Reader Grows the World’s Hottest Pepper in Mt. Pleasant


“Dear PoPville,

Thought I would send you some glamor shots of my latest garden bounty. Lots of yellow tomatoes and egg plants, several kinds of cucumbers including crispy lemon cucumbers and three merciless Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers. These were not grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum but right in Mt. Pleasant. I have been trying to produce these peppers for almost three years to please my now fiancee’s insatiable appetite for spicy. In 2011 when these were the worlds hottest pepper (since surpassed) I ordered some seeds from a group of hippies in Australia. They never germinated so last year the awesome hippies sent me another batch. With the help of the fine folks at the now shuttered Urban Sustainable I was able to get one seed to germinate. I nursed “Butch” inside all winter and transferred him outside this spring. The transplant from inside to outside was rough and Butch was on life support for a while. He recovered slowly and has now just started to produce fruit. Under the watchful eyes of Vladimir we tried one this weekend (note the foil fingers). They are everything we thought that they would be and more. A chopped pepper soaked in a half liter of olive oil makes for great hot pizza oil. Since I have already found my soulmate, I did not have to go to Quetzalacatenango, climb a ziggurat or talk to a space coyote but I am proud of this epic quest that I undertook on her behalf none the less.”



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  • One of my favorite Simpsons episodes.

  • This triggers good memories… when I was a teen, my cousin, for some reason, thought he would try and impress girls by eating very hot peppers. Why he thought they’d give a fuck is beyond me. Anyway, each attempt just ended with him crying and eventually puking, and never impressing any girls at all.

  • The foil fingers make me so happy! Question for everybody- when dealing with hot peppers, what do you use to protect yourself (fingers, etc.). With even jalapenos, I end up with the burning hands of death. I have heard that citrus may help the burn, but to prevent do people use gloves? throw your hands in a plastic baggie?

    • I use surgical/medical gloves. You can get them at CVS. I chose this because despite washing, using salt and lime, etc. I once touched my eye after an hour. I only got rid of the pain by washing my eye with milk. Never again!

      I also wash the knife or cutting board before using them for anything else.

      • Yea. Gloves it is! I feel goofy thinking about using them because I’m a very “hands on” cook, but I’m sure surgical gloves wouldn’t interfere.

  • citrus will not help the burn at all. use latex gloves or foil!

  • I miss Urban Sustainable. They were really helpful when my indoor/outdoor Meyer Lemon tree was giving me trouble. I’m sorry they didn’t make it.

  • That last photo reminds me of a Georga O’Keefe painting.

  • Vladimir seems to very content there.

  • I;ve never used gloves with even ghost peppers and never had a problem. Remember that the substance is an oil. Capsaicin is alcohol soluable and some other stuff like degreasers or automotice soap will remove the oil.

    • Got ya. I also wash my hands a lot throughout the day, so I probably am more susceptible (dry and possibly slightly chapped hands) to the oils. I will invest in some gloves because damned if I don’t continue to cook with lots-o-spicy peppers!

    • ah

      I always stick degreaser in my eye when something bothers me.

  • Glad to see it worked out. I tried last year to grow the Trinidad Pepper with only two peppers actually being grown. Hot as hell but disappointed I only got the two.

  • Does almond milk work as well as normal milk when it comes to cooling off a spicy mouth?

  • This year we planted a whole bunch of some of the world’s hottest peppers: Trinidad Scorpion, Red Bhut Jolakia, Yellow Bhut Jolakia, Paper Lantern, Red Savina, Caribbean Red, Yellow 7 Pot, Naga Bhut Jolakia, and Douglah. Only the Douglah has given out on us and looks like it won’t produce fruit. I made hot sauces out of many of the others Monday without gloves, and my hands just stopped burning today. Some of the sauces are pretty good though if you can get past the heat! We’ve also been making spicy salsas. There are many more ready to be harvested this weekend. I’ll take some pictures for the garden haul.

  • don’t get me wrong here, I loved Urban Sustainable and am very sad they are gone — they set me up with my first container garden. but we can all agree that they sure seemed like they could be the perfect front, right? i mean, allll that hydroponic gear and those fertilizers that had “PRODUCT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA” written on them?

  • I’m not mocking anyone, because I love spicy food, but… WHY do we do this?? It’s the plant’s way of telling us DON”T EAT ME. Dude upthread who had a week’s worth of burning hands? Wha?

    We humans is crazy.

  • I love spicy peppers. I challenge his fiance to a spicy-pepper eating contest.

  • almond milk works like reg milk when it comes to quelling spice, yep

  • Very cool, or hot I should say. I’ve been successful with a variety of hot peppers this year, but I can’t get my ghost peppers to flower.

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