Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

800 4th Street Southwest

This rental is located at 800 4th Street, Southwest:


The listing says:

“Like-new modern 1-bedroom offering hardwood floors, living room with large balcony & view of Capitol dome, full bedroom, and a walk-in closet. Building provides 24hr desk, gym, swimming pool, business center and is located a block from Waterfront Metro and Safeway and within walking distance of all sorts of D.C. attractions. All utilities included – available immediately.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,845/Mo.

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  • Overpriced by $200-300.

    • I was thinking that myself. I live in a newish building near the navy yard metro. I paid a little more than this for a unit with about 120 sq ft more space and an in-unit washer/dryer.

      • I own here as well, and I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced. CVS/Safeway/Metro is a 2 minute walk from this building, it’s pretty quiet, almost has a suburban feel to it.

  • I lived in this building in 1993. Then it was ground zero for the crack epidemic. My tenure included getting my car stolen from the parking lot in the first week, getting held up at gunpoint across the street in the old Waterfront shopping center on Thanksgiving no less, Seeing a cop fatally shoot a mugger dead (mugger chose the wrong victim). I think i paid 350 per month….with my roommate 700 per month, furnished. Times have changed.

    • what was it like 20 years before you moved in?

      • Good question… i think that at some point it was a Holiday Inn or some sort of hotel from the 1960s or so…. all of the apartments felt more like hotel rooms. Mine looked just like a hotel room.

  • I lived there from the early to late 90s. My brother and I shared a huge 1 bedroom apt. that was larger than most 2 bedroom apts. We had 3 balconies. We paid a grand total of $550 per month. There was a sketch factor around the Waterfront metro late at night and the projects, which are still there but much calmer now. The surrounding neighborhood north of I street has always been amazingly quiet and a hidden gem. Loved the convenience factor of the neighborhood way before the stadium or waterfront renovation. Super easy access to 395, 3 metros, downtown, CapHill, Hains Point and a ton a new ish. Used to be close to the old concert spots Tracks and Nation, some great strip clubs and easy access weed. I like seeing my city shine, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the old days. It was more fun back then…and apparently cheaper.

    • Tracks! Wish I could have checked it out. I was too busy dancing at Shelter and Limelight in NYC during that time frame.
      I’ve been meaning to check out Deep Sugar in Baltimore. Apparently it’s a lot of the old Tracks crowd and music.

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