Scuttlebutt: Tex-Mex Restaurant Coming to Bloomingdale?

108 Rhode Island Ave, NW

Yes! Work has finally started at the former Y.E.S.S.S. Uniforms space in Bloomingdale. And some scuttlebutt I’m hearing is starting off 5774 very sweetly indeed. This is pretty prime space located down the block from Rustik, around the corner from Red Hen, across the street from Showtime and in between Grassroots Bakery and Boundary Stone. I’m hearing it is going to become a Tex-Mex restaurant and there could be some connection from the owners of Sticky Rice. Think Tex-Mex would be a good addition to the burgeoning dining scene in Bloomingdale?


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  • My understanding it will be a Taqueria…

  • Yay! We can never get into Red Hen and while I love Boundary Stone and Rustik — variety, hooray!

  • ideal type of restaurant for an ideal space. I hope the build out goes faster than the Tapas place across from red hen (at least a year now and nowhere near close from the looks of it). Very frustrating when someone locks down a place and doesn’t do anything with it. Due to such strict zoning laws in DC, places zoned for restaurants are essentially a public good and if you sit on it (firehouse on N. Capitol I’m looking at you) the whole neighborhood and flow of the block is disturbed.

  • Awesome – can’t wait! Tacos or tex-mex will be a fantastic addition!

  • tex mex will kill here nothing like it within walking distance. yay bloomingdale!

  • Well this is the best news I’ve heard all week. Please open ASAP! I NEED A TACO!

  • Fantastic! Anything other than pizza and asian food is most welcome. Taqueria would be incredible!

  • I’d love to have a tex-mex place. I love our current establishments — but this has been the one missing cuisine for me!

  • Most welcome! More dining options in Bloomingdale the better!

  • Bring it on bring it ONNNNNN!!!!! I love it. I love it. I love it.

    Bloomingdale is hot HOT!! I can no longer afford my neighborhood… way to get it done, kids!

  • I was hoping for a gourmet pizza place. Bloomingdale has become something of a pizza desert.

  • Sounds lovely, but can we get a pharmacy and a hardware store up in here too? Fragers! Come to Bloomingdale!

  • Sounds awesome. I love that Bloomingdale has actually developed a good balance of restaurants. One (probably useless) plea – don’t go all high-end. Simple, cheap, and delicious is the way to go. Resist the urge to be artisan!

    Before this place moves in, though, can someone please explain what Y.E.S.S.S. was supposed to stand for? Maybe the new restaurant can be called T.E.X.M.E.X. as a kind of homage…

  • Also, I totally thought that 5774 was the name of the restaurant group.

  • AMAZING this is EXACTLY what we need, they just need to be sure to have a brunch menu too lol.

    You can make a reservation at the red hen, but it must be days in advance, they only do reservations for a certain percentage of the tables each day. It is hard to get into no matter how you slice it. Every other place in Bloomingdale you can walk into and have a seat in a matter of minutes. If they ever get their outdoor seating going this should help out some in the warm months, next year may be.

    The Spanish Tapas place, Costa Brava had an update on their page this week saying they had or were just about to finish getting all of the permits from DCRA to start construction soon.

    In reality only the red hen knocked it out in a matter of months (they musta paid off somebody lol) every other restaurant in Bloomingdale took at least a year to open from the time they started announcing it.

  • Fantastic news! Just what the neighborhood needs. Now if the Aroi Thai restaurant would simply invest in some art work / visual elements to improve the ambience, it would be much more inviting to sit down and eat in. Their food is great — most of their business is take-out / delivery. Here’s hoping the YESS food is terrific, with outstanding Magaritas! Yum!

  • Only if it’s authentic Tex-Mex, commensurate with breakfast tacos (aka the best missing food item in the District).

  • I like tacos

  • IT should be called PhilSTATION!

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