Now Where Will I Get My Travelers Checks?


Sad news for those who like to kick it old school in their travels. The Amex store at 15th and K St, NW is closing Nov. 1st. It’s a big space so it’ll be interesting to see who ends up taking it over. Stay tuned.


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  • Go to AAA. Not far away.

  • I’ve been traveling internationally for the past 15 years and always travelled with cash, I exchange all of it at the airport at my destination and keep it in my money belt. Don’t have time to be running to banks and paying fees.

    • Yes, and you also pay exorbitant exchange rates at those airport money exchanges.

      • +1 Easiest and cheapest way is to take money out of the ATM. You may pay a small fee but you will get the best exchange rate. And it is MUCH easier to find an ATM than another exchange place if you need more money further in your trip.Not to mention it usually isn’t a great idea to walk around with so much cash. I travel a ton for work to some pretty remote places and have never understood why some people deal with the hassle of exchanging cash or traveler’s checks.

    • ah

      Fortunately there are plenty of money belt stores all over the city.


  • People still use travelers checks? Lol. If your travelling abroad just pull cash out of an ATM once you get to your destination country. Virtually all major banks have agreements with overseas banks that allow you to withdrawal cash without fees.

  • LOL @ “who like to kick it old school”

  • you could also get the travelex cash passport… it’s a credit card, but preloads different currencies onto it… but the currencies are still limited….

  • As a current employee of the AMEX office at 15th and K, you can now obtain your travelers check on the AMEX website.

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