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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • gotryit

    Rant: People putting up christmas decorations in our general area already! I have a very small amount of tolerance for christmas “cheer” and I save that for my wife / family. Too many commercials, sales, music playing waay too early.
    Rant: If I seem grumpy about christmas decorations, don’t try to cheer me up by pushing more in my face. I get it, I’m a grinch – I don’t like christmas, and I’m fine with that. Now go away.
    I’ve heard of Seasonal Affected Disorder – is there a Christmas Affected Disorder?

    • Went out to dinner last night and the waitress told me to have a merry christmas when she brought the check. I thought about not giving her a tip.

      • Wow. That is the worst thing I’ve heard all day. I’d have gone into an internal fit of rage and also contemplated non-tipping.

        • Wow. I really hope that you and Anon above weren’t serious about contemplating non-tipping because you may have been told to have a merry Christmas. Believe me, I can’t stand the Christmas season and have plenty reasons other than the commercialization of the holiday to not like it, but there’s no need to dog on someone just trying to be friendly, albeit a month early.

          • I’m not saying I wouldn’t have tipped her (and I’m generally very generous). I’m saying the thought would have crossed my mind. Thinking about something does not equal doing it.

        • skj84

          Wow. Really? She was being nice. No reason to act like an ass. Plus some places may require staff to say things like Merry Christmas. You people need to chill out.

          • Thank you.

          • If she wants to be nice or is required to say things like that maybe a have a “happy thanksgiving”, which is next week, would do. Or maybe even a “Happy Hanukkah”, which is also next week. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone who does celebrate it wants to hear about it more than a month in advance.

          • “Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone who does celebrate it wants to hear about it more than a month in advance.”
            We’d all respect you more if you just admitted to being a cheap bastard.
            GTFO if you can’t tip your waitress, Mr. Pink.

    • I was just griping about that with my cabbie this morning. There are already Christmas wreaths on display downtown and it’s not even Thanksgiving!

    • If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch the “Mr. Senior” bit from last Saturday’s SNL. It is awesome. Just google “Mr. Senior SNL” and you’ll find the link to the video.

      • houseintherear

        That sketch was awesome this past episode! Thanks for the link.


        I found it especially funny because I have a neighbor that everyone calls “Mr. Junior.” (On the 100 block of V Street NW, maybe other PoP readers know him, too!)

    • I am so with you on this. The only years I haven’t detested everything about Christmas (except the parts that are like Thanksgiving – big dinner with family, etc.) were when I lived overseas, where it’s just not commercialized to the same extent.

    • Meh, I’m more annoyed by the tenancy for people in this area to leave their exterior Christmas lights and trees illuminated until early spring. Anyone else notice that?

    • Rant: People who get really upset at the whole Christmas coming early thing. I get it. It’s not Christmastime just yet. But why does it upset people so much? “Gar, twinkly lights make me so angry!! Eff you Xmas wreath!! Hulk Smash!!!! And that girl is wearing a green shirt–it might be Christmassy, so i hates it!!!!”

      • Because it’s incessant and unescapable. Because it dilutes the spirit of the holiday by spreading it out over many months, instead of making a couple weeks special. Because this is not a holiday we celebrate. Because this holiday and all of its trappings are now so tied up in shopping and consumerism. Any or all of the above, and others I missed.

        • How does someone else putting up red and green dilute the spirit of the holiday? (Obviously) I love Christmas, but I understand the stores are just trying to make a buck by putting up the decorations so early. Maybe not the best comparison, but gay marriage does not affect a hetero marriage (even if they are homophobic). So other people decking the halls early shouldn’t affect how special the season is (or isn’t) for you. I dunno, it just startles to me how agitated people get about Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving–people gotta lotta rules.

  • Revel1: Happy and sentimental thinking back to our son being born one year ago today.
    Revel2: Being married to the funniest person I know, austindc, winner of the caption contest of my heart. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Revel: PoP! I wanted to make it to hh last night but ended up working late. I’ve lived in the area for 10 years but only moved into the district in April (for love!). Adjusting to city living was kinda tough- but reading PoP and seeing houses and businesses that I recognize made me feel more connected to and comfortable in this city. Thanks, PoP!

  • Rave: Elvis Costello concert tonight!
    Rave/mini rant: Catching Fire is out this week! But I wont be seeing it until the week after next when everyone’s schedules align. Womp womp.
    Rave: With the Thanksgiving drama hopefully neutralized, I am starting to get excited about planning it.

  • Great party last night. Remind me to go home earlier next time.

  • Rant: Individuals cloaking their racism under the guise of disgust at crime in their neighborhood. While I’m not in favor of crime of any form, there is no reason to label a certain segment of the population that has lived here for generations as the other. Learn your history and realize that institutionalized racism is often the reason for some of these behaviors.
    Rave: It’s the weekend!

    • Nuance and blog comments don’t usually don’t go together.

    • How about this, when we are out walking together and we start heading to a group of teenagers you keep walking towards them and I’ll walk the other way. Sounds like a plan? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree with you. However, I will say that most people don’t have a problem with the race in question…they have a problem with the inner city, impoverished culture. And it’s just unfortunately predominately one race. Take that as what you will.

      • I agree. No one wants to live next door to drug dealers or herds of unruly, unsupervised teenagers- not even the folks who have been living in the neighborhood for years. I think many people living in DC have had experience with that “one house” on their block, or if you’ve lived in rougher neighborhoods multiple houses. Unfortunately, that experience can certainly lead to negativity, though not necessarily about the race in general, but about the low-income culture.

    • Your comment — so, so tired.

    • I think that a lot of people in general don’t understand institutionalized racism as a concept, much less the fallout (see: the entire Republican party/Teabaggers/etc.) I agree that it’s really disheartening to hear people continuing to present the same old tired stereotypes in every discussion as though they were fact.

      • I think it is ironic that you would use what is essentially a gay slur to describe a party that you are calling racist. The expression “teabagger” is the greatest example of hiding in plain site that there is.

        • I’m sorry, but I was unaware that it was a slur. I haven’t heard the term used to describe anything but the Tea Party.

          • That is why it is the greatest example of hiding in plain site. I remember when Anderson Cooper first used it on air, I think he was not quite sure he was going to get away with it. Then CNN embraced it. Even made it one of their words of the year. I think a lot of people are in on the joke but many are not. I think it was definitely intentional by the people that coined the expression.

          • I don’t think this is a joke hiding in plain sight, this is a case of giggling at a word that inadvertently sounds dirty but isn’t. For example, the word “fallacious” cracks me up every time I hear it, but it’s really rare that the user intended it as a double entendre. I’m just being juvenile.

        • Gulp. I lead a sheltered life. Just googled “teabagger”…..

        • This is a word with dual meanings, though, rather than a hidden meaning. Given the number of fairly sophisticated urbanites living in the country’s gayest city who just consulted urban dictionary, I don’t think this is widely used as a gay slur in the current political context.

          • I don’t think everyone uses it that way but I do think that is how it started. I am not attributing that intent to the OP or those that innocently use it. I would wager that 95% of my male friends know the expression. As a rhetorical device it is brilliant actually. My second favorite thing to the Santorum google bomb.

          • gotryit

            I know/knew what teabagging was, but understood it to be a stupid college prank done to someone who is passed out drunk. I’ve never heard it used as a slur.

          • I agree with gotryit – I first heard the term at least 20 years ago and I literally have never heard it used as a slur (gay or otherwise).

          • To clarify, I don’t think it is commonly considered a slur, it merely describes a certain act. With respect to the Tea Party and the traditional opposition to expanding equality rights for homosexuals and so on, I think it is being used as a slur against them.

        • Actually, that’s a little bit of revisionist history. Members of the Tea Party themselves used the term tea bagger for a while until someone told them what it meant. Even the conservative National Review has written articles saying that the term was coined by the Tea Party Movement themselves.

          • Must have been Michele Bachman’s husband that thought of it.

          • I was about to make a similar comment. In the early days, tea partiers said they were going to send tea bags to politicians to make they point that they were “taxed enough already.” They called themselves tea baggers.

        • I’m gay and I don’t consider that a gay slur.

      • Wow- and with one broad sweep, you classify people who may favor limited government, a stronger defense, or pro-life policies as “racist.” There’s got to be an “ism” for “blahblahblah.” And we all know there are no racists in the Democrat party. ha! Take a walk outside your bubble.

        • If they support the GOP and/or Tea Party, they are giving support and validation to racist, sexist, homophobic policies. Whether they themselves are bigots, I can’t say. But voting for those parties indicates that they have no problem supporting people whose policies are bigoted.

          And I would happily take a walk outside my bubble if I thought I would be less distressed by what I found there.

        • Thank you.

        • Hahahaha – Limited Government and Stronger Defense – you don’t even see the irony in that statement do you? You don’t want limited government, you want a big government to focus on stuff you think is important – regulating women’s health care, building build defense contractors but not helping out the poor or regulating corporations. Whether these stances are racist or not can be debated but whether or not they are contradictory seems obvious.

          • Yes, so true.

          • Colhi, I don’t think you get the concept of an umbrella party. There is no irony whatsoever when there are different kinds of people with different ideas in each party (Government 101). Plus, you can favor limiting non-essential parts of government while favoring a strong defense (something that is inherently a governmental job and obligation- no debate about that). But more to the point and off the undergrad lecture, just because some people want a strong military, or other people are pro-life, or still others are in favor of cutting gov’t out of their lives- this has nothing to do with being racist. The OP of this threat suggested “the entire Republican party” was in fact racist. Silly statement that needed to be called out.

          • Thanks, Anon at 12:47 for the lecture. But the reality is that parties have statements of principles called platforms. They vote on them at conventions. And thus, when you identify as a part of a party, people rightfully assume that you believe what the party believes. This is called the principles of group association.

            And sorry but just stating something is not up for debate, doesn’t mean that its not. Of course it’s the government’s job to defend the country but HOW you do it is up for debate. So is what is an essential job of government. I believe it is essential for the government to provide free education and protection for the disabled, children and the elderly. How we do that is, of course, debatable in a democracy.

            As for the racist part, I think I pretty much covered that here:
            “Whether these stances are racist or not can be debated but whether or not they are contradictory seems obvious.”

        • I agree with you, “anonymous” @ 11:21am. I find it so disheartening to see people seemingly everywhere in this city who define themselves as Democrat and/or Liberal and who completely disregard the practices that they preach. If you want the Republican Party to be tolerant of your viewpoints, be tolerant of theirs. You do not need to agree with them, but that isn’t what acceptance and love is about. I can’t take the stereotypes from both sides anymore!

          • Waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m so oppressed living in urban DC!
            I hear some rectangular flyover states are nice at this time of year and will welcome you with open arms.
            All Republicans here in DC are in it for the money and power. The “ideals” portion of what they spew is all bullshit for the rubes at home. Every single one of my Republican friends has admitted it to me.

        • I agree with you, “anonymous” @ 11:21am. I find it so disheartening to see people seemingly everywhere in this city who define themselves as Democrat and/or Liberal and who completely disregard the practices that they preach. If you want the Republican Party to be tolerant of your viewpoints, be tolerant of theirs. You do not need to agree with them, but that isn’t what acceptance and love is about. I can’t take the stereotypes from both sides anymore!

          • epric002

            how does one tolerate personal and individual intolerance? for example, how are GLBT people supposed to respect the view that they should not be allowed to marry? that employers should be permitted to fire them for being homosexual? that they cannot adopt children?

    • Related Rant: People who fail to recognize that if they’re not part of the “solution “, they may indeed be part of the “problem”. No, being born on third base doesn’t mean you hit a triple. Yeah, these are platitudes, but it really does take a village — so how about if those of us who were born into or who have attained cushier, safer “villages” actively involve ourselves with our neighbors who lack the consistent, positive supports it takes to nurture good citizens.

      • I love your baseball analogy. I am going to steal it.

      • Thank you Blah & Curious T. If we had more enlightened individuals such as yourselves in DC, I think that some of this mindset could be changed and it will take a village. It is disheartening to continue to hear/read this trope and the us vs them. There is no us vs them, but all of us. I am not against gentrification in neighborhoods, however, my eyes are completely open to the fact that for individuals that can’t afford the gourmet vegan, gluten-free cupcake shop or the specialty pet store are angry that they are being priced out of what they know as home, etc. and can’t do anything about it but watch it happen over and over with nothing funneling back to their community. I am afraid that this only makes this racial and class system worse.

  • Rant: static buildup/wrinkles on my clothes when I air-dry them. any tips for reducing wrinkles and static buildup?
    Rave: clothes lasting longer, also Charlize Theron. Rave for her.

    • Um, don’t air dry them? Heat from the dryer – and hanging things up or folding them immediately and/or heat from ironing deals with the wrinkles. What types of fabric are you talking about? And is there a reason you’re air-drying? I’m not being snarky — just don’t know if my suggestions are in opposition to your goals.

      • Clothes last longer when air-dried, especially those with elastics in them. Cotton, also the synthetic-material gym shorts. It also helps keep the condo humidified to a slightly larger than non-negligible degree.

        • YES! Having sold lingerie this is a big thing for me. I never put underwear, bras, sports bras, running tights, or other high stretch content items in the dryer (except for bedbug treatment and now the elastic straps of the 2 bras I left out are shot, they went through the dryer four times.).
          I think it’s important to get the clothes out of the washer pretty quickly after it stops. The longer they sit there the more the wrinkles set. To make this more efficient I separate my dryable and non-dryable clothes before I wash them and I put all of them in sweater or lingerie bags. That means no pulling wet, tangled clothes apart and potentially missing some.

  • epric002

    rant: i’m still cranky. i think i’m begrudging my husband his annual 7+ day guys trip. he gets waaaaay more leave from his job than i do, so even if i had a free place to go i couldn’t. not to mention i’m doing all the household stuff while he’s gone. when he calls to check in i don’t even want to hear about what a great time he’s having while i’m stuck at home working and other mundane everyday shit.
    rant: i feel guilty about feeling like this.
    rant: i’m struggling to muster the energy to do anything other than the bare minimum.
    rant: i have too many rants.

    • What household stuff do you need to do while he’s gone? I’d say you shouldn’t do any of it while he’s away. A fair compromise is for the two of you to clean everything right before he leaves. And then any mess that occurs while you’re home for the week is your responsibility.
      Don’t introduce resentment into your marriage. It really takes a toll and builds up over time.

      • epric002

        just the usual stuff- cooking, dishes, dog walking, laundry, etc. i don’t know why it’s feeling so burdensome, but it is.

        • If it’s not money but time that’s the issue, why don’t you give yourself a mini-vacation while he’s gone and hire a dogwalker, order out every night, and hold the laundry til he gets back?

        • When my wife used to travel, I’d gorge on foods she didn’t like, watch movies she wouldn’t like and hang out with friends she only tolerated. When she came back, I’d have it all out of my system and be ready to pull together a romantic reunion. Now that I think about it, it was probably better than her staying home all the time. (Also, since he’s going away for fun, you get to spend a silly but not damaging amount on a treat. Shoes or, if you want to hide the evidence, a $75 bottle of Burgundy that you drink yourself).

    • Are there ways he can help you have a little break, even though you can’t take your own vacation? Like maybe doing more housework when he gets back so you get some extra time to read or veg out. Since his vacation creates more work for you, I’d argue that him helping you out a little more for a week or so is a potential compromise.

      • epric002

        i’ll have to think about that. i’m wondering if something else is contributing to my crankiness and i’m using this as an excuse…but for now it’s what i got.

        • I think it’s legitimate. Marriage is a partnership. He’s taking an entire WEEK off which means more work for you, right? Sine you have to do all the stuff that he would normally do? That’s why it’s feeling burdensome. If he cares about your happiness, he should want to make it up to you. Don’t dismiss your feelings so quickly.

        • Also, make sure he knows how you feel about this. I notice that you’re quick to explain away your resentment: saying it’s just crankiness, or an excuse for something else. If my SO was unhappy, no matter the reason, I would want to know so that we could work together to restore harmony in the relationship. Holding in resentment helps no one and is harmful in the long term.

    • A recreational 7+ day guy trip when you can’t go away and have a similar experience? I would not do that to my wife…

      • epric002

        genuinely curious- what would you do with all the extra leave that you earn then?

        • I agree with AWH. I have way more leave than my wife, and I do a guys’ weekend every year (as does she with the gals). If I have extra leave to use I have no problem filling up that time without leaving my house, let alone town. Between my hobbies and list of stuff I’ve been meaning to get around to I could probably fill months of vacation time and ber there for my lady too.

        • The original AWH here!

          I’d use it for exercise, doing stuff around the house and picking up my kids early from school. I would not be happy in a marriage where my spouse exploited and enjoyed great advantages over me in free time, money, travel, etc. Therefore, I would not want to do the same to her. Willingly accepting sacrifice in order to share the good and bad is what makes marriage work. Itโ€™s sometimes difficult, but ultimately worth it. Sorry to sound preachy…

          • You other women’s husbands are making me a little weepy. That’s the kind of marriage I thought I was getting into. Good job sticking to the game plan, fellas. I hope your wives appreciate it.

      • I don’t know. People need to have down time, even from their relationships. I usually try to do a weekend or two with buddies every year.

        • Agreed. I need time for myself and my own stuff. Honestly, the responsibilities “shouldered” by the OP sound pretty minimal. If there were kids at home, I’d totally understand. But walking a dog and cleaning up after herself? That’s it? Um, no.
          I’d never be in a relationship where I would get shit for using my excess leave in a way that I wanted. Especially if it wasn’t causing a financial stress. This sounds like a case of sour grapes.

      • My ex-GF had tons of leave and got paid more than me. She had a boring, unfulfilling job, but it afforded her a cushier lifestyle. I had a stressful job at a start-up political consulting firm (that didn’t offer me a ton of PTO or money), but the work was endlessly fascinating and I had a ton of responsibility from Day 1.
        I ended up growing to resent and became jealous of my ex-GF’s lifestyle. Though honestly, could you blame her? She had the time and money to travel a lot and see her friends scattered throughout the U.S. I’d do the same, if I were in her shoes (which I am now – lots of time off and good money to do what I want).
        I guess my point is that your feelings are natural, so don’t beat yourself up about that. But at the same time, I think your husband shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. He’s a good guy and he works hard for that PTO. So perhaps focus on getting a job with similar benefits so you can join him in the future?

    • Is there any chance you might be depressed? Having no energy is a pretty classic sign. At any rate, try to get a little break yourself, even if it’s just your husband picking up the slack for a few weekends so that you can get some downtime.

      • epric002

        i was wondering that- i’ve dealt with it in the past- but this is different for some reason. certainly something to be aware of though. i was actually looking forward to some alone time (hello, introvert here) so i’m a little baffled as to why i’m feeling this way.

        • I’m sorry, that’s really hard. Well, at least you can let your husband know to monitor the situation while you figure out what’s going on. Another pair of eyes is always helpful. I hope that things calm down for you soon!

        • I agree that this sounds like depression. There just aren’t that many chores accumulating in a week that should leave you feeling overwhelmed, but with depression that’s one of the first things to happen.
          Also, do you think you’d feel the same way if your husband spent this week visiting his parents or on a service volunteer trip, or is it that he’s with the guys? That might also provide some insight into what is really bothering you about this.

          • epric002

            it’s definitely not that it’s a guys’ trip. it’s that i was looking forward to having some down time and yet it seems like all of my time is spent walking the dogs, at work, and then feeling guilty for not mustering the energy to do any of the other usual stuff. i think part of it is seasonal. the morning and evening darkness is certainly not helping.

    • I guess you could turn this around and realize how much he does do when he’s around and focus on that part of the relationship.

    • epric002

      thanks for the input popville. i feel a little better just having admitted what is bothering me and having it validated/legitimized (which is probably in itself another issue. oy). i appreciate everyone’s suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The first question that comes to my mind is “if he has so much time off, why are you the one doing housework?”

      • Actually, it sounds like he does a LOT of the housework usually, which is why she’s feeling so burdened by it during the week he’s gone.

        • epric002

          oy. i actually DO do most of the housework, b/c his job is more demanding than mine (he works long hours, but gets more leave; i have more flexibility, but get less leave) and he is also in grad school. he is fully aware that when he is done with grad school housework will be re-allocated. he just finished school for the year and went on his trip, so we haven’t had time to even out the housework while he’s on break from school. we will definitely be having that conversation when he gets back from this trip.

  • Rant: I accidentally didn’t tip a cab driver the other night and I feel bad about it. I haven’t taken a cab in months, so it was my first time in a cab with a credit card reader. When I got to my destination, he pulled out what looked like an iPad with the reader plugged in to the top. He seemed a bit confused about how to use it. He took my card and swiped it without handing me the iPad. I looked over his shoulder and saw options for a 15% tip, 20% tip, etc, so I assumed that one of those had already been selected and didn’t think twice about it, but I didn’t check my receipt until later when I saw it was the exact fare and no tip. I wanted to give him a good tip because he was genuinely friendly and it was a long ride, from Columbia Heights to H Street. I feel just awful, but there’s probably no way to track him down and give him the tip he deserves, is there?

    • Is there a cab number or other identifying information on the receipt? If so, maybe you could request the same driver for another trip, explain what happened and give a great tip.

    • Sounds like he did not use the can card reader. Tisk, tisk…

      • I had 2 cabs try pull this on me in the last week. I am SO ANNOYED. No, I do not want to let you swipe my credit card on your CELL PHONE.

        Thankfully, this was someone’s Ran before so here’s what I did in each situation: as soon as I flagged a cab, I opened the door and asked “Do you take credit cards? I do not have cash.” When they pulled out their phone with the Square on it (when they *had* a kiosk in the backseat), I got out and said I would get a different cab.

        I hope that the more people who do this will send a message.

        • Square is secure and the DC Taxi Cab Commission card readers rob the drivers of huge service fees. I wish they were allowed to use square and not the mandated system.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: PoP anniversary Party. It was great to see PoPville friends and make new friends.
    Rant: I think I talk too much when I’m drunk.

  • Rant: Who woulda thought volunteering on Thanksgiving would be so difficult? I can’t GIVE my time away because everyone is already booked up. Oh well, so much for good intentions… time to find an orphan’s dinner to attend I guess.
    Rave: Another early morning bike ride before work… really loving being back in the District.

    • DC Reynolds in Park View does a Thanksgiving party. That could be worth checking out.

    • I volunteered a couple years ago for the SOME Trot for Hunger 5k race. Not sure if they still need helpers or not but it’s worth a try. There are several other similar T-giving 5ks in the area that might need volunteers too. Or get some friends together to run/walk – you’re making a donation and getting out and sharing the day with folks all at the same time.

  • Rant: I misplaced a small box last fall that had my mother’s wedding ring and a pair of emerald earrings – I looked and looked and looked in closets, in random containers to no avail. Very sad about this, until ~
    Big Rave: Last night I found the box – tucked in a pair of boots. How in the world did they get there? House elves? In any case – I found the ring (most important) and earrings (also important) : )

    • I, too, often put things in “safe places”. I like the idea of assuming it’s those pesky house elves! Glad you found your treasures! And hope I find my extra set of keys!

      • Just ask yourself “where would Dobby hide my keys?” (did you check inside your boots?)

        • Not yet, but you’re right: that IS just the sort of Really Safe Place that Dobby might have thought was a Really Good Idea at some point! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’m trying to get through the backlog of extraneous stuff in my house cleaned out (those boxes that I haven’t opened since the last time I moved) and I’m finding so much stuff I haven’t seen in years. Suddenly I’m a lot more motivated to declutter. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for being a role model!

      • skj84

        Rave: Christmas. For some reason I’m super excited for Christmas year. Ready for music and decorations and parties and food. Ready to shop and decorate and generally spread cheer. I never hey this tIm overwhelm or upset me. U welcome the holidays with open arms. I really want to attend The Messiah sing a long at the Kennedy Center this year, go ice skating and see the zoolights. Plus Santaarchy!

  • Rant: Periodontist recommendations? Someone recommended one in another Rant/Revel but I forgot to bookmark it.
    Rave: Hanging out with my mom.

  • Rant: In the middle of packing hell.
    Rave: At least I’m making progress. Having too much stuff is a whole lot better than having not enough. I’m striving for ‘just enough.
    Rant/Rave: WHY do I own a riding helmet?

  • Rant: Bathroom renovation pushed back a few weeks – was hoping it would be finished by now.
    Rave-ish: More time to make decisions, revisit previous decisions.
    Question: I’m considering a bidet toilet seat (add-on to a regular toilet seat) — has anyone installed one?

  • Rant: thanksgiving travel. Crowded and expensive. Takes some of the celebratory enthusiasm out of the holiday.
    Rave/rant: it is incredibly quiet at work today. But no one I need to talk to is here so progress is slow.
    Rave: I can sleep in tomorrow!

  • Rant: Sewing with cats
    Rave: Oyster Riot tonight!!!! I’m going to eat 100 oysters.

    • Excellent! Good luck on your noble quest!

    • as a child, the first time i had an oyster i proclaimed that i was going to eat 100 of them. parents cut me off after ~ 15. i feel deprived to this day….
      where/how will you get your hands on 100 oysters?!? i’m jealous…..

      • Ha! The first time my brother had oysters (he was about four or five), it drew a crowd. My parents ordered two for him. Then two more. Then another two… He got to a dozen and my parents wanted to cut him off (over his loud complaints). Other diners were so entertained they offered to buy him more.

      • Oyster Riot is an annual extravaganza at Old Ebbitt grill. It’s all you can eat of over 40 different types of oysters, and all the wine & beer you want, plus an excellent band & dancing. It’s pricy – but actually a great bargain for what you get. Plus, if you’re a real oyster lover (which you HAVE to be) you will never find so many different kinds of oysters available to taste in one place. They still have some tickets on the website, but people also sell them last minute on Craigslist – sometimes for a bit less.


  • IHave resided in the Lincoln Westmoreland 2 complex now about 5 years , prior to my residency ,I lived in the House of Prayer with my now deceased grandmother. Contrary to popular belief we are not all unemployed ,most are underemployed working in the service industry (at the time you either got in to one of those good government jobs or you went in to some type of service job…I can appreciate the change but honestly we are systematical pushed out by the same non profit organization that 30 years wanted to help us can you honestly say we do not deserve the same treatment as others ,some of the units the one being rented to fair market payers are being renovated while we as section 8 voucher holders watch it another way of making us feel inferior and its a trickle down affect its not as bad as some would like to believe we love our Heritage and the history. And just because we may not make as much as the next man does not mean we are inferior, why did it take gentrification to rid the place of the negative presence ,we have been advocating for help for many years ,incarceration was a profit so they chose to ingnore until it was time to meet quotas as time progressed and the whole sustainable ,go green walk and stay Healthy and it would ultimate be cheaper for our newer technically advanced yuppies came to D.C then we actually saw things really change.

  • Rant: Saddened by the news this morning that Hoobastank frontman and founder, Kevin Hoobastank, has left the band.

    Rave: It’s FRIDAY!!!

  • Rave: new giant! Everyone there was so polite and falling over themselves to help me find stuff. I hope it lasts.
    Rant: no bike racks at the new giant. I hope they just haven’t gotten around to installing them. It’s on the 7th ave bike lane so it makes no sense not to have bike parking.

  • Rant: Winter. Ugh…
    Rant: Holidays and being forced to see family. Double ugh…
    Half-assed revel: At least Spring is only 4 months away and I have a hot wife, a sweet little pittie, a woodburning fireplace, and lots of beer to get me through the darkness and ennui of a northern winter.

    • Ha! I’m from New England and was just thinking about how this year I’ll have a southern winter with noticeably longer days!! ๐Ÿ™‚ But sounds like you have a good way to cope, enjoy!

      • I spent 15 years in NY, VT, and MA plus another 10 in the Upper Midwest. After having enjoyed living in the South before getting stuck in DC again, my body and mind are no longer willing to deal with short, dark, cold days. I also detest wearing actual shoes and biking in full winter wear.

  • Rant: Got a parking ticket last night
    Rave: It’s been 1.5 years in current place and this is the first parking ticket
    Super Rave: Just found out our office is closing Dec 24 – Jan 1. Yay! We’ve never done this before and this is the first time ever for me getting this off.

  • PoP, behold your power!

    From the MPD / BMW-bump / “You’re a homophobe!” entry a few days ago:

    “Hello all, I am lt. John Kutniewski of the Metropolitan Police Department, Third District. I have been tasked with investigating this incident. If anyone has any first hand knowledge of this incident, please contact me at [email protected]. Please leave a brief narrative of what you observed and your contact information. Thank you for your assistance.”

  • Rave: Doc appt this am meant I got to sleep in before heading to the office.
    Rant: Why am I so tired even after 8+ hours of sleep each night? I’m exercising, eating relatively well, and getting good sleep. I hate the hit my energy level seems to take in the fall.
    Rave: Having a TON of people over for my annual Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow. I have a lot of pies to bake and casseroles to prep this evening. This is definitely my favorite holiday!

  • Rave: It is Friday!
    Rave: Friends/colleagues have been helpful pushing my resume forward and giving me good reviews for jobs I’ve applied to.
    Rant: International organizations are even more difficult than federal employment – I’m going to be on pins and needles all weekend waiting.

  • Rant: the man is still 23 days away from being back…
    Rave: a super exciting event to occur when he gets back
    Rant: we’ve technically already done the super exciting event when i visited a couple of weeks ago, but he wants to do it right, so i’ve been biting my tongue – which is really hard, because I’m really excited ๐Ÿ™‚ (sorry, that’s rather vague ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Rave: My birthday is on Monday!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great PoPville party last night at Meridian Pint, nice to finally put some faces to some of the names. That DC Brau cask ale was legit. I lost track of how many I had, but it was enough to make me sufficiently pass out after a food run on the way home.
    Rave: Girlfriend and I always have the same Fridays off, so today we went over to the zoo to check out the new tiger cubs. Holy crap they are adorable. They played for a good hour straight, providing lots of fabulous photos. Will be uploading some to the Flickr pool shortly!

  • This is so late in the day that probably no one will see it, but…
    Rave: Last night’s PoPville happy hour. Great to see folks from September’s spontaneous reader-organized happy hour (Caffeine, MPinDC, PabloRaw, Irving Streete), plus a bunch of new-to-me folks (Jeslett, TonyR, Jeslett’s BF Brian, Caffeine’s friend David). Briefly met JustinBC and his significant other Suzy (Susie?). And I finally met the Prince of Petworth!
    Rant: I fear I am forgetting someone who will read the above list and feel slighted. Apologies in advance!
    Rant: Epric002, were you there? Would’ve loved to meet you.

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