PoPville Preview – Bluejacket Brewery and The Arsenal Restaurant and Bar Opening in Navy Yard this Tuesday

300 Tingey Street, SE

Sometimes I say holy cow after visiting a new spot but that is simply not strong enough for this preview – a holy shit is required. Holy shit this place is awesome. The eagerly anticipated Bluejacket Brewery had a preview party last night and as expected the place is jaw dropping. Bluejacket is actually the name of the brewery – the restaurant and bar inside will be called The Arsenal (the building was part of a munitions manufacturing complex.)  It opens on Tuesday though if you live in the neighborhood keep your ears open for a neighborhood preview before then.

Here are some facts about the space:


As always the photos do more justice than any words (though more background details are provided after the jump.) But to be honest these photos don’t even do justice to how cool the space is.  I highly recommend you check it out in the next six months before baseball season starts when this place is likely to get smashed crowded.  Two of my favorite beers from last night were the Forbiden Planet Kolsch and the Bombshell Belgian Blond Ale.  I seriously can’t wait to go back and try some more.


Lots more photos after the jump.

front entrance dining area

dining area


bar area

booths in bar area






last night’s beers

some food options from last night



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  • Looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for this place to open for a while now. Do they have TV’s at the bar? I’d like to watch the World Series there next Wednesday if it’s still going.

    • Yep, looks great. I’ll stop by next time I go to a Nats game….oh, right, there are no more Nats games until April. Maybe if they had opened earlier……..

      • More for the rest of us! Something tells me their beer isn’t bitter enough for your tastes.

      • Maybe they planned it this way. If they had opened up during the Nats’ season, it would’ve been absolutely slammed every single night. This way, it’ll probably be far less crowded over the next five months, which will allow them to work out all the kinks. There aren’t exactly a lot of other attractions in that area, and it’s not exactly densely populated at this point, so I doubt it’ll be super busy most of the time.

        • I think that the timing worked out just right for the reasons you mention, although I think Bluejacket has the ability to single-handedly turn the neighborhood into a year-round destination.
          Nats Park and Yards Park have really been great for folks who live in the area, or from Capitol Hill, SW, or any green line-accessible neighborhood. And now Bluejacket opens at the time that Canal Park is getting ready to restart the ice rink (and a few more nearby restaurants, like Agua 301 and Osteria Morina are on the way soon).

          While there’s still a lot of unfinished (or unstarted construction), the neighborhood is going to look quite a bit different by opening day.

        • justinbc

          It wasn’t intentional. Lots of permit delays and things of the sort due to the uniqueness of the space. Believe me, they wanted to open a long time ago. Kyle told me he’s had to write at least 3 menus in anticipation of opening dates.

  • justinbc

    Have been waiting more than a year for this to finally open, couldn’t be more stoked.

  • Wow, looks great! A great addition to the city.
    Hopefully they can throw some parties in here in the future (would be an awesome venue for a dance party).

    • Agree! It would also harken back to the old days when there were dance clubs in the area.

      • I love the warehouse feel and the huge brewing vessels. Acoustics might be a bit tricky, but it would be awesome for a dance party once every few months (keep it sporadic and “special event” – not every weekend).
        It would be great venue for a live streamed Boiler Room event. 🙂

    • Seriously doubt they have the liquor license endorsement for that (In DC, if you have a liquor license, you need additional permission to have live music, DJs, and/or a dance floor).

      • I believe you can get one-off “special event” permits for stuff like that. I believe that’s how BYT is able to throw dance party events with cash bar at the Wonder Bread building in Shaw and other non-traditional venues. It’s actually pretty easy to do and inexpensive, so long as you’re not trying to do it every weekend.
        I had to apply for weekly permits for my grad school, as we had a cash happy hour in our lobby near Dupont Circle. You have to show proof of insurance to get it and meet a few other basic criteria. ABRA was surprisingly easy to work with on these things.

        • I did the same when we got married in Dupont at a non-bar venue. Wasn’t difficult or expensive, which surprised me

  • Is that just a snippet of the menu? Kinda disappointed that there’s so much meat, but maybe there’s more we’re not seeing?

  • I want to go to there.

  • I think I speak for most Navy Yard residents that we’re ecstatic to see this place finally almost open

  • Wh-what? Snack Attack! by Bluejacket/Funky Buddha/Cigar City is retired! ;____; When I missed this at ChurchKey I was hoping the triad would come together again and the future Bluejacket would one day surprise us with it. A dash of wistfulness tempers my excitement, but it’s excitement all the same.

    • Snack Attack was a delicious beer. Nearly impossible to drink more than one, but that one was excellent as a complement to a Birch & Barley brunch. Hopefully it will make a limited appearance at some point.

  • brookland_rez

    That’s great news. I went to the Gordon Biersch down there a few months ago and was disappointed. This place looks like the real deal.

  • The food sounds a lot like what you can get at Birch and Barley, which is kind of pricey and not all that great, but you don’t go there for the food, you go there for the awesome beers. From what I hear, these guys know a thing or two about brewing beer. I think it’ll become a beer aficionado’s destination, like Churchkey. And it’ll do a lot better during baseball season.

  • no TV’s?

    • supposed to have a few above the bar eventually, but i’m not sure when “eventually” is or even how many “a few” is

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