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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Fair weather Nats fans who are giving up on their team just because they’ve been “mathematically” eliminated from the playoffs.

    • Rave: Nats not making the playoffs. As a fan of another (bad) team in the division this brings me great joy. Last year I had to listen to Nats fans excuse the team for sitting Strasburg because they would be even better this year. Well, this year is over and you lost. When you have a chance to win it all you have to take it.

      • RGIII’s performance strategy certainly bears out the wisdom of that approach.

        • RGIII was visibly unable to play in that playoff game. Anyone with eyes could see that he could barely stand and was hurting his team. There is no comparison at all between the 2 situations.

          • I didn’t like the decision to shut him down either, but to be fair Stras was getting shelled in the starts before they shut him down. Not quite as dramatic as RGIII, but arguable signs that his arm was tiring and potential for another injury.

  • rant: Nats stadium. I get that the team isn’t going to the playoffs, but why would you not re-stock any of your beer or liquor. There has to be stats on how many of each thing you typically sell. On Friday night, they were out of nearly everything.

  • Rant: Moving
    Double Rant: Moving twice
    Rave: At the end of this double move I will be living by myself for the first time in my adult life.
    Rave: Friends who are willing to help me with move #1 (hate having to ask them though)

    Happy Tuesday, all.

  • RANT: Does anyone know why most of the street lights in Petworth are that orange color? I notice in other areas, neighborhoods have the nice, bright white lights. What’s with the orange!

  • One person’s rant is another person’s revel:
    Interesting piece in the WaPo on the large numbers of people lining up for jobs at the new Wal-Marts. Absent in all of the conversations about a “living wage” is the fact that a lot of people are just looking for any job – even a minimum wage job that pays them little more than an unemployment check – because they just want to work.
    I thought this part of the article was particularly good:

    “Wal-Mart is far from a perfect employer. The corporation was ridiculously stubborn in the fight over pay, and I hope the city’s wage debate shames managers into paying more than the minimum wage once the stores open.
    But Wal-Mart also pledged to go into severely underserved parts of the District that have not benefited from the financial boom that has created condos with dog grooming salons on the roof and stores peddling $30 boxes of gourmet doughnuts.
    In the District, Wal-Mart isn’t killing off mom-and-pop stores and sweet little groceries. It is going into places that have nothing and have had nothing for decades.”

    Are these people being taken advantage of because they just want to work? Or are they being given a chance to start somewhere, which is hard to come by in this economy? I don’t know the answer but it’s worth thinking about.


    • Good question. On previous threads, none of the Wal-Mart haters seemed to have a good answer to the question of who would employ these applicants if the 3 stores were not built, as threatened. It is good to see people in high-unemployment areas getting an opportunity to work. Maybe they’ll do a good job and get something higher-paying.

    • Totally agree. Wish it would be a bit higher than $8.25, but very happy that we are going to have another 1,000 employed people in the district. Everyone should be able to get a job if they are willing to work and show up on time. Great news for these two neighborhoods.

    • the problem with Walmart is HOW they employ people. Unreliable, part time hours to avoid paying benefits that have other impacts – if you are a single parent with an unreliable work schedule, how do you deal with childcare?
      Also, they encourage their employees to get government services instead of giving them the pay they need to truly be self sufficient. This isn’t a model we should be rewarding, but we are.
      If they want to hire 1,000 people – great, but most should have to be full time and they should have to have consistent work schedules. I don’t see how anyone can defend them based solely on “they hire people”. there’s more to working than that.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My train did not plunge into the Potomac, so I am at work where I found out my office is being turned into a storage room.
    Rave: I have a humorous cousin.

    • “Rant: My train did not plunge into the Potomac, so I am at work where I found out my office is being turned into a storage room.”

      Don’t forget your red stapler.

    • We’re gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK?

  • tonyr

    Rave: Son graduated
    Rave: First September in years that I haven’t had to write a check to an educational institution
    Rave: It’s like getting a multi-thousand dollar raise (sort of)

  • RANT: Not sure it’s the same dude as the one in the photo, but a partially deranged man has been haunting Farragut Square and Lafayette Park recently with a bullhorn and a weird stream-of-consciousness monologue about Jesus. Is free speech still protected when it’s broadcast at 100 dB?

    • Pretty sure that’s one of the guys that always yells on Friday’s outside of the Chinatown metro station. Hence the caption 🙂

      • Is it really fair to impose a message that’s radically different (even if it is a million times better) alongside this guy?

        • I’ve considered just showing up with an air horn and blasting it in his ears. While wearing earplugs myself, of course.

    • He was at Union Station last week. He was saying the most hilarious nonsense I’ve heard in a while. I felt bad because there was a guy with a trumpet who was setting up and clearly couldn’t compete with a loud guy with a megaphone. But it was very entertaining.

    • Those assholes outside the Chinatown metro are allowed to yell their hate speech through a pa. I guess if that’s allowed, so is using a megaphone. I would rather people put megaphones to good use, like crooning songs about automobiles and elevators through them.

  • Rave: Moving around Stanton park in a week or so…

    ready for the new neighborhood

    • Awesome! Last night the dogs and I took a longer-than-usual walk over to Stanton, up Massachusetts to Union Station, down through the Capitol grounds, and back home to the Eastern Market area. I was thinking about how much I like Stanton Park, and what a great vibe the restaurants along Mass Ave have. You’re moving to a great neighborhood!

  • Rant: Diet went ker-plooey last night. Homemade bread, why you gotta be so good?
    Rave: Homemade bread.
    Rave: I must have slept like a log last night. So much that the bed was still made around me when I woke up – I normally roll around all night and burrito myself and flop around like a fish.
    Rant: People at work freaking people out and panicking about a governement shutdown. We’re not the federal government. Let’s have a contigency plan and all, but let’s not make things worse by being overly dramatic. f
    Rave: Tomorrow’s payday!

  • justinbc

    Rave: 3 new 10-15 foot trees installed yesterday thanks to the guys at Merrifield Garden Center. 1 Sango-kaku maple, 1 Seiryu maple, and 1 Kwanzan double-blossom cherry … all showing beautiful fall color right now. They make such a huge difference for the side yard!

  • epric002

    rant: woke up with this weird pain/discomfort on my right side below my ribs that wraps around to my lower back. pulled muscle due to sleeping funny? ick. go away pain!
    rant: am cranky for unknown reasons. i did not become cranky until i got to work. go away work!
    rant: no raves at the moment.

  • Rant: Wife physically assaulted while riding her bike on Saturday by a psychotic Maryland driver.
    Rave: Despite being thrown off of her bike, nothing but a few minor bruises.
    Rave: Several bystanders jumped into action and cornered the driver. The MPD responded almost immediately, and they were utterly fantastic. The driver was arrested.
    Rant: I wasn’t there when the assault happened, so I couldn’t kick the snot out of the driver for A) Assaulting my wife and B) For physically assaulting a woman.
    Rave: My wife, being the hella tough girl she is, was back on her bike Monday morning for the commute.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      So sorry to hear this – where did it happen? Glad your wife is doing well!

      • Q and 30th NW. A driver zoomed around her and then slammed on the brakes for a parking spot. She locked up her back wheel and ended up barely tapping his rear bumper (Zero damage to the car, as she made contact with her tire doing maybe 2mph). He then got out and started screaming at her. When she yelled back, he grabbed her handlebars and flipped her over. Several bystanders came running up to help and kept the guy from driving away until the MPD showed up.

        • epric002

          that is scary. glad he was arrested.

        • Crazy. People are assholes (especially MD drivers).
          I’ve lived all over the country and MD drivers are the absolute worst. It’s a running (bad) joke between me and my girlfriend. Every time we see a bonehead maneuver on the road, 9/10 times it’s got MD plates and we shake our fists at the offending vehicle. Must be something in the water!

        • Wow, he sounds insane. Even if there was damage, it’s not like your wife was trying to hit him. I mean, she’s on a bike and he’s in a car, so who would suffer there?

        • This comment from the Bike Snob seems appropriate in this instance. I find it completely true.
          “Honestly, people are such wussbags about their cars. The idea that a vehicle that weighs over a ton and lives most if not all of its life outside somehow shouldn’t get dented or scratched is completely delusional. If you’ve ever gently rapped on a car to let an oblivious driver know that he or she was about to run you over then you know how hysterical these morons can get when you dare touch their stupid, oversized appliances. It’s like getting upset at someone for messing up the front door of your house by knocking on it. Sure, I realize a lot of the blame lies with the banks, which trick people into leasing cars with easy monthly payments and then make them pay out the ass for every scratch and scuff when they finally return it, but it’s still pathetic how invested people are in the appearance of their econoboxes”

          • I had my car rapped once and it was very loud and startling (at first I thought a car had slammed into me from behind), not to mention uncalled for given the circumstances, and it was scary because I didn’t know if the angry person was going to follow it up with a confrontation or something more violent. That’s why some drivers get hysterical when you do it– it has nothing to do with worrying about the car itself. We park our cars out on the streets all day where they can get touched by anyone, so we obviously know that an angry THUD from someone’s fist isn’t going to do any real damage.

          • The definition of being American is never having to interact with anyone and keeping up the illusion of “privacy” (which equates to “luxury”) at all times. It’s your Constitutional right!

          • That assessment is pretty delusional, to be honest.

          • The fact that it’s loud and gets the drivers attention is one of the reasons people whpve nearly been hit rap on the car. If someone is driving in a way that is careless or dangerous, maybe thinking they’d hit someone will get them to start paying attention to what they’re doing.

          • Well, in my case I was stuck partially blocking the crosswalk due to circumstances beyond my control. I saw that the car-pounder was inebriated when he crossed behind my car and honestly thought he had fallen onto it when I heard the noise and felt my car shake. When I looked behind and saw it was international I locked the doors and braced myself for a fight. I don’t normally block crosswalks so please tell me what the threat of violence accomplished. It reminded me of the time a driver behind me marched out of his car in a rage because I slowed down and stopped at a yellow light that was about to turn red. Road-ragers are terrifying and should not be encouraged, regardless of whether they’re in a car, on a bike, or on foot!

          • I agree with Anon @12:21, as a cyclist, pedestrian and car driver, people can be jerks in any form. As a pedestrian who works near 15th & P, I cannot count the times I have almost been run over by cyclists running a red light when I am crossing 15th. Often there is a complete disregard and sometimes contempt when pointing out that as a pedestrian with a walk signal you have the right of way in that scenario.

            However, it is unfair to cast generalities on all cyclists because of a misguided few. It is more about recognizing the environment around you and respecting ALL who share the road on two feet, two wheels or four wheels.

      • Good to hear your wife’s OK. I didn’t hear anything about this through the grapevine. Are there more details? I always like to hear about how these types of confrontations happen and the aftermath. Good on MPD for doing something…they’ve done f*#k all when I’ve been assaulted (with video evidence).

        • We’re pretty sure he was just a middle-aged guy on a power trip who had never been yelled at by a woman before, and most certainly not by a woman who would deign to ride a bike on a city street. I’m also pretty sure that if it had been me riding (6’3″ guy with lots of tattoos), he’d have issued some expletives in my direction, but would not have exited his car. We’re hoping that the US Attorney decides to move forward with the charges, as while a day in jail and an impounded car is a PITA, a blot on his record for assault would be a more appropriate lesson for him.

          • I’m glad she’s OK, and glad that there were witnesses to help her out. Thank her for reporting it. I know it was a hassle for her, too, to wait around for MPD but it might keep this guy and any of his friends he whines to from assaulting someone in the future (whether it involves a bike or not).

          • Best of luck, but I honestly wouldn’t hold your breath on the US Attorney pressing charges. It took over a year of hard pushing for him to bring charges against that former MPD officer that intentionally rammed into the cyclist on RI Ave, NE.
            It probably helps that there were so many witnesses. I hope so. This kind of stuff isn’t acceptable and needs to stop.

          • I’d recommend contacting the Assistant US Attorney who gets the case and telling him or her you want them to prosecute the case and your wife will testify. Make sure they know it’s important to you and keep on them about it. They have a lot of cases, so if this guy doesn’t have a criminal record, they may not pursue it without your prompting.

    • epric002

      very sorry that happened to your wife and glad to know she’s ok. but physically assaulting (not including self defense) anyone, male or female, is unacceptable behavior imo.

  • Rant: The folks on the Orange line that stand in the doorways every morning despite room and seats in the middle of the train.
    Rave: After squishing through the gauntlet I usually get a seat!
    Rave: I have great parents – love checking in every few days with them.

    • RAVE: Not having to take the Metro to get to work. RANT’s like your’s remind me of the joy of (1.) living close to work and (2.) having a Vespa.

  • Rave: I’m buying a condo and I’m so excited!
    Rant: home buying is more work than I thought.
    Rave: once the work is over, I’ll be living in a great space with a beautiful kitchen.
    Rave: not so long ago I hated my job, like to the point where it made my life hell and made me question my value and abilities constantly. I made a strategic move to another department and now I’m valued, have autonomy, and am getting guidance and potentially moving toward managing people. What a difference a year and half has made.
    Rave: I picked the right jacket this morning, though I was a bit warm by the time I got to the metro.

  • RANT: I’m trapped inside my office. I closed the door to my office and it won’t open. There’s a crowd of people gathering outside my door – co-workers, my two bosses, security, and other people. They are waiting on a locksmith to arrive.

    I’m starving in here!!!!! 🙁

  • Rantish rave: I enjoy the cooler weather (although summer is my favorite season) but don’t enjoy the end of home grown tomatoes. And it’s time for the annual migration of houseplants back into the house from their summer outdoors. The rave is lots of plants, the rant is finding space for them.
    And rave: making tomato sauce, pesto and pickles from my garden.

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