H Street Festival Crowd Estimated at 100,000 this Year

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

From a press release:

“On Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, an estimated crowd of 100,000 people attended the 2013 H Street Festival, making it the most highly attended and successful year in the event’s history.

Organized by H Street Main Street, the festival showcased over 50 artists and 80 performances on 10 stages accompanied by an array of local, regional and international cuisine, shopping, arts exhibits, educational events, seminars and conversations with local entrepreneurs, artists and community organizations spanning 10 blocks of H Street NE.

The annual event is one of the most popular festivals in the Washington, DC area. This year’s celebration attracted tens of thousands of foodies, art aficionados, wine and beer connoisseurs and music lovers to one of the city’s fastest-growing and most exciting areas.”

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  • seesh, didnt seem like that many….

  • and that is with the rain, I can only imagine how many people would have been there if it was a perfectly sunny day

  • I’ve been wondering, how do they estimate something like that?

  • I remember the 100,000 figure being thrown around beforehand as the number expected to attend, but I thought the rain would have resulted in a lower than expected turnout. I had fun despite the rain.

  • That’s a very optimistic estimate. In my opinion.

    • It was 75k last year, and the festival increased in geographic size this year. And more people found out about it since then.

      • Very optimistic? In a metro area of 9.3 million…um yeah ok. You should have gotten there before the 2pm rain. The crowds scattered like cockroaches.

        • 9.3 million is the population of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, which covers a lot of territory (including parts of MD, VA, WV and I think even PA). I really don’t think the H street festival draws a crowd from that far and wide, though even with a more appropriate population estimate of the DC metro area your argument works.

          • Driving an hour or two for a DC event sounds crazy, but it’s somewhat normal for those who live out there. It’s not like there’s much going on in their towns. Also, the populations in the DC are more concentrated towards the core where it’s a shorter distance to travel.

  • Sounds like this event may need some crowd control, possible wristbands? It only takes one feisty kid and a violent mob is started in no time. Hopefully planners will think about this for next year’s event. The vibe all around is always good but violence and crime has been on the rise in the last month.

  • 100K seems extremely inflated

    were there a lot of people there, yes. 100K i am HIGHLY doubtful

    i have been in 80-100k crowds before (outside of stadiums) and that is not what was on H St lol. by any means
    i wonder where they get these estimates

    but i am willing to bet that that number is deff inflated

    & yes i now people came and went so it isnt like they are claiming that there were 100k all on h st at once. but still

    • The business development association, the government, and homeowners all have an interest in having an inflated number. More bodies, more $$$.

      I was there from 1pm to 630pm and there’s no way 100K people were in attendance.

  • I have a great time at the festival, but I am sorry there is no way the crowd approached 100k

    I’ve been in quite a few crowds ranging from 50k to 100k and this was more along the lines of 40k max.

  • justinbc

    We didn’t walk up to H until around 3PM, which was right as the rain began. I actually liked the rain, it was refreshing, but I wasn’t really trying to impress anyone with my ironic attire or wearing non-prescription glasses that fog up either. It definitely seemed to thin the herd, with the exception of the rooftop EDM dance party at RNR Hotel. That was entertaining to watch at least, will throw up some photos here later tonight.

  • I was there most of the day and find it hard to believe it was 100k, I know it was expanded but was there last year and there were more people..plus once the rain started the crowd was sparse

  • Who knows if that number is right but I started my tour at 12:30 and by 2:30 it was a lot harder to walk around. I returned at 4:30 and couldn’t get into any of the most popular restaurants because they were packed with patrons trying to get away from the rain.

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