Dear PoPville – Do you Ever Think a Gym will Come to Petworth or NoMa?

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“Dear PoPville,

Do you ever think a gym will come to Petworth or NoMa? Only problem with NoMa is that most of the fancy apts already have gyms.”

Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the fact that most of the new apartment buildings already have gyms. What do you guys think – will a new gym ever come to either of these neighborhoods? For those who live in buildings with gyms – do you use them?

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  • Bring a gym to the Hechts development! NE has no good public gyms which is huge oversight to local residents

  • I’ve always been surprised that Petworth doesn’t have a gym. I’m hoping one will come in the near/distant future. What’s the new rec center like?

    • I just joined the rec center behind the metro and while it only has one dedicated “fitness room” the machines (2 bikes, 2 elliptical, 2 treadmills and a few weight machines) are in great shape, and there are free weights and kettle bells. No complaints here! Plus there’s a cardio boot camp type class on Monday evenings that I’ve watched a few minutes of and it’s no joke. Oh, and it’s a stellar deal – much cheaper than any other gym!

  • Only a matter of time until a gym comes to H Street since everything else is going there….

  • NoMA seems like a better candidate because gyms often draw from workplaces—-before and after work and lunch timers like me. they often have business rate memberships What’s missing may be the people who keep gyms busy during inbetween hours—seniors, housewives and people who work at home. Some of the the latter two groups may come from residential areas near by that don’t have gyms, and NoMa could be a draw for people with Metro access. Gyms can draw people who live in gym-equipped buildings with classes, trainers, and amendities like indoor pools.

    Petworth will have a harder time, given the limited employment in the area, the lack of big high desnisty housing, and distance from the core. Storefront gyms which offer machines, trainers,e tc. might work but large chain facilities probably wouldn’t.

  • Add Shaw/Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park to the list. No full gyms within a ten block radius. (I don’t count storefront yoga/crossfit/cycling places.) The Vidas (U St and Chinatown) and the new YMCA are the closest we get. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of space to build one in that area. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that an enterprising person will turn the basement of the Wonder Bread factory into a gym. Or that the area around the 9:30 Club could get one.

  • I live in a building with a gym — and I use it several times a week, occasionally multiple times a day. When I lived in a building with a tiny fitness room, I used it at most, a few times a month. For me, it really makes a difference. Taking an elevator in my sweats vs putting on a coat , planning and paying for transportation, planning and paying for gym time, and dealing with lockers and schedules makes a huge difference for me. I don’t have to be motivated to go upstairs and work out for an hour. I also have the option of doing short workouts — something that would never happen if I had to travel.

  • Northeast DC really needs a gym. Other than crossfit, the only gyms are the south side of capital hill, the Vida on K and the YMCA on 14th. The only exception is Trinity College. They allow residents of certain zip codes get a membership to their athletic facilities.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    If somebody opened a gym or even a CrossFit in Petworth, it would be highly successful! There are no other options around! The fitness area at the new Raymond Recreation Center is barely better than a hotel gym.

  • The east side of the Hill could really use a gym as well. If you don’t want to pay Results/Wash Sports Club prices, it’s really a stretch to anything decent. I belong to Crunch at Metro Center, but it would be great to have another full service gym in our neighborhood.

    • +1 I really really really (really!) wish there were more options! North of Eastern Market/H St area really needs one! I keep trying to convince the folks at Balance Gym to open their next outpost there

    • Yes! I live at 18th and East Capitol SE and trek to the WSC at 2nd and D St. SE. It’s not a terrible walk, but seriously a gym in that area would do great since there aren’t high rise apartments buildings around there really that would have gyms.

      • 18th and East Cap is not the Hill. Please just stop.

        • But having a gym, say, at 10th and East Capitol, would really help this person. And it would be on the hill.

          • There is Atlas Fitness at 11th and I SE

          • A personal trainer is a lot different than a big gym, though. I’ve seen the prices for Atlas and they’re way out of most people’s budgets.

          • If you’re going to mention Atlas Fitness there are lots of other places offering fitness classes– Capitol Hill Fitness and Momentum Dance on 8th Street, Biker Barre on 7th, Capitol Hill Yoga on the 600 block of Pennsylvania, and lots of classes at CHAW and the Hill Center.

  • The McMillan development, close to both Petworth and NoMa will have a rec center.

  • H Street NE area could use Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness or something reasonably priced with a variety of equipment!

  • i live in the brand new Archstone building in NOMA. the gym is really good. i can’t imagine them putting one in that area since all of the new high denisty buildings have them.

    • There are a number of offices in NoMa where employees would go to the gym at lunch or after work. I commute to NoMa from another part of town and it would be great to have a gym here. Bike commuters might use the gym as well. And, there are a number of houses just east of the metro that would take advantage of the gym. And, a full service gym that included a steam room, hot tub, pool, classes would probably encourage more serious gym goers who live in the area and only have access to smaller building gyms that may lack what the full service gyms have.

  • justinbc

    For all the folks mentioning H St area, there are about half a dozen planned mixed use construction projects coming on the main strip. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them featured one of those Bang Salon / Vida Fitness combos (although you’ll have to wait a few years to get it). I just hope they add in a rooftop pool like the U Street location 🙂

    • The problem, as the commenter above points out, is that all the new buildings are being built with sizeable fitness centers. There’s no reason for anyone to build a standalone gym unless the neighborhood except for rowhouse residents–who aren’t numerous enough to support a gym. I’d love a gym, but I doubt we’ll get one any time soon.

      • justinbc

        They’re not ALL being built that way, although many are. It depends on the developer. Some would rather lease out the space and make money off the gym rather than tacking on a little extra condo fee to everyone to maintain their own.

    • there’s one coming adjacent to Yards Park fwiw

      • The Yards Park is at least an hour’s walk from H Street though. After two hours of walking you wouldn’t really need a workout. And yeah, you could take the bus down there, but you could just as easily take it to U Street for that matter. I live in between H Street and the Yards Park and would consider joining a gym at either location, but that’s at the upper range of how far I’d be willing to travel to get to it.

  • I wish Columbia Heights had a good gym! Yes, I know the WSC is there but I’m hoping for a GOOD gym.

    • Depending on what side of Columbia Heights you live on there is a new community gym at 17th and Park Rd in Mt. Pleasant that may be accessible. The name is Fit360 and it’s in The Argyle building… They have all new equipment, trainers, TRX, and Kettlebells. Might be worth looking into if you’re against the big box WSC concept.

  • Apartment building gyms rarely have enough free weights to be a substitute for a real gym. Surely people in NoMa would want that, no?

  • It’s funny we have a church in every block but still no gym in Petworth. I wish one of the churches was turned into a gym. I think they would make a lot more money than they do now.

  • Id like to see more affordable gym options for mount Vernon triangle. My building doesn’t have gym. There are not many affordable options nearby.

  • For those that Live in the Archstone 1st and M, no need to join a gym as the building one is plenty nice.

  • I belong to Crunch, who said they were scouting H Street. Let’s hope!!

  • Second Wind CrossFit at 14th and Colorado…

  • I work in the fitness industry here in DC and know a couple (personal trainers) who are planning to open a gym in Petworth in 2014. They’re in the process of negotiating a lease, fingers crossed it’ll happen!

    • It would be awesome if a crossfit gym opened in one of the closed up building near the Petworth metro! Whow what a good business opportunity!

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