?

    • I put in an offer on that house and didn’t get it, but it looks like it went for $629k. We won’t know for sure until it closes, but I would guess that that includes a seller subsidy. I’m almost positive that the winning offer was from the person that was able to get a pre-inspection done on Saturday, a day after the house went on the market. I’m guessing they had advance notice of the sale. If not, I’d really love to know how they got an inspector out on a Saturday with only a day’s warning.

    • epric002

      i don’t know- never got to see the inside since the open house was canceled. was it really listed on friday? it didn’t show up in my redfin searches until saturday…

  • Rave: Naughty snowball was nuts
    Rant: Taxicab driver who stopped his car on ny ave, shut the car off, and got out as if we had done something wrong. Still confused about this situation

    • RANT: Ugh, wish I heard about Naughty Snowball sooner! Sold out! Pics looked amazing ๐Ÿ™
      RAVE: Santanarchy is this Saturday and will get my holiday party-on with my GF and some other friends!
      RAVE: Saturday night. Wow, that really happened?!? Totally crazy, expected night. Santa managed to fit three people in a full size bed, lol.

  • Rant: Ethically challenged Jim Graham just announced he is running again.

    Rave: Finally a chance to vote him out of office!

    Rant: I don’t recognize the sames of anyone running against him.

    • Graham isn’t going anywhere.

      • I dunno about that — the competition seems more serious than before. Or maybe it’s that the ethics issue makes him a weaker candidate than before.
        It would’ve been better if he’d just decided not to run, though.

        • I think the amount of competition is the problem. They’ll split the vote, and he’ll cruise to another re-election.

          • Hmm, that’s a good point. I guess we’ll have to hope that they can see reason and unite behind the most promising candidate.

          • All the new residents of Columbia Heights and Logan need to get behind one challenger. Jim “I turned down the bribe but didn’t report it” Graham needs to go.

        • Hi, Anonymous at 1:03, why only all the new residents? Why not the old residents? Why not people who care about the city? When you create a false distinction between new residents and old residents, you create more crap for all of us who live here. Some new residents like Graham and sold old residents probably hate him.

          And fyi, if you ask a lot of people in DC, Graham was elected by the “new” residents when he first ran. Everyone should do research and find the candidate they like but can we stop this new resident v old residents crap?

  • Rant: Sick : (
    Rave: Day off today (I took it awhile ago)

    Question: Anyone know when Chipotle on 14th Street is opening?

  • Rave: I’m no longer jonesing for Doc Martens.
    Rant: I now own a suede eraser. There’s a reason that the milkshake suede ones were on sale.
    Hyper-Rant: Rand Paul. And his view that extending unemployment benefits would be a “disservice to unemployed workers”. And their families. Not that I believed the hype, but whatever happened to “compassionate conservatism”?

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: like Christmas music in every store was not enough, someone decided that it was great to have it at the office
    Rave: I’m going to do some work out of the office later today.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend decorating my Christmas tree, playing Christmas carols, and going to holiday parties. And I really appreciated the extra sleep this morning.
    Rant: Flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for work and worried about my flight getting cancelled.

  • Can you guys help me out? I’ve heard of a sort of switch box for two computers, where you can have them both connected to one monitor and use it to flip back and forth between the computers themselves. I’ll be using one Mac and one PC. Does anyone know what this switcher thingie is called, and have any advice for buying/ using it?

    • it’s call a KVM switch. they’re reasonably priced these days. thing you have to figure out what all you want to share between the two (I assume at least keyboard, video, mouse) and what of inputs/outputs they all use (USB? HDMI? DVI?) and press “purchase” at newegg.com.

    • Assuming your monitor has both VGA and DVI/HDMI connections, you could hook up both computers to the same monitor (one by VGA and one by DVI) and then just switch inputs on your monitor.

  • Rant: GW hospital. Look, if must take over 5 hours to get a 20-minute MRI done that’s fine. But don’t lie to me by saying repeatedly it’s only going to be another 10 minutes of waiting. My entire Saturday was lost and I had to cancel several plans while I sat in that horrible waiting room.

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