New Bar, Seven Faces, Coming to Bloomingdale

251 Florida Avenue, NW

More good news for Bloomingdale – a new bar is coming to the long vacant space at 251 Florida Ave, NW. A liquor license posted out front says:

“New full service Tavern. Entertainment with DJ. Occupancy load is 85. Sidewalk Café.”

CityPaper reports it is from Bartenders Patrick Owens (Ripple), Owen Thomson (Bryan Voltaggio’s Range), and Ashley May (Velvet Lounge.)

Looks like potential for a great sidewalk cafe (the application says 35 seats):


This is located right next door to the spot coming from the folks behind 13th Street Meats – Meat & Foods. Looks like they’re getting close too – they’ve recently added “Fine Food & Beverage” above their front door:


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  • glad to see this… it will put pressure on those two stupid buildings at the intersection of 3rd and Florida (to be fair one is on the market to rent, but needs EVERYTHING inside, the other is just sitting there for some reason). with the proposed cafe in the basement of 1700 2nd ST… this little corridor could turn into a foodie destination.

    • also glad to have more bar/food options in the neighborhood. I don’t live in this building but I hope that they are good neighbors to the folks upstairs.

    • I think the one on the far corner (for lease) is still owned by notable local slumlord Behzad Hossenkhani. So good luck doing anything with that.

  • It says ‘”fine food & beverage”‘, so what is it really?

  • I hate when others do it, but I gotta say that this isn’t “technically” Bloomingdale. (Bloomingdale is bordered by 2nd St NW to the west.) But for all intents and purposes, this surely falls into “Bloomingdale”. 🙂

    • Or Shaw East East East?

      • That is always the ongoing debate. Some consider that triangle of 2nd/FL AVE/RI AVE to be part of Bloomingdale or part of LeDroit Park. Even old maps have it labeled both ways. Originally that section was LeDroit Park but I do not believe it falls within the historically protected area of LeDroit Park. Either way, thank god something wonderful is coming to that space. The stretch of FL AVE starting at Georgia Ave all the way to N. Cap could use some more desirable places. Slowly but surely…

  • A definite step forward for that corner, and hopefully for nearby corners as well. That’s going to be one tiny tavern – I hope the sidewalk element won’t be an issue for people who live in that building, but it seems inevitable. And oy with the unnecessary quotation marks.

  • This is incredible. Patrick and Owen are without question the two most creative bartenders in town.

  • Geographically speaking…
    this is technically in the FRINJ – where the AVENUEs of Florida, Rhode Island and New Jersey collide!
    ….get hip, know the FRINJ and visit the FRINJ……

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha your perseverance is impressive!! One day you’ll get a few folks to call it that!

      • I’ve been calling it the FRINJ ever since my good friend L’Enfant built those streets.

        • FRINJ. That is what my 98yr old grandmother calls it. She lives in the neighborhood.

          I am a little concerned about the 3am closing time. yikes. I do hope the folks living above have a vote. But overall, we are thrilled to hear of yet another new spot to try.

    • Hey hey, I can’t support “the FRINJ” without some hard-coded borders. 😉 What streets bound the FRINJ?

  • laduvet

    I live in the FRINJ or “FRINGE” at 3 rd and R streets 😛

  • I thought the area was called NoFla. or was it SoRI? either way FRINJ is better.

  • I wanna second a previous comment about establishing hard boundaries around Frinj and other in-town neighborhoods too. Maybe use piles of ole tires to designate borders.

  • I only hope that the full name is Seven Faces of Death. That’s the bar I want.

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