DCity Smokehouse Launches with Revive Catering in Bloomingdale/Truxton

8 Florida Ave, NW

I was fortunate to attend a tasting last night and this place is ridiculously good. This is a huge score for the neighborhood.

From a press release:

Revive On-The-Go (the dine-out arm of Revive Events and Catering in the Bloomingdale neighborhood) announces the launch of DCity Smokehouse. The highly sought-after eatery will serve up classic savory barbecue dishes with an artisan touch.

DCity Smokehouse will be led by young culinary talent Rob Sonderman who has a serious passion for barbecue and soul food. The recent (2009) Culinary Institute of America graduate got his start in dining and classic French restaurants in DC and Boston working for James Beard award winning chefs Jeff Buben of Bistro Bis, Vidalia and Woodward Table and Tony Maws of Craigie on Main in Cambridge. He also worked under recently certified Master Chef Robert Mancuso in Boston. As Sonderman’s last stint, the chef held the title of pit master at Hill Country Barbecue in Penn Quarter. Now in attempt to spread his culinary wings, Sonderman has partnered with Revive to launch DCity Smokehouse. His selection of barbecue dishes will pair nicely with Revive’s classic but fresh soul food and comfort food menu.


The menu features tempting barbecue staples with a spin including:

The Brisket Champ ($9) sliced or chopped brisket with crispy fried onions and house made pickles
Smokehouse Burger (10) 6 oz. patty, cheddar, crispy onion, house made pickles, and chipotle aioli
Pork Ribs & Rib Tips ($12) dry rubbed and slow smoked ribs and tips with house made pickles, house made barbecue sauce served with Texas toast
The Torta ($8.50) red chile marinated grilled chicken, smashed avocado, fresh herbs, queso fresco and chipotle aioli
Shrimp Po’ Boy (12) grilled shrimp, lettuce, tomato, and house made remoulade

The menu will still include Revive On-The-Go house specialties including:

Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles ($10) crispy fried boneless chicken and red velvet waffle with bourbon syrup
Fried Seafood Platter ($13) crispy catfish or shrimp with one side, house made remoulade served with Texas Toast

Hours of operation to include Tuesday-Saturday Noon-8pm and special order pick-ups on Sunday (orders must be placed by Friday before).”

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  • I LOVE anything Bloomingdale (I know it is Truxton too) and that menu sounds cool but that location is crack head scary. I walked by there last night and the usual mix of drunks, nuts, and psychos was hovering all over it. Wish they could have found a place to make a sit down restaurant, it would BLOW up, that is what the hood wants most. Wish the the best of luck and will put on my bullet proof vest and run in to try it out soon! Anything they can do to clean up the storefront to make it more clean or inviting would be good. It did not look like the picture does last night. Ya gotta start somewhere though. Positive thoughts coming your way!

    • I thought the same thing about the location – that corner is a mess. But the menu almost makes running through the drunken gauntlet look worth it.

  • Where exactly is this?

  • Tried this place the other week… it was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. The Hush Puppies and Pit Smoked Wings are damn good. I will definitely be hitting this place up again some time.

    btw, lol @ that location is scary thing. It does seem like that corner where the Smokehouse is constantly packed with people loitering about at all hours of the day.

    • Scary yes huh, but you do have to start somewhere, this may be the kick start to get that corner cleaned up. When the FireHouse, Pub and the People, Wine Bar and Truxton Kitchen open in the next year that will help pull people in too. Uncle Chips has been able to make it only a few doors down, they work hard to keep the place clean and inviting. I thought I heard the Smokehouse will have a small amount of seating, like 8 chairs or stools or something, anybody know about this? Do they serve drinks so you could eat in?

      • Yeah they have a bar in the restaurant right next to the pick-up window. It had about 4 stools you could sit at. Didn’t see any sign of drinks to be served though.

  • all the food i had there when it was ReVive kicked ass. i’m sure the bbq direction will be spot on.

    and people, yes, the corner is intimidating for the non urban folk among us. for the MOST part these are people that are trying to avoid the extra scariness of the corner of n cap and ny ave. yes, there is a lot of drinking, some drugs, and some shady characters, but there are also some friendly folk there.
    exercise a bit of caution and you’ll be okay.
    the food is worth it.

  • The BBQ there is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Try the sampler platter. Then order the chicken and red velvet waffles. Wow. (No, I’m in no way affiliated with them – just a happy neighbor.)

  • they should petition WMATA to move the bus stop to the corner near the gas station. I’m also sure that the liquor store next door doesnt help with the loitering issue.

    • yeah, the bus stop doesn’t help because anyone the cops try to get to stop loitering can just say they’re waiting for the bus. what would really help is getting rid of that awful liqour store.

      • Everybody knows those are the two issues there, and the neighborhood already tried to address it. WMATA says they can’t/won’t move the bus stop because it is a transfer location for multiple bus lines. The liquor store is the biggest issue as that is what brings them there, but how do you make a business close simply because they are a bad neighbor? The only thing anybody can do is have the ANC work with the liquor store owner to have security there during operating hours outside to enforce the no loitering. They can also watch for people who are at the park and buying liquor there and refuse service to them. This would of course cut into their profits as the drunks keep them in business so they won’t do it willingly. Nobody is looking at a solution for the issue, some say because it involves life long residents. Let a single gentrification gem try the same thing and see if they don’t get run out on a rail : ) . Lets start the rumor that Gentrifiers are going to take over MGT or the liquor store and see what happens : )

      • the cops are not ever allowed to make people stop loitering in DC. it’s not against the law. this has nothing to do with the bus stop.

        • It is against the law when the person is stoned on illegal drugs and/or drinking in public, as many of the people on this corner are. But to have any effect, the cops would have to arrest people, which takes time and requires lots of paperwork, so that doesn’t happen. I called the cops a couple years ago because people were smoking crack under the stairs of the abandoned house across the street from my house. The cops came, caught the two people as they were smoking, and told them to move along.

    • the 90’s turn down north cap there, so moving the but stop wouldn’t work.

  • Tried this the other day and overall really liked it. The BBQ sampler seemed pretty expensive for what you get. It’s a pound of meat but the ribs I ended up with were pretty bony/fatty so there wasn’t much eating. The brisket was phenomenal. The pulled pork was, well, there was so little I can’t even judge it.

    But the sides were delicious and very reasonably priced, so it all worked out in the end.

    And even if it’s a bit steep, my hat is off to anybody serving real BBQ in DC, particularly in that location, so they deserve a little extra. Should be great for the corridor.

  • Excellent news for the neighborhood. Can’t wait to try it out! I’m glad that someone has the cojones to break the ice on that corner.

  • We had them cater our baby shower this past weekend. The food was unbelievably good and a big hit with our guests. Brisket was moist and relatively lean; the turkey had a nice smoky flavor; and the BBQ was sweet and spicy at the same time. And the crispy brussels sprouts — WOW! Very much recommend them for your next catered event.

  • Tried ’em out last Saturday. Terrific stuff. Didn’t get there until about 7pm, so unfortunately they were out of the brussel sprouts & hush puppies, the two sides I wanted! Gotta get there earlier I guess.

    Grabbed three entress:
    Smokehouse platter, which comes with a side (we got cajun fries) and was very very good, tender, flavorful meat.
    Pork sandwich, they were out of chopped so we got sliced, also really good & tender.
    Meaty Palmer, which was absolutely outstanding. The turkey on that is killer.

    Everything was super good. Occasionally a little salty, but what are ya gonna do? I’m not a huge fan of Texas Toast which comes with some entrees and is the bread for a couple sandwiches, but I get it, it’s BBQ so there’ll be Texas Toast. Tried the cole slaw, but it was pretty unmemorable. Can’t wait to try more sides and platters. We’ll definitely be back.

    As for the location, sure it is a little dicey for the uninitiated, but like most places in the city, keep your eyes open and show a little respect for your environment and you’ll be fine.

  • I still don’t understand how this place works … can I go in there and get food or is it catering only? I pass it all the time but assumed it was only for catering…

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