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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Had an awesome weekend away celebrating with friends. Lots of laughing and silliness.

    RANT: Arrived home way later that expected. Starting out this work week exhausted, and I have so much do to do.

    RANT: Crazy week of work ahead and saying goodbye to a dear friend who is moving

    RAVE: Just blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life.

  • Rant: It’s bad enough she gets on the bus and starts a cell phone conversation in a loud voice, but she is a freakin’ social worker or something. Lady — I really don’t want to listen to the details of some troubled kid’s case while riding the bus!

    • I hope she has the good sense not to use any names.

      Added rant: When staff at MD’s office are talking on the phone with patients in the reception area – where they can be easily overheard. Sometimes TMI

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Why do I have to put my PTO days & meetings on 3 different calendars and send multiple emails if the bossman isn’t going to bother looking at them before he schedules me for training? Such a waste of time.

    Rave: Quarry House fried pickles make me a happy camper.

  • RAVE: I had the best baby shower this weekend. I never expect anything from anyone, so when 2 friends offered, independently of one another, to throw us a shower I was really overwhelmed (in a good way!). They ended up joining forces and throwing an awesomely wonderful shower on Saturday. We were flooded with gifts. I’m almost certain that for the first 6 months of this little nugget’s life we won’t have to do laundry – we got that many clothes!!!!

    ADVICE: For new parents….don’t buy baby clothes. People love to buy little outfits with puppies on the butts, or onesies with little monkey feet sewn in. Save your money for the big ticket items and all of the other little stuff (clothes, toys, rattles, bottles, blankets, etc) will come to you πŸ™‚

    • Between gifts and hand me downs from friends, I don’t think we bought clothes for our daughter until she was about 6/9 months. Even now, about 30% of her clothes are hand me downs from two VERY generous sets of friends who are done having kids. We pay it forward as much as possible, and need to take both sets out for a nice dinner to say thank you.
      Congratulations on the upcoming nugget!

      • PDleftMtP

        Yep. Also, pro tip for gift buyers – go for bigger sizes. We had about ten billion onesies that she outgrew quickly (possibly without even wearing them all) but not much after that.

        BTW, you’ll have no idea what you’re doing – but no one else really does either, and you’ll figure it out, just like everyone else does. Don’t get obsessed with systems, books, and other people’s kids – yours will be his/her own little critter, and you’ll eventually just keep trying different stuff to figure out what works for you.

    • unless you’re not having a baby shower – some cultures/religions don’t have them. In which case, buy your baby some clothes because otherwise…awkward!

      • solid point πŸ™‚

      • Serious question – which ones? And why?

        One would think that any culture sees the value in lending a helping hand to new parents, whether that be through gifts, celebrations, etc.

        • I think most if not all cultures do, but lending a helping hand to new parents doesn’t have to take the form of a staged gift-giving event.

        • Google Finland baby box – since the 1930’s the Finnish government has been giving all expectant mothers a box that has clothes, bedding, toys, etc. In order to sign up for the box, the mother has to visit an MD or pre-natal clinic.

          • This means that Finns aren’t familiar with the concept of baby showers… not that Finns in the U.S. are averse to them. (I went to one not long ago for a Finn who was unfamiliar with the idea but had some friends who’d offered to throw her a baby shower.)

        • Jews – it’s bad luck.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It can also be personal preference. I have a family member who never gives gifts for babies until they are born b/c she had a still born baby and coming home and dealing with all the baby stuff was very difficult.

        • well, most observant Jews dont have baby showers.
          you celebrate a child after its born, not prior. Many Jewish parents-to-be don’t create a nursery in advance of the birth, either.

        • Jewish culture, for one. There is a tradition of not having baby showers, I believe based on superstitions about doing baby-related things (like showers, or even setting up the nursery and bringing baby gear into the house) before the baby’s birth (so as not to jinx the pregnancy, basically). But as I understand it, that tradition isn’t as strong as it once was, and I think it depends on how religious/observant/traditional the person is. A good Jewish friend of mine (goes to temple some Fridays and holidays, but not strictly observant) ultimately decided to go ahead with a baby shower and at-home baby prep, mostly out of practical concerns. Friends really wanted to throw her a shower; and she and her husband lived in a big city where everyone has tiny apartments, and they had no family nearby–so none of their friends had room to store the baby stuff for them, and they wouldn’t have had family to set everything up in the nursery while they were at the hospital giving birth (and they just didn’t want to deal with setting everything up right after the baby was born).

    • We got SO many hand-me-downs, we are still going through them and our son is 18 months old now. We only bought clothes for our son that we found really adorable, and we picked out his “coming home” outfit (which he promptly pooped in before we even left the hospital – good thing we had a back up) special from us.

  • Rave: Great 50 mile ride yesterday. It was actually more like 57, since I missed a turn on the cue sheet and had to backtrack. πŸ™‚ It rained a little and there were lots of hills, but I’m ready to do it again (and, one of these days, a century ride.)

    Rant: RIP JJ Cale.

  • Rant: Twisted my ankle and went down hard in front of the metro this morning all while wearing a dress.

    Rave: The escalator repairmen who graciously pretended they hadn’t just seen my underwear and my ass and carried on about their business as though nothing has happened.

    Rant: USG messed up my biometric data so I had to go back in and get everything redone and then spend MORE money to mail all my information to NYC. UGH!!

    Rave: Thanks to the Post Office employee who helped me get everything where it needed to go (and with a smile!) and the USG employee who took the time to do it right (I HOPE!)…

  • I really want to kiss a girl named Lorelei. Not sure why.

  • Rave: Husband gave notice on Friday and will be starting his new job next month. Woo hoo!
    Rant: Spent the weekend laid up on the couch, sick from a random virus. 102 fever, followed by nausea and general muzzy-headedness.
    Rave: Husband was awesome, doing all the things with our daughter so I could lay about in peace, watching Pitch Perfect and all the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family.
    Rave: After giving up hope, received word potential new job is checking my references while waiting on some approvals from board. Cautious optimism is the mood for the day.

    • That’s going around… I had it, at least two of my friends had it. Twice in the past week, I went to bed at some ridiculously early hour (like 6pm) and slept through til next morning. I only had one day of barfing and other GI malaise, but a solid week of fatigue and loopiness.

      • Good to know. Sorry you weren’t feeling well either. Now that I think about it, two coworkers weren’t feeling so hot last week either. Similar vague nausea. Weird.

  • Rave: had a great time at the New Order show at Merriweather Post. I loved that they played Joy Division songs during the encore.
    Rant: the sound was pretty bad. For $70 you would think the vocals wouldn’t sound like mush.

  • Rave: Figured out the (probable) cause for my fatigue, inability to focus, headaches etc last week. Someone (me) bought decaf coffee instead of regular. The decaf coffee is now being put to good use in a batch of Vietnamese coffee ice cream (the ice cream that won’t keep you up all night).

    Rant: Defriended by a sibling. She’s mad at the family and this was one of her ways of dealing w/issues.

    • Remembered a rave when I opened my refrigerator –

      Rave: Made chicken with cardamon rice from “Jerusalem” cookbook (NYTimes Dining section) and it was excellent. Leftovers for lunch!


    • +1 It was a good run. The game in Baltimore was amazing to attend. All in all, good times.

    • It was great watching the game at Lucky Bar. Even a Jonas Brother showed up.

    • +1 – It was a great game – Panama really worked hard and we certainly responded. A great day of soccer!

    • What sport is this?

      • I don’t know if you are trolling or not but it’s Soccer. It was the Gold Cup, a tournament that featured the United States National Team as well as other teams from North America and Central America. The US Team won yesterday.

        • Thanks, I was being lazy and didn’t feel like looking it up. Not trolling at all.

          • Cool, I apologize for my typical soccer fan reaction that someone is making light of soccer in the US. : ) Glad I could help.

  • Rave: fun.
    Rant: reality.

  • epric002

    rant: massage envy charged me $59 for an appt i made and then canceled an hour later. they never told me they were charging me a cancellation fee. am waiting for the manager to return my call. this better be refunded pronto.
    rave: found out that i am going to be an auntie again πŸ™‚
    rave: this weather!
    rave: dinner tonight with some awesome gfs.

  • Emmaleigh504

    The calendar BS made me forget my major rant…
    RANT: Broke my baby tooth over the weekend. I guess it’s time for it to get capped or replaced. I’m going to miss my baby tooth. It was always fun to get a new dentist and see their reactions.
    Rave: It doesn’t hurt so I can deal with it after surgery this week.

  • Rave: Had a great run on Saturday – feeling super ready for this falls marathons
    Rave: Sunday Bootcamp returned after a long break!
    Rave: Made a great steak for dinner
    No rants – just raves!

  • Rant: can’t get rid of this cough. I gargled salt water….which did nothing. It’s so bad that I end up gagging but luckily didn’t throw up this morning and I’m really worried I’ll hurt myself (ribs and everything). I am also sick of tea. I bet the baby is sick of this.

    Rant: people shocked when they can’t get stuff done when civilians are furloughed. I was asked this morning to move my assigned furlough day this week. Nope, I got stuff to do. I asked for every Monday, but was given mid-week days.

    POPville question: Are there any places in DC that have good Thanksgiving dinner? I know it’s early, but know we’ll be “hosting” and can’t actually host, so I thought I’d see if there were any good places. I love Thanksgiving and can’t wait for summer to be over….sigh…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, good food, friends and family gather, and no gift giving/receiving angst. I love it. Sadly, I have no suggestions for you, just sharing in the love of the holiday.

      • it’ll be my first not at home. my mom offered to cook everything at my place since I love her thanksgiving cooking, but we don’t have enough room to eat in our condo once baby is here (dining room turned baby room).

    • epric002

      what about turning it into a potluck? then you’re only responsible for the turkey/alternative.

      • the issue is the room – I won’t have the room to have people over, nor do I want to be responsible for “hosting” when a 3 or 4 week old. It’s just not realistic, which is why I’m starting to look. My mom offered to cook at our place, but there’s no where to eat at my house (we sent most of our dining chairs home and are moving our table in to our living room so kid sleeps in the dining room)

        • epric002

          oh. how’d you get stuck hosting if you can’t actually host? no suggestions, unfortunately.

          • I’m not stuck hosting – we’re going to hopefully have a religious ceremony that weekend, so I’d like to have family in town – if I give everyone a start/end time/date, I don’t have to juggle visitors coming in to town when they see fit.
            I love Thanksgiving, and our families are small so I don’t think it’ll be a big deal to just find a restaurant and go there. Or course, it might suck, but I can always go home and leave everyone else to enjoy the holiday together.

            I don’t think it’s realistic to plan to drive to Philadelphia on/around Thanksgiving with a 3-4 week old.

          • epric002

            good luck!

        • Lots of people go away for Thanksgiving and would probably be happy to have your visiting family house/pet sit at their home. I just did that for 4th of July – found a neighbor a block away with a one-bedroom apt. whose mom & grandma wanted to visit. I’ll bet someone on this forum even might love that. Or you could look on airbnb.com – there are lots of places available in the Petworth/CH neighborhoods.

    • I like Clyde’s. They usually do two special plates for Thanksgiving, a ham and a turkey one, plus they have their regular menu. I’ve gone there for a few years now.

      • Thanks for the suggestion! In an effort to save our vacation time, we might need to stick around DC for Thanksgiving, too. Do you know if Clyde’s does Thanksgiving Day reservations?

        • Clyde’s does do reservations. In fact, I think they ONLY take reservations for Thanksgiving. I’ve gone before and they do a tasty two or three course menu. I remember really tasty pumpkin soup and a solid turkey dinner.

        • Yep, I use opentable, but I am sure you can call.

    • I’ve heard good things (from PoP!) about Georgia Brown’s, but haven’t have the opportunity to go. I believe you need to get in early for reservations. Good luck!

      • hm, this could work!
        I was also wondering about Firefly since they often have “down home” type of food and it’s in a hotel (hotel restaurants are often open for holidays)

    • A few years ago my parents were in town for Thanksgiving and we went to Founding Farmers. I’d recommend it…lots of pretty good food and no dishes to clean afterward.

      • we love FF….didn’t know they were open on Thanksgiving. Did they do something special for Thanksgiving or just their regular menu?

    • PDleftMtP

      You might think about carryout too – I was mid-move a few years ago, and we got a smoked turkey breast and assorted sides from Dean & Deluca. Nothing is going to be the way your family does it (whatever it does), but it was totally decent.

      • But then I’d have to come up with a place to have people eat – seeing as how I won’t have room (our table now only has 2 dining chairs, for example), that’s not going to be possible this time. If we could actually host, my mom would just cook.

    • how about tabard inn?

  • Rave: The weather!

    Rant: Hungover. Don’t ask.

    Rant2: Apparently there isn’t “Still Time to Win $500 Worth of Groceries from Glen’s Garden Market!”

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Working from home today
    Rant: Because I have pre-op physical and bloodwork this afternoon
    Rave: Dog #1 is feeling better
    Rant: Dog #2 now has liquid poo
    Rant: Trying not to be scared about surgery and occasionally failing.
    Revel: PoPville’s optimism and support. You guys are awesome. And with 6 weeks of recovery, I’m sure I’ll be around here a lot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yikes! 6 weeks! My recovery is 2-3 weeks, expecting to be back at work next week. I’ve found that worrying about little things like parking passes for my mom and this damn broken tooth really take my mind off the surgery. Yesterday I spent a long time worrying about finding the kind of yogurt my mom likes to eat. In this case sweating the small stuff has been excellent for my mental health πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    • You’ll do great! Squid and Emmaleigh – don’t forget about your handicapped parking passes (both back surgeries, right?). I got mine for my last hip surgery and it nearly saved my life a couple times. And surprisingly low bureaucracy from DC DMV to get – just get the form signed from the doc and fax it in. I’ve already got mine lined up for my surgery on Friday.

      And it’ll be fun having three people around here on strong pain killers after surgery for a couple weeks (my recovery depends on what you call recovery – back at work 2-3 weeks, off crutches 4-6 weeks, PT 4-6 months, full recovery up to a year). This is all assuming they let me go through with the surgery after having a nasty cold last week.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have a relatively easy surgery, just getting a cyst (Harry) and possibly ovary removed. laparoscopic day surgery FTW. You 2 with the more complicated surgeries take good care of yourselves and post lots of silly things when you are on high on pain killers πŸ™‚

        • Ah, sorry! I didn’t mean to complicate your surgery. And you’d be surprised what they’ll do as a day surgery. Both of my hip surgeries have been. Last year I had some bone shaved off and a labral repair. This year I’m (hopefully) having the labrum itself replaced (sort of similar to an ACL replacement in the hip). Both day surgeries. Nutty, but so it is.

  • forgotten rave: FINALLY having my facial with Shae tomorrow! It’s been way too long. I know others here have visited her since I posted she started Haven, so can understand my excitement. Helloooo relaxation and glowing skin!

    • She was amazing! Best recommendation ever.
      Thanks again. Those prices, though…

      • ugh I know – I don’t plan on being a regular, but I had to give it a go before baby, while I have time and won’t feel as guilty spending the money. she is the best. And the same spot, Flami does the BEST brows in the city. No doubt. I’d follow her anywhere…and have.

    • Is this the same Shae who used to work at Bliss? That was the still-somewhat-painful-but-least-painful bikini wax I’ve ever found. (I think part of that is due to the wax Bliss uses, but I’ve been to other estheticians at Bliss, and they were ok, but no comparison.) Spa stuff isn’t really in my budget these days, but…it’s tempting.

      • yes, same Shae. I’m sure she’s still fabulous for bikini waxes. I go to Michelle at Bang because the price is much more reasonable, but Shae is an excellent back up. I went to Bliss a while back when Michelle was out of town and was gobsmacked at the cost. Never again going there.

        • Cool, thanks for the Bang recommendation. I checked out Haven’s prices, and…even more than Bliss, yikes. (I mean, I get it, because Haven seems very luxurious, and props to Shae for building her own business, but still, with my income…maybe I can make Haven a once-a-year treat.)

  • jim_ed

    RAVE: Pepco. I know Pepco is usually awful, but credit where its due. One of the overhead wires from the rat nest above our house came down in the backyard yesterday. I called Pepco about it, even though I didn’t think it was electrical wire, and they sent someone out in under two hours, who confirmed it wasn’t electrical, but cut it down and removed it anyways. The guy was very professional and friendly, and I was shocked at how easy of a process it was.

  • Rant: DC really needs pressure to change their broken (single standing) parking meter policy. If a meter is broken, you should be able to park on it for the time listed on signs. Prohibiting people from parking on broken meters when they’re ALLWAYS BROKEN is not fair.

    Rant: Didn’t go to the beach, weather was crap. Party at a friend’s house next weekend and New York trip (weekend after that) push my relax plan back 3 weekends. πŸ™

    Rant: We should all meet up at DC Reynolds or something some time soon. Would be good to rant in person and then reveal our true identities and then you guys could tell me the reason for my problems is that I’m ugly.

    Rave: $4 orange juice from Starbucks… It’s good, not worth the money, but hey, is anything at Starbucks worth the money?!?

    • epric002

      did you get a ticket at a broken meter? i always call and report the meter, get the confirmation number, and then park for the permitted time πŸ™‚

      • exactly, I love the broken meters!

        • epric002

          me too. i had a knack for finding them for a while. not driving much these days, but my husband still calls me the parking fairy, lol.

      • I don’t have the time to call them when I park, and you can still get entwined into a lengthy process to get the ticket dismissed despite calling in… It was better when DC Gov simply did their job in repairing these meters, Even despite notifying them about broken meters, so many are constantly out of service while the city makes record profits.

  • 14thandChapin

    Rave: Bike to work 3 days in a row, absolutely loving it. VirginFreeFest Line up!
    Rant: No real plans for the next week or so, need to get creative (easier said than done)
    Revel: Boss is not in the office today (which will be a slow day) but relaxing for this monday

  • Rant: Wait, there was a weekend? I must have missed it! Felt like it just flew on by.
    Rant: My sister’s abusive husband skipped the roses and went right for a puppy (in a non-dog-friendly apartment). Stupid stupid stupid. Wonder what he’ll get her the next time he beats on her.. a car? Jesus christ.. f*cking morons.
    Yeah, not a ton of raves today. Determined to find one. Just one’ll do.

    • epric002

      that’s awful πŸ™ i’m sure dealing with a puppy will bring absolutely no additional stress to that lovely situation. ugh. good luck to your sister and the poor pup.

    • πŸ™ sorry to hear about your sister.

  • Rave: Wild weekend in Westchester meeting The Girl’s family a seeing an old friend. Spent some time among the monied set and some time partying with the cast of Jersey Shore — high threadcount sheets at the B&B and Bronx accents at the wedding reception.
    Rave: Passed muster with the former accounting firm partner dad at his 80th birthday lunch (I’m 50+ years old and still meeting “the father,” jeez). “Irving, you’re the only gentleman here today.” Guys, wear that sport coat for that first meeting. And passed muster with the Bronx-born union carpenter cousin, being made an honorary (Donahue) for the purposes of a family-only round of shots from the Jameson’s bottle hidden behind the bar — one assumes so it’s wouldn’t be wasted on the Italians.

    • Love these raves!

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol bad advice Irving! (guys don’t wear that sport coat when meeting my dad!) Sounds like you had a fab weekend!

      • I knew from previous conversations that Dad was a “proper” dresser, wearing a hat to the office long after such things were required or common. Besides, he’s likely a generation older than your dad (not to mention, an accountant), so perhaps a little more traditional in these matters.

        If I ever meet your dad, I’ll go for the jeans and the “Rehab is for quitters” t-shirt look. πŸ˜‰

        Best thing about the weekend was being reminded at every turn what what an extraordinary woman I’m running around with — pulling together her dad’s lunch, lending her cousin the money he needed to buy out his boss and run his own machine shop (she was upbraided for not cashing the checks he’d been sending her in repayment), being asked to read at the wedding….Plus she picked up the tab for the B&B. I have no idea what she’s doing with a thug like me.

        • Emmaleigh504

          “I knew from previous conversations…” This is good advice. Listen and ask the son/daughter of the parent’s you are going to meet.

          My dad would want to see a person in clothes they are comfortable in. If it’s shorts and a Bob Dylan tshirt all the better (though I would NEVER date a guy who owns a Bob Dylan tshirt, sorry Dad).

          “Best thing about the weekend was being reminded at every turn what what an extraordinary woman I’m running around with..” Aww you are so cute. It’s so nice to read about happy couples!

          • What do you have against Dylan? He’s a god! (good Lord, this probably means that your dad and I are roughly the same age) ;).

            I confess that I’m a bit of a reactionary when it comes to clothing and am just as comfortable in a suit or a jacket — in most situations — as in a pair of jeans, and believe that it shgould be illegal for males over 25 to wear shorts outdoors unless it’s over 95 degrees. πŸ˜‰

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol y problem with Dylan is that my dad likes Dylan. My dad has grandchildren in their teens, he’s waaay older than you. He is also a Hoosier living in New Orleans and says when he retires (at age 80) he will never wear long pants again.

          • Saw Dylan just last week. Let me tell you that he is not, indeed, a god. (Much to my dismay… although I knew what I was getting into ..)

          • Emmaleigh504


          • I left half way through Dylan’s set at Merriweather. But still….

          • Ha, my guy has the same exact pet peeve about shorts…although I’m not even sure he’d make an exception for 95+ degrees. And he ALWAYS busts out the sportcoat (I’ve given up trying to tell him that it’s really not necessary). He must be about the same age as your lady’s dad…just trapped in the body of a 32-year old. πŸ˜‰

    • Westchester is the Bestchester. It’s just a fact.

  • Rant: Vivid dream of my ex wife and our dog. In said dream, we got back together and life was good. Woke up feeling depressed. I miss the dog so much.
    Revel: I cant control my future and the world is my oyster.
    Rant: Sometimes it’s hard to motivate and realize I am in control of my future. Feeling very lonely.

  • Rave: Survived my first wedding photography gig.
    Rant: Didn’t get to sleep until 4:30. So incredibly tired.

  • Rave: Had a good weekend with the ex-wife this past weekend.

    Rant: Still realizing a part of me really misses what could’ve been.

    • I get this. It’s why I limit the time I spend with my exH. We get on the phone or get together and all that’s good and worked with us is amplified.

  • Rant: Finally connected with a guy via online dating website and we had what I thought were a couple of good phone conversations and made a plan to meet on Sunday, settling on a city halfway between us (he lives north of B’more, I live in D.C.). He said he would lock down the fine details, ie where exactly we would meet in said city, and follow up with me. He never followed up. I don’t get it.

    Rave: My refi to a 15-year loan is going very smoothly so far and looks like I will close in a couple of weeks.

    Rant: Canceling my trip to Egypt

    Rave: Possibly going to Seoul, Hawaii and Haiti

    Rave: Selling my Ford stock I bought at $1.95 for $16.75

    • epric002

      i hope you’re not serious about your name. sorry about that though- rejection is never fun.

    • Sis I feel your pain.

    • Maybe because there is no city in between DC and Baltimore? I’m guessing he found someone closer and decided to ditch you for the convenience. In which case you should be grateful you dodged a bullet. At any rate it sounds like you have an awesome life with all those raves!

      • Columbia MD is in between – I’m sure they have a restaurant, bar or coffee shop. Therefore this guy is lame.

        THat’s why I only date men who live inside the beltway – sorry but I don’t want to drive to another city to meet you.

        (and maybe that’s why I’m still single :))

        • Also, Laurel. Check out Pasta Plus. Some of the best Italian food in the area. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations.

      • Yes there is a city between Baltimore and DC. It’s called Laurel. It’s where I’m from.

    • Congrats on F. I bought a bunch at 9, and then a bunch more at 12. Feeling pretty pleased with it, going to ride it a bit longer, and hope to sell some at 19 or 20.

    • Hang tight. Time will soon reveal that it is better to be rich than good-looking.

  • Rave: Excellent run yesterday – feeling much better about facing the army ten.
    Rave: Getting really excited to move next month and started purging my closets this weekend – hoping the new, smaller, cheaper place won’t make me feel claustrophobic if I just donate a ton of things…
    Rant: I don’t know why there isn’t a crosswalk at Michigan and Monroe NE (to cross Michigan between the Dominican house and CU’s Gibbons Hall). There’s a stoplight, but perhaps it could be dangerous to pedestrians somehow? It just seems bizarre and I see so many people dangerously darting into Michigan Ave rush hour traffic.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      There is a crosswalk, but it’s not a straight line. There’s never a time when the right turn arrow onto Monroe and the light for people going straight on Michigan are both red. That’s why you have to first cross Monroe, then cross Michigan.

    • There is a crosswalk at Monroe & Michigan isn’t there? If you’re asking why there isn’t one west of the intersection, my guess is that a crosswalk situated there means all traffic has to be stopped to give peds the walk sign. The existing crosswalk allows traffic flow on one of the two streets when peds have a walk to cross the other.

      • Thanks guys! Mostly just the “why” on the western side of the intersection. I literally know nothing of traffic patterns or flow. Just don’t want to see anyone playing frogger get hit.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Rant: People who talk on their phone at the dog park. If you can’t peel yourself away from your phone to watch what your dog is doing, then you need to take him/her to doggy daycare. I’m not going to babysit your dog and mine.

    • Can’t someone watch and talk at the same time? Assuming they’re willing to drop the phone in an instant if necessary?

      • Generally speaking I would say 1) yes, but not as well as they think, and 2) I don’t think that’s a good assumption.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        Well, yes, in theory they could, but I have never seen anyone do that. Every time someone is on the phone (whether texting or talking), they are completely oblivious to what’s going on around them.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Was the Maid of Honor in my friend’s wedding this weekend. I’ve known her since we were 5 and it was so wonderful to see her marry a man who absolutely adores her (and who she adores, too!). The wedding went smoothly and was beautiful, and I think my toast went over well. Extra rave because I now no longer have to spend money on bridal party things.
    Rant: I move on Thursday and I am STRESSING OUT. Also, work is making me go crazy. I think my brain might melt.

  • skj84

    Rant: Rude people. It only takes one to ruin your day and I’ve encountered two.

    Rave: Incredibly nice people to balance the bad. There are plenty of good people in the world.

    Rant: I keep getting third wheeled by a friend and without fail she invites whatever guy she’s interested in to join us. Then spend the whole time fighting with him. This time was especially bad since the guy wad someone i was into. Not a good feeling.

    • Since she’s done this more than once, can you be explicit with her? “I want to spend time with you catching up on your life. Maybe next time we can include (guy of the moment)”
      And if she doesn’t want to see you without including GOM, then I’d give this friendship a pass.

      • MsNesbitt

        Yeah, I’ve had this problem with a couple of friends, too. I have found it’s helpful to say something like, “I’d love to have some ‘girl time’ with you” or something that that effect.

        • skj84

          yeah,.I dont think she realizes how much it bothers me. And I really need to let her know. Especially when I change my plans to hang with her.

      • andy

        you could try to change the time you’re getting together at the last minute. that could work.

  • pablo .raw

    Story of a check:
    Rave: Got paid for a photo event I did last week and went to the bank to deposit it and then
    Rant: When I got there, I didn’t have the check with me so I had to go back and
    Rave: Found the envelope laying in the middle of the road with cars and people passing by
    Rant: went back to the ATM and tore the envelope AND the check a little bit (too much enthusiasm I think), still tried to deposit it, half went inside the machine, half stayed in my hand…. got the other half and went inside the bank, the greeting lady was not helpful at all
    Rave: the cashier lady was really helpful and took the two halves of my check and taped them together. She even told me that I must be a loving man because of the day I was born.
    Rant: Then she proceeded to try to sell me some of the bank products x-o
    Rave: Eating some amazing steak quesadillas from Silvestre!

    The End.

    • Nice. Don’t know what bank you have but as a freelancer, I am LOVING bank of america’s no maximum banking app where I can scan a check of any amount and deposit it from my phone. I used to accumulate so many checks and wait forever to deposit because I didn’t want to go to the bank in person. I realize that would mean no more great banking stories but …

    • Emmaleigh504

      What day were your born? And now I want steak quesadillas.

      • pablo .raw

        February 14, what are you trying to sell me?

        • Emmaleigh504

          My dad’s sister’s birthday! I have nothing to sell, but can I convince you to buy my the purse of my dreams? πŸ˜€ It only costs about 4k

          • pablo .raw

            damn! it’s either the purse of your dreams or FOUR of the guitars of my dreams hahhahaha

          • epric002

            my SIL’s bday! emmaleigh- which bag???

          • Emmaleigh504

            Lady Dior bag, it’s soooo pretty. I want a red one, but black would be more practical. With silver hardware, not gold tone. I’m also waiting for the puffy quilting to go away, I like the flat quilting. Not that I”m buying the bag any time soon, but in case someone wants to give me a gift πŸ˜‰

          • Emmaleigh504

            Pablo, how many guitars do you need? I just need the 1 bag πŸ˜€

  • Rave: I just got two things of peanut m&m’s from the vending machine even though I only paid for one!

  • Rave: Trombetta di Albenga heirloom climbing summer squash! They are growing like crazy all up my fence and deck handrail, even escaping over the fence into my parking space. They are long, skinny, twisty white squash that taste like artichoke hearts! I just cooked one – sliced, sauteed in olive oil, dashed with good balsamic vinegar and crunchy salt.

    Rant: It was meant to be 2-3 portions, but I ate the whole thing!

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