From the Forum – Bicycle Stolen Brightwood Park – REWARD


Bicycle Stolen Brightwood Park – REWARD:

“My bicycle was stolen in Brightwood Park (on 9th Street) last night. If anyone has seen it please let me know. I would be happy to give $100 back for her no questions asked. She is my main mode (besides the bus) of transit to work in Georgetown so I would love to have her back. The bicycle is a Novara Forza. It’s also my birthday week so it would be the best birthday present to have her returned to me! She is a few years old and I got her used, but she has been the only bicycle I’ve owned since moving to DC in 2009. The bike has some pretty distinguishable stickers – Emerson College Alumni sticker (since I don’t have a car and am a proud Alumna) and a Swedish Svergie sticker. Thanks so much!”

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  • Happy Birthday!! But yea…your bike is gone.

  • Yikes. Happy birthday, and so sorry about the bike. I’ll have an eye out!

  • File a police report. Then you can make your insurance claim and there’s a chance you’ll get it back. I had bike stolen in the spring, insurance cut us a check pretty quick, bought a new bike, then got a call from the police it had been recovered. Not likely, but possible, especially if you have it registered.

  • Thanks All! I keep ending up in PopVille for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately my insurance has a deductible of $1000.00, and this bike wasn’t worth quite that, but in good news my parents have a ton of bicycles up in Massachusetts and are bringing a nice old one to me.

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