Dear PoPville – Local Resident Selected to 2013 USA Dodgeball Team


“Dear PoPville,

I’m a Persian American professional athlete selected by the United States Dodgeball Organization to the 2013 USA Women’s Dodgeball Team. I am one of six women from across the nation who made the team. On September 27th, I will be making a very expensive trip to compete in New Zealand against five
other countries for the gold. While many of us enjoyed playing dodgeball as a kid, it’s a growing sport amongst adults that’s gone beyond the national level and stemmed into the international arena.

This will be the second international tournament of its kind and it will be streamed live for the world to see. I’ll be posting the link on my Facebook page,  Paniz Asgari USA Women’s Dodgeball, so fans may watch us LIVE!

I’m asking for support from our amazing DC community to help send me to New Zealand so we may bring home the gold together! Sponsorship donations may be made here.”

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  • Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge!

  • I would rather not send money for someone to play dodgeball…. this is something she took on your self why can’t she fit the bill? If you can’t afford it then pursue something else.

  • She cute!!!

  • I would also like to get donations to fund a trip to New Zealand.

  • I just don’t think this is as important as donating to a charity, like say, the washington humane society. Sorry Dodgeball athletes.

  • I believe she’s gay… does that make it more charitable?

  • is she really jumping that high?

    • Was about to say… That’s an unbelievable vertical. Then again, I guess that’s how you get to be 1 of the top 6 in the country at a sport.

  • She could probably play even better if she tied her hair back so it wasn’t covering 75% of her vision.
    Jumping that high? My guess is that she was dropped from the ceiling and the photographer caught her at that height.
    New Zealand? Couldn’t they pick someplace a little cheaper to get to?

  • This photo is giving me bad flashbacks from elementary recess.

  • Wow. Bunch of wankers commenting today.

    Great photo! Good luck. Remember: if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

    • Agreed…

      I mean, here you have a nice feel-good story about a local resident succeeding at something, and a request for a donation.

      And you know what? I’m not going to donate, and that’s everyone’s personal choice.

      But the fact that half the comments on here have to do with her ethnicity, gender, or just trivializing her accomplishment makes me sad for humanity.

      • Then let’s just say it’s a cheap, low-class way to raise money for something very marginal. Okay now?

  • I had no idea we actually had a national dodgeball team. Really, its a shocker to me.

  • What does being Persian American have to do with anything? I don’t recall ever giving my ethnic background when introducing myself, curious why she feels the need to.

  • The comments on this thread are so bizarre. Hang in there, PoPville! It’s almost the weekend.

  • andy

    Is that how big dodgeball balls are at the international competitive level? I remember those big yellow balls twice as big as a basketball. Hard to throw, but if you got hit, daaaaaannnggg.

  • Asking for handouts to play a “World Invitational” with five teams in a pseudo-sport to be played in in a resort town is a silly thing to do immediately after referring to yourself as a professional athlete.

  • Gang! Why is everybody so cranky?!? I had my car broken into…again…this morning, and I’M not nearly as big a grump as you all, while my car is getting rained into 🙂

    Anyway, good luck to you! Rock it and go USA!

    • I guess because asking people to pay for you to travel the world and play a game seems kind of cheap.
      I’m taking a trip to Africa to do some work with low income communities, and my group might get some Rotary club donations, but we’re mostly paying for the trip ourselves.

      • I don’t get it. Are you just pissed because she’s asking and you … Um … Didn’t? Because you didn’t, right? Also, extra credit for self righteousness.

        • I think it’s kind of self righteous for the OP to ask in the first place. I would much rather donate to a fellow PoPvillager’s trip to help needy people rather than a “professional athlete” who will probably spend as much time in the pubs as on the dodgeball court. It’s an interesting article nonetheless that spiced up an otherwise boring Friday afternoon for me!

          • This only makes sense if you don’t know, or care to know, what the phrase means (it means “moral superiority derived from a sense that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue”).

        • Not really. I don’t want to ask.

    • Sorry about your car! That stinks.

  • That photo is absolutely amazing! I love it and she looks cool as hell. Hoping you make it to NZ, Paniz!

  • Crazy! I went to high school with Paniz!

  • Wouldn’t a professional athlete with demonstrable skills seek sponsorship from athletics companies? Asking the community seems cheap. Why not foot your own bill to play a “sport” you like?

    • This is very cool. She’s not just asking for donations she’s making us aware of it and asking us to be a part of it. It’s a world competition and to have a DC resident representing us there is something for all of us to be proud of. Help with money or not- but do root for her! And that is a gorgeous picture.

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