Bike Stolen at Knifepoint at 5:45pm on H Street, NE

From MPD:

“On today’s date [Thursday] at approximately 5:45 PM, in front of 815 H Street NE, a citizen was approached by a suspect who attempted to steal his bicycle. The complainant attempt to retain his bicycle and during the struggle, the suspect produced a knife and was able to steal the bicycle. The complainant sustained minor injuries as a result of being cut with the knife. The suspect was described as a black male, dark complexion, with short hair. The case is currently being investigated by Detectives from the First District.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Anonymous information may also be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging to 50411. Additionally, please call 911 if you observe suspicious persons or activities.”

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  • 8th and H needs to be cleaned up.

    • + a million. That entire intersection is ridiculous.

      • Agreed. They let too many people loiter around here. Why are there so many benches? You don’t walk around nicer parts of town and see benches everywhere for people to sleep on all day. The fact that a person was so emboldened as to attack someone like this in broad daylight in front of dozens of people shows that this intersection needs more police attention.

        • It is a big connection spot for bus transfers – you will always have lots of people there.

        • I really dislike the idea that people who are ugly, poor, homeless, or of some other stigmatized group not be allowed to use, or “loiter” (to stigmatize their presence) in public spaces. Whereas in the nineteenth century the Olmstead model (e.g. Central Park) was to open public spaces to uplift all classes and all people, the model since the 1980s has been to restrict public spaces. Many academics write about this, none more powerfully than Mike Davis in his study of 1980s Los Angeles in _City of Quartz_. It really bothers me to see people move into a black area like H Street and then complain that poor black people are “loitering” there. This list bolsters the inequality that plagues our city.

          • That’s all very well and good for academics, but are they dealing with the real-world issues on the ground like many of us are?
            Sure, a number of PoPville posters are disturbingly hypercritical of the people one might find at this intersection… but the above post seems to be at the other end of the spectrum, going so far as to imply that “loitering” is a social construct that the powerful have created, Foucault-style, to punish the less powerful. (I’ve been to grad school too, dude.)
            Which it might be… but calling it a social construct doesn’t mean it’s not an actual phenomenon, or that it’s somehow never a problem.
            There’s a difference between people hanging out in parks — places specifically designed to be public spaces, and for relaxation — and hanging out at a bus stop. (And in practice, many parks and rec centers end up becoming places for drug dealing and general magnets for nuisance issues.)

        • “You don’t walk around nicer parts of town and see benches everywhere for people to sleep on all day.”

          Oh, thanks for helping me understand my fear of the Georgetown waterfront.

  • that’s why you should always have a hammer in your backpack

    • Riiiight… like you’d have time to be able to take your backpack off, unzip it, and get the hammer out.
      A hammer can also be grabbed and used against YOU.
      And the idea of hammer vs. knife is making me think of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” In theory a hammer should beat a knife… but who would expect to be attacked on a major street in broad daylight??

  • This corner is a scourge.

  • usually a ton of people there, especially at 5:45pm. weird place to hold someone up for a bike.

    • Yeah but have you seen the people who hang around there? I don’t think there is much chance many of them would help someone who was being robbed.

  • why not just ride away or something?

    im interested as to how this went down

    • Yeah me too. I wonder if the person was walking the bike or in the process of locking it or unlocking it rather than riding. Though, it wouldn’t be too hard for someone to get right in your path and try to take your bike if you’re riding at slow sidewalk speeds.

      • Probably walking the bike, a lot of people dismount near 8th & H, so as not to hit the large crowd of people invariably at the bus stop there.

  • austindc

    Oh lord. Tell you what, I am going to start hitting people with my bike and taking their knives. Then I will melt the knives down and make a bike. Solid plan.

  • Useless thugs.

  • Are there ever cops posted here like there are at some of the further down parts of H Street (at least during busy times)? This is such a hotbed of shady that it should be more heavily patrolled. And if it is, why isn’t it working?

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