Chupacabra Hoping to Offer Margaritas (and more) Off H Street, NE

822 H St, NE (though actually located on 9th Street)

Chupacabra recently opened up at 9th and H St, NE. A twitter follower lamented that they were sad they couldn’t get a margarita. Well that’s about to change – a liquor license application says:

“New Tavern, Latin & Tagueria kitchen serving tacos and other Latin dishes. Total Occupant load #96, Seating #56, Summer Garden Seats #40, Sidewalk Cafe Seats #60”

Hours of service hope to be Sunday through Thursday: 8am-2am and Friday and Saturday:8am-3am.

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  • So, how is the food? Good Mexican is hard to beat! Also, hard to find around here.

  • not great. they need to work on it.

  • With a name like “Chupacabra” (literally “goatsucker”), how good can this place be? Not to mention the fact that in a number of South American countries “chupa” is slang for “throw up”.

  • Had their tacos once and thought they were good but small. Not sure they’re worth the $10 (3 for $10) I needed to find something else to eat within a half hour.

  • Actually a chupacabra is something of an urban legend monster in Latin American culture, akin to the boogeyman. Also, chupar in many Latin American countries is also slang for “to drink.”

    I don’t have anything to add since I haven’t tried this place yet but I figured your lazy arguments should debunked.

  • Yep, it’s the equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil. I think it’s a great name.

  • I live close by and find their food to be outstanding. They had a rocky start but seem to be on track now.

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