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  • I’m having trouble figuring out which corner the rendering is supposed to show. Isn’t the Atlantic Plumbing project just a one-parcel, one-building thing? Is the building on the right the Atlantic Plumbing one and the one on the left is the one going in across the street from the 9:30 Club?

    • I think they are across V ST from each other. The street you see is V with 9:30 club to the left of the building with the X’s. I think…

  • hard to get excited about this considering all of the people that got forced out of their homes to build it.

  • I believe there are 3 buildings that they are currently working on. One going across the alley from 9:30club (which supposedly has an independent movie theater and bowling alley, along with condo building.)

    And two going across the street from 930, with 8th street going between the two.

  • and I think a 4th one where the old flea market was on 9th and U.

  • Love the buildings.

  • I’m worried about the 9:30 club in this case. I can see these buildings filling up with people who initially love the location, but then grow tired of the noise from 9:30 (and Brixton and Nelly’s), and then decide to bitch/moan/sue these businesses. Does anybody know if/how 9:30 is protecting themselves? If anything were to happen to the 9:30 club, that would be a major blow to DC’s music/concert scene.

    • i don’t think the 9:30 generates much noise actually. it’s very well insulated.

    • 930 club isn’t going anywhere. It will be quite a serious asset for the (relatively) younger folks who’ll move into the newly built buildings.

    • I live across the street and never hear a thing out of 9:30 unless I am walking by their open door.

    • I was at the 9:30 Club last night and my friends and I were discussing the exact same thing. How long will it be before the new residents of those buildings complain about crowds, parking and noise and try to fight the club’s liquor license? We were also wondering whether the 9:30 Club owns the building. As the price of real estate goes up all around them the pressure to cash out, demolish the building and replace it with a multistory building is only going to increase.

      • I’m pretty sure the 9:30 Club owns its building.
        It would be ridiculous for people to move in next to a club that’s been there for more than 15 years and then complain about noise. (Not that ridiculousness stops people from doing certain things, but…)
        As others have noted, the 9:30 really doesn’t generate much noise. And it’s pretty strictly/professionally run — not a place that tolerates people being rowdy.

      • Isn’t it at least part owned by Dave Grohl? If so, I don’t think the guy needs the money that bad.

  • Dig it. I’m no architect but I believe this design, with the X supports on the outside, means the inside will be mostly or entirely open, i.e. no pillars.

  • Glad to see this area is coming into its own. Now if we could only get that whole grocery store situation worked out…

  • I live in the Floridian and never here anything from the 930 club. The worst offender in the neighborhood is Climax Lounge. It needs to be shut door for noise violations. And yes there is an independent movie theatre going into the x based building.

    • Independent movie theater?!?! Source? That sounds awesome!

    • DESPISE CLIMAX. how does that place stay open? Dont they get raided all the time by the police? and all the drunk cab drivers that come out and go back to trolling for fares after drinking there. I mean how does it even stay open.

  • It will be interesting to see how many buildings in this area are proposed, developed and open up before the Howard Town Center comes into being.

  • “A new kind of living is coming down the pipe” is their slogan.

  • does anybody know if the news of the landmark theater coming to noma means that a theater is no longer on the table for the atlantic plumbing project (both are jbg)?

    • Its still on the table. The NOMA is a Hollywood movie type theatre, the atlantic plumbing will be independent movies, more like E St.

      • I just heard on the news the NOMA theatre will be a Landmark 10 screen project specializing in Indie/Foreign. So not sure what this means. Maybe just a smaller theatre?

  • Someone needs to start a tumblr putting pre-build renderings (submitted during approval process) next to pics of finished constructions. The differences are all too often obvious and depressing.

    • sometimes they’re not – the wal-mart building near City Vista is unbelievably nicely done (particularly unbelievable given the anchor tenant)

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