From the Forum – Did DC taxis raise their rate again?

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Did DC taxis raise their rate again?

“I was in a cab coming back from Reagan on Sunday and the base price was $3.25 and the extra fee was $2.75 (I know $2.50 is the airport fee, but that leaves $0.25 extra).

I looked over at the fare sticker and it looked brand new.. on the top is said Effective June 1, 2013. It said the base fare was actually $3.25 and there was a $0.25 fee for the 1st passenger and the $1 fee for additional passengers was brought back.

Was this a fake sticker? I can’t find any other info on the fare hikes. still has the old fares.”

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  • DCTC website still has old fares… These people can’t manage to do anything competently. Looking forward to CM Cheh’s plans to get rid of them.

  • Wow, I would never even notice that (maybe because I only take a cab once every 3 or 4 years and can’t keep up with all the rate increases)!

  • Those are the new rates that came as a part of the rule requiring installing credit card readers. They aren’t supposed to charge $3.25 + passenger surcharges unless they accept credit cards.

    • Here;’s the link on the DC taxi site with the new rates:

    • Yep, I got a lecture from a cabbie about the 25-cent “convenience fee” for the credit card readers. It strikes me as particularly inequitable to be forced to pay that charge if you’re not using a credit card. And, for how long will that fee last? I can’t imagine the equipment (which is subsidized by advertising on the screen) costs more than a few hundred bucks. Typical DC cab commission – give the complaining cab drivers a perpetual “surcharge” and screw any thoughts about the riders.

  • DCA is in Virginia, so the rates differ coming from the airport. There is also an airport fee and other differences laid out here:

  • Locals call it “National”. Tourists call it “Reagan”.

  • Well cab drivers have to earn a living don’t they! Just shut up and give them the dollar, and make sure you tip well because they work hard!

  • I have noticed the jump from the $3.00 base fare to the $3.25 one in the last week. Even though, as you note, the sticker which is clearly new says as of June 1, 2013.

    The only reason I noticed is becasue they haven’t programmed the meters yet to make the base fare $3.25, so they have to hit the base fare button to show $3.00, then another button to add .25 cents on the “extra” charges section.

    It’s such crap. Still no credit card machines, obviously. This is why I now take Uber Taxi or Uber X everywhere.

  • Scrillin

    The real question is, will the cab ever actually have credit card machines, or will this surcharge stay and we still have to use cash?

  • wait, the extra passenger charge is back?

  • I rode in 4 cabs today and only one had the new sticker and charged the additional 25 cents.

  • Ugh…this is back

    Declared Snow Emergency Fee, fifteen dollars $15.00

  • I took a cab from National airport and the driver asked me before I got in if I was paying with a credit card and I said no. I had 2 bags he had to put in the trunk and I noticed he charged me an extra $4 fee. I saw there’s an airport fee and 50cent per bag handing fee, still between the two charges I was overcharged.

    Am I still supposed to tip on top of all the fees?

    • No. Absolutely not.

    • When I get socked with bs fees (which are any fees above the base fare) I deduct them from the tip. Generally this means no tip. And then if the cabbie complains, I tell him to make good use of his nickel-and-dime surcharges.

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