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The Shelburne in Dupont:

“Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with The Shelburne at 17th & S or Bainbridge Property Management? Not a ton of reviews online and I’m considering a move in the near future. Thanks!”

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  • I used to live in this building. You can’t beat the location, but the building itself is kinda worn down. No central A/C, no in unit dishwasher or W/D (though there are coin operated machines downstairs), but I loved living there because of its location. We lived in a rent controlled unit, which made it great, but I’ve heard that they are trying to rent out a building here at comparable prices to other places in the area. Probably not worth that.

  • I live in a sister bainbridge property, and they have recently taken over management of the Shelburne as well as my own. As of right now, I’m not impressed by the management co. at all. Can’t speak to the apartments themselves. Typically apartments rent for a little less than the average in the neighborhood though. Probably due to lack of amenities like concierge.

  • my best friend lives in this building, the building is nice enough. relatively large apartments, no luxuries like dishwasher, central air, etc. but for the area its a good deal. she’s happy there.

  • What’s with the concern with central air here and elsewhere–have had window unit. heat pump, etc. A good room unit is cheaper and less noisy and works just fine for one bedroom.

    • I guess it depends on what you’re accustomed to. I grew up in a small, old, rowhouse and have always lived in older apartment buildings. I’ve never had a dishwasher, an in-unit washer/dryer (except in my childhood house), or central air. I’m not used to having those things, so I don’t feel deprived without them; it’s just normal. The one thing I did add to my must-have list, though, was an in-building laundry room. With my end-of-college/early-post-college apartment it felt “cool” and “urban” to spend an hour or two at the laundromat on Sundays…but that novelty wore off pretty fast. (Note: I mean no racial connotation with the “urban” reference; I just mean “urban” in the “Yea! City living! My own apartment!” sense.)

      • I honestly don’t even know where people without laundry in their buildings would go to find a coin-op laundry. I think I’ve seen one in Columbia Hts or Mt Pleasant, but while I see dry cleaners all over I never see laundromats.

        • There’s one on Georgia Avenue (in Park View).
          Agreed that there are fewer laundromats in D.C. (at least close-in NW) than I’d expect.

  • I live in the sister building and have only had a good experience with Bainbridge. The property manager is very responsive. The owners of the building also just redid the hallways (which while a noisy, messy process) turned out nice. I’d recommend Bainbridge – can’t speak to the Shelburne physically.

  • I’m writing this anonymously so take for what it’s worth. A friend of mine had a severe bed bug problem there that came about because the next door neighbor was a hoarder. Building management at first refused to pay for heat treatment, leading to months of recurrent bed bugs because fumigation was nothing in view of the hoarding. The bed bugs just came back. Eventually the management agreed to heat treatment, but I don’t recall whether that was successful. In any case it lasted six months, maybe more. Friend had to move eventually. Hoarder was apparently unperturbed by the foulness of his/her place, and the hoarder couldn’t be forced to do anything about it. The building/management offered no compensation to my friend who had to dry clean all her clothes and keep them in her car for a month.

    The plus side of that place was that it was a real deal. Hope you’re not in market for same apt.

  • I lived here 10 years ago, so things may have changed but… I loved the building. The location is awesome, and it’s an old structure so the walls are thick and I never heard a peep from my neighbors. But the management was crap. No services, ever, and they never answered their phone. When I needed to move, I left three voicemails to tell them and physically went to their office more then once, but it was always closed. They never called back, even to acknowledge that I was vacating, and I could never reach anyone to get my deposit back. (I was moving overseas, so it was pretty impossible to follow up once I left.)

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