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  • Lawyers: on you mark, get ready, RUN!
    You even have the address. Does it get any easier?

  • austindc

    Damn ents and their moots.

  • I would be super pist

  • I saw the headline and experienced a rush of dread-adrenaline before scrolling down and seeing the picture. Not my house. Not this time.

  • I really feel for the owners. I am sure they were having the tree cut down to prevent it from falling on their house. Best laid plans…….

  • if a Tree Falls on House while Getting Cut Down… does it make it sound?

  • Caption contest photo!

  • Licensed tree service or one of those guys driving around who stops you in your yard to say, “That tree looks dangerous, could fall at any time. My crew will take care of it for you for $300. Permit? Nah, you don’t need a permit. The city is happy that you are taking down a potential danger. Do it all the time!”

  • This — Is why when you hire a private company to cut down a tree near your house, you make sure they have $1,000,000 in insurance.

  • Hello, Prudential?

  • long story with that tree. I should have filmed them the time they
    to pull it over into the street with a truck and put Benny Hill music to it.
    the funny thing is half of the tree had already fallen the other way on to the neighbors house about a year ago.
    this is one dangerous tree don’t taunt it it will mess you up.
    remember kids if your neighbors tree falls on your house you are responsible not them. that reminds me we have a tree growing way over our house I need to call an arborist.

  • Looking at the pictures again I’m surprised the roof didn’t cave in with what looks to be nine guys and a huge tree branch on it.
    good thinking to all get up there and inspect the damage, anything might happen.

  • the one guy pointing as if to say “there’s your problem”.

  • This was on the news tonight. One of the guys working on that tree was pretty badly hurt, and they had a hard time hoisting him down. That’s why DCFD is there.

  • I told you that tree was crazy.

  • A tree worker was trying to cut down the trunk in sections when the rotting trunk snapped and crashed down on the roof with him on it. He was seriously injured. DC firefighters had a challenge to safely remove him from the roof without causing further injury. The packaged him, put him in a secure basket known as a stokes, and hoisted him off the roof and to the ground using a ladder truck aerial ladder and ropes. The training and dedication of DC’s firefighters was clearly shown in this delicate operation. By the way, I shot the video you may have seen on WRC 4.

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