Wanna Find the Best Spots in DC to See the Leaves Change Color? Check Out this Map from Casey Trees

From Casey Trees:

“As the start of October often marks the rapid onset of fall, we have decided to celebrate the changing seasons by highlighting some of D.C.’s most colorful corridors in a new fall color map. As a visual guide, the map provides suggested viewing routes for five vibrant species. Check out more details about two of them, the ginkgo and the American elm, below and three more in October’s edition of the Leaflet.

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  • justinbc

    Although they’re pretty to look at, the overabundance of ginkgo droppings is one of the few things I do not miss about living on Corcoran St.

    • Also the fact that they smell like vomit and or semen. These were always known as the “cum trees” growing up

  • Anyone have any unique places in DC to photograph the changing leaves this weekend? I think it’d be interesting to photograph something new.

    • justinbc

      I really like Oak Hill Cemetary / Montrose Park. Not sure of their closure status though.

      • Oak Hill cemetery is not a National Park but they have very limited hours. 1-4 on one of the weekend days (I forget which). But beautiful when the leaves change!
        Montrose Park is closed, but no barricades so it is not really closed. Dumbarton Oaks Park, also closed (but not) is even nicer. It runs north of Montrose and Dumbarton Oaks Gardens (yes, DO Park is different from DO Gardens now, though once part of the same tract).
        Dumbarton Oaks garden is really nice. They charge admission until October 31, but for the duration of the furlough it’s only $5. Well worth it even at full price! A stunning example of landscape architecture that creates interesting and distinct spaces in a relatively small area.

        • justinbc

          I love Dumbarton Oaks gardens as well, in spring and fall. I always find it crowded on the nice days though (at least in terms of getting clear, unobstructed shots). Agreed, definitely worth the admission.

  • Any photos you take of the changing colors, whether this weekend or in the coming weeks, we’d love to see – mention us at @CaseyTrees or use the hashtag #ColorDC and let us know what route your on!

  • jim_ed

    Glad to see the Hamilton St Loop on there. I think the view northwest up Illinois from Hamilton has a really nice, very Americana-ish look when the canopy changes color.

  • The gingkos on the 1500-1600 block of Gales St. NE are amazing. Best I’ve seen in the city.

  • The walk along 3rd st. through Manor Park, passing alongside Fort Slocum is really scenic.

  • very cool

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