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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Furlough
    Rant: Bike got totaled by some jerk who must have run over the curb and hit it while it was locked to a pole. Anyone selling a decent road bike or frame?
    Question: Can we get a daily updated feed of places offering furlough deals?

  • So, if I mount a bullhorn on my car, I can drive on Beach Drive?

  • epric002

    rant: mother effing tea partiers.

  • gotryit

    Rave: nice bike ride in this morning – just cool enough
    Rave: sending off radiators today to get stripped and powder coated
    Rant: so much money being wasted by all this unnecessary churn; so many lives being impacted for no good reason

    • ah

      Curious about getting radiators stripped. Is that an expensive proposition? Assume you need heating person to remove and reinstall, plus shop to cart off and return after painting.

      • gotryit

        I disconnected them on my own. You could get a plumber to do that, but all you need to do is drain the system, and use some big pipe wrenches (and a little care).
        To move them (very heavy), you need some muscle (several people’s worth), a good dolly, and some faith or stupidity to even try it.
        Transportation will run you another few hundred depending on how big / how many.
        There’s a place – Chemstrip down by Pennsylvania Ave SE @ I-495 that will dip them in chemicals to strip and then recoat. I think they’re the only game in town now that the stripping workshop won’t do it anymore. The result is great (I did that in my last house), but now it’s about $30 per fin.
        Instead, I’m trying out a media-blasting / powder coating place that will come out closer to $20 per fin. I’m sure I’ll rant or rave in a couple of weeks depending on how it comes out.

  • Rant: I’m not even a fed and the shutdown makes me so angry. That Americans in other parts of the country are pointing at DC and mocking these poor people who are out of work and the people effected by the ripple of a mostly closed economy enrages me.
    Rant: I have no idea when I can close on my condo because 51% of units have not been sold yet and this is an initial public offering. Fear and regret are setting in. The logistics are getting tricky too.
    Rave: it’s a beautiful day and I’m not really in a bad mood, just feeling some stress.

  • Rant: My brother got furloughed. In an ironic twist, he is the family’s hardcore Republican.
    Rave: My favorite sister was spared from furloughing for a few weeks, which is a huge relief. I couldn’t reach her yesterday and feared for the worst.
    Rant/Rave: Having to cut off a really longterm friend because I can’t take their GOP/TP apologist arguments anymore. When people are suffering for no good reason and your party caused it, no one cares how right you think you are. I feel extremely guilty and extremely relieved all at once.
    Rave: Date this weekend! I have to figure out where to take him.

    • dont just blame republicans. Obama hasnt had a budget passed since stepping foot in the office. He lacks leadership.

      • I do blame the Republicans, because they haven’t passed one, either (unless you count Ryan’s, which was not designed to appeal to anyone but their base) and they are the ones leading the charge on this destructive stupidity. Obama’s lack of leadership does not excuse their extremism and lack of scruples about hurting people. I also blame the Tea Party for refusing to compromise or do any of the work involved in actually governing.

      • Sorry. I think 90% of the country is blaming the Republicans on this one.
        How would you react if a budget was passed but Obama said he would veto it unless they attached a rider that outlawed assault weapons? The GOP is doing the same thing here with the ACA.

      • The lack of Congress passing a budget for the last 5 years is irrelevant. Obama cannot just unilaterally pass a budget…

        This falls on the republicans. They have linked an issue unrelated to the budget (Obamacare) to shutting down the federal government.

        They are now (rightly) taking the majority of the blame for it.

      • Funding bills have to start in the House, dude. There’s your lack of leadership.

      • In our system of government the President doesn’t pass a budget. The responsibility to tax and spend, or the power of the purse, rests with the legislature. The President merely signs or vetoes the legislation drafted by Congress. That being said, on many occasions (about a dozen times a year) Congress passes appropriations legislation, which is not merely the continuing resolution but funding for the military, the Farm Bill, and a plethora of other priorities.

        Yes you can blame the Republicans, but to be fair we should blame the nutty wing of the Republican party that is pursuing the current strategy. The Republicans are demanding that the entire public sector be held hostage for the purpose of delaying the implementation of a law passed three years ago. This is simply unreasonable. Responsible legislators shouldn’t countenance such demands.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        It has nothing to do with the budget – that is just the hammer they are using to try to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which is law. They are just idiots. Meanwhile, any ideas for what to do for the next 18 or so days? (I am a fed)

    • If a clean CR was introduced in the House there are enough Republicans who would join the Democrats for it to pass. However, Boehner won’t allow it to go forward (“The Hastert Rule”)since he would likely be deposed as Speaker of the House by allowing the vote so this IS the Republicans fault.

      • So all of this craziness comes down to Boehner wanting to keep his position as Speaker of the House?

          • You’d think the fear of losing his job would give him some insight into the fears that federal workers have of losing theirs for a period of time. But that would require Boehner to acknowledge his feelings and not hide behind baseless rhetoric.

  • Rave: Amazing weather, sunny skies.
    Rave: Awesome new beginnings for a lot of my favorite people.
    Rant: I am definitely fighting a post-wedding cold. Sore throat, please go away.

  • Rant: have a trip planned for Europe this weekend, but a friend got declared essential and can’t take leave now. Likely having to cancel the trip unless something is resolved today.
    Mini-Rave: nearly all of it is refundable at least

    • Have you considered going ahead with your trip?

    • Your friend is also able to take Leave Without Pay, which, understandably, may not work for them. But it is an option.

      • and then be put in furlough status and have to request to be put back as an essential employee… which undermines the designation of essential, and effectively makes oneself the same as everyone else, aka not getting payed with no guarantee of it in the future

    • Well, that makes no sense (except for general govt. insensibility.) Presumably she was going to be allowed to take this vacation anyway, which means there was someone else who could handle her responsibilities while she was away – therefore she is not “essential” and the other person should still now be covering for her.

      But hope it works out for you!

  • Rant: Furloughed
    Rant: Very little guidance on how to apply for DC unemployment. Now being told that feds must wait until Friday to file their initial claims. Anyone have any advice to share?
    Rave: At least the weather is gorgeous, and I have the time to finish some projects I’ve been meaning to tackle.

    • I don’t think that’s true. I think you can apply now so that it kicks in ASAP. The message on the DC Office of Unemployment Services certainly anticipates that Feds will be applying.

      • Curious as to why you’re applying to unemployment. No judgement, I’m asking because if I should also do the same and advise a coworker that might need it. I have some savings for emergencies like this one, but it really depends on how long this bs continues. I’ve also been applying for private sector work in my area. This is my first shutdown as a Fed, so is it common that people apply for unemployment in this situation? Thank you and good luck.

        • You and your employer pay for unemployment insurance. Why not use it, if this situation qualifies? Would you not use your health insurance, even if you had enough cash to pay for the procedure?
          Corporations have no qualms with taking as many subsidies, tax write offs, and tax breaks as possible from the government. Their accountants would be fired if they left money on the table.

        • UI insurance is paid for by you are your employer as well. Please sign up for this benefit. We have no clue how long this will last, and this is a situation that UI is applicable too.

          You are currently unemployed, due to no fault of your own. Unless you live in VA 1st or 10th district and voted for Wolf/Wittman, at which point you do shoulder some of the blame 😉

        • If you are talking about doing private sector work in your area just during the shutdown while a federal employee, please be careful about that. I know at my agency that violates ethics rules and is at least a fire-able offence. We’re able to do some additional work, but nothing that is remotely related to what our primary job is. (If you’re talking about looking for a new FT job to replace the fed job, sorry for the irrelevant piece of info).

      • +1. You have no idea how long this will last, so I would apply as soon as possible. You can always cancel your application if this blows over quickly.

    • The only think with filing for UI is if the government does vote to allow backpay for furloughed feds you will have to pay back the unemployment you received.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      In DC you can do it all on line – I did in 2008 when I was laid off. You may need to physically take in paperwork. Try it on line and someone will contact you.

  • Smilla

    Rave: thanks to everyone who responded to my question about money in China. The PoPville community is the best!
    Rant: Autumn Conservation Festival at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute this weekend has been cancelled, thanks to the Tea Partiers. And no, the Dems are not partly responsible. This shutdown is ENTIRELY the fault of the GOP, which created this Frankenstein’s monster. Behold what thee hath wrought.

    • ignorant to blame one side or the other.

      • No, actually it’s not. Linking the defunding of the ACA to the continuing resolution is a crass political ploy that was rightly rejected. This is all on the Republicans.

        • +1.
          It’s a total backdoor attempt to try to undo a law they know they don’t have the votes to actually repeal.

          • Agreed that they should just pass the funding bill (i want things to go back to normal) but Obama as a president has not provided any leadership (hey man- yeah you need to pass a budget) since coming into office. This health care roll out is going to be an absolutely MESS (i work for an agency currently implementing the new law).

            To just blame one side is still ignorant. Theres definitely middle ground between the two parties but people are so ignorant and closed minded. Sad really.

          • Actually, this is a back door into privatizing the entirety of social services and the whole “Promote the general welfare” part of the constitution. The right and far right are dead set on creating a system of serfs and vassals for the corporate paymasters. (look into the TPP , ALEX, Koch Brothers funding of Tea Party, etc). Most of the dems/neo-liberal globalist are happy to go along (Obama keeping the TPP secret, etc) but just don’t want to appear as if they are.

        • +1 Big time!

        • It is not ignorant to blame the Republicans. This is a silly use of the word ignorant as very well informed people can understand that Republicans have a very specific demand and are holding up the funding of the entire government unless that demand is met. That is fact and a person can blame Republicans for this without being ignorant. Of course, an informed person can blame Democrats for not meeting their demand, but you probably wouldn’t call them ignorant.

      • if you believe that, then you haven’t been paying attention

      • Smilla

        And it’s ignorant to ignore the facts. This is entirely about the GOP, particularly the Tea Party, wanting to stop Obamacare. The law passed, the Supreme Court upheld it, it has begun. What a faction of the GOP is doing is holding the nation hostage simply because it didn’t get its way.


        • +5000. If you are still asserting that “both sides suck, so it’s everyone’s fault” you are either a conservative who is being completely disingenuous about your party’s central role in this mess or someone who hasn’t paid attention to the story at all but still wants to have a say about it. It is not a well thought out or defensible position, but it doesn’t stop people from trying to use it.

        • + 100. This is a 100% weasely Republican attempt at a coup d’etat. If a single one of them had the balls for actual tyranny they’d be guilty of that too.

      • It’s so great to see GOP staffers toeing the party line even when they are furloughed. Grow up my child 🙂

        • They are a bunch of masochists. They should probably spend more time on a psychologist’s couch and figure out why they hate themselves so much.

    • I blame the lawyer who re-interpreted the Anti-Deficiency Act in the first place.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Tea Party Asshats
    Rave: International Rhino Keeper Association 2014 Rhinoceros calender arrived yesterday!
    Rant: 704 rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa this year, higher that last years 668 killed by poachers.

  • Rant: shutdown and the House
    rave: my agency is one of the ones with some leftover money from last year so we’re staying open for a while. Not sure how long, but any little bit extra helps. Hopefully it’ll be resolved before the agency runs out of money.
    Rant?: my agency has so many really, really talented young people. And the industry my agency serves is hiring. They are all so sick of being treated like crud by Congress that they’re looking for new jobs. My agency is great, but they have to think of their futures. I’m glad they have good opportunities, but I hate that we’re losing such great people.
    Rave: this weather is nice.

    • Out of curiosity, what field do you work in? I sense the same problem in my field because of all this mess. I work in the overarching “data” field which is now a buzzword and is just going to pull more and more talented workers from the government.

  • Rant: I’m a government contractor, and the majority of my billable work went into stop work.
    Rant: I’m not an onsite contractor, so I don’t have a government-issued badge to take advantage of any penny-pinching deals. Thanks guys.
    Rave: There is a very small sliver of work I can bill to.
    Rant: But that work won’t last until Friday.
    Rave: The gal working the “premium seat upgrade” section of The Fillmore last night–let us into the special section for free without us even asking (we were interested in the upgrade, but I’ve got to save any money I have because of the shutdown). You made my day, lady 🙂

    • Agree on your first rant- contractors are getting just as screwed as some of the Feds, but we know for sure that we won’t be getting back pay if we’re furloughed next week. I feel terrible for my colleagues that are out of work this week through no choice of their own.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Actually contractors get screwed the worst. I was a K in 1995 – 1996 and had to use over 90 hours of leave to get paid. I was lucky. We had “essential” employees who worked and then were told the gov’t wouldn’t pay because we didn’t have a task order. It sucks all over. Last time the union got it classified as an employee lock out and that’s why the feds got paid. You have my sympathy

  • Rant: so many friends furloughed. so disheartening.
    Rave: furlough makes it easier to get a bikeshare bike in the morning after 8am!
    Related: When i got to the bikeshare docks this morning there were 2 bikes left – i started unlocking one, and then there was a guy at the kiosk thing paying for a passcode to unlock the other bike. then a third person came up and started to unlock the other bike. I pointed to the guy at the kiosk who was in the process of paying and surely was going to need that bike. The third person conceded the bike to the guy who was in the process of paying and stormed off in a huff. what is bikeshare ettiquette for this kind of thing? i feel like i was in the right – the other guy was in the middle of his transaction to pay for this bike! but the third person was ticked off. (on a funny note, as she stormed off, she said “I woke up early today so i could get a frickin bike!” and i wanted to say, “lady, 8:15am at a bikeshare dock is not early, it’s late. if it wasn’t for the furlough these bikes would have all been gone 30 minutes ago.”)

  • Rant: People blaming one side or the other for the shutdown. How about – they all suck for not passing a budget. I’m not talking about a continuing resolution, I’m talking about a full year no-BS budget. They all failed at that.

    • This is not a mutual blame situation. This is one half of one party, who lost an election in 2012, trying to shut down a law completely unrelated to the budget.

      Their is not equal blame here. This falls on the republicans.

      • pablo .raw

        I agree. They have voted 42 times against the law and it didn’t work, now they are trying this and hundreds of thousands of people are suffering the consequences.

        • Don’t forget that they also tried to appeal it in the courts, and a conservative-majority supreme court said it was not unconstitutional.

        • I think most people with half a grain of sense agree with you and do realize that this is a Republican issue (can’t say just tea party because the Speaker could fix this one himself too). From an American Citizen standpoint they are screwing us all over to ensure they get their pay and benefits. I am surprised nobody is mentioning this, but think about it. YOU can’t get rid of those republicans no matter what they do; they are not in YOUR district so you cant affect them. The people IN their district are the only ones who can make them stay or make them go and it just so happens their districts are full of nuts who want them to do this. To put it simply they are screwing the American Public at large to ensure they specifically will be reelected and continue getting their high pay and perks. Congress SHOULD care about what is best and fair for all, but anybody who thinks Congress does, is as nutty as they are : )

          • It’s that divisive attitude that’s part of the problem: “We’re kind, genious, good people, and the others are evil, idiotic, bad people.” Guess what – your crap stinks too. There are good people that have a different ideology than you. Demonizing them and lumping them all into one group doesn’t help. It makes you the same as the nutjobs on their side – enjoy their company.
            I’d rather work with a reasonable conservative than a nutjob liberal even if I tend to agree with the nutjob more.

          • ah

            Let’s be fair–every politician in both parties is willing to screw the American public in order to ensure that they are reelected. Sometimes you’re not the one getting screwed, but they’re all looking to screw someone else to benefit themselves and the people who elected them.

    • Thank you for acknowledging the fact that this has been a problem since the Obama administration came into office and was not the first time a threat of shut down has happened. When you dont do your job and just throw band-aide’s on REAL problems (aka let stop talking about abortions, gun control, ect) and focus on how to get our country back on track. This is just the bleeding from those continuing resolutions (theres a reason its not called a ‘solution’).

      So sick of liberals and republicans.

      • I think you both misunderstood me. I blame both sides for hypocrisy and not compromising. Sure, there are cheap political tricks being pulled here, and that’s disgraceful, but both sides do it when they’re on the losing side and then whine about the other side doing it. It’s hypocrisy and lack of compromise.

        If both sides cut that crap out, then maybe we could get a real budget that doesn’t represent 100% of one ideology or the other, but actually better represents what we as a country want.

        • The compromise has all been from one side.
          I’m reminded of that joke from after the earthquake: “There was just a 5.8 earthquake in D.C. Obama wanted it to be 3.4, but the Republicans wanted 5.8, so he compromised.”

          • Cute joke, but it’s been a pretty middle-left / left wing run for a while now. The ACA wasn’t a compromise. I suppose sequestration was a compromise, but possibly the stupidest thing we could have done.
            Ask yourself this: When Bush was president, did you or would you have supported a political ploy to styme something you disagreed with? Or would you have said “oh well, I guess he’s president so let’s just go along with what he wanted?”

          • You mean like the wars?

          • The ACA wasn’t a compromise? You must be high. What many on the left want is single payer, most wanted to at least have a government option included in ACA. Instead we went with a law originally written by the Heritage Foundation and championed in Massachusetts by a republican governor.

          • If it was a real compromise, then it would have had conservative support also. It was only enough of a compromise to get the mid-left on board. Some people want single payer, but not enough to actually do anything. That would have been DOA.

          • The ACA was the republicans’ idea in the first place. As soon as dems endorsed it the republicans dropped it like a hot potato. Then they pretended like they were never holding the potato, then to challenge reality even more they pretended that their candidate for president had nothing to do with Massachusetts enacting a similar health care law.
            How do you compromise with an unpredictable, illogical party?

        • I’m curious. What in your view would be a “compromise” position? In my view, there’s no need to link the health care law with the budget — and the current health care plan represents more than a compromise — a move from a single payer program to one that mirrors programs that were proposed by Republicans and supports insurance companies.
          — So: What do you think “we as a country want”? and — What do you think represents a “compromise” position? Otherwise, you’re just flinging around phrases that sound meaningful but have little behind them.

          • Good point on healthcare – I don’t think there’s a great compromise position. We either can’t agree with it ideologically, or aren’t open minded enough to try it. Personally, I’d be happy with a single payer system. Or at least just divorcing health care from employer benefits – make it more like a real marketplace for some aspects. But nooo we have to have something where “if you like your plan, you can stick with it”.
            But there’s plenty of room to compromise on budget that the politicians just aren’t running with. Occasionally there’s a bipartisan group that does just that, but no one backs them up.

  • Rant: Shutdown, obviously. And now I’m starting to really worry about a combined conflagration with the debt ceiling.
    Rave: At least it’s pretty outside.
    Rave: Had a great lunch with a former boss. Networking is good, especially in the midst of a furlough.

  • Rave: Great run with one of my favorite friends in DC
    Rant: Hastert Rule
    Rave: Watching lots of netflix since the news is too depressing
    Rant: Breaking Bad is over – need a new show – scandal will do till the next high-quality show comes on
    Rave: Summer’s last gasp!

  • rant: just filed for unemployment – I’ve never had to do it before because any period of unemployment I’ve experienced came after graduating from undergrad and grad school. Despite the one-week waiting period for benefits to kick in, and the fact that I’d need to pay back any benefits if feds are retroactively paid for the shutdown, I think it’s more likely than not that this shutdown will last longer than one week and we will not be paid for it. Meanwhile, I think that filing for unemployment requires the recipient to engage in a job search, so I guess I’ll use my “free” time to dust off my cover letter and resume – and my boss was already worried before this about his employees leaving because of budget and staffing cuts, this is not helping.

  • amost cut off a biker today changing lanes… didn’t see him but heard him. Nothing happened., but just want to publically apologise.
    RAVE: DC Government saying open (for now) during the shutdown.
    RAVE: Beautiful weather

  • Rave: Reading the comments here at PoP, I found out I can apply for unemployment while on furlough. Thanks, folks!

    Question: Are there furloughed feds protesting down at the Capitol today? I want to make a sign and join.

    Fed/contractor solidarity. DC solidarity.

    • Rave: Thankful to the lessons in how American government works today showing up in the media. Helps point out why this shutdown situation is so utterly ridiculous.
      Rave: Grateful for all the support from businesses, neighbors, and friends. A free burger tastes better than any other fancy burger.
      Rant: I just spent about two hours reading really bad roommate stories (I think on Gawker). Not like I have anything else better to do, but wow do I feel really lucky I’ve never had those horrific situations. Some were funny, but others were really awful.

    • saf

      Just remember that if you get retroactive pay you will need to pay your UI benefits back.

  • Rave: I’ve decided it’s time for a new bike (at least a different bike). The bike I have needs costly repairs that don’t make sense given the age/condition of the bike.
    Rant: Neighbors that leave their dog outside where it bark bark barks

    • epric002

      call 311 and report the dog. not to WHS, unless there’s an abuse/neglect concern.

      • actually, call 911 about the dog. I do it regularly for the dog behind me that constantly barks. If you call 311, they’ll tell you to call 911.

        • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve checked to see that the dog has water and shade (which it does) and it goes in at night so it isn’t an issue of abuse/neglect. Thankfully.
          But I don’t understand putting your dog outside all day with nothing to do but to bark incessantly.

        • epric002

          i’ve called 311 before on barking dogs and was connected/given the number to the police section that deals with it. i wasn’t told to call 911.

  • Blithe

    Rant: I’m both confused and disgusted by the political posturing.

    Query: The possibility of instituting “term limits” has come up a lot — how would that help? Why not just vote to “limit” the term of someone one views as “past it”? Wouldn’t that mean losing experienced principled people — who seem in short supply right now?

    Rave: I’ve made some small, realistic goals, and I’ve made a good start on achieving them. Progress!!

    Rave: “Friends and Family” discounts mean that I can buy a few things in season — when they still have my size in the colors that suit me.

    • I don’t think term limits would help. The new people are the ones leading this craziness (Cruz, Rand Paul on other things), the old timers who grew up in a time of bipartisan cooperation are more reasonable (McCain).

    • I think a better solution to term limits is to make the process for drawing congressional districts non-partisan. With the current partisan system, the party in power in each state draws the districts in a way that makes a lot of incumbent House member virtually unbeatable. That’s why you end up with extreme right wing people holding the House hostage – they know that some moderate candidate isn’t going to run against them and win. There are no consequences for their actions. If districts were drawn in a non-partisan way, we’d get a lot more moderate, sane House members (in both parties) and there would be a greater willingness to compromise and find solutions to problems, rather than dig in and refuse to negotiate.

    • What could work is going back to a representative democracy. When the House was first started, there was a rep per 13,000 people. It is now a rep per 700,000 people.

      If we reverted to 13,000/rep, there would be about 24,000 reps. The house would be part-time, and you would vote from home. DC would have 48 reps, and Virginia would have 630. This would ensure that you cannot gerrymander districts (tough to gerrymander 13,000 people) and the Dems would have a % of the house equal to the extra million odd votes they had in the 2012 election, as opposed to being the minority party.

  • Rant: Trying so hard to not feed the trolls.
    Rant/Rave: I can’t stop eating the Trader Joe’s dried mandarin orange slices. They’re like delicious gummies.
    Rave: Off to Philly this weekend for a wedding. I’m a bridemaid, and it’s been the least bridesmaid-y experience I’ve ever had with a friend’s wedding. Good people make everything better.

  • Rant: When do federal agency websites go back online when the shutdown ends? I need information for research and can’t access any of it.

    • I just realized that sounds really harsh. I’m actually a furloughed employee. I know I’m not supposed to but I wanted to work on something during the shutdown so I can avoid my boss giving attitude about it when the shutdown ends.

  • Rant: so bored! I can’t shop or go to HH (saving as this shutdown is going to last a while)
    Rave: catching up on soaps. I hate when they age the kids (eg Y&R). Why is Sharon still talking to Cassie’s ghost? Why is Robin being held by Jasper Jax? Did Helena Cassadine die? When did Rena Sofer join B&B?
    Rave: October horror movie marathon. Any recs (new/oldies/faves)?

    • Oh the old classics are they ONLY way to go. The Exorcist, The Omen, The Amityville Horror, The Shining, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But you MUST watch “Its the great pumpkin charlie brown”, its not fall till that comes on : )

  • Rant: the continued use of the word “Obamacare.” Whether you support it/like it – or not – continued use of it only perpetuates the negative connotation promoted by the the Tea Party and the GOP. Let’s call it what it is. The Affordable Health Care Act: a legitimate and tested law of this great land.

  • A non political note:

    I stopped by Mr P’s Ribs and FIsh in Shaw on 6th and Rhode Island (as mentioned by POP recently) and they provided some information. They should be open in the next week or two, they plan to have outdoor tables there so you can eat there (assume that means they will sell canned drinks or something) and will start with their regular weekend hours and potentially expand into the week if there is a market for it. He also said they are STILL at the old Rhode Island Shopping center that they previously where but that they were moved to another place in the parking lot, so people just don’t see them right away.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Shutdown. Same as everyone else.

    Rave-ish: My husband is excepted, so at some point in the future (God only knows when), we will at least have partial income.

    Rant: Husband is really worried about some of his furloughed employees. They don’t make much (for this area) and don’t have lots of savings. At least he was able to get them info about filing for unemployment.

    Rave? Hey, I filed for unemployment, too!

  • Revel: DC United are 2013 US Open Cup Champions! It’s a small consolation during an otherwise shockingly dismal season, but we’ll take it. That’s trophy #13 for anyone who’s lost count. (For comparison, New York’s trophy count is still at zero.)

    • ah

      +1. So a bunch of a-hole cyclists and one not clearly involved ends up paralyzed.

      • Eh, he was stopped in front of the vehicle and clearing contributing to the mob frenzy by not allowing the SUV driver to move to safety. I have zero sympathy for the injured motorcycle rider. If he’s lucky, he will get a small settlement from the insurance companies of the other motorcyclists. I think the SUV driver is in the clear – both legally and from civil litigation.

      • He was directly in front of the vehicle that his group of riders had stopped on a freeway. He was one of the a-hole cyclists.

  • Rant: I wish more people would back off the knee-jerk reaction of hating the ACA just because it was Obama’s project, and at least *try* to keep an open mind about it. Will it be a perfect system? No. Few systems are. But I don’t understand the vitrol. First of all, it’s required to buy auto insurance if you own a car; this is to equitably protect all of us who drive. Health insurance isn’t really that much different. Second, if you get reasonably-priced insurance from your employer already, your health insurance situation *will not change* under the ACA. Ditto if you get Medicare or Medicaid. The health insurance exchanges are for everyone who doesn’t have an employer-provided option. They 99.99% likely won’t be paying higher premiums under the ACA (one scare-statement I’ve heard frequently) because they DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE NOW or are paying through the roof for their individual monthly premiums. My mother–a widow with limited income, but not low enough for Medicaid–paid over $450 month for health insurance for a number of years before she reached Medicare age; I plugged her info into one of the premium calculators, and she’d have been paying less than 1/3 of that under ACA. (Note: this anti-ACA line of thought doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue on this board…but I am definitely hearing it from some relatives outside of DC.)

  • Rant: A Facebook friend from the Midwest posted that his insurance was increasing to some ungodly amount. Everyone was blaming the Affordable Care Act but no one actually encouraged him, until me, to check the exchanges and determine if he could get a better deal there (he can).

    Comments included:

    You make too much money for Obamacare, it’s only for people who don’t work.
    If you have too much in your 401K you don’t qualify.
    Most doctors don’t accept it.
    I will never sign up for that socialist program.

    Also he lives in a state that chose not to set up an exchange so yes it did take time for me to get into the Federal exchange to help him look, but geez, these states that don’t participate and dump everyone into the Federal Exchange have some gall to proclaim it a failure because it takes a long time to access the website!

    • epric002

      +10 for you helping out in that sea of ignorance.

    • It’s not quite as bad, but I have a Facebook friend who posted a photo of some trashey guy with his pants down, looking very proud of himself, crouching in front of a TV screen so it looks like Obama is kissing his pasty white ass. Just what I want to see.

  • Anonymous 11:00 — I think you’ve created a tautology here. You’ve said that “If it was a real compromise, then it would have had conservative support also”. Okay. But A “compromise” requires that EACH side makes concessions. As I understand it, the extreme Republicans have made NO concessions. So, in essence, what you seem to be saying is that the liberals should concede and concede until the Republicans agree to support it. That is NOT what a “real compromise” is.
    Once there’s a clean bill — that does NOT attach the ACA — which is already law — there may, indeed, be room for compromise with regard to the budget. But by definition, “compromise” goes both ways — and that’s not the way that Team R. has been playing it — at least in front of the cameras.

    • Sorry:. This was supposed to be a response to Anonymous 11:00 at 1:04.

    • I actually blame both sides for not compromising. It just comes off as defending the conservatives because, frankly, 99% of the comments here are pretty far liberal. For anything to be a real compromise, enough people from both sides should support it. I don’t think that the ACA met that. Maybe it never could have – I really don’t know.
      I think that what the extreme conservatives are doing is despicable. I just don’t think that the liberals / extreme liberals are saints either.

      • epric002

        a compromise is when an agreement or a settlement of a dispute is reached by each side making concessions. a compromise does not require that “enough people from both sides should support it”. the subject that should be compromised on here is the budget, not the ACA. and no, most of the comments on here are not pretty far liberal, most of them have been pretty mainstream.

        • what is the difference between “agreement reached by each side making concessions” and “enough people from both sides support it”? I don’t think that the ACA met that. Mainly because the right wing wouldn’t play ball.
          I never considered myself conservative (I still don’t), but I find myself to the right of many of the comments here. Like “this is 100% republican’s fault”. I just don’t think it’s that simple.

          • I just don’t understand how this isn’t 100% republicans fault. They had YEARS to work on this bill. They elected to simply try and repeal it. The voters, and the supreme court decided they wanted Obamacare to be the law of the land.

            The republicans in congress then elected not to fund the government, waiting until midnight and passing all sorts of gimmicks in the hope to not catch blame.

          • Anonymous 11:00: ACA aside, do you have an idea of what the other contentious budget issues are? You’ve said more than once that you hold “both sides” responsible for not compromising. What are the issues beyond ACA where you feel “compromise” is needed? This is a genuine question. I don’t know — in part because the obfuscatory strategy of the budget-ACA link has been dominating the press coverage (that I’ve read.)

          • Taxes – rates, exemptions / loopholes, etc.
            Spending – military, social security, etc.
            Deficit reduction – what is the right time frame to get to a balanced budget?

            We can’t do this on short term continuing resolutions. We need a real strategy with real funding bills that enough people can agree on such that we don’t have to rely on bills every 3 months.

          • If the republicans were not beholden to Grover Norquist, they could have entitlement reform by the end of the week….

            Chained CPI is a done deal, when the republicans get serious and are willing to compromise with higher rates, or otherwise restricting deductions on high income.

            There is one party holding back that compromise, and it is not the Dems..

          • Anonymous 11:00 — To answer your question — “If you truly believed that the ACA should be repealed, would you hold back from a tactic like this? Or would you be happy that your leaders were doing all that they could?” I personally do not believe that the end justifies the means. Not only would I personally hold back from “a tactic like this” — I would actively advocate avoiding it — so that my issue — be it gun control, early childhood education, voting rights for DC citizens…..– could be addressed directly.
            See Victoria 3:56 — I applaud her eloquence! In addition to my personal and moral beliefs, Victoria points out why what’s going on now with the ACA is particularly deplorable.

        • epric002

          when you concede something, you are acknowledging defeat on an issue- so both sides have to give something(s) up in order to a new position. it has nothing to do with how many people support the end result. for example, in compromising on the BUDGET, which is the issue here, not the ACA, the republicans could hypothetically concede to higher tax rates on the wealthy, and the democrats could hypothetically concede to cuts to entitlement programs. there likely won’t be support from the republicans to accepting higher tax rates, and there won’t likely be support from the democrats to cutting social security- but they have both conceded, and thus compromised. there is no compromising to do with regard to the ACA- it is law. it is not compromising to insist on its repeal/delay in order to fund the government- that is a ransom. if you want to modify the ACA you do so in an appropriate legislative fashion AFTER you’ve done your job and conceded and compromised on the budget.

          • Why do they have to divorce ACA provisions from the budget? Is it illegal? That’s their leverage – and I’ll bet you wouldn’t be complaining if it were the other way around.

            That’s why I don’t see it 100%, but I think we won’t agree on that.

          • saf

            Anonymou 11:00 – have you not been paying attention? ACA was passed several years ago. It has been challenged both in the legislature and in the courts. It was upheld.

            It was an issue in the last election, and Obama was re-elected.

            It is already funded.

            The time to negotiate over that is past. This is just a tantrum, and it is offensive.

          • … and it continues to be challenged in the legislature. I wish there was enough to overrule them, but at this point, there isn’t. Neither side flinched, and now we’re shut down.

            If you truly believed that the ACA should be repealed, would you hold back from a tactic like this? Or would you be happy that your leaders were doing all that they could?

          • epric002

            omfg. if you truly believe that the childish behavior currently on display is commendable….wow. it is petulant, they are sore losers, and they are effing with people’s lives and livelihoods here. it is inexcusable.

          • If you truly believe that the childish behavior only comes from one side then you are very biased. I can’t argue with that.

            I read the slate article and I just don’t agree with legitimacy of a lot of the points. I’m not going to go through them point by point.

            I agree that there’s a lot of nasty behavior going on, but I can’t put it all on one party. I don’t think some of you are really opening your minds to the bias you’re displaying.

          • Also, how do you point to slate for unbiased reporting? That’s like quoting fox news.

          • If you truly believe ACA should be repealed – what do you propose we do instead for the 2 million people who tried to sign up for it yesterday?

          • And if I don’t believe that? Then will you stop attributing that to me? Thanks.

          • epric002

            i first thought that anon 11:00 had some genuine questions. but if there was an original one, it’s been totally obfuscated by the refusal to accept the patient explanations of popville about why the ACA is not the topic to compromise on- the budget it. every time someone answers one of your questions, you jump to your next talking point, of course in the form of another question. it’s pretty convenient that way. i never said that the TP/repubs were the only ones to *ever* exhibit childish behavior- but all of the current childish behavior is coming from them, and that’s what we’re talking about- the current govt shutdown, and why it’s the fault of the TP. i also never said that slate wasn’t unbiased. but just because you don’t like the facts doesn’t mean it’s biased. i’m done with your roundabouts. good day.

      • There was no way that anyone from the GOP was going to support this bill. Mitch McConnell made that clear, and he intended to use this as a way of making BO a one-term president.

        • This. Right here.
          The GOP said for the entirety of the first term that they would create as much gridlock as possible in order to “make President Obama a one term President.” That’s from the GOP’s own talking points. How are the Democrats supposed to work with that? How do they concede when the other party is doing everything they can to wipe you out?
          It’s such a fallacy that the Democrats haven’t compromised. And I’ll continue to call bullsh#t on that every time someone makes that false, disingenuous claim.

      • The compromises were already made during the many excruciating years of cobbling together the ACA into a BILL, then compromising further to get the votes that finally made it a LAW which was then judged constitutional by the SUPREME COURT.

        A faction of Congress doesn’t like the LAW and so are holding us all hostage.

        The only – “compromise” to be made now would be if we are willing to let them whack the arms and legs off our hostages before handing them back.

  • Well, congratulate yourselves. You sure are an open minded bunch. Just keep sitting around your drum circle patting either on the back.
    Or try opening your mind. Sure, we may agree on a number of issues, and I probably vote more like you than not. But I also recognize that other parties, other people many times have legitimate points of view. I question the BS put out by my own side. Because if we can’t recognize our own BS, then how can we expect conservatives to do the same.
    It boggles my mind the amount of attacks heaped on me for just questioning the liberal party line here.
    Do what you will. I don’t expect to change your minds, but you certainly don’t make me proud to associate with some of you.
    Yours truly,
    An agnostic liberal

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