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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rave: friday of a 3 day weekend.
    rant: husband has school all day saturday, and leaves for a trip on monday. boo.
    ravey rant: unbelievably sore from weds’ yoga practice. holy cow.
    rave: jazz in the garden tonight 🙂

  • Rave: Deactivated my Facebook account…I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to stay away at least for a few weeks.
    Rant: Making (and keeping) friends as an adult in DC is hard.

    • skj84

      Totally agree on the making friends issue. You try meetup.com. I started using meetup after college and it’s led me to some amazing people.

  • Rave: Leave tonight for Europe, 3 countries in 9 days.
    Rant: Extremely hungover today. Wayyy too much pre-vacation drinking last night.

  • Rant: Having to work today

    Rant #2: How did I miss that DC cab fares went up by .25 on June 1?

    Rant #3: The $1 surcharge for extra passengers is back

    Rave: Really great cab driver. Hasn’t had a day off in a year as he pursues his American Dream.

    Rave: #2: Happy to tip him $5 on a $7 trip. Wish I had more!

    • That’s a great story. I mean the one he told you.

      • I thought those tales only worked on tourists!

        • Don’t be so cynical. Obviously you don’t know any immigrants. He also had a few true but uncomfortable observations about Americans becoming lazy. Oh and he totally wants to bomb Syria

          • My former neighbor was a cab driver from Afghanistan. I don’t know what he made, but it must be more than I do because there’s no way I could afford to own three houses, two cars, and support a wife and mother and 10 children. his teenage daughter who was into photography had a DSLR that cost five times as much as mine. He also didn’t seem to put in that many hours and he enjoyed his job. I’m not complaining– he’s a great guy and I’m glad he’s successful– but the line cabbies feed people about having to work nonstop just to survive is simply untrue.

          • Uh yeah, because it’s possible to live in DC and never meet anyone from another country. Right.

        • Potomac MD is littered with mansions owned by cab drivers

    • About rant #2, I’m guessing it’s because it was buried beneath all the hubbub about installing new smartmeters in all the taxis. I’m still not quite sure what the current situation is, but I think the two were linked: cabs can charge the new fares once they have the new meters installed. The meters thing got complicated so the fare increase became a barely-noted sideshow, maybe? Anyone know what the latest is?

      • The cabbies I have complained to have said that it is to offset the cost of all DC cabs getting credit card machines installed. And agreed that it seemed to come out of nowhere. If there was an announcement made, I missed it.

  • Rant: Absolutely exhausted today. Haven’t slept well all week and I feel like a zombie at this point.
    Rave: Three day weekend to try and catch up on sleep, although I have a lot planned for this weekend!
    Rave2: Not too many people in the office today, love being able to focus without all the commotion.

  • Rant: I have a co-worker/friend who is SO loud on the phone. I know she is a little amped up since it’s a Friday, but she is literally shouting at literally everyone she talks to. Sometimes I feel like she must be sniffing drugs or something! LOL!!!
    Rave: Almond milk is amazing.

  • Rave: Finally getting some traction in the search for a job closer to home- have an interview next week for a job I really want!

    Rant: Feeling guilty about even considering leaving my current job- everyone here is so great, it’s just that the work itself isn’t the greatest fit for me, and I have a massive commute. It’s a necessary move (that will happen sooner or later), I just feel bad about leaving them in the lurch.

    Question: Should you wear an engagement ring to a job interview? Have read conflicting reports about this… the job is in the nonprofit world, if it makes any difference. Even if I wouldn’t be unfairly judged based on my marital status, I’m not sure that it’s good to have something that would be a distraction (not that it’s a flashy ring at all, it’s actually pretty simple).

    • Re: the engagement ring, yes! If the ring is as simple as you say and “flashiness” isn’t an issue, do you really want to work for a company that would judge you for your marital status? Additionally, if for no other reason than on a job interview you want to show both the best version of yourself and yet the version your co-workers will see every day: that version is engaged! (congrats, btw)

    • Be yourself! That’s the only way to be. Look deep down inside yourself and you’ll find the strength and answers you need. It’s not about what other people think; it’s about what you FEEL in your heart of hearts. Keep an open mind, and consider things from all perspectives. Good luck!

    • I say take it off. I agree that it won’t be a huge distraction, but it might cause the interviewing to think about your personal life for a few seconds when he/ she should be focusing on you as a professional. Good luck!!

    • Wear it. Would you really want to work anywhere that would make judgements about you based on your marital status? Men certainly aren’t judged that way, and I wouldn’t want to work with people who made assumptions about my work ethic/need for a job based on an engagement ring. For all they know, you could be the breadwinner.

      • +1

        no idea this was even a thing. srsly?

        • Same! Is it a “well, you don’t REALLY need this job since you have a fiance/husband to support you” thing or a “you’ll just quit in 2 years to have babies” thing or a “you’ll be too distracted by wedding planning to focus on your work” thing? Either way, it is sexist as hell, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere that those kind of thoughts would even occur to anyone. SO WEIRD.

          • I think it’s mostly #2 (“You’ll quit in two years to have babies.”). I think it’s sometimes #1, but rarely, if ever #3 (mostly because, while interviewers would notice a ring, they may not notice that it’s just an engagement ring, without a wedding band). Regardless, as long as it’s not overly flashy, I agree that it’s silly to not wear your ring on an interview.

          • Ugh, so stupid. Because all women apparently want babies. And then quit working when they have those babies. And no one EVER has babies without being married.

            Whereas if a man is clearly married, it makes him a more attractive job candidate because he is “stable.” Ugh ugh ugh.

          • epric002

            ^ yeah what happened to that post?

          • PoPville was being particularly nasty in those comments yesterday, if you had read them. I only got about 10 comments in when I was so overcome by such anti-wedding/bra-burning hate for another PoPville community member. Yes, the author of the post may have been dreaming about her wedding day since she was a girl. Not all girls dream about having a wedding. Difference of opinion and tone–fine. The post was about searching for a venue, not about how women ought to get married or that’s the only thing women are programmed to think about. Nitpicking jerk-wagon commenters yesterday. I thought the post was a little fluffy about venue-searching, and any of us who are getting married or have been married in a rentable venue went through the exact same thought process. She wasn’t waging some feminist war. She was just sharing an experience.

          • I think it’s shitty that women usually get saddled with most of the wedding planning. It’s not like most of them enjoy it.

    • I read an article recently that women sometimes miss career opportunities because they feel too loyal and feel guilty about leaving when the time is right. DON”T feel guilty! Do what is right for you, people change jobs all the time and those left behind adjust. Sometime I am sure you will pick up work after someone else leaves. Good luck on the interview!

    • Thanks, everybody!

      True, I don’t want to work somewhere where they would be judgemental, and also, working somewhere where there is good work/life balance is important as well. Hopefully it’ll all work out!

      And I’m definitely not letting guilt get in the way of making a move that needs to be made, it’ll just suck for a while. And I’m sure that it’ll fade quickly when I realize that I suddenly have two hours of my life back every day. Hopefully that’ll happen with this job. But if I don’t get this one, I’ll be getting another one sooner or later!

      • I’m the one who commented yesterday about leaving a dissatisfying job that I’ve been at way too long. I know leaving is the right thing to do if I get that job, but I’m still dreading the conversation with my current supervisor. Not only do I feel guilty for leaving, but I worry that he’ll feel like he let me down somehow. I’ll need to disassociate myself emotionally from the moment, that’s for sure.

        • Honestly, if he really is a good boss, he’ll be delighted to see you moving on/up/forward if it’s the best thing for you.

    • Don’t feel guilty. You have to do what is right for you. I recently left a job that had fantastic benefits and was super fun (tons of social events, free hh every friday etc) because I didn’t like the work I was actually doing. Everyone there was great as was the social aspect, but that is no reason to stay at a job. They will be fine and will figure it out. Give plenty of notice and help to transition.

  • Rant: too much wax in my ears, drops not working, lots of pressure, have to get it manually irrigated. ouch.
    Rave: Still high off a solo trip to Guerrero, Mexico I just returned from. I feel refreshed and energized, and my life confidence has been boosted.
    Rave: Lots of changes at work that don’t directly involve me but put me in a good position. Hoping I can take advantage of this opportunity to shine and lead.
    Rave: Single for the first time in years, and looking forward to re-learning myself!

    • good luck finding yourself!

    • It’s embarrassing to have your doctor clean out your ears, but worth it! By the time I finally had my ears irrigated, it was bad that it took my poor doctor 30 minutes to get it all out. Afterwards, I realized that I hadn’t been hearing well for over a year. I suddenly heard all these new sounds.

      (Gross alert, sorry. I clean my ears, its just a weird genetic thing.)

      • AllTheThings, don’t be sorry! i appreciate the input. they tried to clean them the other day at the walgreens take care clinic but I kind of freaked out because it was painful. I got referred to an otolaryngologist today because I guess they’re severely impacted, so I’m super nervous about it, but at this point I’m just thrilled to get the residual water out and be able to hear again!

        • It shouldn’t be too painful. And I’m glad I did it–although for the next week, I had a hard time focusing at work, because the for the first time I could hear the sound of my coworkers typing around me! That’s how bad it had gotten, haha.

          • KSB

            Ahh, if they’re doing a warm water irrigation (I think that’s what it is) to break up the impacted wax, it’s the best feeling ever. Or maybe I just had a wonderful practitioner doing it. Either way, I loved the procedure itself and was so much more comfortable afterwards!
            Best of luck.

          • [email protected] is a great site/app for drowning put distracting noise.

          • You were all right! It didn’t hurt at all and now I can hear EVERYTHING. I feel like a bat!

  • Rant: I know I’m opening up a can of worms here but first it was road tolls, then speed cameras, then red light cameras, now stop sign cameras, why doesn’t DC simply raise the car registration tax and get it over with. Such an obvious money making tactic. People should obey the law without cameras, this is why we have driving tests, license registration, and car insurance. Do we really need to overload the court system while making traffic control contracting companies rich. It’s only going to get worse until we all have to ride the bus everywhere.

    Rave: 3 day weekend, possibly going to be extended until Tuesday because work is slow.

    Rant: Living next to metro, good for property values, not good for peace & quiet in a neighborhood where people don’t loiter day and night.

    Rant: I heard gunshots about half a mile away from my neighborhood 2 nights ago, reminded me of 1998… Found a bullet in the alley behind my house. Thank goodness winter is coming, these kids are acting up late this summer, hopefully they forget their beefs by next year.

    • I’m going to open a can of “just follow the rules of the roads and you won’t get fined.” Would you be in favor of suspension/revocation of one’s driver’s license instead of fines? If not, then what’s to stop people from making up their own driving rules as they go? What’s the alternative plan?

      • “what’s to stop people from making up their own driving rules as they go? What’s the alternative plan?”

        The belief that humans are inherently good maybe?

        And police officers on streets to make sure that laws are obeyed, while also being on streets to prevent other crimes that can occur?

        Cameras put real cops out of work, they also allow policing to be done in a reactionary rather than a deterrent/preventative manner.

        • You must be new here…not to DC…but life.

        • That’s laughable. If people were so inherently good that they naturally follow the rules of the road then we wouldn’t actually need traffic enforcement! Besides, it’s not an issue of whether people are good or bad, it’s whether they’re putting enough care and attention into operating a vehicle that can potentially cause a lot of harm.
          But that aside, I still don’t understand why it’s an issue – all these cameras go away if you follow the rules of the road. Why is that so hard?

        • You know, long before traffic control cameras existed there were these things called the “court system” and “traffic cops” that took licences away from traffic offenders and issued tickets for violations. I know it’s hard to believe, but the thought of losing your license, going to jail or having your insurance raised (because of points) was usually enough to make most people obey the law… Several states even overseas flourish without using control cameras now. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a much bigger world than just DC. (veiled sarcasm). Money hungry politicians drive this, not safety.

          • So if there’s a part of the traffic cops job we can automate, freeing them up to (theoretically, at least) do the things cameras can’t, what’s the difference? The consequences to drivers are similar. And I still see people getting pulled over for traffic violations, it’s not like the wild west out there.
            And as others have pointed out, driving legally makes the problem go away completely. And it doesn’t take you any longer to get to where you’re going.

          • We still have those things, and if they work(ed) so well, why are cameras still catching so many violators? Few would agree that you should lose your license or go to jail for speeding or a rolling stop, but there has to be an incentive not to, right? Cameras fit that requirement nicely without having to pay a cop just to sit there watching a four-way stop sign.
            You might be even (partially) right that money hungry politicians drive this, but they only get money if people are breaking laws! So there’s a real easy way to starve them, plus our streets will be safer and easier to use. Once the cameras stop paying for themselves (and more) I guarantee they will disappear.

          • You’re acting as if cameras are stopping traffic violations. If that was the case, tickets issued and accidents would decline, but that’s far from reality.

            This is the same argument every time, instead of reasoning out why cameras should persist, it’s time to start considering another approach, perhaps the one that’s worked best for hundreds of years before cameras came about.

          • I’m not acting like that at all. I don’t know if they’re stopping traffic violations. In fact, I’m dubious that there is any “reasonable” punishment that would really stop traffic violations – people are self-interested and people break the rules because they think it’ll benefit them. But I do know that roads would be safer and easier to use if everyone followed the agreed upon standards, and I don’t have a problem with making people pay extra if they choose not to.
            I don’t know what you are referring to by “an approach that’s worked best for hundreds of years”. What exactly is that? (I’m assuming it’s something that we don’t still do in addition to the cameras.)

    • While I agree with your comments on contracting companies, courts and dislike of nickle-and-dime revenue patches, I entirely disagree with “people should follow the law”. Have you ever driven in DC? They don’t, and drivers test seem irrelevant. Just start paying attention to which bad drivers are on cell phones, looking down and texting at lights. Or watch a cabbie. We need to do something to make people drive with common sense, since they don’t around here. It’s astounding. Did you see the Allstate report about DC being the worst drivers in the nation? I had someone, on the interstate up to BWI, pass three cars, including myself and a truck towing a horse trailer … in the breakdown lane. We were in the right lane, puttering along at 55 mph, and there was plenty of room to pass in the THREE LANES to my left. Insane.

      Plus, I’d prefer to fine the lawbreakers than to have everybody pay more. At least that way it’s a voluntary tax. Of course, I’d couple the cameras to increased speed limits (where safe) and synced lights, but that’s me.

      • Cheers, My argument isn’t that roads are safe and great now, it’s that cameras aren’t helping to make things safer or better for anyone, yet they’re inventing new ones and moving around old ones in an irresponsible way. They’re only creating additional revenue streams for companies that make them and for local budgets. If they really cared, they’d hire more cops. I even know cops that frequently get speed camera tickets and have to pay them.

        • Cops are more expensive than speed cameras.

          • And less objective when it comes to issuing tickets.
            I like the cameras; they don’t care if you live here or not, if you’re driving a red car or a blue car, if you’re male or female, or if you’re the slowest driver going over the speed limit. Everyone violating the speed limit gets a ticket.

          • I also agree with Anonymous 2:52. I think one reason people like Jack5 don’t like cameras because you don’t have a chance to talk your way out of the ticket. But that’s one of the reasons I like them. Equal treatment for everyone.

          • +1 I like the cameras because I’m terrible at talking my way out of a ticket, even as drivers far more reckless than I go whizzing past us without repercussion.

        • Look up traffic fatality stats in areas (including ours!!) with high rates of camera enforcement. They DO go down by a statistically measurable amount. Even ONE preventable death off the books is justification for a few million in revenue from people who are breaking the law anyway. As is mentioned AD NAUSEAM in every discussion about automated enforcement, there is one very simple way to guarantee they don’t impact you whatsoever: obey the law.

    • Because suburban lawbreakers should be paying their share of the costs to create safer streets. Given the option of increasing registration fees on DC residents, and charging fines to people who are breaking the law, it is a pretty easy decision for me.

  • Rant: Online dating
    Rave: 3 Day weekend chock full of stuff!

  • Rave: Puppy slept until 6:15 this morning. (Trust me, this is a rave!)
    Rave: Puppy had a great morning walk and barely pulls on the leash anymore.
    Rant: Puppy didn’t see any puppy friends on his walk. Sad puppy = sad puppy mom.

    • epric002

      awww. totally get the 6:15 rave. one of ours has decided he wants to wake up about 10 minutes earlier each morning. we were about 6:30, 6:45, and this morning was 6:09. gonna have to figure out how to nip this one in the bud. what kind of puppy? what kind of leash? the early riser is a puller, and our slip lead only quells the pulling about 1/2 the time.

      • Hi fellow puppy family! Our pup is part german shepherd and part something else, maybe a hound maybe a lab. Re: leash pulling – the Googles advised lots and lots of training here. The second he starts pulling, I stop dead in our tracks until the leash feels slack (aka, he lost interest in whatever it was or got exasperated with me and sat down in protest.) He loooves walking, so he quickly learned that he gets to walk further, smell more things, and meet more dogs if we were actually walking instead of sitting on the sidewalk in a puddle of leash-pulling shame! The other thing I did that worked well was to always keep treats in my hand. When he’s “walking nice” he gets a treat. Sometimes I hold one up over his head and he prances right next to me for a few feet. Now if he starts thinking about pulling, I ask him to “walk nice” and it usually calms him down. The only outstanding issue is when other dogs are around… I haven’t yet figured out how to calm him down. He’s just a social guy!

        • epric002

          hello there! the puller is a beagle, so clearly he has to follow his nose! thanks for the suggestions- i will definitely try that when there are 2 of us walking both dogs, but it’s a little harder to do that when it’s just 1 walking 2. he is incredibly food motivated, and we carry treats for sitting at crosswalks/good behavior when encountering other dogs, so that might work. they’re going to get so many damn training treats! what kind of leash/harness/collar do you use?

          • Woops sorry for no response on the leash/harness/collar question. I got too excited. We just use a simple neck collar and non-retractable leash. We started by using a harness, but I read later that the harness is really for pulling heavy things (mostly sleds) since it allows the dog to put his whole body weight into a pull. I read about the gentle leader and prong collars but decided that patience and an endless supply of treats were more my style. Gotta head out for the weekend – good luck! Stick with it. We’ll see you around the ‘ville.

          • I feel like you might actually own my dog. We have never really gotten him to stop pulling (though he pulls less when it is hot so this summer hasn’t been bad). At least we have effectively used treats to train him to stop barking at other dogs when we are out and about. That’s one win.

          • epric002

            we’ve tried a bunch of different options: standard leash, neck collar, harness, gentle leader (only with our other dog- she HATED it), and now a slip lead on both. for regular walks the slip lead is great- it has reduced the pulling, though not stopped it, and gives us a lot more control of the other dog who is dog-reactive, but not a puller. we really like the waist running leash for hikes/runs- we attach it to a harness. and i just got a double leash attachment so we can try having 1 person run with 2 dogs (this one’s gonna take some practice!) the pulling is a lot less obnoxious when they’re pulling against your core though.

    • RAve: puppies!

    • Different species, but we have two cats and the early morning thing is horrible. Nothing really worked so we now “put them to bed” in our second bedroom.

      • epric002

        oh they have their own bedroom, but we don’t shut them in it. the early riser likes to come sit outside our bedroom door and whine. he doesn’t need to go out, he just wants attention. perhaps they will get shut in at night if we can’t cut the whining out…

        • I love that there are dogs with bedrooms that a human would be happy to rent for $1000 a month!

        • It’s official: I have spoiled my dog. He refuses to sleep in a different room than me. (He also sits outside the door and scratches/whines/barks.) FWIW, I’ve only tried locking him out of the bedroom (there’s a comfy couch he’s allowed on and two dog beds he loves to lay on in the living room), but he just refuses. He won’t even let me fall asleep unless he’s in the same room with me (and preferably in the bed).

          • epric002

            i have no idea how you un-do that habit. very glad we decided not to let the dogs sleep in our room. though we often invite them in bed with us for a little while on sat or sun mornings since we change the sheets later that day- it’s funny how ridiculously happy they get for those 15 mins or so- the corgi won’t stop smiling and the beagle immediately burrows down by your feet 🙂

      • Puppy poster here again! We also have a cat and solved the early morning wake-up call by feeding him his big meal of the day at night. He was waking us up because he was hungry, so we switched up his meals and he still had leftover dinner in the morning to tide him over. Seemed so simple but was so effective!

  • Annie88

    Anyone know what was up with the ambulance at Wonderland last night, around 12 or so?

  • Rave: Date last night was sooo much fun – a really fun guy – and here’s the hopeless romantic in me — picked me up for a kiss last night – and I did the foot pop! (bonus points for those that understand the princess diaries reference there)
    Rant: He’s out of the town for the weekend
    Rave: I drank pumpkin beer! And Starbucks had a pumpkin spice latte this morning! yay fall!
    Rant: I’d like to wear sweaters now, DC – pleaseandthankyou

  • skj84

    Rave: Great dinner in Baltimore with my parents. Thanks PoP commentator who suggested Captain James Crabhouse. Great food and wonderful view.

    Rant: Got caught in the Grand Prix traffic coming into the city. It took almost an hour to get from BWI where we picked up my mom to the restaurant.

    Rave: Catching up on sleep. I really needed this rest.

    Rant: My whole body hurts for some reason. Headache and my neck and shoulders. I was moving boxes around at work for inventory and I think I may have overextended myself.

  • Rant: A month off of exercise because of a schedule change (the new dog made my previous, awesome gym impractical time- and location-wise) and a sprained ankle (two weeks ago). I really want to get moving again but am waffling about a new gym situation and also don’t want to re-wreck my ankle. Meanwhile I’m feeling fat and sluggish and sad. It’s so hard to fight the bodyhate. 🙁

    Rave: My dog is the best little guy!

    Rave: 3:00 dismissal at work today + long weekend!

    • epric002

      have you considered therapeutic or restorative yoga as a way to ease back in to working out?

    • I’m in a similar situation with exercise. Except for a short bike commute (about 4 miles a day) I haven’t ben exercising at all. And I have my first 100 mile ride next Sunday! Hopefully I’ll get more active soon and be ready for that ride.

  • Rant: Feeling like my relationship with new basement tenant is off to a bad start.

      • I needed to add a kitchen, and it’s not in there yet. (Will be installed next week.) I was pretty upfront about the timeline, but I think the tenant is annoyed. I would be too if it were me… which makes me feel even worse about the whole thing.
        I guess I need to stop beating myself up and just work on getting everything in place ASAP.

        • I understand the concern. My girlfriend lost a tenant when the oven broke and Sears screwed up her order so the replacement arrived late. Nothing she could do about it, but I can see why the renters were frustrated.

        • Being upfront about the timeline = no reason for tenant to be annoyed. If it’s really an issue (and with a kitchen installation, things could go wrong & be delayed) go buy a little dorm fridge from Target or BB & B. If you want a free microwave for them, I have one that my last tenant left behind – you can have.

          And Rave – thanks PoPville for letting me know about padmapper.com! Great place to find or rent out an apt. especially since Craigslist has become such a morass.

  • Rant: I don’t want it to be fall because A. fall means winter is coming and B. I LOVE leaving the house without jacket and not even having to think about it. When it starts get cool I’ll have to decide which jacket to wear, is I choose incorrectly-which I will a few times- I’ll be sweating and trying to take it off on my 1.3 mile walk in the morning while carrying my gym bag, my coffee, and my handbag, and it will be hotter when I leave work than it was in the morning, so I’ll have to carry it home.
    Rave: got a spin class in this morning, so I can go right from work to the pool. I don’t care that I looked silly carrying a beach bag on the metro and into work this morning. At 12:30 I am out of here and headed straight to the pool!
    Rant/Rave: the stupid metro. I know, it’s terrible for a lot of people and is showing further incompetence on their part, but when this stuff happens all of the trains go to Shady Grove and I get to experience what being a values customer feels like. Oh, to have wmata care about my needs, if only for a few hours.

    • ha, I totally get the incorrect coat rant. I often walk 2 miles to work and even in the winter I’m sweating through my coat by the time I get to work. If I take off the coat during my walk then I have to carry it. If I wear a light coat I’m comfortable during my walk in the morning, but when I get out of work my coat isn’t warm enough. Oh first world problems…

      • I don’t think it’s any better in the summer, when you never know when you’ll be attacked by aggressive air conditioning (as I sit in my office with a thick fleece over my dress).

        • epric002

          + a bazillion. the summer temp problems are more bothersome to me than the winter ones.

        • +1. There was a day last week when I forgot to bring my usual extra layers to the office, and I was so cold I had to borrow a shawl from a co-worker. (And was still cold!)

        • I can always count on being cold in my office year round. It’s the unpredictability of the out of doors when seasons change that really gets to me.

          Also, I keep my extra layers at the office, no need to carry them back and forth all the time.

      • skj84

        +1 on the coat issue. I usually leave the house around 6:00am and there have been a few mornings this summer that I needed a jacket only to be left lugging it around in the afternoon when I got out of work. Add the purse and it was not pleasant.

    • +1000 on the coat issue. In the spring and fall I have the HARDEST time deciding what to wear. Cold in the morning, who knows in the office, warm outside in the afternoon. Ugh.

  • Rave – Totally need this 3-day weekend! I have not had a day off in 2 weeks thanks to my crazy travel schedule. Desperately in need of sleep and ‘me time.’

    Rant – Still have to get through today at work. Storm chances this weekend are making me second guess my plans to go hiking on Monday.

  • Rave: Friday, long weekend perfect balance of plans and free time this weekend.
    Rant: I have been single for about two months now, wondering when i will meet the next lady. I guess it is different for everyone but i would like to be back in some sort of relationship. Not really seeing anyone at the moment.
    Rant: its hard to meet people in the city!
    Revel: Everything happends for a reason

  • Rave: Thank you everyone who complained about the Grand Prix in Baltimore. Fiance and I were going to head up there for a day trip, but now we’ll steer clear. Thanks all!
    Rave: Windows open and there’s a nice breeze through our condo, while working from home.
    Rave: Working from home means I avoided the red line mess this morning!!
    Rant: I’m totally associating with everyone who’s in a career rut and not sure what they want to do next. I’m totally there. I love the people I work with, but the work is getting stale, but I’m not sure it would be any more interesting at another employer. I keep coming up with reasons to stay, but they’re just band-aids.

  • Rave: Finally kissed a girl named Lorelei.

    • Rant: Never kissed a girl named Lorelei

      • To be clear, while it is possible that a girl may have changed her name to “Lorelei” after we kissed, I have never kissed anyone whose name was “Lorelei” at the time we kissed.

        • It is also possible that someone’s name was “Lorelei” before we kissed, but she changed it some time before we kissed.

          That said, Lorelei sounds like a nice name. Any Loreleis out there? Have we kissed?

    • Rant: I kissed a guy who later changed his name to Lorelei.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Ate my first pickled tomato for supper last night, it was delicious.
    Rave: Slow day at work and a long weekend ahead!

  • Rant: No happy hour at The Reef tonight. Or any other night. Ever again.

    The Reef was a really nice place (other than after the Douching Hour on Fridays and Saturdays of course), with tasty food, an awesome view, terrific people who treated their regulars like family, and always a good beer or four on tap.

    And now, just because a couple of lowlife $hitheads didn’t want to be bothered with self-regulating their behavior in public, a local business is closed, good people are out of work, and a favorite community gathering spot is no more. Congratulations, a-holes, you’ve fulfilled your mission in life. People like you are the reason the rest of us can’t have nice things, and frankly, the costs to society of tolerating your existence far outweigh any benefits to society that you will ever produce.

    Sorry to be a downer on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. Just kinda sick and tired of all the crap that lowlife $hitheads subject the rest of us to, and wondering why we collectively feel so compelled to just keep taking it from them.

    • Yeah, the same place that employed a security guard who was drinking on his shift and then stabbed a couple folks. What planet are you on?

      • Actually, I was grouping the convicted-felon stabby bouncer in the same category as the stab-ees who appear to have started the fight in the first place.

        It was clearly a terrible mistake that he was hired. I have no idea whether that happened due to a dubious reference (which happens all the time), or a background check that was shoddy (hey, it even happens in the government), or just a businessman’s well-intentioned desire to give someone a second chance at being a productive member of society (yep, happens too). Either way, that guy’s not representative of the whole staff or of the entire establishment.

        So, uhhh, I guess I live on a planet where the concept of “an occasional bad apple” is understood by most people, and where said apple can sometimes spoil the whole bunch.

        But thanks for playing.

        • It was the owners’ decision to shut down. I’m sure there is way more to the story than meets the eye, but the city didn’t force them closed permanently beyond the response to this specific incident. When the EMPLOYEE of a bar stabs a patron no matter what the circumstances I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the city to take drastic action and close it temporarily while the facts are sorted out. It’s a shame that it happened to a good bar, but the ownership has to answer for it one way or another.

          • All true and correct. I’m not suggesting that a business owner doesn’t get to own the bad along with the good. I just don’t appreciate folks tarring and feathering what I know to be an overall solid crew of people and an overall well-run establishment (ten years with a clean ABRA record until just recently) on the basis of the actions of one rogue individual who, I am confident, did not get all drunk and stabby at the direction of management.

            I completely agree that in light of whatever facts are at hand, the owner surely did what he had to do. But assuming this final incident did indeed precipitate the final closing, I stand by my original statement that it sucks that a couple of worthless dirtbags could, basically on a whim, take so much–people’s livelihoods, the business owner’s investment, much-needed tax revenue, the building owner’s rental income, and hundreds of people’s enjoyment– away from the community. And I remain frustrated that we live in a society that’s too weak and meek and mortified at the thought of hurting the lowlifes’ self-esteem to do the house-cleaning necessary so that decent folks wouldn’t have to put up with this kind of crap quite so much.

    • saf

      I know. I want to be at my spot at the roof bar right now.

  • Rant: my girlfriend can never explain what she doesn’t like about a certain food. I’ve been dating her for more than 5 years and know what she specifically will not eat (meat, mushrooms, eggplant) but I’ll often make something or we’ll go out to eat something, made with ingredients she likes, and she won’t like it. When I try to find out why she doesn’t like it (too garlicky? Too bitter? Weird texture?) she says she doesn’t know. Very confusing.

  • Rant: 30 something and have lived in the city for a few months now, but have no friends. How do I make friends? (I’m serious.)

    • 20 something living in the city for 6 years… still wondering

    • saf

      Talk to people.

      Sounds simple, but it works for me. What neighborhood are you in.? Where did you hang out? What do you like to do?

      • Shaw. Learning to play a guitar and I love it.

        • Well, EVERY single time I’ve walked outside carrying a guitar case, someone has talked to me. Do you ever play in DuPont Circle? That would guarantee at least a few interesting conversations. Are you taking lessons? For me, that has led me to some good friends as well. I agree with Anonymous at 3:12 – become a regular somewhere, and I intimate conversations with the other regulars and see where that leads. There are a few blues festivals around, and the Strathmore has a lot of arts related events.

          • Sorry – that was supposed to say: and initiate conversations…. It was autocorrect — NOT me — that threw in “intimate” , me, I’d wait awhile for that! Lol

    • Having a gateway friend helps, someone you meet other people through.

      Become a regular somewhere.

      Meet-up.com or start another hobby. Join a bocce league, etc.

    • Find an activity that you like – that includes other people. Take the initiative – and realize that since you are looking for friends while your prospective friends might not be, you might have to take the initiative repeatedly as you attempt to move things from acquaintances to friendship. It might help to cultivate relationships with other recent transplants — who might be more open to building new friendships than people who have already established their circles. You might want to take a class , do a meet-up activity, make the effort to talk to the people that you see frequently as you run errands or go running….

    • Email everyone you know right now to go to the FREE Blues Festival tomorrow at Carter Barron. It is the easiest get-together – outdoors, close by, lots of parking, great music, Beer, and it’s FREE. Create a space where friendships can happen.

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