Huge Haul from Mt. Pleasant for today’s Garden Contest Entry


“You can see the variety of tomatoes: Brandywine, Brown Berry, Egg Yolk, Mamie Brown’s Pink Berry, Black Krim, and Cherry. Also in the photo is a haul of Malabar Spinach, onions, some basil, one Bell Pepper and one red chili pepper. Our cat, Franklin, decided to investigate our bounty, but he was not interested in eating any of it.”

If you’d like to enter please take a photo(s) of your garden/haul and send with the title ‘summer tomato/garden contest’ to princeofpetworth(at)gmail. Please include the neighborhood where you grew them. Entries close this Friday but winners will be picked from those entered through September. Winners get PoPville t-shirts.


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  • Nice haul and Franklin is so cute! Maybe he’d like the green thumb applied to some catnip or cat grass?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Gorgeous veggies and cat!

  • Love the cat!

  • Am I the only one who thinks cats don’t belong on the table or counter tops? For the record, Franklin is adorable!

    • No, but it’s not like you can really control it, right? That’s where they’re going to go as soon as you go to bed or head out for work in the morning.

      • I agree with both of you. Really wish they wouldn’t get all up on the tables like that but what can you do?? You simply cannot train a cat. LOL (Coming from a lifelong dog owner and a newish {3 yrs} first time cat owner) I highly suggest getting a feline if you want to overcome control/patience issues. 🙂

  • ledroittiger

    This photo hurts my eyes. But the haul looks great!

  • *MY* tuxedo cat, Murray the tomato vampire, would not be able to restrain himself. Puncturing tomatoes and drinking the juice is way too much fun.

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