Shooting at North Capitol and P Street, NW

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@IAFF36 tweets at 3:48pm:

“Shooting: North Capitol St/P St NW units enroute”

Followed by:

“Update – N. Capitol St & P St – male shot, treating & transporting to trauma center #DCFD”

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  • the corner of FL and N Cap is always full of sketchy people. those people spill down to P sometimes. needless to say N Cap is not on my list of places to casually walk through.

    • In my experience, Florida and North Capitol is less full of sketchy people than the corner of North Capitol and New York Avenue, by the Big Ben liquor store.

      • totally agree with this.

      • the sketchiness is full on between m street up to q street, mainly on the nw side.
        i walk through this area pretty often and it’s one of the worst areas in NW dc.
        the new building at north capitol and patterson is supposed to house some old residents from temple courts that was razed years ago. i wonder if that will actually happen.

        everyone razes about catania bakery, but the owners own a few slummy buildings on north capitol and are doing nothing at all for the area. it’s a real shame.
        the Sons of Life guys are trying hard to help people out, but they are overwhelmed.
        and of course jamal is just sitting on his giant parking lot waiting it out.

        so many problems and so little changes in these few blocks.

  • Is that near Tyler House Apartments(?) where there was a major drive-by shooting a few months ago?

  • Great. Two blocks from where I live. How sad, probably over nothing.

  • Long article in the Post today about the closing down of subsidized housing around that general area and how most people forced to move never get to move back in. The recent spate of shootings and violence in that area isn’t going to help the “good” people of these projects find a home anytime soon. Not an opinion on the article, just unfortunate that the thugs in the area ruin things for the hard-working people who really need housing and aren’t abusing the system.

  • In this small area: First Street, from K to S st on the west to First Street from K st NE to near the rec center by S St NE. So an area only 2 blocks wide and 8 blocks long.
    there have been 43 murders since 2005 (it would be a few more if you move a block or so west or east). Granted the area mentioned is changing, but that is pretty ridiculous no matter how you slice it.

  • This is the beginning of a long hot summer with thousands of youth with no job and very little to do. The many greedy developers build skyscrapers all over and give crumbs back to the community. So many cranes in the sky and very few community benefits.

    • So many fathers, so few parents.

      See how I also simplified a complex problem.
      Nice trolling.

  • I bet none of the persons giving comments have ever helped a failing student in this neighborhood by mentoring or tutoring. I bet very few of you have reached out to a senior citizen who needs a ride to the store. We used to have a real community, now we just have self serving people who could care less about making a difference in a youth or seniors lives.
    Only bragging about their titles and how much money they make. What happened to loving thy neighbor as thyself. What happen to just being concerned about your fellow man, why so self serving ang greedy.

    • Nothing like generalizing large groups of people to get the day started…

    • Community building takes a whole lot of energy and time. Folks with means who are moving into/closer to the communities described above aren’t likely to come in with established bonds to those who have lived there before. Many are indeed doing what you described above – it’s just that it takes a long time to develop a deeper community.

    • I’m one of the people commenting here and I live nearby. I don’t do much for kids and have very seldom helped them. But I have helped senior citizens. I’ve gone to the grocery store for them, I shovel their walks, and have brought a few to Dunbar to vote. You probably don’t live in the area or you would know how many “newcomers” actually help out around here. Look at the people helping out at the perry school, or the farm at walker jones. Look into the groups trying to fix up the empty schools on p. you really what to change this community, make sure the drug dealers never leave prison. They are the single most problematic aspect of the bates/ sursum corda area.
      So maybe you dont like my community contributions and while I dont have a title but I am proud of what I do for a living. That bothers you? take your indignation and judgement and shove it up your ass.

  • We rented on VRBO, trusting the reviews of the home (which has been great). However, upon leaving the home, we discovered a very different atmosphere-trash all over, rundown houses, many sirens. Only to learn of this shooting. I also read the article on failed efforts to improve the area. I cried as I walked, sensing the hopelessness of the residents. May others pick up the mantle of the Fr. Mc Kenna Center-meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs.

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