Monkeys’ Uncle Closing at the end of the Year by Eastern Market

323 7th Street, SE

From Monkeys’ Uncle website:

“It is with heavy hearts, that we announce today we will be closing Monkeys’ Uncle at the end of the year. It has been an amazing 5 years, and we consider our little shop a huge success in almost every measure.
The one measure that has eluded us is financial success. Our plan is to operate through the month of December, selling down the current inventory of clothing. We will not book full appointments, but will
continue with our “Quickie 3″ for a few more weeks so that we are able to supply your little ones with seasonally appropriate essentials. The selection in our store right now is quite good and we encourage our friends, loyal customers, and consignors to stop by and stock up.

We are thankful for the friendship and kindness that the community has embraced us with, and consider ourselves blessed for the experience.”

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  • They should open a pacers in that locations. I would love a running store to be located on the hill.

  • The announcement is pretty funny. I’m wondering what measures of success other than financial there are for retail stores…

  • I can imagine the difficulty of running a baby clothes consignment store on the Hill, when considering the demographics. Upper-class families want to sell their used baby clothes, but they probably don’t want to buy used baby clothes.

    • True. Come to Dupont/Logan! We are having a baby boom and are slightly less affluent than the row house owners of the Hill.

      • How do you figure? We settled in the Hill specifically because we were priced out of Dupont/Logan.

        • justinbc

          “The Hill” covers a much wider geographic area than either of those Circles, which allows for some pretty dramatic contrasts in pricing.

          • Okay, so I’ll rephrase. We settled one block from here specifically because we were priced out of Dupont/Logan. I know parts of Capitol Hill are catching up to Dupont/Logan prices but even the pricier parts are still a lot less expensive.

          • That would depend on whether you’re using the real estate agent’s definition of The Hill, or the real definition. So if you’re talking about the former, then yes, there is a pretty wide latitude as far as income levels go. The latter? Not so much.

    • Come on, we’re not all upper class. The women’s consignment store further up on 7th, Clothes Encounters, has been in business forever.

      • Plus a lot of us might be able to afford new clothes but are environmentally conscious and prefer to buy used instead (or we’re too lazy to leave our neighborhood sometimes).

        • Or, you know, putting aside money for the kid’s college tuition might be a bigger priority than brand new clothes.

  • What they should do is arrange intake in one location, like the Hill, and have the retail store located someplace less affluent but with many babies, like CH/ Petworth. The two times I was in their store, it was cute and they were super pleasant and I found some good things, but I wouldn’t make the trek down there for it. If it were in my neighborhood, I’d probably do more than half of my kid shopping there.

  • That’s a shame. I don’t have a need for baby clothes myself, but from what I heard this store was useful to a lot of new parents in the neighborhood (and there are plenty). I guess the rent was too high to make a profit? I imagine it’s very costly to be on that part of 7th given the volume of foot traffic it gets.

  • justinbc

    “The one measure that has eluded us is financial success.”
    Wow, it’s amazing it was able to last 5 years.

  • This place is awesome. Not only do I get great baby stuff, but i got half my maternity clothing here as well. I’m really bummed about this. If anyone knows of any other good kids consignment places in DC please share.

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