From the Forum – Breaking Bad Shown Anywhere?


Breaking Bad Shown Anywhere?

“I know Arlington Cinema and Draft House used to show The Walking Dead on their big screen.. I was hoping to find something similar in the area (DC, MD or VA) that does this for Breaking Bad. I don’t have cable and neither do any of my friends”

I know Jack Rose is showing it at 2007 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. Anyone know anywhere else?

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  • DC Reynolds is showing it after trivia this season.

  • I don’t even know if it’s necessary for shows on regular cable like Breaking Bad, but if it is, I hope these places have done their due diligence in determining whether or not a public performance license is necessary to show this program to their patrons. I bring this up, because I remember back when The Sopranos was still airing on HBO, multiple bars in DC had to stop showing it, because they weren’t legally permitted to do so. And it’s pretty annoying when you don’t have cable, and you get into a series like this, and suddenly can’t watch it anymore.

    • Suddenly can’t watch it anymore? I get it from Amazon streaming within 24 hours of the original broadcast. You want to watch it? Pay for it.

      • I got into the Nationals when they came back to DC but they want me to PAY to sit inside the stadium. I feel your pain.

  • I’m going to watch it at Los Pollos Hermanos

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