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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Random: For those of you negatively affected by the shutdown, especially those facing difficulties with upcoming payments and not having a paycheck, consider talking to your lenders as many are complying with Federal agencies request to work with people.

    • Some agencies are issuing “creditor letters” on Department letterhead that explain the furlough situation and requesting that creditors have some understanding for furloughed employees. Not sure it will do much good for some of the big institutions, but it might help with a landlord situation, for example. See if your agency has issued such a letter.

  • Rant: I have puddles in my shoes and my toes are still cold.
    Revel: Sounds like a good reason to go rain boot shopping!
    Rant: 18 inch circumference calves. Can’t wear anything taller than an ankle boot.

    • you should try Duo Boot. It’s a british company and they will custom make your boots for your measurements. My sister swears by them. I never bought them but they are great quality. Definitely worth checking out!

    • Have you tried Zappos? I know that many companies make boots for people with wider calves , and I’d bet that the customer service staff at Zappos would cheerfully help you find some good options.

      I like your Revel! Which could also lead to coat shopping, umbrella shopping, and waterproof messenger bag shopping!

    • My calves are slightly larger than yours and I’ve had luck with Zappos and Duo in the past for leather boots. I’m still looking for the elusive pair of rain boots that will actually fit my calves, though!

      • how have you liked your Duos? They have some beautiful shoes but the return policy kind of hurts so I’ve been scared!

        • I love mine! They’re a pretty basic style-knee high, no embellishments, about a 3 inch heel. I didn’t get them until the end of December last year, so I can’t speak to how they’ll hold up after years of use, but they seem like they will-the quality is good. I got them in a tan color and they were slightly more brown than I thought they would be, but I know colors on computer screens are never 100% accurate. I hated to order them without trying them on, but after years of looking for boots I figured it was worth it and I’m really glad I got them-I’d definitely recommend them.

        • GiantSquid

          I have two pairs of Duo boots and I’m looking to order my third pair. I have the widest calves they’ll make boots for. They’re great quality and have held up well, which should be expected for what you’re paying. I cannot recommend enough!

          • fabulous – maybe once I’ve lost some babe weight and have some money, I’ll spring for it. i know they have a sale – that’s when my sister buys them – at the end of the season.

    • I have large calves too. I have had good luck with buying plus size boots, particularly from Roaman’s. They usually have a huge coupon code available, so check before you buy.

    • I found some wide calf boots at DSW last year. They usually have 2 or 3 different styles in wide calf boots. Maybe worth a look.

    • It goes both ways. Small calves, less than 10″, and tall boots look like fishing waders on me.

    • I’ve never ordered from them but WideWidths.com seems like a good resource. I think they actually measure and provide the calf width of every size of each individual boot they carry. I would use their measurements and then try to find the boots on return-friendly sites like Zappos or Nordstrom. Official brand websites sometimes have free shipping deals as well.

  • I want to see Gravity in 3D and in the giant screen (whatever it’s called). Where’s the best place?

    Also, what kinds of fun thing are going on for me to do on Monday?

  • rave: significant construction progress in the abandoned lot/abandoned house on our street. I’ll be so happy when it’s finished – it housed many homeless people “sleeping it off”, a number of drug and prostitute transactions, and many a “this is now a bathroom”.

    rave: while I didn’t want it, got a growth ultrasound yesterday and it’s friggin’ amazing. Doctor was worried the baby would be small – because on what planet would this be the case with us as parents? he’s measuring a nice healthy weight and, as usual, wouldn’t move his hands from his face. But it’s just so amazing to see what was a microscopic blastocycst turn into a real being with a “larger than normal head, it seems”. Thanks sonographer for that advanced warning!

    rant: huge puddles = wet sandals because no other shoes fit. But the rain is needed, so it’s not so bad.

    • Congratulations! Nothing like a reassuring ultrasound to put one’s mind at ease. Even if you now have to start thinking about getting that big head out of there 🙂

      • my husband’s head is huge. He was 7 1/2 lbs born at 35 weeks, so not sure where the doc got “baby might be small”. Luckily, baby heads are “mushy”!

  • Rant: I hate my job. I’m not really sure why, but every day feels more miserable than the last. The worst part of it is, I’m in a position that I’ve worked my entire college and post-grad life to get, but now that I’m here I hate it. I’m not sure if it’s the office or the work itself, I do have a supremely obnoxious boss, but I just don’t know what to do. I really want to quit, but it would look terrible for future jobs since I’ve only been here 6 months. I also would love to take some time off to travel, which I’ve never had the opportunity to do since I’ve worked through college and right after up until now (I’m 25), but then when I come back from that I’ll be unemployed, and jobs are not exactly plentiful. I’m also afraid that maybe I won’t like any job in my profession, and then I’m seriously in quarter life crisis mode. Then I look at this entire situation from a “people are starving in Africa” perspective and feel like a privileged little jerk. What to do…

    • I hear ya. I’m not miserable at my job, but I’m not nearly as happy as I thought I would be. It’s cliche by now, but I do believe that all the talks we got about following our passions and loving our work is really a lot harder to come by than one would think when you’re sitting in your cap and gown at graduation. turns out, in the real world, work is… work. I dont think you should settle for misery, by any means, but I do think that a lot of us could stand to adjust our expectations and understanding of what work means in our lives, and we could stand to be a little happier about the good featues we do have in our current jobs (as you allude to in your last sentence). I could use a dose of my own medicine here.

    • Tough position to be in. What you thought might be the ideal career during undergrad/grad may have turned out to be not a good fit, and better to know sooner than 10 years down the road (I recommend the book “Do What You Are”). Can you think about how to stick it out for a few more months while you make an exit strategy? Or throw caution to the wind, quit your job and go travel for a few months? If I were 25, that’s what I’d do!

    • Perhaps try to get a similar job overseas? That way you can travel and see new places without having to give up the security of a paycheck. While southern Europe is in the toilet, northern European countries are doing fine and many of them conduct business in English.
      Your “dream job” might still actually be your dream. However, the people you work with and the organization itself might be ruining it for you. Try to get a change of scenery.

    • You’re only 25? The way you were talking I was thinking you were about to hit 40. I get that it sucks you worked hard all through school to get somewhere only to find out you actually don’t like it. But hey, silver lining is you’re still really young and you have plenty of time to find something else you love!
      Case-in-point, I have a good friend who worked her butt off in college majoring in marketing, got a job at a fancy PR firm, worked her way up, and by the time she was around your age realized she completely hated it. She quit and went back to school to become a speech therapist (totally different direction!), and now 4 years later she is loving her job and new career.

      • I have a theory that having kids in your 20’s staves off these feelings (hence the classic midlife crisis) but if you don’t have kids or have them later you start asking these questions and having doubts much earlier in your career.

        • I think it’s true. When you have kids in your 20s or early 30s, you’re so focused on being stable and having an income to provide for them. You’ll stay in a miserable job, so long as the pay/benefits are good or if you have a flexible work schedule.
          It’s hard to change careers when there’s mouths to feed.

          • And the fulfillment you get from providing for the kids is motivating. If you don’t have that you start looking for other motivators. Once you get established in your career simply providing for yourself is no longer challenging. 🙂

          • gotryit

            That reminds me – I do have at least something to be happy about
            Rave: conversation with my 2 year old son this morning –
            Son: “Daddy, where you going?”
            Me: “I’m going to work.”
            Son: (little pout) “I miss you.”

      • +1 When I was 25, I was begging my dean to let me back into college (for the third time) begging my girlfried to let me back into her bed and begging the sleazy singles bars on 19th Street (the good old days!) to let back into the ranks of the employed. Now I’m freaking Ward Cleaver with a tatto, a house and a 401k. It took a while to become haute-bourgeois, but, you know, even that first “real” job, for no money, but doing what I wanted, felt good.
        Not that where OP is at doesn’t suck, but options for bright, educated, motivated people abound — eventually.
        Take a risk. Risk-taking is a good skill to have, and worrting about whether or not the parachute is actually going to open takes your mind of other, less tangible and hence more soul-sucking worries.

    • I think that having a “supremely obnoxious boss” would be enough to negatively color even the dreamiest of dream jobs. I also think that maybe transitioning from being a student with prospects and potential might feel qualitatively different from being a “worker” with a job and the kind of schedule that goes along with being a full-time employee. The pace is different, the expectations are different, and the mind set of having semesters and “breaks” is WAY different. I think six months in with an obnoxious boss is pretty early to come to the realization that you perhaps “won’t like any job in (your) profession”. Is it possible to move within your organization — so that you would have a different boss and maybe different job tasks? Can you shop around for other jobs — before you decide to quit this one ? That would be a smoother shift than explaining to a prospective employer that you quit your current job after 6 months and decided to travel. Do you have specific travel goals (i.e. always wanted to go trekking in Australia?) or is it more wanting the opportunity and freedom to see something new? It might help to start planning a vacation now — so that you know that you can look forward to a trip in a few months, while you adjust to the pace of being a “worker” instead of being a “student”.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think you sound like a privileged little jerk. I think you sound like someone who was unlucky enough to get an obnoxious boss instead of a potential mentor as you’re making the difficult transition from “student” to “career”.

      • +1
        Agreed on all your points. Life is too short – even at the unripened age of 25 – to spend the majority of your waking hours with people/an organization that makes you miserable. Make a lateral move within your organization or move to a different organization within the same field. Other employers won’t look down on you for moving, if it’s not the right fit. It just shows that you’re decisive and know what you want. I’ll respect you more than somehow who stays at the their job out of fear and is miserable. Their productivity will eventually suffer.

    • Thanks all for your positive encouragement and advice! I very much appreciate the feedback.

      • I appreciate it too! I’m also stuck in a job I hate (although not one I went to school for) with very little professional support. However, I’m about to turn 30, no grad degree and have a kid to support, so my options are much more limited. This thread was a good reminder to take a deep breath, count my blessings and use this slow period to update and refine my resume. There has to be a less soul-sucking, just as stable, flexible job out there right? I don’t need excitement, just a decent work environment would be nice . . .

    • I am an old geezer now but when I was 22 or 23 I quit and spent a year traveling around the world. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns 100% of the time but I am so glad I did it. And when I got back, having the travel on my resume actually helped me get jobs. Mind you they were entry level positions but having “traveled around the world for 12 months” on my resume made me stand out from the crowd. I swear I got one job because the owner had done a similar backpacking thing and she wanted to compare travel stories.
      Travel before you find yourself in the golden handcuffs of what most people want to achieve (mortgage, marriage, kids, retirement plans). You can still travel after you have all that stuff but 3 weeks annual vacay isn’t really the same as immersing yourself in another culture for 3-6-12 months.

      • I second this – I spent a year working and traveling overseas after college and then took a few months after grad school. This experience was not only personally fulfilling (challenging, exciting, etc) but was also a definite boost to my resume.

      • Yep, I traveled lots too when I was young and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I started my career later. I like to think that I “retired” in my 20s when I was young enough to enjoy it.

      • I’m traveling right now with my husband, we decided to do this before the kids/house/401K plans. It’s been only 2.5 months but it’s been eyeopening to see how different people live. Really makes you reassess your life and values. And both of us are hoping that it makes our resumes better. 🙂

    • I’d suggest it isn’t helpful to say “I shouldn’t feel miserable because others are starving/homeless/etc” There will just about always be someone who has less than you, and more than you. Yes, there are people suffering for lack of basics we take for granted. And if you are in the position to help – do so.
      But don’t negate or minimize your problems because others have it worse off.

    • Many of us in our (ahem) late 30s have totally been there. You fantasize all during college about the dream job, bust your butt, then you get it and you hate it. My advice is to think if there is anything at all that you like or find tolerable doing in your job. I don’t mean “I like that I get a paycheck” or “some of my coworkers are ok” but the work itself. Maybe it’s only 5% of your month, but maybe there are some aspects or some tasks that you find interesting or at least tolerable. Or is someone else’s job at your office more appealing to you? Talk to them about what they do. This will help you to know if there is a direction you can go in your field. Entry level jobs are mostly about learning what you like, don’t like (work-wise and organization/management-wise), are good at, and suck at. And about building your resume and connections. It’s also important to realize that the vast majority of jobs will always feel like jobs, regardless of if you enjoy what you are doing. When I was younger, I used to dream about escaping the 9 to 5, and even tried that for a bit, and it turns out that’s not for me either. But it gave me the clarity that I needed to figure out what to do in my field that would be enjoyable and tolerable. When people ask if I enjoy my work, I say “For a 9 to 5, it’s pretty damn good.” But would I do it if no one was paying me? Hell no.

  • epric002

    rants: overslept. headache/likely migraine. lost the dog’s collar in the front hall (i don’t know how this is even possible) rain boots leak. nauseated. taking tomorrow off the the funeral so don’t really want to take today too, but might have to with this damn headache. no raves.

  • Epic, soul crushing rant: THEY DIDN’T TREAT MY APARTMENT FOR BEDBUGS YESTERDAY! I called the exterminator today to confirm that they were there because everything was exactly as I left it and I thought that was strange. But I put my bed back together and put bare bones bedding back on. I left an angry voice mail on my property manager’s cell and she called me back and she wants to make it right, she did a good job managing my outrage, but I don’t know how to make it right other than telling her to shell out for the heat treatment and end my misery.
    Rant #2: why do I have such a hard time telling people what I want? I told her I’d think about it and call her back. She offered to have cleaner come launder my stuff that I spent 2.5 hours and $35 laundering at the laundromat last night. I’m sorry, but if you ruin the quilt my mom made we’re in even bigger trouble.
    Rant #3: Because there is so much crap in plastic bags everywhere, I had to climb over it to put my bed back together and I stepped on the bed frame and cut the bottom of my foot. So, now I get to add a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot to list of things to deal with.
    Rant #4: I have no raves. My celebratory night off sucks and my bf can’t meet me for dinner.

    • OMG… I would have lost it too!! I would most definitely demand that they do the heat treatment. In the long run, it is the better treatment anyway.

    • OMG that is horrible. I cannot believe they did not do your scheduled treatment! Bed bugs definitely take an emotion toll on a person. I hope you get a celebratory night off soon! Regarding Rant #2, I’d definitely ask them to shell out for the heat treatment, can’t hurt to ask right?

      • Thanks, it’s good to know my outrage is as justified as I think it is. I’m emotionally spent. It’s been like a roller coaster, I felt somewhat relieved last night and now I’m right back in the thick of this nonsense.

        I called around to get heat quotes before we started this and the chemical is $400 and the best heat cost was $1400. The manager said if I wanted heat I’d have to shell out the other $1000. So, I can try to ask again, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. To make things worse my roommate leaves for 10 days tomorrow, she’s moving out on Nov 1 and I’m moving out on Nov 16. So we need to get this done asap.

    • Even if it’s not yet a celebratory night, do you have a friend that can pinch hit and take you out for a fancy cocktail (I’m thinking something hot and chocolatey at Co Co Sala, but maybe that’s not your speed)? Hell, if your friends are busy this stranger can step up.

      • Now I’m really going to cry, that’s such a nice offer.
        I think I’ll pregame before the comedy show, then go hope laughter really is the best medicine. I wonder how much alcohol is too much when you’ve had a flu shot and tetanus shot back to back?

  • Rave: Soul Asylum and Fountains of Wayne at the 9:30 last night! Great show.
    Rant: Colleague who tries to bully me into getting all of his stuff done first, regardless of what else is going on. I told you when it would be done, so nagging me to do it sooner isn’t going to do anything but put all of your future requests at the bottom of my to-do list.
    Rave: Getting a cab in this rain without getting completely soaked. And cabs now having credit card payment options, saving me a very soggy walk to the ATM.

    • He bullies you because you let him. Tell him to piss off and that your priority is your work; you’ll help out with his stuff when you have time. If he needs it done sooner, he can do it himself.
      People like him will stop once you put your foot down. He will gripe and make faces, but just brush it off (Obama GIF style)


      • No, I don’t actually let him get away with it. I’ve put my foot down about this several times, but he persists in this behavior. He’s like this with everyone, so I don’t expect that my displeasure is going to change who he fundamentally is.

  • Rant: shutdown and weather have me in a perpetual bad mood. Guy next to me at work with CSPAN on way too loud, so I have to hear Mitch McConnell’s stupidity. Our office hasn’t been vacuumed in over a week because of shutdown and it’s getting kind of gross. Bah.

  • Rant – Wet, miserable commute. My boots are currently being repaired so I did not have rain-appropriate fooot wear, so now I have wet pans, wet shoes, and wet socks. Awesome. I’m glad I’m not furloughed, but today is a great day to stay home and not work.

    Rave – Hearty homemade chili for dinner yesterday, the perfect meal on a cold, damp night. My furloughed SO has been good at doing all the chores around the house in his spare time. I almost miss cooking dinner! Almost.

  • Rave: goretex.
    Rave: rain! streets were empty, so i had a great ride to work. for some reason there are fewer cars on days when it’s pouring as well.
    Rant: new boss is a serious micromanager.

    • My new boss is also a micromanager. Anyone have recommendations how to deal?

      • share the advice if you find any. I’ve had a ton of them (my supervisors rotate). I just try to ignore it and scream internally when I can’t take it. It’s very healthy.

      • Right now my passive aggressive tactic is to overwhelm her with information about what is going on. it totally slows down my actual work (i spend 4-5 hours a week updating her on the status of projects, instead of actually moving them forward) and is frustrating, but it seems to keep her happy. she of course doesn’t see the irony of making me give her continuous updates and how that is negatively impacting my ability to do actual work.
        today, i actually repeated verbatim an entire telephone conversation i had with one of my consultants so that she would know what we talked about. my hope is that after a few months she sees the absurdity of the situation. in the interim, i just remind myself that i’m being paid fairly generously and it’s called “work” for a reason.

        • She’s probably OCD. The deluge of information just satiates her OCD tendencies and reliveves her OCD-induced anxieties.
          Welcome to your new life.

      • binpetworth

        My last boss was like this. I found it useful to identify the strengths she had and to, once a day, flatter her by asking her a question related to those strengths. If I presented a “problem” that I needed advice on, she was thrilled I was seeking her expertise, and tended to be a little better with letting more minor matters slide. It didn’t cure her completely, but it did help.

      • I tend to like memos
        -because I can do them in bullet points
        – because it keeps me from repeating myself
        – because if someone — even me — needs to know what I’ve accomplished, it’s easy to see.
        – Do you think that doing a daily or weekly memo would be:
        – easier for you
        – something your boss would be amenable to?
        – take less than the 4-5 hours a week that you’re currently devoting to status reports?

        • i actually write a weekly memo, and then READ IT OUT LOUD to the boss during our hour long weekly checkins. this is exactly what i mean by micromanaging and wasting my time! pick one or the other!

  • Rant: Jean Shopping… Why don’t they may jeans for real people anymore and not just size 4s and 6s?!?! Even straight leg jeans are skinny these days. It is seriously the worst kind of shopping to have to do. My last pair of jeans ripped and now that fall is here and I’m headed to Maine this weekend, it was a must have. UGH!
    Rave: My boyfriend watches Nashville with me and doesn’t complain 🙂

    • I’m a size 10 and have had luck with Wrangler’s Aura brand. And they size them so you order a size down, it’s a nice touch 🙂 They’ve got a bit of stretch. Or, I order Old Navy’s The Rockstar skinny jeans two sizes up…

    • epric002

      i totally get your frustration, but the 4s and 6s (and even 2s and 0s) have trouble finding jeans too. have you tried denim bar in pentagon city?

    • Wait a minute, you’re not a real person if you’re a size 4 or 6?

      • Don’t be a jerk. Understand that this woman is frustrated that jeans patterns and her body shape are hard to match up, and that that can be really emotionally difficult. Her use of “real people” was clearly hyperbolic, and was not intended to be insulting to any individual. Our society and our culture make it difficult to love our bodies (and by extension, ourselves) if they don’t look a certain way, and we could all be a little better about being less critical of one another.

        • epric002

          you seem to have missed anon 11:13’s point. dismissing smaller sizes is just as unhelpful. and body sizes and body shapes are two different things.

          • How do you know she was dismissing smaller sizes and not bigger ones? For all you know she was shopping at Walmart where it’s nothing but big sizes and getting frustrated.

          • epric002

            ^ right. b/c everyone out there thinks that “real people” only exist in sizes smaller than a 4 or a 6. that makes total sense.

          • “How do you know she was dismissing smaller sizes and not bigger ones? For all you know she was shopping at Walmart where it’s nothing but big sizes and getting frustrated.”

            This is kind of how I took it too– that most of the sizes were sold out, and the op was frustrated that her size wasn’t available. I certainly didn’t interpret it as an insult to people who happen to wear those sizes. I sympathize because I struggle to find jeans that fit and so does pretty much every woman I know. Does anyone out there know of good places to buy jeans? Anyone had luck online?

      • I thought size 4 or 6 was an average size. Try being a petite (but curvy) size 0 or 2. I’ve pretty much given up on jeans.
        Also, I’ve heard bootcut is coming back in vogue.

        • epric002

          same problem! have you tried levis’ curve ID, PZI jeans, or denim bar?

          • No, I haven’t tried any of those (it doesn’t help that I have absolutely no patience for shopping). I recently found a pair of straight-legs jeans at Zara that I’m pretty happy with. They’re too long, of course, but I think it’s the first pair I’ve ever owned that I don’t completely hate. I’ll have to look into some of those options if I ever have the energy to hunt for a second pair though. 🙂

          • epric002

            i had so-so luck with the levis curve ID. i haven’t tried PZI yet but the next pair i buy will be from them- they market to curvy women and come in short, regular, long, and extra long lengths. they also carry a bunch of different styles. i spent about an hour in denim bar and must have tried on about 50 different pairs, but i did come away with one pair that really fits and that i really like. good luck!

          • I’ve heard Joe’s Jeans are good for those of us blessed with booty. I’m flatter than texas back there so I can’t speak from experience.

        • I’ve always thought size 10-12 is “average” although I believe sizing has changed over the years (vanity sizing). What would have been a size 10 is now size 8.
          Come to think of it, “average” is a matter of perspective. For me, average is size 10-12 and guess what? I’m a size 10.

          • And the average size of a middle or upper class DC resident is much smaller than the average size of a DC-area suburbanite. Stores stock sizes based on what’s selling in that area, so you might need to venture further out if you’re having trouble finding larger sizes in the city.

      • If people smaller than size 6 are not real, then Bangladesh and Nepal don’t exist. 🙂

        • Or Ukraine. Plus their sizes are totally different so i’m usually a 38 or a 40. 🙂 That being said, jean shopping is absolutely the worst!!!! It’s so hard to find pants made from stiff fabric that exactly match your body shape, no matter what size you are.

    • I absolutely dread jean shopping, too! I can find jeans in my size, but nothing seems cut to fit properly. One pair will be too tight in the thighs, the next size up gaps in the waist. I also have short legs, which makes it more difficult. Every fall I try on a ton of jeans, wind up giving up, and buy a few pairs at Gap and Old Navy. Neither store has a perfect fit for me, but I feel a lot better about paying $30 at Old Navy or $60 at Gap than I do about paying $150 if the jeans aren’t going to be an ideal fit either way.

    • skj84

      as a size 2 real person i assure you jeans shopping is not easy for me either. It doen’t matter what size you are. I hate the body sharing so women feel they need to engage in. Real women come in all.shapes and sizes!

    • I’ve had some luck buying levi’s online — they come in a variety of “shapes”, so if you’re lucky enough to find one that fits you, you can buy multiples. Here’s my favorite jeans shopping story:
      A long time ago, I had lost some weight and saved up some money, and decided to buy a “perfect” pair of jeans. I went to a store that sold Italian-made jeans. I tried on pair after pair, and none of them fit. I was near tears. The salesman came over to me, snatched the jeans from my hands, gave me a searching look, and handed me a pair of jeans. I tried them on. They fit perfectly. He patted the jeans I had tried on before, moved his hands straight up and down and said “Bah”. He then gestured at me, moved his hands in a curvy motion, smiled and said “You — cello, cello!” It was a nice reminder that as frustrating as it is to find clothes that fit — there’s nothing wrong with ME because I don’t match the fit model that they were designed for.

    • Right there with ya, sister.
      I also need to have some non-jeans casual pants, and good luck finding khakis that aren’t skinny jeans or so casual they look like pants for hiking.

    • have you tried H&M? their jeans have 3% spandex (normal jeans only have about 1%) so they stretch more than other jeans and you can get a better fit. bonus that they are super cheap!

  • Rant: pleasant, cool, dry AM bike commute to work yesterday turned into wet, cold bike commute home. But I can deal with that part.
    Rant: all the politeness from the morning commute was gone on the way home. Cars blocking intersections including the bike lane, other bikers doing stupid, illegal things that got in my right of way (and others around me). To top it all, CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN parking in the 15th st bike lanes. You *$%^s drove into the separated bike line on the other side of the bollards and parked your $%@^$#% cars there. As if I don’t hate you all enough already. GFY.

    • Which Congressional reps? Which intersection? That explains why heading east on K, L, Mass Ave was a mess last night.

      RANT: Wiped out on my scooter last night in the rain at 15th and U Street, right next to the gas station. UGH. I should have listened to my instincts and left my scooter at work.

      RAVE: I was going less than 5 mph and no cars were behind me. I landed on my hip and arm – no bruising, just a little bit of soreness. As soon as I felt the bike slipping under me, I did a perfect somersault gymnast roll on the wet pavement and the bike skidded away from me. No serious damage to the scooter either, aside from adding to the existing cosmetic scraping on the side (this is why I don’t spend the $ on getting a nicer scooter). I didn’t even ruin my work clothes – no tears or rips, just need some dry cleaning. I’m seriously lucky.

      RAVE: The nice couple in the SUV with MD plates who pulled up alongside me and asked if I was OK/could help me in any way. Thanks for the offer and concern.

      • gotryit

        It was 15th st around G st. I think one of the license plates was from PA and said USC 3 or 13. The staffer standing by the other car wouldn’t tell me what congressperson he worked for (not surprisingly considering I wasn’t being anything near nice).

        Sorry to hear about your wipe-out, but glad it was luckier and people were nice about it.

  • Rant: fricken Miley Cyrus everywhere. Enough already. And is it me, or does she look suspiciously similar to Justin Bieber? Have they ever been seen together? I believe they are the same person, and I will prove it!

    • I’m so with you! I feel like every time I turn around, there’s another picture of her with her tongue hanging out! When did being a mouth breather become something to be proud of?!? I think I’m just getting old.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Nightmare scenario: they are 2 different people, and hook up and make some babies together.

    • Please don’t let tongue-hanging-out be the new duck-face….Please don’t let tongue-hanging-out be the new duck-face…. I find tongues very unattractive.

  • After 1.5 years at a job I’ve hated and 4 years out of my industry, I’m starting a new job on Monday after a 9 month job search! I’ll be working from home for an organization based out of NYC so I’m curious as to how that transition will go, but very excited.

  • skj84

    Rant: stuck listening to coworkers whine about stupid petty cap and finding ways to screw each other over. Can I please take my lunch in peace?!

    Rave: Probably going home early. Planning on vegging on the couch and watch TV with some hot apple cider!

  • Rave/Rant: It’s my birthday today.
    Rant: Since the divorce, my last few birthdays have been spent alone with few calls wishing me such. Big contributor to my depression.
    Rant: Mostly my fault however, as I’m really not an in-your-face type of person when it comes to birthdays.
    Rave: I have a second date today, my very first from online dating.
    Rave: I’m at work today but I took tomorrow off to enjoy a 3 day weekend.

    • Happy Birthday!!! Set yourself up with a good movie out, popcorn and a cupcake:) I’ve had truoble with Bdays too – sometimes the best company is your own company – i get causght up with too many expectations.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday!

    • Happy Birthday! Good luck on the second date and hope your day goes well 🙂

    • Happy birthday! I’ve had those sort of birthdays before. But in your previous life you were obligated to go out and have dinner with a not-so-great husband, right? Enjoy the time to yourself!

  • Rave: I’ve been trying to integrate various aspects of my life, and slowly but surely, I think I”m getting there!
    Rave: I FOUND my favorite hoodie. It was in a Very Safe place. Yay!
    Rave: Buying some new clothes that fit who I am right now. I feel like I”m being extravagant, but I really do need some decent clothes, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done this kind of shopping.
    Rave: Straightening up, clearing things out. I really DO function better when there are empty surfaces around: like a clear desk, or a blank wall, or a relatively empty shelf. It’s taken me WAY longer than it should have to realize this!

  • Rave: Customer service from RueLaLa far surpassed my expectations.

    Rave: My iPhone has shipped!

    Rant: I’m gluten free, and occasionally I really want a bagel. Today is one of those days. The idea of a scooped out, pumpernickel bagel with tofu cream cheese from Essa Bagel will not leave my mind!

  • RAVE: I was on the episode of the Price Is Right that aired this morning! I got called to “COME ON DOWN!!!!!”

    RANT: I didn’t win anything.

    RAVE: I met Drew Carey and he gave me a $300 consolation cash prize for being on the show, even though I didn’t get up on stage.

    • Rant: Would say weather but thats too easy, would say government shut down but thats too easy, lets go with my other big elephant in the room…WOMEN. OK so someone intrepet this. I meet girl at party i go out with her and two friends to the bar after. A few days pass i ask her out on a date (grab two drinks nothing fancy). A few more days pass she invites me to a pre-game at her apartment (she doesnt feel well after and didnt go out to the bar after, ok i understand that). Then i ask her out again this time dinner and a drink, get good night kiss (ideal date in my mind). Then she went away to new york for a week…we have texted here and there but it seems like the conversation is not going anywhere, she asks about my furlough status yada yada yada…i tried hinting that i want to see her again soon without being too aggressive but it just does not seem to be a top priority for her (WHICH I UNDERSTAND, we are all busy) but it seems like she is interested….i guess i do not know her well enough to understand what is going on. I am just so tired of the dating scene and interpreting girls that i really want this one to work out…even if it is just a casual once a week go on a date type of thing.
      Rave: kickball canceled…i can go home relax and enjoy the chineese food i ordered last night (left overs), Friends who are supportive of me through this time where job is uncertain and listen to me bitch about how i dont understand women. Anyways, i know there is one out there who will understand how awesome i can be and will bring that side of me out…but must be patient.

      • same rant for guys

      • are you the person who posted about FB friending her or asking her out via her roommates? that wasn’t all that long ago!
        but anyways seriously getting to know someone isn’t easy. and there are some guys out there who are scumbags (and women i’m sure as well). what if she’s just taking it slow because she’s not sure how she feels about you and you’re a random person she met at a party? have you tried telling her that you like her and want to see her more often instead of just hinting? some girls want to date around, and some want a relationship. it might be easier to just find out what she’s looking for?

        • Agree 100%. If you’re “hinting” you want to see her that’s probably not a strong enough message. You can be forthcoming without being aggressive. I genuinely appreciate a person who is straight forward, says what they want and doesn’t play games. Try just telling her straight up that you’d like to see her again.

      • How does she respond when you “hint” via text that you want to see her again? Does she ignore those hints entirely, or parry them with a response about something non-related, or respond non-committally yet positively. If it’s driving you nuts, I would just stop the hinting and ask her out again, directly. Personally, I don’t think that’s being too aggressive. (Too aggressive would be if you kept pestering her to go out with you after she turned you down outright or brushed you off.) I appreciate some directness from a guy, as long as it doesn’t feel creepy or out of the blue (which it shouldn’t if you’ve met up and already been on a date that went well, and you’ve kept communicating since). Some women still think the guy should do the asking, so maybe she’s waiting for you to ask her out again; or maybe she’s just shy and not comfortable with asking you out herself; or maybe she’s oblivious and not picking up on the hints. Granted, if you feel like it’s getting to be a pattern where you’re always putting in the effort to ask and she’s not matching your interest/effort, then it might be time to let it go–only you can judge your comfort level with that. (Disclaimer that this advice comes from a 35-year old whose formative years were a time when “dating” wasn’t considered quaint and old-fashioned, and texting and social media weren’t ubiquitous. So I may be completely off base for the early 20-something folks, who knows!)

      • You say you’re tired of the dating scene but it sounds like you’re doing all of the normal dating scene things. If you don’t want to play the game then forget hints and interpreting things. Be straight with her about what you’re looking for in a relationship. Either you’re on the same page or you’re not, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to figure out how to “make this one work out” since it’s not really in your control.

      • I vote for directness. As a woman who is dating the thing I hate most is mixed signals or someone being wishy-washy. If you don’t want to see me again that’s fine…don’t try to string me along with the occassional text message. And if you do want to see me again then please be specific and let’s make plans. And, if I say I can’t because I have something else going on then maybe you mentioning an alternative would be nice instead of taking that as dejection (this happened to a single guy friend of mine and I was baffled that he considered an invitation turned down because she already had plans as outright rejection).

        • When turning down an invitation from someone you would like to see, you should offer an alternative yourself. This shows that it is really the time, not the person, you are rejecting.

      • Good grief. Ask her out directly already.

      • Just ask her out on another date – she’s waiting for you.

      • Call, don’t text. say, “I want to take you out on a date, Is next friday good for you”?

      • G-d damn man. The kids these days with the texting and the chatting and the twitters. Pick up the phone and call her, and you know, talk about stuff. Get to know her without the pregame, party, booze, whatever. Texts conversations are not real conversations, you know. Pick up the phone and start talking. Man-up dog.

        Unless you’re scared. (I know rejection is tough, but if you indeed like her as more than a hook-up, you should see if you’re compatible by talking. You’ll get all your answers in 5-15 minutes, and then you can move on with your life, with her or without her.)

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