Beloved Ceramic Pig Stolen from Capitol Hill – Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Chester!


“Dear PoPville,

Some terrible person stole my dear Sir Chester, who was a gift from my mother. Is there anywhere in this city where a ceramic pig can feel safe??”

More from Craigslist:

“Sometime during the weekend of October 19, Sir Chester Southington was kidnapped from his Barracks Row home.

If you see Sir Chester appear on a new front porch or elsewhere on this site, please contact us immediately. We miss our friend and protector.”

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  • That sucks! I hope Sir Chester makes his way back home!

  • That does suck. Someone swiped my Flying Pig out of my front garden. Down with PorcineKnappers!

  • I once had two ceramic pigs at the top of my steps in “east Capital Hill.” On Halloween 2010 someone smashed one of them 🙁

  • I’m so sorry to hear that!! Hope you find him soon. I just realized that my garden gnome and one of the arms of Mr. Skeleton disappeared last night from our front yard in Petworth! Ugh!

  • Ugh people are so absurdly petty. It’s just sad that those who go out of their way to improve the neighborhood by planting or putting out decorations are likely to have them either vandalized or stolen. Sorry to hear about your piggy :-/

    • justinbc

      I have an “under $20” policy for yard decorations for this very reason. No matter how nice your neighborhood, it only takes one stupid / drunk / bored person to ruin something.

      • Yup. That’s a good rule of thumb.
        There’s two smashed pumpkins in front of my apartment building. One of my fellow residents carved them and set them out on the front porch on Friday evening. By Saturday evening, they were smashed and left in a sad heap on the grass barrier between the curb and the sidewalk. If it ain’t tied down, don’t bother. That’s DC, in a nutshell.

        • I put out two pumpkins on my front porch stairs and fully expected them to be gone/smashed within 24 hours. It’s going on a month now and they still stand. Very pleasantly surprised.

          • Same here (although they’ve been badly assaulted by the squirrel population).

          • That’s nice to hear. I live right off U Street, near Cardozo HS.
            Teenagers during the day + drunk bozos at night/all weekend long = don’t even bother.

      • Same here. I wish I could go all out with Halloween decor, but I feel like I have to stick with cheap stuff.

    • People steal the weirdest things in Capitol Hill. From my house, the front gate and a single chair cushion from our patio furniture. It’s always the things that are annoying difficult to replace. I’ll keep an eye out for the pig!

      • Someone stole your actual front gate?!

        • Yep. The cast iron kind. Guessing it was sold as scrap metal.

          • Ugh, that’s obnoxious. Those things are expensive. I doubt they sold it for scrap; they probably resold it to another unwitting home owner (similar to how gardeners steal mature plants and replant them in their clients’ yards for big $$$)

          • justinbc

            I actually heard about this plant stealing thing via PoP a while back. It definitely had me nervous when doing our landscaping. It does help that our home is elevated off of street level, with a pretty substantial fence / gate around it. We dropped almost 2K on trees from Merrifield this fall, just so I could get the mature 400 pound ones that I figured would be next to impossible to steal!

          • Surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Almost every house has one, they’re each worth around $900, and they require little or no tools to remove and walk off with.

          • Shhhhhhhhhhh – let’s not give them more ideas. Then again, I doubt most thieves of DC read PoP’ville during their downtime. 😀

  • This reminds me of when I lived in Mt. Pleasant. It’s another neighborhood where people will steal damn near anything that isn’t chained up.

  • Wow, too bad about your pig. And it’s a good looking pig too. Althougth I’m sure the sentimental value was more important than the look.

    When I purchase ceramic figures I always try to purchase the ones with a hole in the bottom large enough to put a small chain through. Then I lock it the security bars on my basement windows. I’ve watched people from my kitchen window as they “think” about whether they can take something in the yard without getting caught. After they see the skinny chain they decide it’s not worth it.

    I used to work with a lobbyist who lived on Capitol Hill. He used to tell me these outrageous stories about looking out his front window at the tops of tables, chairs and other things being taken from neighbors yards. I guess some folks will take anything.

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