DGS – Celebrating Jewish Christmas with a Chinese Banquet on Christmas Eve

1317 Connecticut Avenue, NW


From a press release:

“Per the Jewish tradition, DGS will be serving a Chinese banquet on Christmas (Eve).

Like good Jews, the DGS team grew up eating Christmas dinner (and every other Sunday dinner) at our local Chinese restaurant. Chef Barry Koslow frequented Peking Gourmet in Falls Church. Barry’s family visited the restaurant so often that they developed a friendship with the owners (and eventually did business together), ordered off the menu (Uncle Charlie’s hot peppers were a must at every dinner) and the maestro, Mr. Wu always carved their duck (he was the restaurant’s top slicer for decades). The restaurant has now become a regular meeting place for the team at DGS.

In this spirit, DGS will be hosting a Chinese banquet on Christmas Eve (12/24 from 5pm-9:30pm). The menu mixes classic delicatessen ingredients with Cantonese Chinese food. Here’s the menu

1st Course
Reuben Egg Roll with Spicy Russian Dipping Sauce and Egg Drop Matzo Ball Soup

Tsing Tao

Second Course
Kung Pao Chicken Livers with Celery and Cashews and Pastrami Lo Mein

Tramin-Gewurtztraminer, Alto Adige Italy 2011

Third Course
Confit “Peking” Duck with Traditional Garnishes and Kasha Fried Rice

Massi-Morellino Di Scansano, Sangiovese 2009

The Three Course Chinese menu is available for $37. Beverage pairings are an additional $18. Reservations can be made online at dgsdelicatessen.com or by calling 202.293.4400.”

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  • Wow! Egg drop Matzo ball soup and Kasha fried rice could be my idea of heaven!

  • Wow, DGS on christmas eve, and I’ve heard Star and Shamrock on H street NE is continuing their tradition of xmas mitzvah with nontraditional chinese/deli food and drinks with classic, and not so classy xmas flicks starting around 11:30 am on December 25th for the 3rd or 4th, maybe 5th year, looks like my “holidays” are planned out, yummy and delirious! L’Chaim, Ganbei aka Cheers!

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