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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Thanks Popville, found my center somewhere. Hoping I can hang onto it.

  • Rant: My online girlfriend broke up with me.

    Rave: My wife hasn’t left me yet!

  • Rave: finished our childbirth class. I’m all ready to go now! But hopefully I still have a good bit of time. It was a great class…happy to have my evenings back though!

    POPVILLE: my husband needs a barbershop. For years, he had a typical military haircut. He needs a real barber – he’s got a lot of hair, so prefer someone who uses scissors to even it out on top. We went to Art of Shaving because I was desperate to make him get it vut, and they did a great job, but it was $40. Anyone have a recommendation? Husband HATES getting a haircut now that he doesn’t have to, but I’m trying to explain to him that an adult, professional male needs to get a haircut once in a while – doesn’t mean his hair can’t grow, just that around his ears and neck need to be cleaned up and the grown in hair evened out….sigh…

    • Husband goes to Grooming Lounge, sees Doc specifically. He spent years going to Super Cuts type places, only to come back with awful haircuts. Grooming Lounge isn’t cheap (about $50 I think) but it’s consistently been a fantastic haircut for the last four years. And there’s beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I got to Capitol Barber & Stylist at 201 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC โ€Ž. I think its like $21 for a regular mens cut?

      • yeah, $50 is steep especially for how fast his hair grows.
        The problem we run in to is the lack of trained barbers – they can all use clippers just fine, but he’s trying to get away from the shaved all one length cut. Does capitol barber use only clippers/

        • on my cuts they normally use clippers on the side and then scissors on top? i think haha. i don’t really pay attention to how its done. they definitely use a comb/hands to cut the top. i am sure you can call and ask to confirm they can do it how he wants. either way its hard to be 21 dollars in DC.

    • Does the Pentagon still have one? If you are DOD and have access they used to have a good old fashioned barbershop in there. They are use to the military cuts but they can do a regular hair cut too. I used to get my haircut there when it was not closed off for security reasons – pre-oklahoma city – so my information is dated.

      • yes, but they give terrible military haircuts, and he has a job during the day and can’t come to the Pentagon. Nor do I think he wants to spend his free time in the Pentagon heh

        • What neighoborhood does he work in. Would help. I know a good traditional barber near dupont. 32 bucks though.

          • he’s in the boonies near the Mandarin Oriental hotel

          • I think there might be a barber in the basement of the USDA South Building… but unless he’s working at USDA, I don’t think he’d be allowed in.

          • That is kind of a wasteland. How far from L’Enfant Plaza? They have to have a barber shop in there somewhere.

    • Hair Cuttery does as good a job as any barber shop I’ve been to in town and I think is less than $20 for a men’s haircut. If for whatever reason he insists on a “real” barber shop there’s one at 21st and Pennsylvania NW (next to TGI friday) which has old-school Italian barbers and there’s another on G St. NW near 17th. Probably there are others around town too.

      • We tried hair cuttery – I went in, said, “he just needs a trim and his neck/around the ears cleaned up” and the woman looked at me like I had a second head. She had no idea. She she just shaved it all. He won’t go back there….maybe there’s different ones who do a better job?

        • Weird, sounds like you got a bad stylist, which is not a problem limited to the Hair Cuttery (I’ve been butchered at old-school barber shops before). I go to the Hair Cuttery on Connecticut just north of Dupont Circle and they always do a fine job.

        • Also I always specify to do the back and sides with clippers (usually a number 2) and trim the top with scissors. That seems to limit the amount of damage they can do.

    • I’m not sure where you’re located, but boyfriend goes to the barbershops on Mount Pleasant Street. They’re under $20, and they do a good job, especially if you’re not looking for something complicated (and it doesn’t sound like you are).

    • If you’re talking about the Art of Shaving on Connecticut, just go downstairs. There is a barber shop in the lower level of Washington Square. I’ve been getting my hair cut there for years. They do a fine job, though my cut is pretty basic. They charge $25 or so.

    • Try Bang salon. I’ve seen them do good work on a lot of men, and I think they’re in the low $20s for a men’s cut.

    • I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Diego’s at 19th & Q NW. Men’s cuts are $20 and all of their stylists seem very competent. I’ve been going to Maria for over 2 years just because she’s the first one to cut my hair there and has done a great job, but Ari and Camillo seem to be popular. You should call ahead the day before or the morning of if you’re planning an afternoon cut as it does get busy there.

    • Depending on your location I have heard good things about men’s haircuts at VSL by the Dupont metro. They are reasonable for women’s cuts so I would imagine it’s the same for men. Check yelp for the name of a specific stylist and make an appointment. There are so many stylists there that walking in seems like it might be a gamble.

    • Send him to Mohamed on Georgia Avenue. Nothing but raves from anyone I’ve ever sent there. http://www.yelp.com/biz/mohameds-barber-shop-washington

      • +1000 for Mohammed. Went there for years before moving out of Columbia Heights. He’s an old school barber who spends just as much time with scissors and he does the shaver. You tell him your haircut style once and he will remember you and your cut for life. On your next visit you’ll sit down in the chair and he’ll say, “same as last night?” $17 for a mens cut.

        Check out yelp for his hours. He doesn’t take appts…Friday evenings and Sat/Sun late mornings are his busy time.

        • thanks – this looks like a good possibility! the ones in office buildings aren’t possible since he has a job with normal hours now. Art of Shaving did an excellent job, but $20 is better than $40! We will check out a few of the recommendations…thanks, Pop-ers!

    • GiantSquid

      Clarendon Barber & Hairstylist, 1407 N. Garfield Street, Arlington, VA 22201. Found them a few years ago and my husband won’t get his hair cut anyplace else. Men’s cuts are $16 and they do scissors on the top for Mr. Squid. They’re fast as well. Everytime we go there’s a steady stream of male customers so you know they’re doing something right.

    • I’ve heard really good things about the barbershop at 18th and California. About $40 for a haircut, though.

    • It’s interesting that people assume he’s white. Probably is, I have no idea. Another way we’re segregated, almost entirely, is in the barber shops that we recommend. Still, there are no shortage of shops that will neaten him right up, so just try one out.

      • It was pretty clear by the no clippers part….he used to go only to black-owned barberk shops when he needed his hair cut properly as a US Marine. He is no longer under those grooming standards (sadly!) so he is letting his hair grow out, hence why clippers are somewhat counter productive (harder to control).
        But if it makes you feel better he’s not “white”, he’s Hebrew, just not the lost tribe!

      • In what way is it interesting? OP described the type of cut the husband wants, and people recommended places that do that kind of cut. No racial component to any of it until you piped up as far as I can tell. Plus I’d bet a bazillion dollars that the places recommended here are staffed by a pretty diverse bunch, so no ‘segregation’ on that side either.

        • I’m not putting the commentariat on trial for racial sensitivity if that’s why you’re so touchy. But, any barbershop, black or white, can do the trim and clean up she requested. They’re licensed, skilled, and the diaspora includes a variety of hair types. No commenter suggested a black barbershop, despite their presence in greater Popville, which IS interesting. So, as a guy, I’d suggest he go to the nearest barbershop, black or white (male or female), rather than having his wife send him all over town for a basic trim.

    • The Senate has a barber shop in the basement of the Russell Building. I’ve been going for four years. They can do all scissor cuts – I’d recommend David or Mario. They cut several of the senators’ hair and have been barbers for decades. It’s $22 or $23 for a haircut.

    • saf

      The husband goes to Puglisi on Pennsylvania Ave and 21st Streets NW – he’s been going there since we were undergrads. I think it’s about $20 or $25.

    • I have had this same problem. I looked on yelp and found Cutin’ edge in Van Ness. I used to go from cap hill to there just for a cut. $18 and while it seems like a super cuts type of place the folks are actually pretty good. Out of the 10 haircuts I have had there I was happy with about 9 of them. (the first one was the issue but after I told them just to use scissors the cuts were great.)

      • Yeah, I used to go there. Decent place, but I found Alex’s in Mt. P to be about the same (and much closer to where I live).

      • I like Cut ‘n’ Edge a lot.

        For the OP:
        Cuts are $18, or $23 with shampoo

        And – they’re open 7 days a week
        Located at 4481 Connecticut Ave, at Albemarle St.


  • Rave: Family puppy is doing a little bit better this morning. Hoping that trend continues!

    Rant: No word from horse owner once I e-mailed her my concerns. Looks like I’m talking to the barn today.

    Rave: USMNT game tonight!

    Rant/Rave: Waiting impatiently for information on my visa application…so much to do that hinges on the outcome. I’m very excited for the outcome…

    • Sort of rave: every time I see your user name and talk of a dog it makes me think of my childhood dog, who was a Brittany. I have very fond memories of that crazy, crazy, super crazy dog.

      • Oh, and I’m glad you dog is doing better!!

      • MsNesbitt

        YES! I had two Brittanies, and they were the most wonderful dogs. It’s funny you mentioned it this morning, because I was legitimately just looking at Brittany breeders and trying to convince my parents to get another.

        • Brittanies are awesome dogs. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d want one. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • We only got one because my mom knew a breeder. This was pre-internet in the home and I was 7, so I take no responsibility for getting a dog that was totally inappropriate for our family. I loved her dearly and she was great, but my sister and I had to walk her, both holding the leash, for like the first 2 years.

          Yeah, you definitely can’t be lazy to own a Brittany. They’re so excitable they shake when they’re just sitting.

          • MsNesbitt

            Mine were definitely not like this. One was a little “adventurous” (as in, he liked to chase birds in the yard and tried to break through our electric fence to go exploring), but I definitely wouldn’t call him crazy or excitable. The other one was just the most laidback dog I’d ever met. How interesting that the temperaments can be so different!

    • Rave: Owner responded with updates on the horse. Still will take a while to get her sorted but at least there’s some movement towards better care.
      Jeslett – I always thought Brittany Spaniels were beautiful dogs but seemed a little crazy!! Glad I can bring back good memories :-D.

      • Awesome! I hope the cooperative trend continues! I don’t know about you, but riding is my therapy. I’d be so bummed on many levels if my horse friend was lame.

      • epric002

        yay, good horse news ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: I got stung on my upper, inner thigh on my ride to work by a wasp or bee this morning. Hurts like crazy. Can’t believe it flew up my shorts and got stuck there. I was in a sweet draft at the time too so I had to get out of it to figure out what happened.
    Rave: Baby has been having dance off’s in my wife’s belly this week. It’s super cool to feel. Yesterday she was in meetings all day and just watched her belly as arms and legs pushed against it…Alien style.

    • It is super creepy – I had my phone on my belly and watched the baby knock it off. He wouldn’t move to classical music. We changed to the Journey station on Pandora and he moved and knocked it off. Go figure.

      • My wife got Belly Buds and I made him a mix w/ a wide variety of music on it. The only thing I think I’m missing is hard-core metal…but I don’t have any of that. He seems to really like any Buena Vista Social Club stuff especially…either that or he’s trying to make it stop.
        He’s been dancing sans music though this week…just getting really active. He went crazy when I sang to my wife on Saturday night though. I put my hands on her belly and started singing to him and it was incredibly neat to feel him respond to me.

        • yeah, just remember that sometimes it isn’t the most comfortable thing for us! But eventually it slows down because there’s not so much room in there, so it’s hard to not enjoy it (at least for me).

        • When my wife was very pregnant, we were sitting in John Stevens in Baltimore, and AC/DC’s Back in Black came blasting over the speakers. My son started doing in-utero flips and we had to leave. He still doesn’t like loud music or AC/DC. Shame.

        • I lay the ipad on my belly and play him some Oddisee or Bob Marley – anything chill really. He jams to it, I think. Or he could be in my belly, shaking his fist, telling me to ‘turn that racket down’.

  • RANT: I’m 32 weeks preganant and can’t sleep. I toss and turn and when I finally do fall asleep I have to wake up and pee. This is brutal. I’m exhausted. My dress is wrinkled. And I’m a hot mess. Is this how it’s going to be after the baby comes?

    • Yes. Invest in a body pillow and pillow wedges (to elevate your belly so the pressure is off of it when you’re laying on your side). I promise you that after that baby comes, you’ll miss these days. Not too much longer for you!

      • this is what I keep thinking about. Also for sleeping, when i REALLY can’t sleep, I head to the sofa and sit up right. Body pillows, to me, do nothing but make me warmer.

        July/August is a crappy time to be pregnant but I keep thinking about how great the weather will be when baby is here and how enjoyable it’ll be to get outside in the fall. Good luck – you’re almost there (well, I hope not TOO soon but you know what I mean)

        • There were more than a few nights that I slept in our recliner towards the end. No shame!

          • My wife LOVES her full body pillow. She also seems to be running extremely hot. We’ve turned the temp in the house WAY down. Normally I like to sleep cold, and she’s all bundled up, but I’ve been pulling the blankets up for the last two months and she’s tossing all hers off. It’s kind of amusing.
            We’re at 32 weeks too! You’re in the home stretch @So Freakin Tired! You can do it!!

      • KSB

        My husband referred to the elaborate set up of pillows and wedges in our bed during my pregnancies as “the fortress of solitude.” Kind of was but also a necessary evil. Almost time for me to build a new one (I’m only 15 weeks, though, but feel your pain like it was yesterday!) Stay strong!

    • Do you have the Snoogle (I think thats it). Its a giant C shaped pillow. Life changing for me. I had that on the front side and a full body pillow in between thighs down to ankle (the straighter you legs the better your IT band will feel) and then a king size pillow behind me to hold all of this in place. My husband called it the “pillow fort”..and its sucked cause I got up almost every hour to pee and would then have to reposition it all.

      • I forget what my prego pillow is called. But it totally makes my arms go to sleep (more thanthey already do!!). I went from sleeping with 2 very flat pillows to now needing 7 just to ‘get by’. I call mine the pillow nest and I’m the mama bird! We just bought a new king bed, I’ve been looking forward to it for so long that I’ve made myself sleep in it, when all I really want to do is go downstairs to the couch. It’s more comfy at this point, downstairs is always cooler, and no snoring husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: My mom was visiting over the weekend and she hasn’t been here since January. She pointed out all these things I had done since her last visit (lost 50 lbs, finished decorating my living room, bought a new car, colored my hair a hawt spicy blonde-red, started a side business) and it made me pause and reflect on how I sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

    Rant: I sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Headachey and cannot take ibuprofen. Acetaminophen isn’t cutting it, adding some Benadryl & black tea and hoping for the best.

    Rave: Aunt already planning for Christmas. Need to get my act together and figure out how long I will be visiting.

    • Have you tried Aleve? It’s the only thing that works for me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s no the no-no list ๐Ÿ™ I’m really good at finding things to help with migraines when I don’t have my migraine meds, but for a regular headache, Advil works so well, I never bothered to find alternatives.

        • Have you tried magnesium (about 400 mg). Helps me. My neurologist actually has me take that, and coq10 (300mg) every day and it helps a lot.

          Also, have you done the elimination diet to see if you have any food triggers? That helped me, too. Good luck. Migraines are no fun.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My migraines are now well under control, I just can’t take NSAIDs right now, so I don’t know what to do for this stupid, plain, old, ordinary, regular headache. I think Giant Squid has the right idea, I need some coffee. Even if my headaches isn’t gone, I”ll have a nice caffeine boost.

    • GiantSquid

      Gurl, drink some coffee.

  • Rant: I rarely get depressed, but I do begin to get bored by monotony, yet I also hate change… Why is human existence so complicated? Fiddlesticks.

    Rant: The Internet is rarely a source of happiness, just a tedious process of getting rid of notifications on my phone and a means for my exes keeping tabs on me now, yet somehow there is not an option to stay off of it.

    Rant: I could really use a beach trip, yet boarding my dog adds at least 130$+ of expense to any plan I decide to make. He is not good in the car.

    Rave: Lower humidity today, which I am very thankful for. The bugs seem to be on a brief respite too.

    • 14thandChapin

      I hear you on getting bored of monotony….its comfortable but gets stale. I am also not the best at adapting to change..but it has always turned out to be the best thing for me.

      • The main source of my troubles is probably my current job… It’s a solid paycheck, but not very enjoyable. The change I don’t want is a step backwards in choosing another job that works out for the worse… I’m thankful to have a job, but would seriously like a paid month off to sort out my personal life. Poor ole’ me… *sniff*

    • Do you know about this beach? Looks like you can get to it in an hour, so it’s a good day trip.

      • I need the waves, and a nice overnight hotel… Beaches that are close to the bay bridge aren’t “beachy” enough for me… VA Beach is probably the closes’t beach I can stand, and besides, the trip down there is one of the best parts of a vacation. The prices have climbed though, hotels at VA beach are on par with Miami hotel prices… I’d need a longer stay if I went to Miami though.

    • andy

      Have you considered putting your dog in a crate on TOP of the car? I heard of someone who drove to Canada that way.

      • Haha, I couldn’t pull a “Romney” on him… I don’t have a ski rack, he’d slide off the roof into cars following me… ๐Ÿ˜›

        Actually, he pukes in the car on long trips and he’s constantly restless… Better to keep him home… The “pet friendly” hotels in VA beach aren’t very comfy from what I recall as well…

        • Why Virginia Beach and not Dewey?

          • Haven’t been to Dewey Beach in over 10 years… Can’t remember if it was good or not. VA Beach has a lot more sentimental value to me because I know where everything is there because I used to go there every year as a kid…

  • 14thandChapin

    Rant: Growing up learning a lot – need to be better at judging people who care about me versus those who dont.
    Rave: Its Hump day, excited for my old roommates party on friday and reconnecting with some old friends from school who i have not talked to in a while
    Random: Has anyone ever sold old musical equipment at guitar center? I might try to sell my old electric guitar and buy a USB mic but im just wondering how much of a rip off there offer will be…

    • Go to Atomic Music in Beltsville. I’ve had really good experience there selling old amps.

      • +1 it’s your best bet to sell it to Atomic, but ever since E-bay, the value of everything resold has bottomed out big time. I rarely buy music equipment any more because of the rapid depreciation of it all. I regret selling my Les Paul years ago, even though I made a big profit on it, now buying a new one costs a lot more… be wary.

        • What’s the alternative to buying it? Or do you just mean you stick with what you already own?

          • I wished I stuck with the guitar I owned, it was great, I sold it 10 years ago because I was low on cash… Bought that Les Paul in 91′ for around $550, sold it for around $1300 in 2004. A new Les Paul (Same as my old one) would now cost around $1,650 ๐Ÿ™ Guitars are a good way to invest money if you can manage to keep them in mint condition.

          • That reminds me of an experience I had at the old Guitar Shop in Dupont Circle. The guy there was highly entertaining but kind of nuts – he tried to talk me into buying a $4000 guitar once, saying that it would be a great investment. I told him that I actually wanted a guitar that I could, you know, play.

    • Blithe

      I haven’t sold stuff at Guitar Center, I pretty much try to avoid Guitar Center . Unless you’re doing a trade-in, you might do better with Craig’s List, since the store will, at most, only give you half of what they think they can sell a used instrument for. For buying stuff, I FAR prefer Chuck Levin’s, and I’ve heard wonderful things about Atomic Music — so these might be good places to check for selling a used guitar as well. I purchased a wonderful guitar through Popville – and have only good things to say about that experience!

    • You’d probably get better results selling your guitar on Craigslist, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, they’ll probably give you a pretty raw deal at Guitar Center. Remember, they need to turn around and resell it, so they will pay you half of what they plan to sell it for…

  • Random Question: Does anybody know anything about the guy who wears a suit and hat, and sells papers at the corner of 2nd and Mass NW on the ramp coming off of 395?

    • If he’s who I’m thinking of, he’s probably a Nation of Islam guy.

    • andy

      there’s been a guy there since I used to be at GULC – so more than 10 years ago. I think it’s NOI, but I believe there are also similar organizations that dress like that but are antagonistic to the main Nation of Islam organization, if I recall.

    • definitely nation of islam, since he sells the final call, http://www.finalcall.com/. they’ve been selling their newspapers there since i was a little kid in the 80’s.

      • pablo .raw

        It’s very interesting to see them nicely dressed and with such polite and nice manners while handing you the latest news about Satan and the end of the world!

  • Rant – there is a terrible vine with heart shaped leaves growing in my small flower bed ๐Ÿ™ The previous owner of my apartment had a relatively nice flower bed along the side of the building with irises and other flowers, and now this vine is growing over everything killing off all other plants. I tried ripping it out a few weeks ago, and now it’s returned with a vengeance. I have zero experience in gardening so I don’t really know what I’m doing. Google tells me it might be a honeyvine milkweed or bindweed. Any PoPville gardeners have experience with these weeds? I’m renting so I’m not really prepared to spend tons money on landscaping services and my landlord is apathetic.

    Rave – lower humidity! It is actually enjoyable to be outdoors.

    • You don’t have to spend tons of money – you just have to check on it regularly because it will come back quickly. Especially during stints of several days of rain it’s always shocking to me how much grows and how quickly. Just keep an eye on it and do the best you can. You should be able to spot it before it does too much damage if you get it early.

    • andy

      If your garden is small enough, just keep pulling it out. Also, you can take a decent-sized fishtail weeder, get down underneath the main roots, and cut off the roots below the ground. That should slow it down. I am not big on using herbicides, etc., but the alternative is sweat/work.

    • I’m not all that knowledgeable, but some of my neighbors have these vines pretty bad (and don’t do anything about it — grr!), and I periodically get vine sprouts in my yard.
      I don’t know of anything you can do other than pull it out as soon as you see a sprout. In other situations I might recommend trying an herbicide on it, but given that the vine is coming up alongside flowers and plants you actually want, that doesn’t sound like it would be a good solution in your case.

      • Am I your neighbor? I live on Biltmore and just moved in. The yard of my house is in terrible condition and these weeds are everywhere and creeping into the yard next door! I didn’t want to pull them yet since I was not sure what they are and they do a good job of covering the dead leaves left there since last fall! If I had some $$ I would replant that whole yard but alas I am a renter!

    • I have the same vine growing in my garden – it’s terrible and as you said, pulling it out is pretty much a waste of energy and time. I am considering using a paintbrush to apply Roundup to the vine leaves with hopes of saving the surrounding plants – anyone tried this technique?

      • I can’t speak to this particular vine, but for some really tenacious weeds, Roundup won’t actually kill them — it will damage the leaves it touches, but the weed will then keep on growing.

        There’s a weed growing in an inaccessible place under my deck that fits this description. When it comes through the deck, I pull up what I can, and periodically I stick a metal coat hanger through the planks and try to fish out some more. But I can’t pull it out at the base, and so the damned thing keeps growing.

      • Yes – paintbrush with Roundup works.

    • Sounds like bindweed (does it have pretty white trumpet-shaped flowers?). In that case DO NOT PULL IT. It propagates from each root segment left behind, and it’s impossible to get them all. You’re actually helping it by pulling it apart. You need a sponge or a paintbrush to dab roundup on each individual leaf. And you need to do it every time a new leaf emerges.

      • I haven’t noticed any flowers, but I’ll check later today. I’ll try cutting it back so it’s not choking the other plants and then get some Roundup and get to work. Many thanks to the PoPville gardeners for commiserating with me about this evil plant.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Coworker who I really enjoy working with (and who I collaborate with on several large-scale projects) just told me he’s leaving for another job. Bummed because I’ll miss working with him, and also because I’m nervous to add on a lot of his work to my already jam-packed plate.
    Rave: By accident, I was able to do a test-run of my new commute. I can walk to work in a mere 15 minutes, and that’s if I casually stroll. So excited!

  • Rant: Being constantly prejudged by people in public. I’m sorry that despite my appearance I’m not the uncouth person you were expecting me to be. And it’s unfortunate people look scared or try to ignore me when I ask for directions or the time. I’m actually college educated, probably traveled to more places than you’ve been, and I make a pretty good living for myself (mechanical engineer). I should probably be more scared of you.
    Rave: Getting another passport stamp next week. Can someone say Teotihuacan?

    • 14thandChapin

      welcome to dc!

    • Let me guess: visible gruesomely-themed tattoos?

    • tonyr

      Off topic – asking the time – takes me back to my youth in 70s England. Football/soccer supporters asked you the time and if your accent identified you as a follower of the opposing team, you got jumped. Happy days!
      Why are you asking the time? Doesn’t everyone have a phone these days?

      • Gruesomely themed tattoos? Noo I don’t even have any tattoos. I guess in DC my penchant for expensive sneakers and baseball caps qualifies me as being of a certain “element”.

        As far as asking time, sometimes I don’t feel like fishing it out of my bag or I may just leave it at home. I don’t always feel the need to be connected.

    • pablo .raw

      I had a similar experience. I worked on a construction site in SW DC the first 2 years after moving to here. I used to go home with dirty jeans and steel toe boots. But I’m an architect and once I started working at an office I noticed the difference in the way people treat me because of my appearance.
      I love Teotihuacan and its history (the little that we know about it). Climbed the Moon Pyramid and imagined the times when that place was one of the most important cities in the planet.

    • You don’t get to choose what your work clothes are like (as with Pablo’s story), but you do get to choose what you wear outside of work. What you choose to wear influences how people treat you. If you choose to wear something that people have negative reactions to, I’m not sure you really have grounds to complain.
      I should add that I’m talking only about how random passersby might react to you if you asked them the time, etc. People dealing with you in a professional capacity (store employees, etc.) need to accord the same minimum level of courtesy to EVERRYONE they deal with.

      • I’ve been in Pablo’s position as well, as my old job had me doing field work and I essentially had to wear ‘construction’ work clothes and was received the same was as him. You are right, what I wear influences the way people treat me. However, should I alter my appearance and my physical identity solely for social acceptance? B/c I tell you what, I wear clothes from J.Crew at my job now and I still get the same treatment from strangers on my way home from work.

        Regardless of how I am dressed, I always approach strangers in the most respectful manner and if I’m putting that out there, I expect at a minimum some level of cordiality. This is whether I’m in my work clothes from J.Crew or if it’s the weekend and I’m wearing some Lunarglides and a t-shirt. Either or, people still seem to be defensive. There’s other cities I’ve lived in and visited that are busier and more dangerous than DC and I don’t find the same level of defensiveness I find here.

        As far as Teotihuacan goes, I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid. I’m really looking forward to this trip. Hopefully it soothes my soul.

  • Blithe

    Rant/rave: video on HuffPo of Black congressmen describing some of their experiences re: walking while Black. More times than not, just walking down the street can be a stressful — and potentially dangerous — experience. The rave is that HuffPo put it out there. The rant is that we still have so far to go, and that many people who are not directly affected by racism or sexual harassment either can’t see it or deny that it’s a problem.

    Rave: Popville! I got some wonderful advice & suggestions yesterday, which I plan to put to good use.

    Rave: Crabcake omelets with bacon. Wicked yum.

    Mini-rant: It’s almost August and I still haven’t had soft shell crabs yet. I’m behind on my summer rituals.

  • GiantSquid

    Ranty vonRanterstien: I have to have back surgery.
    Less Ranty: Doc can get me in next week.
    Mini-Rant: He was surprised I was in such good spirits after seeing my MRI. High tolerance for pain?
    Revel: Mr. Squid will come home early from business trip to be with me for surgery.
    Super-Revel: Awesome friends who are walking my dogs in the evening since its too painful for me.

  • Rave: Pool party this weekend. Going to make ice cream cupcakes.
    Rant: I got a dress to wear as a bridesmaid dress, but it’s about 2 inches too short. I still love it!
    Question, POPville: If I take the dress to a tailor, can I have them add length with an extra panel? Should they be able to find a fabric to match, or do I need to do that? I’m quite inexperienced with alterations!

    • Blithe

      Does it have a hem that can be let out? Would it be so awful to wear the dress a bit shorter than you intended?

      • There’s only about an inch of hem. I could try to have them take it out, but it would be to the max!
        That might be what I end up doing…

    • If you add length with more fabric there are a few potential pitfalls;
      -Your fabric has to match perfectly, color-probably even the dye lot have to be the same, and the same type and fiber, otherwise in the light it will look obviously different. You would need to hunt it down.
      -Is your dress bias cut? adding more fabric will ruin the drape.
      -Do you want a big seam all the way around the dress?

      I don’t think it’s the way to go, unfortunately. If you bought it at a bridal store (though it sounds like you didn’t) they generally have tall or extra long options. Other ideas are wearing a lace trim slip which is longer under it, if that’s your thing, adding a ruffle in a coordinating fabric, or getting a different dress.

      • Yeah, great points. I think I’ll just let out the hem to the max and see how that looks. Thanks for the input!
        The lace trim slip is probably the way to go. I really like the dress, and so does the bride, so I think we’ll try to make it work.

        • You can let out the hem, but unless you want unfinished fabric, which may fray, you’ll need something. See if the shop you take it to can do a French rolled hem, it’s very small. But you’ll only gain about 3/4″ if you have an inch in the hem. Also, if it’s a stiff fabric, the industrial pressing of the hem may never completely go away. Just be careful! And find a good seamstress!

        • Blithe

          If you let out the hem, a piece of another fabric can be sewn on the very edge of the dress; that new fabric then becomes the new hem, and might get you a smidgen more length than a rolled hem. It’s a pain to do though. Still, that would get you the maximum amount of visible original fabric without the horizontal seams that you would like to avoid. Another possibility depending on the style of the dress is to put a piece in at the waist – which can either become a design feature or be covered with a belt.

          • Good points, I forgot those.

          • And everyone is going to be focusing on the bride anyway, so an inch or two wrong in your length is absolutely not going to matter. And if anyone “objects” what are they going to do? Throw you out of the wedding?

    • What is an ice cream cupcake? That sounds amazingly delicious.

  • RAVE: Bryan V & Richard S. are competing on Top Chef!!! Yeah Team!!!
    Rant: DirectTv SUCKED on the move. Cancelled service, so Top Chef will be without this groupie for at least 2 episodes.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Stopped a cab on 14th St. NW and the driver asked me “where are you going”. I said “it doesn’t matter” and he left. I don’t think I did anything wrong, and it’s the first time it happens to me. I always get on the back seat and tell the driver where I’m going. Also most of the time I have very nice conversations with the taxi drivers about their country, culture, etc.
    Rave: my side work efforts on photography and architectural renderings are paying off bringing some extra money ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What you described is ILLEGAL!!! If it EVER happens again, get the company name and cab number and report them to the Taxicab Commission. They are really cracking down on cabbies that practice this habit of selective pick up (they only want fares that will take them to the airport or farther than a few blocks. Others avoid certain neighborhoods).

      • pablo .raw

        I know! but I got so mad when he asked me, I forgot to get the information.

        • Totally understand. When I was sexually assaulted by a cab driver I was so upset I didn’t get a chance to get any of his information either. He’s probably still out there preying on women. ๐Ÿ™

          • pablo .raw

            I’m really sorry to hear that.

          • Come to think of it, I made the same mistake when two cabbies started screaming threats at me, or the time one made a sexist comment about women not being able to drive (sorry buddy, some of us like to stay under the speed limit). I need to stop getting worked up about things so I can get this stuff reported.

          • Don’t get mad, get even. That’s always my mantra.

          • That’s what I’ve been trying to do (get even). Unfortunately all that means is I’ve been boycotting cabs since then and try to discourage others from using them. Uber has made that easier.

      • Gahh, this reminds me that I never got around to reporting the Washington Flyer cabbie who took me from Dulles to D.C. in early June and was TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. (On I-66, if I remember correctly.)
        I think he thought it didn’t count because he’d type a letter, then look up, then type another letter, etc. I should have said something to him at the time, but between being exhausted from the flight and being in disbelief, I didn’t.

      • They get so MAD when you tell them it’s illegal. I’ve had so many arguments with cabbies about this and they will swear up and down that they can be selective about their fares. It kills me that they don’t know their own regulations/laws.

      • I did not know this was illegal! I was actually in a cab, closed the door, told the driver where I was going and he told me to get out. Granted, I know the cabbies don’t hang out in Brookland, but it was still the district and I remember feeling really guilty that I had wasted his time but also defensive because it would’ve been a crosstown fare (in his benefit).

    • If it was late-ish, he might’ve been asking to see if you were on his way home and sped off when he heard you weren’t. That doesn’t make it right, mind you. I had the same thing happen to me late one night near the CH Metro station when I was only going as far as 5th & Randolph; it’s not like I was trying to get him to take me halfway across town. Very frustrating.

      Congrats on the success of your small biz ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maybe he interpreted your answer as you didn’t care where he took you?

      • That’s how I read it. Definitely not “it shouldn’t matter to YOU where I’m going”, which is what was meant, right?

    • Donโ€™t cab drivers always ask where you are going? Isn’t that the point of taking a cab? Sounds like you took an attitude and he understandable wasn’t interested in dealing with you.

      • I guess you haven’t taken a lot of cabs, or you’ve only been traveling between the select neighborhoods that cab drivers prefer. Cab drivers are notorious for refusing to go to certain areas, so savvy customers like Pablo know you don’t announce your destination until after you’ve gotten in the cab. At that point it’s harder for the cab driver to get rid of you, especially if you acknowledge that their refusal to drive you somewhere is illegal.

        • Exactly what Anonymous 3:29 pm said. They aren’t allowed to use your destination to decide whether to take you as a fare, but this rule is flagrantly violated all the time.

        • pablo .raw

          “savvy” because I’ve read similar cases on PoPville! ๐Ÿ™‚
          Also, I was there, I saw the way he looked at me when he asked me and I noticed his intonation. Completely different than any other time I’ve taken a cab before.

    • I think I saw you on the Metro yesterday evening. I didn’t want to say anything, though, because that would have been tremendously creepy. “Say, are you Pabloraw? You don’t know me, but I’m a PoPvillager. . .”

      Even so, it was like a celebrity sighting! (If it was indeed you.)

  • epric002

    rant: nothing is easy when it comes to doctors/prescriptions. i switched offices within the SAME practice and w/o telling me they canceled my prescription. grrrrrrrrrr.
    rave: THIS WEATHER!!!!!
    rave: sitting outside last night enjoying the weather and watching the doggies go nutso when a mouse crawled into the yard. (the mouse made a safe escape) but the doggie escapades trying to find it were hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • When I lived in Fairfax County my dog used to stare out the sliding glass door all day, going nuts whenever a rat came into view. There were a lot of rats out there so this kept him entertained.

      • epric002

        the corgi goes nuts for squirrels on walks, the beagle doesn’t care. but both of them wanted this mouse. the beagle was sniffing EVERYWHERE for it, and the corgi was vertically bouncing in and out of the shrubbery trying to find it. unfortunately i started taping after the vertical bouncing stopped, but it was highly amusing.

  • Rant/Rave (TBD):
    Jury Duty tomorrow. Which is fine – DC Superior Court: One Day/One Trial. So far I have only been selected for a jury once in at least five jury dutys over the years, and it was an interesting experience, so if I have to do it again, it will be OK..
    I also have Jury Duty in September. It’s for Federal Court – so Jury Duty #1 does not exempt me. Fed Court has a different system, which requires I call in each evening to learn if I have to report the next day – but this goes on for three weeks. So that seems less exciting. Not to mention the fear of getting on jury for some federal case that takes weeks and weeks.

    So It remains to be seen if either turns out to be Rant or Rave.

    • It does feel a bit double jeopardy-ish to be subject to D.C. jury duty AND federal jury duty, but the actual process isn’t all that bad.
      A few years ago, I had both within the space of three months or so (like you), and each one turned out to be a two-week trial.

    • I have federal jury duty this month and have to call in for five weeks. Four weeks down without having to go in. My bet is that you will either never have to go in or you’ll go in once, but the case will be settled. Good luck.

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