Policy Launches New Dinner and Cocktail Menus at 14th and T St, NW

1904 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

“Four years ago when Policy opened its doors at the corner of 14th and T Streets, NW, there weren’t a lot of other dining or nightlife choices on the street. Today it’s a very different scene, with a flourish of new cafes, restaurants and bars that add to the critical mass and strong draw to 14th street in mid-city. To capture the attention of the legions of diners and nightlife seekers, Policy has revamped its dinner and cocktail menus. The new offerings set the tone for a new attitude that embraces the creativity and excitement of 14th street as a dining destination, with new appeal for guests from all over the city, and the region.

“Feedback from our guests is always very valuable, and we know it’s important to evolve our concept and improve on every part of the guest experience. That’s what has truly inspired our new food and cocktail menus,” offered General Manager Tiffany Penn. “I’m really pleased with what our culinary team has done and look forward to sharing the new menu with DC diners.”

At center is a new dinner-minded menu, prepared with only fresh and authentic ingredients, scratch made sauces and original recipes that bring together vibrant and diverse flavors. The culinary team at Policy has increased the number of plates overall, adding more vegetarian options, with a couple new vegan dishes as well.

The signature and popular Lamb and Brisket Slider items remain on the menu, and are the foundational dishes in this expanded category, which now includes five new options with something for every palate. These include: a Maryland inspired Crab Cake; Sambuca Blackened Red Fish; a “Not so Traditional” BLT; an Argentinean inspired version and Lobster Slider. A variety of seasonal salads have also debuted, with choices like the Triple Fried Brie and Grilled Peach Salad, and the Stacked Heirloom Tomato Salad – each of which is ‘must try’ items while the bounty of the season is available for the kitchen. The salads are also nice complimentary dishes to new larger meat and seafood share plate dishes, like Marinated Skirt Steak with Mexican Street Corn and Black Pepper-Garlic Lamb Ribs drizzled with a Sweet-Soy Glaze.

Behind the bar, Policy tapped the talent and noted skill of top DC Mixologist and consultant, JP Caceres. Caceres enhanced the existing cocktail program and bar menus with pre-prohibition style offerings, using classic craft bar techniques to bring out the best of fresh ingredients, hand-squeezed juices, unique garnishes, as well as house made syrups and bitters. Working from the signature favorites like the Kentucky Ninja, the Fuego and the Black Manhattan cocktails that Policy guests love, the list now includes a wider variety of spirits and uncomplicated drinks that will appeal to more guests. The seasonal summer cocktail list also features signature punches, which will change regularly.

The menu is available Tuesday –Saturday starting at 5pm daily, for enjoyment in the dining room, at the bar or multiple outdoor patios. Happy Hour specials are also offered Tuesday – Saturday, 5-7pm.”

You can see the full dinner menu here:

Policy Menu 2013 (PDF)

And coctail menu here.

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  • They are just bad actors. They repeatedly promised the neighborhood an “asian fusion” restaurant at publc hearings in order to get their liquor license. They they essentially opened a nightclub. The restaurant is there to justify the upstairs DJ and club business. At their last public hearing they admitted that a third of their revenue is from drinks and alcohol. They’ve broken every Voluntary Agreement (VA) they’ve made with the surrounding community, and now they’re going before the Board later this monto to ask that their last one be voided. At their hearing to add 16 outdoor tables (which they claimed was critical to their profitability) the only community witness they produced was from 18 & S. If you can’t get anyone closer to 14 & T than that, it means the locals are avoiding you. They also claimed they couldn’t make any money over lunches because there’s no lunch business in the area. That will come as news to Busboys and Matchbox. Between the lines this new rollout looks like a tacit admission that the nightclub business isn’t so profitable and they’re going to have to actually provide some kind of food offering that attracts people to eat there. Just bad actors. Hopefully they’ll move on at some point. We have so many great restaurants around here now — shame this couldn’t have been one of them.

  • Actually-1/3 of revenue from being from alcohol is low for most restaurants other than fine dining; honestly that figure seems low for Policy. Restaurants in DC can have up to 55% of their revenue be from alcohol and still have a restaurant liquor license. I agree that it is a douchey night club on weekends, but a good spot to go for happy hour (though sadly they’ve knocked an hour off their happy hour, which was a rare one that ended at 8) and during the week.

  • I’ve actually eaten there quite a few times, brunch and dinner, and been pretty pleased. My only real complaint is that the decor is terrible for a restaurant. Even when it’s bright and sunny outside, it feels gloomy inside.

  • agree that the design and feel of the place is more conducive to drinking than eating, but the food is actually quite good.

  • The food is surprisingly awesome here. Better than some of the more restaurtant-y places on the strip. The decor is HORRIBLE thought. Trying too hard

  • I agree with the other posters that the food is quite good but the decor is gloomy and awful. I wish they would brighten it up inside and keep the food as is.

  • I’ve lived in this neighborhood (1300 block of T St) since 2000 and I’ve also been going to Policy since it opened. I’ve always had a good time and enjoyed the food. I’ve been there for dinner, happy hour, and even the “nightclub” upstairs. I’ve never had any issue there and certainly welcome them to our neighborhood. If you want “Asian Fusion” go try Masa 14, which is horrible and more of an letdown of the whole neighborhood. I’m glad they’ve stuck around for the last 4 years. Sure beats that shady landlord who kicked out Paradise Liquors because yuppies “didn’t want to subject their guests to bulletproof glass” when going to the liquor store. REALLY? It’s a liquor store. Wasn’t there suppose to be a sushi place going in there? Yeah that went well because the landlord was going to raise the liquor store’s rent to like 10k a month! Glad all that backfired for them, and that space still sits vacant! Talk about an eyesore for our neighborhood!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The old liquor store will become Stubs Kitchen and Wine:


    • I don’t understand your sarcasm regarding the removal of the bullet proof glass in the liquor store. I’ve been to many liquor stores in my life and had never seen bullet proof glass in one till I move to DC. Your “Really?” should be about people thinking such things as bullet proof glass in businesses are normal and/or desirable. It’s the same as being indignant about people reacting badly to kids having to go through metal detectors to go to school. It may be par for the course for DC, but it shouldn’t be anyone’s goal.

  • Ugh! Another press release using the words mixologist, craft and prohibition. Also rolling my eyes at the “foundational dishes” in the slider description. Who writes this crap?

    Honestly, the food/service has been good the couple of times I’ve eaten here. Still doesn’t spring to mind when deciding on a place to get dinner though.

  • So I can get a Schlitz or Miller High Life at the happy hour special of just $5?? Sweet!

  • I’m curious what an “authentic ingredient” is, especially when so many of your dishes claim to be a riff on traditional versions.

  • Crab cakes w/ jalapeno tartar sauce? Sold.

  • The last couple of times I was out on U / 14th I was in Policy (briefly) Marvin and Lost Society. People were dining on the lower floor @ Policy and they were checking IDs to go upstairs just like Marvin or Lost Society. Is there a lot of trouble at Policy?

    It seems like everybody fibs a little to get their liquor license.

    • I have never had any issues with Policy and I live very close by. I met their owner Raj and he is a very nice guy. I think it’s a wonderful restaurant in our neighborhood.

  • LOVE Policy’s food! Can’t wait to try the new food

  • I just saw the new patio at Policy today. It looks great, really brings life to that corner! Can’t wait to eat brunch on that patio

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