You Can Now Text Tips to Metro Transit Police

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“Metro riders can now see something and text something. Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik today announced the launch of Metro’s “MyMTPD Text Tips” program, the newest way for riders to contact the transit agency’s police department.

Through this new service, Metro riders can now use their cell phones to text information about suspicious activity, unattended bags, panhandling and other non-emergencies. Riders can now simply text information to “MYMTPD” from a smartphone or to “696873” from a standard cell phone.

“Information from riders and employees, serving as the eyes and ears of the system, can help transit police respond quickly to suspicious activity or unattended items,” said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik. “MyMTPD Text Tips now gives riders a convenient way to provide us with information that can help keep the system safe.”

Pavlik emphasized that the system should not be used for crimes in progress or other emergencies. Emergency situations requiring a police response should still be called in to Transit Police at 202-962-2121 or 911.

“We would encourage riders to err on the side of caution and let transit police investigate anything that doesn’t seem quite right,” Pavlik added. “Simply put, if you see something, say something or text something.”

Text Tips can be used to report unattended packages, suspicious activity, panhandling, solicitation, vending without a license, parking complaints, tips about investigations or other non-emergency matters.

When texting a tip, riders should provide as much information as possible, including the location, the nature of the incident or activity, and a description of persons of interest. The message will be send directly to the Metro Transit Police communication center, and riders will receive a confirmation that their text has been sent.”

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  • i thought we were supposed to think that suspicious packages were emergencies?

  • So I shouldn’t take out my smartphone because someone could steal it, but yet I should text tips to Metro Transit Police. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Stupid comment. You have to take out your phone to call 911 too you know. Or were you planning on reverting to carrier pigeon for emergencies? Or maybe just turning a blind eye when you see bad things happening?

  • Neat, so I can attempt to send a text while in the tunnels, wait until I have service in the next station, sit in between stations in the tunnel, and hopefully get the text out ten minutes later.

    This will work perfectly!

  • “Strong here is the bicycle riding lobby” Yoda

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