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  • Hahahahahahahahaha – no way, uh, Jose? This is all just a ploy to get the neighbors to sell-off, right?

    • Wait, so now that I’ve looked through the pictures, it’s the pink marble, right? That’s gotta be worth 400k?

  • While the reno does seem to have nice finishes and was well thought out idk if i see 1.2 in there…. esp in a split prperty like that.

  • I mean, it’s beautiful, but I think $1.2M is a bit of a stretch….

  • Not in this lifetime or beyond…..

  • That building is a disgrace ! It doesn’t even attempt to fit in.

    • not fitting in will not be tolerated.

    • It looks like a normal row house got a bee sting, and swelled up uncomfortably. Someone should stick a pin in the side and deflate it before it pops.

    • I agree – total disgrace. And it’s not about intolerance. Historic architecture is worth preserving. And unlike what one finds in other cities, most historic DC rowhouses (like those on this block) are roomy enough to accomodate modern living.

    • It is a disgrace….. No boarded up windows. No poorly kept front yard. No water logged furniture.

    • I don’t know that failure to fit in is such a bad thing, at least not on that block.

      On the other side of Meridian, there are some beautiful Victorians, most in good shape. This project would have been unforgivable had it been erected on the other side of Meridian.

      On THIS side of Meridian, however, there are too many fugly houses mixed in with not particularly pretty houses. Also a vacant lot used as a dog park, and some poorly maintained parking lots owned by the Trinity church on 16th (which is, incidentally, a very bad neighbor — often lets the weeds grow high, has allowed bent and distorted fencing to just stay like that, and terrible track record on shoveling the walk after snowfall). Get closer to 14th, and you’ve got some really badly maintained houses with living room furniture on the front porch, that sort of thing.

      This project (though wildly overpriced) might at least start similar projects on that side of the street, which might even beautify the rest of the street. Aesthetically, they have nowhere to go but up.

  • binpetworth

    A “penthouse” on Meridian Place? No way.

    If I had $1.2m to blow on property, I sure as hell wouldn’t buy a condo, unless it was a penthouse at the Ritz with concierge service, pool, and gym.

  • So what are the rules for neighbors to put up bricks adjacent to the property line and go to town with writing messages etc on it? The new bricks would be on their own property.

    • A penthouse in the Ritz would be 15x the price of this. Minimum.
      Not all millionaires are cut from the same cloth. And a million doesn’t buy as much as in the yesteryears.

      • Yeah, um, what are you talking about? 15x this? $18 million in DC? As it happens, the Ritz in DC does have condos and one of them is on the market right now for $1.099 million.

  • I see many price reductions in their future.

  • way too much, but the place looks great.
    the general sense that blocks must look uniform is quite depressing to me. this place made a small effort to include style typical of old dc rowhouses, and provides more housing and increased density and property values for the block. while not the most beautiful building it is certainly not the most hiseous and fits in better than the large apartment building that you can see from the roof.
    if you want everything to be the same and sterile, there are other housing options for you that include strict HOA’s.

    • If you’re referring to Hubbard Place, fka the Cavalier Apartments, fka Hilltop Manor, you should be aware that it has been there since the 1920s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Stylistically it is very much of a piece with both the Tivoli Theater and with some of the locally distinct row houses of this area. Additionally it serves the community by providing much-needed affordable housing that is so necessary to a diverse urban population. It has earned its place as Columbia Heights icon, no matter what you might suppose. In other words it is the complete opposite of this awful, awful pair of condos.

  • Holy electrical outlets, Batman! I appreciate the idea, but that’s overkill.

  • gorgeous

  • I have learned to never speculate on what someone will pay for in DC. Some people thought I was crazy for spending $300,000 for a one bedroom a couple streets over from Meridain 3 years ago. Try to find a condo for that price point today. There are 2 houses by me selling for 700,000 and complete rehabs for 500,000 near this property. I would agree it seems high but there is little in the market in Columbia Heights and again who knows what price people are willing to pay.

  • So I take it that the convenience of living on the same block as an open air drug market is built into the high price of the condo?
    A complete rowhouse (where we used to live) on the same block recently sold for roughly $600,000. I don’t think they’ll get 1.2 mil for this!
    Oh, and to the people who don’t think this is out of place…. the issue isn’t one of trying to make all rowhouses on a block look the same, the issue is the scale. This condo is about twice the size as all other rowhouses on the block. It blocks out a lot of sun that their neighbors used to get and really does stick out like a sore thumb. Yeah, it’s not as bad as the V st. super-pop-up, but walk down Meridian Pl and tell me this building doesn’t look out of place.

    • 1404 Meridian sold for 640K. That has some updates and some original features, but it was right door next to the Dunes (I wouldn’t trust the soundproofing) and directly across the street from the drug house.

      I used to live on this block and the thought of someone paying 1.2 million to live on it just blows my mind.

      • Uh “the drug-house”? Be a little more specific since there’s a few on the block…

      • We bought 1404. For the record: The Dunes actually has incredibly effective soundproofing, keeps reasonable hours, and has management that goes out of their way to be good neighbors. And the house on the NW corner of 14th and Meridian could hardly be called a “drug house.” Its stoop has been empty most days over the past three months, so if they’re in the retail drug sales biz, they’re pretty ineffective at it.

        I walked through yesterday and personally hate the finishes in these condos, but think the exterior is just fine to look at. The building in no way blocks anyone’s sun, except for maybe the two adjacent front porches. Consider the following alternative streetscapes in the immediate vicinity: broken windows, graffiti, rusted out window A/C units, sagging porch rooflines, a boarded-up rathole with absentee Maryland owners, grouphouse slumlords who don’t mow their weeds, crime-prone church parking lots, and the monument to DC governance that is the Bacon Funeral Home. Given all that status quo, I have a hard time getting worked up about a new custom home replacing a vacant lot.

        • Wow, with all those community features, I’m thinking the realtor should have listed for at least $1.5 mil. The “boarded-up rathole” down the street would be great for BBQ! lol.

  • While it looks clean and new, pretty ugly to me, from that hideous chandelier, to the cheap back-splash that doesn’t even line up with the counter top, to the overly busy marble top itself. And whoever staged the property should be fired!

    also either remove your blue tape from the punch walk or Photoshop it out. If you’re asking for 1.2 million for a place that’s no where worth that (people getting sexually assaulted right behind the building and what not) better give it your best go in presenting it to the world no?

    • I noticed that too! I’m looking at these pictures thinking “man, they could have at least mopped the floor and taken the stickers off of the tub…”

  • Maybe its just me but 1.2 million for 3 bedrooms and 2300 square feet with that roof deck doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

    • They WAYYYYYY overbuilt the neighborhood is the problem. When it comes time to sell, you are going to take a loss as most people that can afford a 1.2 million dollar home don’t want to be surrounded by $800 thousand dollar homes – and vice versa.

  • This one will be worth a good-deal-or-not follow up. I suspect it will be sitting for a long time and going thru lots of price reductions. Entire houses in better neighborhoods list for less than this, and with the savings one could renovate to this style or whatever other preference one has and still come out ahead. Note to realtor: I don’t care how fancy the kitchen faucet is, it’s not going to sell an over priced condo so just take that shit out of your photo tour.

  • colheights67

    Loved the “centrally located dining areas” — which is so desirable as opposed to those dining areas that are hard to reach.

    • I noted that as well. So glad they didn’t put the dining room in the basement like so many other renovations I’ve seen.

  • That room with the wall of glass facing the other roofs is going to get crazy hot.

  • A little to shiny and modern-ish for my taste but I don’t hate it. But at that price point I want the whole house.

  • TOO shiny.

  • Is a roof deck really worth $400k?

    It’s not really my style, but I think that they did it pretty well. I especially like how they basically hid the ventilation ducts with the molding features.

    There is no way I’d pay anywhere close to these prices, but I don’t think I’m the target audience. I’m not really sure who the target audience is, though. People with a couple million lying around to wait it out while the street gentrifies? People who are willing to live in a gentrifying area in DC don’t usually want to spend that kind of money for a condo.

    I think the lower unit will probably go close to asking. I don’t think they’ll be making a good investment, but it’ll sell.

  • Good lord. $1.2M gets you a nice house on U st/Logan.

  • I live next door to this building … the builder, Taja Construction, is the true definition of slimy builder. There is no way that this construction was done well and it is not worth anything close to $1.2 million. How and why the city approved this design is another question. Believe me the community with our ANC representative reviewed all the information because of the bad experience we all had with the builder. I feel truly sorry for whoever buys these apartments because 1. They were not well built and 2. The builder, Taja Construction, has generated a lot of ill-will with the neighbors. If for any reason you are considering buying one of these apartments – do not do it!!!!

    • Not knowing anything about the process the developer went through, my first thought was actually “wow, I’d never buy that place because all the neighbors would hate me before even moving in.” Not like I have $1.2M anyway, but I’m glad my instincts are sometimes on the mark. Given your experience, I’m also now fairly suspicious that somebody in DCRA was paid off to approve the permits.

      And btw, why does the HPRB waste time getting its panties wadded up about roof decks in an alleyway (http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/19436/preservation-board-members-regret-ever-allowing-roof-decks/) but apparently won’t lift a finger to stop monstrosities like this being slapped up? Is the alley behind the block of 15th north of U that much more “historic” than this street?

  • That kitchen is horrendous! Visually assaulting with all those crazy cabinets and handles every directions. It looks like a Ms Pac-Man game!

  • For a comp, one might look at 1343 Irving St. NW. They were made into similar condos (and the house next door is currently being developed the same way.) Much better location, and I think the penthouse went for just under a million, but I haven’t been able to find the sale price on Redfin, Zillow or Realtor.

  • Looks great, excellent use of the footprint. Love the views and the layout.

  • It is amazing how even with additions and renovations, closet space is entirely under-appreciated — half of these fancy new condos are practically unlivable by the measure of any reasonable wardrobe.

  • What’s somebody gotta pay to get a full-size range/oven around here? $1.5?

  • This developer is a poster child for the worst developers in the area… he bought the land for $242K from the city. I believe he got it through a special program meant to help people that don’t have means. I will retract if it isn’t true, but he mentioned it himself to me. He was disrespectful to the neighbors both in the look and feel of the place (there are ways, IMO, to do it much more tastefully) and through the actual building process. He has had complaints on various, previous construction sites. He basically just throws money at the problems until they go away. He actually brags about this stuff to your face. I can’t say enough bad stuff about this guy based upon my personal experiences.

    In my mind, the real fault was with the city planning offices. They approved this crazy building as part of land redevelopment. They approved the plans prior to the sale. Technically, there was some community forum two or three years ago downtown where the community could comment on the redevelopment. It was obviously posted on a website somewhere, but no one went to object – so we’re stuck with this.

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