STK Steakhouse “With a female-friendly mindset” Coming to former Casa Nonna Space this Fall

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to @Greg_Hudson for tweeting us the photo:

“Someone is finally coming into the former Casa Nonna space on Conn Ave, STK”

Back in January we learned STK would be taking over the former Casa Nonna space at Connecticut and N Street, NW.

STK’s website says:

STK artfully blends two concepts into one—the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge. The restaurant’s signature DNA includes plaster cast horns, curvilinear black platform seats and a palette of black gloss and cream. A large central lounge area is furnished with creamy leather banquettes and textured crocodile tiles, and is surrounded by an elevated dining room for more formal dining. Theatrical lights illuminate each table, while smoky mirrors allow patrons to catch a glimpse of the surroundings while a DJ creates an energetic vibe throughout the entire space.

As anticipated, steak is the main attraction. With a female-friendly mindset, STK offers small, medium and large cuts of meat, as well as naturally raised options and market fresh fish entrees. Aside from steak, signature items include Parmesan Truffle Fries; Lil’ BRGs; Shrimp Rice Krispies; Sweet Corn Pudding; and Jump Lump Crab Salad.

@Greg_Hudson also sends this video for STK’s London opening:

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  • haha I’m not sure how well The Steakrearchy will go down in DC, at least off Capitol Hill.

  • Barf. After seeing the video, the dry heaves.

  • What a bizarre and stupid video. Sounds like yet another restaurant where they spent a lot more time thinking about their image than their food. Hopefully not but I’m not hopeful.

  • My prediction: it will be overrun with popped collars and boatshoes within two weeks of opening. Bro hugs and vomit galore!

  • Yawn-barf.

  • I hope no woman sets foot in this joint. Not that any man should either.

  • Gone in six months

  • What. The. F.

    This is like some stunted adolescent boy’s fantasy. Do they have any idea how stupid that video is?

  • ThunderCheese

    What sells in Vegas does not necessarily translate in DC.

    How horrible.

  • Unfortunately I think this place will make good money off the bottle-service club/lounge patrons who fill that chunk of Connecticut Ave every weekend. Not the popped-collars and perls set, mind you, but the drakar noir and 6 in heels crowd.

    • Ding, ding, ding. Not sure why anyone would see this as a preppy scene. This place will be populated by the city’s “thousandaires” for the six months it’s open. More restaurants, fewer “concepts,” please.

    • Hahaha…I was thinking the Ozio/FireFly EuroTrash and kids-of-corrupt-third-world-diplomats set. Maybe it’ll be a meeting place for the assorted douchery of DC – excellent multicultural opportunity! 😛

  • Wow, this sounds epically dreadful. Here’s the review from the London one, which seems to back up the general feeling that this is going to be a ridiculous mess:

    • Ha! That Guardian review is as awesome as the STK promo video is dumb.

    • Choice pull-quotes from the Guardian – guess she didn’t like it: “Vowels are useful little blighters. With them the word Steak becomes a serviceable, if blunt name for a restaurant. Without them it becomes STK, and that just sounds like a nasty sexually transmitted disease.” “…as the slogan puts it: this is “Not your daddy’s steakhouse”. I’m sure this is so, because if your father was in the market for a steakhouse he’d doubtless go to a good one, which this is not.” “Waiting for the mains recalls the moment before the puff of air and insertion of my last colonoscopy. You just know it’s going to be something that must be endured.” “Wines are punishingly expensive, staff omnipresent and not always vastly intelligible, and the toilets smell of melon. Yes, really.” In short, SHT.

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with all of YOU but when I hang out with my girlfriends, it’s amost exactly like this! We aften have our mouths agape, rip open our blouses, and get dressed to the 9s for “girls night”. At a steak house. Duhh.

  • I’ve eaten at STK twice, both times as a part of media dinners, and the food is good, though nothing outstanding. Their real speciality is helping throw organized dinners of that type–it’s one of the easier restaurants with which to work if you’re doing a press junket.

    Also, STK is for ladies? The first dinner was one in Vegas I threw for an IndyCar Racing team, and the second one was one I attended thrown by Bentley. Both were predominantly male. Who knew?

  • Lady-Bros get ready…..

  • That video was AWESOME. It was like a SNL parody of itself. I especially love how they tried to cram in something for the fantasy of every “woman”: the paparazzi, the diamond ring proposal, the girls just bein’ girls, the girls being better/ stronger/ badder ass than the men…

    I am staying so far away from this place.

  • Not really clear why they would bill their menu as “female friendly”, as opposed to just friendly to people who prefer a small or medium steak over a large one, or who prefer to eat something other than steak. I don’t think the menu options being described are inherently female oriented. Lots of “traditional” steak houses offer different size portions of steak and good dishes other than steak.

    • Why? Because women are delicate creatures rendered helpless at the sight of a large chuck of meat, of course. Alternatively, as their ad suggests, it’s “female-friendly” as far as they want to lure in females for use as bait for male customers to whom women eating steak provocatively is the height of titillation. Pick your flavor of sexism.

      • Yep. This marketing is straight out of the FHM “laddie” mag playbook. Rev up the egos of over-amped guys who think of their lives as Jay-Z videos. Problem is the DC population of rich-as-God bankers/entertainers/promoters/whatevers is probably too small to support this kind of place. But who knows?

  • andy

    where is my man-friendly ice cream and pickle joint? Also, I want some skinny cocktails, NOW!

  • oh man! This is so ridiculous!

  • This looks pretty terrible. Harsh unflattering lighting, random men taking photos of you and proposing to you, terrible music, tiny little morsels of food, and apparently no utensils.

  • No. Just no.

  • Lady-steak! ‘Bout damn time!

  • Whoever decided this was a good idea made a huge mistk.

  • PDleftMtP

    This is AWESOME. Now I have someplace to take people on recruiting lunches when I don’t want them to actually join.

    Oh, wait. The target population of Dookies might like it.

  • I went to the one in LA and someone had filled the bathroom suggestion box with tampons.

    My colon was filled with 10oz of commodity feedlot hormone/steroid beef for the next 2 months which was nice.

  • Well I have eaten here many times. The one in Vegas is very cool A bit loud but its very cool place to take the ladies. The trend is rising when it comes to ladies steak houses, SHe is Morton’s version with a DJ in the middle of the restaurant. I have eaten at both but like most you you say you are just not sexy enough for it.

  • Lots of snarky comments. I agree with most of them. But understand that the readership of this blog is not the target audience of this steak club. Lots of people from the suburbs will flock to this place on Friday and Saturday nights and use it like any other nightclub. During the week, the lobby shops and law firms will entertain clients or tourists will hit it up. My guess is that it will do very well, but I won’t really know because I’ll never set foot inside.

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