Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

1754 Corcoran Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1754 Corcoran Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“SUPER CUTE 1 Bedroom Condo on a fantastic street in Dupont–Many Updates to Incl: Renovated Kitchen w/Granite Counters, New Appls, Tile Back Splash & Breakfast Bar, Remodeled Bathroom, Wood Flooring**Nice Closet Space**Enjoy the Private Terrace w/Access to Bedroom and Living Room**Walk to Metro, Shops, Restaurants & Nightlife**Rent INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES!!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,000/Mo.

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  • I think this is the first $2,000 basement apartment I’ve seen. smh

    • Basements routinely rent for more than $2000. We’ve charged several hundred more than that for years and have never had a problem getting renters. Note also that basement rentals typically include all utilities, often including internet.

      • I’m very curious about your comment. You seriously have people spending $2500+ for a comparable unit (450 sq ft basement with no laundry and barely any light)? Given how radically different rents can be within a few blocks, where exactly is this?

        I know how ridiculous it is to compare rents for dissimilar properties in different neighborhoods. But every time I see an ad and read comments that try to make something like this sound like a good deal, I realize my deal on my place in Chinatown (over twice the size in a full-service building for not much more) is so sweet that I will never be able to afford to move anywhere else in this city.

        • @RL —

          I never said this particular unit was a good deal. It’s hard to tell what kind of deal it is. actually, because the pictures are terrible and I can’t even tell if there are any windows. What I was responding to was the comment that “this is the first $2,000 basement apartment I’ve seen.” Whoever wrote that doesn’t know the market because, as I responded, basements routinely rent for more than that. I know this from personal experience because, again, I own a place with a (1 BR/ 1 BA) basement apartment and it’s gotten more than $2000 a month for years now — and without any trouble — and all you need to do is look at craigslist and you will see many listings for basement apartments for well over this amount.

          My rental is well located in the Logan/U Street area.

  • Why so many pictures of the corners of the rooms (not to mention the toilet)? Also, that “private terrace” is just depressing.

    • I think it seems corner-ific because the photos weren’t taken with a wide-angle lens (or whatever the right term is) and because there’s no furniture.

      They’d be less noticeable if either were the case.

  • and you get to be managed by Tilton Bernstien, perhaps worst management place in the city.

    • My condo building – 30 units – has been quite happy with Tilton Bernstien. This place looks like a basement – hard to tell from such crappy photos – but seems way overpriced.

      • figby

        Are you the spokeswoman for the entire condo building? Wow. I guess you never needed TBM to do anything for you. But your loyalty to them is super-neat. Let’s hope they never hire a guy to paint over the mold in your condo!

        • Sheesh. Maybe Victoria talks with her neighbors frequently. Maybe she’s on the condo board. Who knows? Different people have different experiences with the same landlords/management company, depending on their building’s condition and its needs. Sounds like Victoria’s, and potentially many of her neighbors’, has been ok. You’ve clearly had a far more negative experience, which by all means share, but no need to be nasty about it.

  • Nicest dungeon I’ve ever seen!
    When your captives demand the finest luxuries, send them to this place.

  • It’s a great neighborhood, but IMO $2K for that tiny basement apartment is too high. Hallway =/= terrace. Is there an actual bedroom? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. And those pictures are terrible.

  • Provided that there is a true bedroom in there with the advertised “nice closet space” (can’t tell from the photos), it seems like market rate to me for the neighborhood.

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