New Bar, Ivy and Coney, Coming to 7th Street in Shaw

1537 7th Street, NW

From a press release:

Opening in Fall 2013, Ivy and Coney will be a small, neighborhood bar located at 1537 7th St NW in the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C. It brings the atmosphere of a Chicago corner bar with Detroit prices and Midwestern hospitality to our ever-diverse capital. The spot comes from Kangaroo Boxing Club owners Josh Saltzman and Chris Powers (originally from Chicago and Detroit), bartender Adam Fry (Chicago) and native Washingtonian, Jamie Hess.

Ivy and Coney is built on a foundation of simplicity: sometimes a good hot dog, a cold beer, and a game on is all you’re looking for in your night. The menu includes Chicago-style and Detroit Coney-style hot dogs, Chicago Italian beefs, peanuts, and cracker jacks. The beers will include Strohs, Old Style, Goose Island 312, and Bell’s Two Hearted along with a quality selection of spirits and sodas. All of these can be enjoyed while sports (with an emphasis on Chicago, Detroit, and D.C. teams) play across several TVs throughout the bar.

Additionally, we will be bringing a new concept to the D.C. area for those who want a wider selection of spirits by offering reserved liquor lockers. Our customers will have the opportunity to purchase a broad collection of different labels at a highly discounted service rate, store their choices on site, and have our staff serve up their favorite drinks.

Founded on the “corner tavern” mentality and built with a passion for good value, we aim to make Ivy and Coney a great edition to the DC community.

If you’d like to be a part of opening of Ivy and Coney check out our Indiegogo Page to be a part of the project.”

Ed. Note: Ivy and Coney will be located near the new Dacha beer garden coming to 7th and Q St, NW.


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  • As a proud Detroiter in DC, ex-pats have tried brining coneys to Chicago and LA and both restaurants failed. I honestly wish them luck. Ill definitely try it!

    • Well you see anonymous, the question I asked josh was, if he were a hot dog and he was starving in the desert, would he eat himself? Also, thanks for the good wishes! (Ps the secret is beef heart)

      • I would slather myself in spicy, brown mustard and eat myself every day of the week. I’d be delicious. Cubs win! Cubs win!

      • Would you eat the moon if it were made of barbeque spare ribs? I know I would. Heck I’d have seconds. Then polish it off with a tall cool budweiser. I would do it.

        • Sounds like a great place to catch some Western Michigan Broncs games (and celebrate an opening season win over MSU)!

          ps. please serve Pączkis on fat tuesday. can’t find them anywhere in DC!

  • im so glad to see something come to this otherwise sad stretch of 7th. PS… the Dacha Beer Garden is looking pretty cool. They are doing some nice landscaping on the property, and they have added in a cool iron gate.

    • What a perfect place for my wife (from Chicago) and I (from Detroit) to fight about which is a better sports town. At least we are both fans of DC sports.

  • Indiegogo page?!?!
    KBC is almost always crazy busy, why can’t they fund this themselves?

  • Can we get some detroit techno up in here?

  • It will be interesting to see if 7th and 9th will gradually develop vibrant streetlife in the way Logan Circle or Columbia Heights have. Or if it will be more like H Street. Always some people walking around, but never really a hopping big city feel.

    • what exactly is the difference between logan/columbia heights and H street? food and drinks people food and drinks people?

      • Similar uses. But, a big difference in intensity.

        There is a lot more pedestrian activity on 14th in logan and columbia heights. Feels almost like a NYC neighborhood street. H Street seems tamer. Nowhere near the level of foot traffic. Some foot traffic in the center area durring the day and some on people walking to bars in the evening. But not really a busy people watching type strip.

      • difference = density.

  • Sweet baby Jesus, this is exciting. And if anyone can pull this off, it’s the KBC guys. We’ll have to find some of those awesome Old Style stained glass lamp shades…

  • This sounds perfect. The city needs more no-to-low concept watering holes (like Baltimore).

  • I understand trying to create a Chicago or Detroit bar vibe for local transplants, but I don’t understand trying to create a Chicago AND Detroit bar vibe. “Hey, it’s just like being back home in Wrigleyville, except there’s Tigers crap everywhere.” Maybe they can impose a jorts-only dress code and add a touch of St. Louis as well.

    That said, good to see Italian Beef making its way to DC, and I’d rather wash it down with a Two Hearted than an Old Style.

    PS Go Cubs Go!

    • Actually-I get it, one of the best part of Chicago (admittedly my favorite city in the US) is the random neighborhood bars in residential neighborhoods, like Northwoods Inn in Lakeview and Happy Village in Ukranian Village. Detroit doesn’t really have much of this scene left, so effectively the feel would be a neighborhood bar in Chicago that roots for Lions, Tigers, Wolverines and Spartans, kind of like how Northwoods is a Packers bar. I don’t think they’ll be going for a Wrigleyville bar.

  • I agree that it would be nice to see a few of the store fronts along this part of 7th street get developed. I’m not sure if I’m wild about the menu, but happy to have a spruced-up business come to that block.

  • Sounds great, I often lament the lack of these type of places in the D.C. area!

  • Hooray, this sounds awesome. I like the vibe of KBC and will welcome this new place nearer to my hood with an open wallet. (Especially if their beer prices are lower than Shaws Tavern, whose prices are off the chain). Can we get a veggie dog?

    • Speaking of Shaw Tavern…. I wrote a yelp review saying exactly that: the beer prices were a joke. The manager wrote a message to me full of snark. Total d-bag. I won’t be going back. Funny thing is the rest of my review was positive.

  • Speaking of Jamie Hess–late of the Blue Banana–any news on what they’re doing with the BB spot on GA? Last I read here they were going to redevelop and reopen with new management and a roof deck. Any updates?

  • Totes excited about this. DC needs more places like this (assuming it turns out the way it is described). KBC is a pretty good spot, so think the odds are high this will turn out well.

  • Is there a reason a food-focused restaurant (vs. bar that happens to serve a few items of food) are all that’s opening? I live in the area but we aren’t bar people. I’d love to support new businesses but this makes it very difficult!
    More FOOD (and shops)

    • i would agree with you, but I think this is generally the way change comes through a neighborhood. Bars first, they create interest in the city, then other places start moving through… full restaurants and then eventually home stores/other shops as people want to just stroll around and do some window shopping. This stretch will see some rapid enhancements by the end of this year… so they might skip some of these steps soon enough!

  • austindc

    The concept of a liquor locker intrigues me, and it is way better than keeping my booze stashed inside the water tank of the toilet.

  • Was already excited just reading the description of this place, but now that I know it’s the KBC guys, I can’t wait for it to open! Go Tigs!

  • This is awesome. I hope their Coney dogs are authentic. Gotta get the sauce just right, and they’ll be divine.

  • my cousin who is from Detroit but lives in Chicago says this is the dumbest idea ever. Never have Detroit and Chicago peacefully coexisted in anyway in anyplace.

    “let’s all watch the wings and hawks together, afterwards we’ll fight each other on 14th street”

    He means 7th, but hey, he’s from Chicago.

  • Couldn’t be more excited about this place — it’s exactly what DC needs. Here’s hoping the execution livest up to the potential.

  • This is only possible because of the (bs) realignment of the NHL. My real question is if they are going to be able to duplicate the Gonnella bread for the beefs. And maybe throw in a maxwell street polish.

  • Awesome; great fit for the neighborhood.

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